July 16th, 2014

WATCH: Miliband and Harman Divided on Tax

Look closely at the contrasting reactions of Miliband and Harman to Cameron’s PMQs ambush. Dave reads Harman’s words back to her: “I think people on middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes”. Miliband looks at Harman, then turns back towards the PM, shaking his head and waving his hand dismissively. Harman, meanwhile, nods and says, “they should… it’s true”. Cameron doesn’t realise, but the Tories behind him do.

The Labour leader and his deputy are completely at odds…

UPDATE: The contrast is even more evident in GIF form:


  1. 1
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Labour’s Tax Bombshell!


  2. 2
    Hazel Blears says:

    The deputy leader of the Labour Party is at odds with everyone except PIE members, natch.

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  3. 3
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Even Millimong thinks she talks utter balls! Speaking of which is Mr Harperson sucking on some big black ones as we type?


    • 77
      Ed Milimong says:

      The grimace and the hand-waving isn’t because she’s saying something I disagree with, it’s because she’s a fool to admit Labour policy before the election.


    • 97
      The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

      More likely to be sucking on small 11 year old ones probably.


  4. 4
    BBC News-Editor says:

    We are not Nobody is interested in tax reductions.


  5. 5
    A female P0pe in my lifetime says:

    Save that for an Election Broadcast.


  6. 6
    Bog Paper says:

    Another piece of PIE vicar?


  7. 7
    Ed says:

    Will somebody rid me of this terrible woman?


  8. 8
    The farmer who milked his wife says:

    Harman is not very bright but she was only stating what happens now and which the Tories support namely that people on middle incomes should pay more tax than those on lower incomes. A rather pathetic attempt to stir things up.


    • 12
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      But they do pay more. Harman’s point was that they should pay even more again.

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      • 22
        Hattie says:

        Fortunately, we grandees are not middle-income-earners.


        • 53
          Hattie's Sockpuppet says:

          Yes, taxes are for little people, you ask my mate Hodger


        • 81
          Me says:

          Your moniker URL is most disconcerting. I keep misreading it.

          At first it looks like a reference to ar*e banditry.

          Then, it looks like a reference to “gardening”.

          I had to click on it just to be sure what it really was.


      • 23
        The farmer who milked his wife says:

        It wasn’t. You should listen to the original LBC interview.


        • 27
          Pull the udder one. says:

          It was.


          • Jeez sum fork are thik. says:

            which is why the daft bint was nodding her head and agreeing with Cameron quoting her.


          • Interesting the way the opposition leader drew attention to the widening gap in earnings/income between the top 1 % and average earners.

            He chose not to mention the widening gap between average earnings and those of MPs after they chose to vote themselves such a hefty pay hike.



  9. 10
    Harriet the Hypocrite says:

    If Harman thinks the middle class like her should pay more, why did she send her children to very selective state schools, so she did not have to pay school fee’s?


  10. 13
    Milly, aged 9¾ says:

    Politicians are always trying to squeeze my middle.


  11. 14
    Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Dave would shake his head at Thatcher covering up for her paedos, or wave his hand and dismiss it.


  12. 16
    The British media are cunts says:

    So the BBC claim that too much airtime is given to climate change deniers because they have no scientific background.

    So BBC shirt lifters why is that mad old bat Vivienne Westwood now on the BBC wanking on about fracking? What is her expertise in this area BBC bum boys?


    • 34
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Westwood just made herself look completely stupid.


    • 48
      Fishy says:

      Saw that. They even used the widely derided, rigged video of burning water.


      • 67
        táxpáyér says:

        At least the Weekly World News don’t threaten to kidnap you if you don’t hand over a large sum of money.


    • 56
      táxpáyér says:

      Not to mention they have marxists on to talk about the economy. Why aren’t they dropped?

      At least flat-earth geographers haven’t killed anyone, and CAGW deniers have prevented thousands from freezing.


