July 17th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Evan Davis: “You’re part of the great neo-liberal consensus that emerged in the eighties, free markets and all that? Are you happy…”

Art Laffer: “It’s called economics.”


  1. 1
    The Real BBC says:

    Evan can be sooooo tiresome.


  2. 2
    Arse IV says:

    Where’s the audio of the interview?


  3. 3
    concrete pump says:

    Laff…? I nearly shat.


  4. 4
    FreeMarketsAllRound says:

    Your transcript misses out the sound of Sarah Montague chortling in the background!

    Mind you, she laughed even louder at Laffer’s parting shot, which is perhaps the real quote of the day…

    “By the way, I had dinner last night with David Davis last night. Are you any relation?”


  5. 7
    Future Browsing says:

    1st sorry for the OT nature of this but someone somewhere may find this of interest.

    Recent articles in the African press tell of the impending collapse of the Kariba dam wall. Paid for by the British Crown Colonies and built by the Italians in 1959.

    We are told the rushing wall of water will also possibly take out the Kahora Bassa dam in Mozambique and leave a scar on the planet visible from space, 10,000s killed, tsunamis once it reaches the ocean etc. It will also leave Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique without their main sources of power generation.

    Strange as 40 years ago I listened in as a small boy while an engineer at Kariba discussed the erosion of the pool at the base of the wall and how the foundations of the dam were being undermined by its own spillway. They had tried pouring 1000s tons of concrete into the hole but it had failed. And a permanent solution was required.

    Impending disaster it isn’t. It’s been known about for decades and no one has bothered to do anything.

    So it’s either yet another cunning plan for squeezing cash out of international development funds. No shortage of money as there are plans for a $300m dollar ‘Disney world’ style business, banking and tourism park at Victoria Falls.

    Or should it actually happen expect compensation for the flawed design to be sought in the courts of the builders. Namely the UK and Italy.

    Our courts will happily hand them the money despite their own negligence of ignoring the problem which could have been fixed during the drought years of the 80s and 90s.


    • 8
      Not in my name says:

      Just woken up, have you?

      This has been around since March and the available time window for repairs is three years


      • 9
        Future Browsing says:

        Known about it for 40 years, as I said, mr myopic.


        • 10
          Future Browsing says:

          Also 3 years is fine, in European timelines. This project is in a remote location in Africa on a large river that drains monsoon scale rainfall from as far away as the Congo.

          The don’t have a whole 3 years. Particularly when the local politicians will spend 2 years trying to work out a method of screwing as much money and perks out of the project as possible.


  6. 13

    Why should the Brits be involved in court action . According to Future Browsing we just gave up THE MONEY ….. as usual.

    It was the eyeties that built it. Let them respond in their own courts which knowing their glacial pace of legal speed will take about thirty years by which we will all have died of dotage or worse and all the plaintiffs will have drowned !!


  7. 14
    Down with the Pretentious Twats at the BBC says:

    Laff my arse off. The Soviet Regime that is the BBC has a cheek to discuss free markets.


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