July 16th, 2014

Downing Street Catwalk: Here Come the Boys

The usual suspects are upset at the Mail’s angle on the reshuffle. Gaby Hinsliff mused last night:

And don’t they all look lovely. There is an obvious reason why Gaby’s dream of a male lineup would not have made a very interesting feature:

All the moving men wore the identical outfits…


  1. 1
    Spartacus says:

    Yesterday was ‘a good day to bury bad news’. The same day as the bought and sold media showed off a bunch of tarts being made ministers.
    Meanwhile not long out of skool Jimbo Brokenshite was pushing through the data retention grab in Parliament, all in one day – with the help of his Grandmother sitting alongside him.
    Of course this media oversight does not apply to gwidders who has plastered the privacy ramifications of this legislation all over his blog rather than take interest in the Downing St catwalk.


    • 11
      Adolescent milo and says:

      He’s only obeying orders


      • 13
        North London says:

        Prosecute Nazis not nonces!


        • 18
          ZZX says:

          Yes. Like the IDF bombing civilians to exert Collective punishment and add to the 5 million they have already driven into refugee camps at gunpoint.
          How shouldPals defend themselves?


          • Yeesh says:

            Yeah its a right old genocide innit?

            Back in the real world where normal people live however we see hamas using human shields to protect their weapons and cowardly leaders.

            Israel accepted an Egyptian sponsored ceasefire that was broken by hamas and rejected out of hand, hamas is solely to blame for every death.

            The IDF warns civilians to flee before bombing and hamas fires rockets without warning into civilian areas, but dont let your anti-Semitism cloud your judgement eh?


          • D.Mentia says:

            Never forget the 6 million nonces! The Holococks!


          • M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

            What’s your opinion on what’s happening in Syria where things are far worse?


          • Scrappy-do-do. says:

            Why are they in camps?

            50 years ..still in a camp.

            Surrounded by arab allies. Rich arab allies. Some of the richest nations on earth. .. yet they sit in a refugee camp.

            Why is that do you think?


          • Isra el should utterly obliterate them all says:

            Dead Muslims, whatever nationality, is always a result.

            PS Palestinian is not a nationality though.


          • M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

            The rich Arabs need a bogeymen.


          • utopia unfound says:

            ridiculous statement … muslims are entitled to live in peace just like anyone else but whilst Hamas continues to fire missiles over the border they can expect the Israelis to react. The Palestinian government needs
            to condemn whats happening and do something about it.


          • ZZX says:

            I repeat:
            How do you suggest Palestinians should DEFEND THEMSELVES against this?


            Remember, Gaza is one of the msot densly populated areas in the world.


          • Shmuel says:

            So many Shlomos posting here today! Oy Vey!


          • utopia unfound says:

            perhaps zzx the real question should be how the two sides of this whole nightmare can be brought to some pragmatic understanding and consequent onward agreement … neither side is going to be moving elsewhere.

            just as easy to ask you how the Israelis should defend themselves other than to respond to the indiscriminate missile attacks they are being faced with.

            the fact that the Palestinian administration recently decided to side with hamas whilst saying they want peace with Israel is clearly totally unrealistic.


          • A1 says:

            @ utopia unfound.
            The Palestinians do not have a military to defend them.
            The Palestinians are on their own land whilst the Izzies want to drive them out and steal it. It is the Israelis who are the attackers, illegal immigrants and Squatters.


    • 22
      The Growler says:

      It’s suprising that the two middle pictures seem to be fading, but Gove will be back, he might get to know where all the dead bodies are, could be very useful on his return. Haguey it was only a matter of time, he’s done 30 years plus time working for Maggie, now is the time to go and spend more time with the fragrant Ffyon and get a family life, maybe go on the lecture circuit like B’Liar, Broon et al, he’s not as slippery as B’Liar.


    • 113
      The Blogger who came in from the heat says:

      Geedo’s blog used to cover stuff that the MSM was not covering, now it parrots the MSM.

      Has it changed editors?


      • 148
        The Growler says:

        No it is part of the MSM, first with Dirty Des and now with the Master, when the boss says jump, you jump, he who pays the piper picks the tune.


  2. 2
    Michael Gove says:

    A fat bird started chatting me up in the club last night and I mentioned I’d just had my birthday this week.

    “Well, happy birthday, sexy,” she purred, stroking down my chest. “If I come back to yours tonight, could you put a smile on my face?”

    “Probably not,” I told her. “There’s no cake left.”


    • 26
      The Growler says:

      A fat bird in your club Micky, how did she get into the “gentlman’s” club, my standards are falling!