      • 117
        visibly shaken says:

        I am sick of maxist economics being portrayed as capitalism on the bbc. they keep talking about henry ford paying higher wages to ensure his staff can afford a car.

        even the most simple of people work it through and realise…

        “hey actually, output doesn’t rise therefore no one is better off in real terms”

        hey bbc. stop trying to indoctrinate the public with Marxism or even better. employ some business and economics journalists with proper private sector experience.


  13. 17
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Just as Cameron had thrust the keys to No. 10 into Miliband’s hands, birdbrain Harman goes and nicks them and throws them back to Dave :-)


  14. 20
    Jack Dromey says:

    I would like to squeeze Harriet’s middle a bit more, but Leroy is so lovely that I cannot spare the time.


  15. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Spoilt little rich girl thinks plebs who have (in her eyes) ideas above their station should be financially penalised?

    Quelle surprise!


    • 104
      Zero sum game says:

      Asked if she is part of the establishment by Ian Dale, Hattie replies ‘In some ways I am, in some ways I’m not’. I try to count the ways she’s not and I keep coming up with zero.


  16. 24
    Weird Ed says:

    I should sack her, but then my wimmin count will fall. I’ll ask Dave Alexrod what to do when he comes back.


  17. 26
    Raving Loon says:

    The average income is about £26,500, does HH mean these people?


  18. 28
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    So the fossil fuels Vivienne Westwood uses are o.k., but not for you and me.


    • 44
      Vivienne Westwood says:

      All my designs are 100% recycled shit from the 60’s


    • 68
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      The industrial revolution would never have get off the ground if people like Westwood were in charge at the time.


    • 90
      Mycroft says:

      I saw the daft old bat on the TV too.

      The woman has absolutely no idea about which she spoke.

      8 years!!! 46 years in reality.

      Fractured gas is in simple terms is the least polluting form of energy yet discovered by man output for output, it outstrips Windmills and solar because the production of these ‘green’ tech devices are grossly polluting.

      Given air time, the BBC gave air time to a pygmy brained, half-pickled dead-beat.

      I want a right of reply, if the BBC can that vacuous old fraud time on air then I want the opportunity to put it right.


  19. 29
    The Watchmen says:

    As it was written. All going to plan.


  20. 33
    Bollocks says:

    He should have turned round and said, shut up you stupid oul trout


  21. 36
    Duncan Weaver says:

    The only difference between them is how much they want to increase taxes and where they’ll waste the money.

    At least Harman is being honest.


    • 58
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      “At least Harman is being honest.”

      I know what you mean D, but it’s still eyewateringly painful to read that sentence.


  22. 37
    The Daily Telegraph says:

    More than 600 suspected p*edophiles arrested


    Doctors, teachers, care workers and former police officers are among more than 600 suspected p*edophiles arrested following a massive nationwide police operation.

    The unprecedented investigation, involving every police force in the UK and coordinated by the National Crime Agency (NCA), took six months to complete.


  23. 41
    Ed Balls monetary policy says:

    Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze until the pips squeak.


  24. 43
    The eyes have it. says:

    Look at that expression, he is clinically insane.


    • 50
      Fishy says:

      He sort of crouches down on the green benches like a smirking, smug little school boy who thinks he’s got one over on the big boys.


  25. 54
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    It looks more like he was reacting to Ed Balls dropping a silent, yet deadly, eggy fart.


  26. 57
    Harriet Harperson says:

    Labour is right to say that the squeezed middle is too squeezed, and right to want to squeeze them more.


  27. 61
    Ed Miliband says:

    Harriet was right to offer her opinion, and right to apologise for that.


  28. 62
    Taxpayer says:

    I’m more concerned that Cameron believes he’s a tax cutter. He’s as bad as the other lot when it comes to taxing the middle classes.


    • 65
      táxpáyér says:

      He’s not done ANY austerity (UK borrows 100 billion a year!) and got castigated for austerity.


