July 16th, 2014

WATCH: Yet More Voters Call on Ruffley to Resign

Following on from this blog’s Guy News special two weeks ago, the BBC have also vox-popped voters in Bury St. Edmunds over whether they think he is fit to remain as their MP. The verdict was unanimous:

“I think he should go.”

“I don’t think you can have somebody in that position behaving in that way.”

Significantly, top Tory councillor in Suffolk Joanna Spicer also stuck the boot in:

“I do think, given the publicity the incident has had and the issues it has raised about violence against women, that it is important that both the Conservative party nationally and locally take the earliest opportunity to make clear that they support all the policies and all the people that work in the field of domestic abuse.”

Yet still Ruffley and his local party remain silent…


  1. 1
    anon says:

    Ruffley by name ruffley by nature.


  2. 2
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:



  3. 3
    Gary Elsby Stoke says:

    Breaking News:

    Britain to be second largest economy in Europe by 2020, beating France.
    Britain to be Europe’s largest economy by 2030.

    Cuts Cuts Cuts to frail and elderly people with council services slashed everywhere.

    George Osborne, please give an update on Great Britain’s debt, please.


    • 5
      in the red says:

      I don’t think they’ve cut up Gordon’s credit card yet to be fair.


    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      The only thing they haven’t cut yet are sleazy, lazy and corrupt Councillors wages.


    • 13
      Socialism is good for its elite says:

      A race to the bottom is the socialist way.


    • 18
      Gary Elsby Stoke says:

      Oh, I forgot to say of a ‘more’ important story doing the rounds:

      What nice dresses those newly promoted women will wear in their newly promoted Cabinet positions!


      What the fuck would we do without the Tories and their ground breaking shows topping publicity stunts of yesteryear?

      Remember the ‘Blair babes’ brought in to save the country from the ruin of male politicians? A few weeks later……..

      1.Iraq war
      2.Global recession.
      3 British bankruptcy.

      It’s not new, it’s not unique, it doesn’t work and it won’t work.
      The proper question of the day is:


      • 25
        We have the answers says:

        … something to do with spying on the public that was pushed through the HoC in record time.

        Nothing to fear etc …


  4. 4
    Hadley "Screaming Banshee" Freemann says:

    Stop oppressing me.

    It’s so sexist that the Daily Mail commented on the appearance of the liberated women who have been promoted in the fight against the patriarchy. I don’t care that the majority of Daily FAIL readers are women they are all just brainwashed sexists to believe that a woman’s appearance matters.

    Yes, in my articles about the soccer world cup I relentless mocked the appearance and clothes of the male commentators but that’s different, I am an empowered and fierce woman so you can’t stop me with your r4pe culture.

    We need to change the culture. It is wrong that men find women physically attractive, especially when men find young women attractive that’s why I support #NoMorePage3 – a woman being educated, , carter-minded, feminist and having a degree in women’s studies at age 38 should be the thing that men find attractive and we won’t stop whining until all men are embarrassed to admit they find physically beautiful Page 3 women attractive.



  5. 6
    A Decrepit Monoculture says:

    Vote Conservative


  6. 7
    Owen Jones QC says:

    There is no truth in the rumour that David Cameron will perform a “dirty protest” at todays PMQ’s.


  7. 8
    Esther from Primark says:

    I suspect this matter will soon be discussed in Cabinet.


  8. 12
    Guy News Room says:

    George “Is the cheque in the post yet”Galloway: Israel and Arabs accept Egyptian offer, only the murdering ,thick dickheads Hamas refuse.


  9. 16
    George Osborne says:

    I have just given HMRC additional powers to allow them to come into your house and use the toilet without notice.


    • 19
      bleubottle says:

      They better bring their own toilet paper because I have no clean sheets left, kind sir.


      • 21
        George Osborne says:

        There is no obligation on HMRC to flush. As they now operate independently from the Judiciary* they are free to dump and leave at will.

        * Note this is not applicable to my own arrangements or those of my friends.


  10. 20

    They want to keep their snout in the trough for as long as possible.


  11. 24
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Doesn’t take much for the BBC to witch hunt a Tory.


  12. 26
    Andrew Speed, roughly an apologist says:

    We support all people who work with domestic violence victims. If it wasn’t for the work of people like David, they’d be out of a job.


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