  3. 3
    Viperous Old Vince says:


  4. 4
    Ockham's Razor says:

    If Dave wanted to fire the wets, he should have finished the job with himself being pulled out of Downing Street with a team of huskies – and a polar bear on the sled.


  5. 5
    Seen it all (again and again and again) says:

    Further proof (as if any more were necessary) that politics is show business for ugly people.


    • 24
      It's in their DNA says:

      Ugliness is far more than skin deep where Socialists are concerned.


    • 33
      The Growler says:

      Looking at most of them most would not be able to enter a beauty competion, I would get a bit worried if there was a pretty boy in the HoC, they would always be preening themselves, oops that last statement can’t be correct, they all like to be prima donnas


      • 40
        still walking into darkness says:

        htf does Anna Soubry become a Minister?, how does someone whose IQ is below the lowest percentile on the chart qualify?


        • 44
          Anonymous says:

          Perhaps you should ask the last Labour government?


          • still walking into darkness says:

            well, yes, they were just evil. Evil is a sign of some sort of intellgence. I think they were successful in masking their evil with their sheer incompetence though.


        • 72
          Twampersand mk II says:

          Being shouty/pointy and ever so indignant seems to have done the trick.

          Don’t worry, won’t be long before they are caught doing something illegal/immoral/outrageous and kicked out on their scabby arses.

          I suppose there is not much difference between having a load of corrupt, incompetent and venal men running the shop, or dizzy, hormonal, sentimental split-arses cocking the whole thing up, is there?


  6. 6

    Removal men, ennit?


  7. 7

    “Condemned men” customarily go to the gallows in the same prison garb.
    It is usual before putting your bird in the oven, to remove its feathers and smear it all over in butter.
    There you are Mrs Landfill!


  8. 8
    Derek Chapman says:

    The big advantage of being a female MP is that you get photographed by a professional photographer from a red-top who can, at least, shoot you in focus.


    • 28
      Unlucky Alf says:

      You never see Hague and Charlie Brown in the same room do you?


      • 76
        He's not gay you know? says:

        You never see Hague and orphans from State care homes in the same room.

        Do you?


    • 34
      Pedant says:

      Why are 3 out of 4 pics of male ( some – ex) ministers wildly out of focus. Surely someone must have taken a decent pic of them unless they were just moving too fast!


  9. 9
    Laura Norder says:

    Pervert Rolf Harris will be transferred to one of Britain’s cushiest prisons after serving just four weeks behind bars.

    The p*edophile, 84, was jailed for five years, nine months.

    But he will spend just a month in tough Wandsworth jail, South West London, before his transfer to Leyhill Prison, which has been dubbed the Savoy of Slammers.


    • 14
      Aardvark says:

      Free the Chosen Nonces!


      • 32
        Long John silver's parrot says:

        FFS this guy is taking the michael out of you all.

        He is worth eleven million quid and is giving you the run around at taxpayers expense what with board and lodging and fifty eight pills a day,plus visits to the toilet and the doctor.

        Just castrate him and let him out at Dover Ferry Terminal with a one way ticket.

        You will save a fortune


        • 39
          Phil from pentonville says:

          Up all night playing with his didgery doo.

          The guy is a grade one pervert and pain in the backside.


  10. 10
    Ockham's Razor says:

    What a load of fucking tosh from brain-dead Bingle. That is putting it politely.

    All style – no substance. The world is just a huge PR bubble for the egocentric to flaunt their own ignorance and prejudice and to charge people handsomely for the doubtful privilege.

    Vote UKIP and dr!ve these fools off to another planet! :-D


  11. 12

    Lady Stowell just who the fuck elected her?


  12. 15
    Duckworth Lewis says:

    On average, you will spend 92 days sitting on the toilet in your lifetime.


  13. 19
    This Government is pathetic says:

    I am extremely concerned now about the number of Cabinet Ministers wearing high heels.

    It is a well known fact that high heels cause serious damage . In worst case scenarios they can lead to broken ankles and feet imposing enormous unnnecessary pressure in these austere times upon the NHS.

    In future all people attending Cabinet meetings must wear flat healed shoes as I do .

    The Prime Minister;

    P.S . In future meetings there will be one packet of Tesco ginger nut biscuits to share around.

    Esther will be preparing one cup of filtered coffee per Minister and will also be responsible for the free flow of tap water.


  14. 21
    Puzzled says:

    Is that for men or women ?


  15. 24
    Dee says:

    I was once asked where the weirdo men are hiding who, on seeing a woman in the media either break out into desperate wanking fits or scream foul abuse at those who don’t give them instant erections.
    One only has to point to the Guido blog for such examples.
    Thank God fewer of them are governing us today !