    • 69
      Tosser Dave says:

      We ConLibbers are virtually the same as the Liebourites. We’re still running a fucking great deficit because we haven’t got public expenditure under proper control.
      The National Debt is doubling on my watch to circa £1.5 TRILLION FFS.


    • 70
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      He also says he doesn’t want any more countries joining the EU but recently he went to Turkey and said he would fight for their entry. Two-faced Dave strikes again.


  29. 74
    Wallace Miliband says:

    Now look here, my sweet..we can’t have you going around saying I’m going to put up taxes on the middle classes, can we my love?

    We want to attract the middle classes, don’t we petal? Not frighten them away like a big eared rabbit that has seen grommet with his genitals out, eh, my dear?

    Now, why don’t you fix us up a lovely pot of tea and some Wensleydale? Crackers are in the tin. Ok, my little poppet?


    • 85
      jaffs masquerading as HH says:

      OK, I can see you are right….can I instead say that taxes that men pay should be much higher than women? I believe this should be the case for your vileness over 2000 years and for inventing Page 3 and gay black porn (which has caused me severe problems in my own marriage).


      • 96
        Wallace Miliband says:

        Of course you can, my little sweet pea.
        But only after the election.

        Until then, I’d like you to wear this Ann Summers ball gag..there..looks very fetching with that Pinnie.


  30. 75
    Jeremy Thorpe says:

    Phew! Missed me!


  31. 76
  32. 82
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Not much of an ambush if the Heir to Blair didn’t even register their reaction.

    Bunch of idiots, the lot of ‘em.


  33. 84
    more importantly says:

    Who Amber Rudd? And is she a goer?


  34. 86
    Yasmin says:

    Being rocketed by Hamas is not as bad as being threatened with a punch in the throat.


  35. 87

    They need to milk more money from the people to pay for the crazy policies


  36. 88

    Could be evidence of a split ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


  37. 89
    Mickey Gove says:

    Help me please Guido.

    Do you know where I can get a faux leather whip with a mother of pearl handle?


  38. 94
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Heaven be praised, they are all f*cking off for xxxxxxxx weeks, the FTSI is up already.


  39. 95

    Perhaps this is why Dave is losing hair fast:


    Now – didn’t he have one of these guys in his very own office ?

    Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey…

    Vote UKIP :-D


  40. 103
    Phuquit says:

    United they fall, divided they fall


  41. 107
    The pig farmer says:

    I’m bullet proof


  42. 109
  43. 110
    FOAD says:

    More? What do you mean, fucking “more”, you stupid bitch?

    I’m taxed to the fucking hilt already.

    Fuck off!


  44. 111
    Ed is Dead But Lives On says:

    Brillant more Red on Red fire! Millibean is going lose big in 2015, but no need to worry Labour will keep him on anyway. They’ll be out of power for at least the next 20 years and by then will have imploded. It has to be said that most of this is due to Labour’s own efforts and not Dave’s brillance as a Conservative. But keeping them out of power and out of our pockets is to be welcomed. Lets just hope they keep Ed on for the next few years.


  45. 112
    Cynic says:

    Why don’t they tax pedophiles? Hatty could name a few from her days lobbying for PIE


  46. 115
    bogtrott says:

    along came a pie woman who taxed you 70%….


  47. 121
    Sanctimonious Dave-Scoffing At Lefty 'Tax Rises' Whilst Hiding His Own Wastage... says:

    FFS, no one mention our EU Membership Fee (which costs every UK Man, Woman and Child £300 each) or our irrational (borrowed) £10 Billion Aid Budget, else people will see me as the real opportunist Hunt that I am!….Anyhow, it’s time for our Holidays! BYE!


  48. 124
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Harriet is not a physically unattractive woman. However, I can’t say I’d like to be with her as I can’t help but think of all the portions of PIE she helped serve as a younger woman.


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