July 17th, 2014

Ruffley Pulls Out of Local Radio Interview

BBC Radio Suffolk have just announced that the under pressure David Ruffley has cancelled a long-standing appointment to be interviewed tomorrow (Friday) due to a “diary clash”. They confirmed half an ago that when contacted earlier in the week the diary clash had not been noticed. Suffolk voters will be disappointed at not being able to hear him explain his police caution. He won’t be able to avoid the media during an election campaign…


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    • 2
      Michael Gove says:



      • 54
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Scroungers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

        Get ready for at least 10 new taxes from Labour.


        • 81
          Owen 'Morrissey' Jones says:

          A tough kid who sometimes swallows nails
          Raised on prisoner’s aid
          He killed a policeman when he was thirteen
          And somehow that really impressed me
          But it’s written all over my face


    • 3
      What it looks like says:

      MP with mental health problems hounded by top political blogger.


      • 5
        Eric Schön says:

        “MP with mental health problems”

        Is there any other kind?


        • 7
          or... says:

          MP who is a complete cuunt hounded by political blooger.


          • D.Ruffley says:

            I was in the bar with my old mucker Eric, “Joycey boy” I say “why oh why does Guido note my indiscretions”
            “David” he says “be calm, be tactful, be nice, find guido and chin the f*cker”


          • "help me DWP" from IDS says:

            most people with mental health get commented on. Those who could cause you problems don’t. I, sergeant Smith, when in the army, Donkey Smith at school, IDS (to grandly take after FDR), and of later Duncan Shite, must recognise this affliction. Must get some help from the DWP.


          • Mental Health man says:

            Look there’s nothing wrong with mental health issues. I’ve suffered for years and am normal as they come. I personally think the only person who seems to be standing up for mental health people or understands us best is Ed Miliband. He has great empathy with our plight!


      • 15
        Stan Collymore says:

        Biff. Wham. Smack. I’m depressed.


        • 67
          Stan Collymore says:

          Bitches respect you more if you hit them.

          I only use an open hand though, except when I’m dogging.

          Don’t criticise me, I’m partially black. And mental.


      • 30

        But healthy enough to continue with Henry Jackson Soc, represent the people of Bury St Edmonds, treat his staff bad, etc. ?

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 31
        Vote UKIP says:

        He’s a fucking tory, of course he’s got mental problems.


      • 36
        Norma Stitz says:

        After he hurled himself under the Gatwick Express (and survived by missing the live rail), one of his friends said that he was ‘pleased that David is getting back on the right track.’ Whoops..


    • 9
      ruffley speaking says:

      gently does it!


    • 89

      Really Guido who cares ….

      Is this the degree of fodder we ll be digesting for the next six weeks ?

      And to make matters worse the sprogs are on hols from tomorrow !!!

      Roll on Sept 1st !!


  2. 4
    A typical resident of Suffolk says:

    Radio be the work of the Devil himself, so it be. Disembodied voices speaking through walls without no sight of he who’er speaketh it? The work of Satan himself, without a doubt. May the good Lord have mercy on those poor souls who invite the Devil into their homesteads, aye.


  3. 6
    Owen says:

    my farts smell of s-e-m-e-n


  4. 8
    NO SEATS NIGEL says:

    less than 10% in the polls

    shit the bed


    • 14
      One-term Dave says:

      Newark, 2010:
      1st Conservative, 27,590 votes, 53.9%
      2nd Labour, 11,438 votes, 22.3%
      3rd Liberal Democrat, 10,246 votes, 20.0%
      4th UKIP, 1,954 votes, 3.8 %

      Newark 2014:
      1st Conservative, 17,431 votes, 45.0%
      2nd UKIP, 10,028 votes, 25.9%
      3rd Labour, 6,842 votes, 17.7%
      4th Independent, 1,891 votes, 4.9%

      Yep, UKIP are finished. No threat to us.

      Tra-la la la lalaaaaa!


    • 35
      Roughley says:

      I my wife said that, so I slapped her.


  5. 10
    Megawhite says:

    How convenient. Dodging the bullet as long as he can.


  6. 12

    Why doesn’t the Hulk wear Lycra? Think of the money he’d save on clothes.


    • 16
      Bradly Wiggins says:

      An angry bloke wearing Lycra would blend in well with all the other cyclists.


      • 21
        To be invisible, buy a bicycle. says:

        Excuse me, but not all cyclists are like that. I bought a bicycle last weekend and thus far I am quite laid back about motorists trying to kill me. I take it in my stride. I don’t even mind the fact that pedestrians seem to find me invisible, too; I don’t bat an eyelid when they step out into the road in front of me. Or dog walkers. Or children, running out into my path and..

        Grrrrr KILL! CRUSH! DESTROY!


        • 38
          Grow up says:

          It’s only taken you 1 week to whine like one of the fuckers.


        • 42
          táxpáyér says:

          I find a big dirty footprint on badly driven cars helps with “other road user” awareness.


          • Cyclists should be insured says:

            I find punching twatty cyclists in the face and reversing over their bike teaches them to keep their feet to themselves.


          • RWG says:

            Do that to my car, and get a big dirty bootprint on your smashed in shitty head.


          • Voice of Sanity says:

            If a cyclist can hit your car with his foot, you are too close.

            Would you prefer cyclists to be in a big 4×4 in front of you instead?


          • Anonymous says:

            If a cyclist can hit your car with his foot, the cyclist is too close.


        • 80
          No jam, just lard says:

          It’s worse when you get cyclists and horses and cars using the same country lane, the cyclist owns the road and if three or more are together sit inline talking to each other, road manners and road junctions and lights are not for cyclists, the horsey type are too busy on their mobile phones to bother where the nag is taking them which is usually back to the stables, the car gets to wait until the road is wide enough to get past this flotsam and jetsam


      • 63
        Chris Froome says:

        Shut it knobhead.


      • 83

        They blend in better with the road surface.


    • 18
      Superhero Workwear Inc. says:

      Or a jellabiya, which would be sensible in the hot Californian climate.

      Yes, it might be slightly conspicuous to walk around California in a jellabiya, but then turning green and smashing things is somewhat conspicuous, too, so it evens out.


  7. 19
    Hamas says:

    Six out of every five Palestinians killed in this crisis is a child.


  8. 25
    Jimmy Savile Ex BBC says:

    Well I appeared in the media a lot. I even assaulted people on prime-time television and radio with special friend Cyril. Everyone (especially the BBC) knew about it. Yet no-one ever dared accuse us of doing nowt wrong!


  9. 29
    BBC BREAKING NEWS i kid you not says:

    Michael Gove ‘got stuck in Commons toilet’



  10. 47
    I.R.A & on the run says:

    Never voting Labour again, they conned us with those letters they did! Tony Blair is a lying c.u.n.t!


  11. 52
    DAVE WAXWORK says:



  12. 66
    Question of our Time says:

    Is Cameron a Labour Quisling ?


  13. 73
    Nick Clegg says:

    Where the heck is Owen Jones when I need him?


  14. 75
    Pimp D. says:

    Yo, yo, yo don’t be messin’ with my hoe. Her sweet honky white ass is mine to slap all over da flow. Plus, bitch, don’t be callin’ me David no mo’, I be Pimp D, ya dig, and don’t be touchin my fro.



  15. 88
    Bully says:



  16. 95
    Hate the lot of them says:

    Knew the man years ago: forget all this mental issues stuff…he is a little man with a filthy temper who used to shout and yell at everyone when he didn’t get his own way.
    The fact that he’s apparently a hitter doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.


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