  16. 27

    All a bunch of slimy toads


  17. 29

    There are not enough chocolate ones *innocent face*


  18. 35
    Yeah so says:

    I was watching Channel 5’s Benefit Britain Life on the Dole the other night and
    I got to wondering how much the benefits bill is for the Roma alone. I’m betting we pay annually an amount which far exceeds the amount lost on a botched privatisation. Perhaps the woman who has already been down the catwalk in a pair of flashy shoes (that’s you, Teresa May) will let us know.


    • 59
      Oh yes says:

      Interesting that you blame this current lot when its the previous lot that caused the problem. So I guess I will just have to treat your comment as one from another retarded lefty


      • 69
        Yeah so says:

        Where did I blame the current lot? Because I’m asking Teresa May for figures? Should I ask Gordon Brown for current figures? Check out my comment No.45 at 9.46.


      • 88
        Dave says:

        The current lot were responsible for permitting the Roma ( ie dirty gyppos) into the country.


        • 95

          No they weren’t or did the Lisbon treaty completely escape your fucking single brain cell lefty fucking mind
          Don’t answer that i really don’t want to overload you.



          • Dave says:

            If the current shower of utter scum didn’t like it, they could have blocked it.

            Escape your notice that the Tories voted in favour of Lisbon, did it, twat?

            Or that they started this shit with Heath and the EEC? And Maastricht with Major? Mmm, twat?

            You are the one with a single braincell if you a) assume someone a ‘lefty’ because they can see what a Hunt Cameron is and b) support the current shower of shit because they are not the previous shower of shit.



      • 92

        Never mind what the previous lot did.

        The point is that the fucking idiot weakling Dave has failed to do anything meaningful about immigration in the 4 years that he has been in “power”

        The useless bastard is letting in circa 200k each year, more than double his own target.



        • 98

          Lisbon treaty
          Say no more moron



            Bollux. Didn’t some Tory cuvt promise a referendum on Europe, then fail to deliver? Now he’s going to “renegotiate”, with the same prospect of success as his total failure in stopping Junket.


          • CCHQ bumboy moron identifier says:

            If fat slug Dave can’t do anything about it, why bother voting for him?


          • Yes you are correct except for one tiny tiny tiny fact

            The other part of that promise was “if Lisbon was not signed”. Once the last Labour government signed an International treaty ( even though against the will of the people) its law.

            To your next question, and yes I know what that will be.

            Yes we can overturn it, throw it out, burn it on the commons terraces but we would never be trusted again. That goes across all agreements then not just political. Sadly one government can bind another to a point.

            I don’t like it as much as you don’t but lets get the blame pinpointed to where it lies. Gordon Brown and the last Labour government.

            I have been polite and explained the situation including the promise


        • 122
          Village Idiot says:

          ….It is the actions of the last government that has consequences that have changed the social fabric of this country and it will take time to repair all the damage labour did!…
          ….Gone past caring….vote UKIP


  19. 37
    Never trust a woman says:

    And she just happened to have that dress lying around !


  20. 38
    Ockham's Razor says:

    What next? Cut and paste the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica?

    Ever thought about links?


    • 49
      The British media are cunts says:

      At least it wasn’t all typed in block capitals!!!


    • 71
      Ockham's Razor says:

      I am not criticising bringing this to our attention but surely a selected quote and the link would be more effective than a straight c+p with bold marks surrounding all.

      If it was your own researched item, then by all means post it complete, but without universal bold. If everything is emphasised, than nothing stands out. It is very easy to understand.

      Vote UKIP :-D

      Liked by 1 person

  21. 47
    The British media are cunts says:

    How nice of Radio 5 to inform the British public that a lesbian footballer is having a baby, well she’s not but her ‘partner’ is, all a bit confusing as;

    1. Never heard of her

    2. Don’t give a shit

    3. Why are you wasting airtime on this


    • 82
      Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

      Because it suits the BBC agenda. What they don’t tell you is that one of those dreadful creatures – a man was involved in some way, turkey baster style or toothbrush, cause they would like us to believe that two women can sort it all out themselves.And hence we don’t need men anymore.
      Dave will still be around because he is not really a man.


      • 96
        Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

        oh and if the child that is born is male, he will have to be castrated or keep in a lab for sperm use only.


  22. 51
    The British media are cunts says:

    Had to laugh at old boot Gloria De what’s her name last night. There she was on TV complaining about how the Tories treat women and she’s got her tits half hanging out.

    you go girl


    • 62
      Esther from Primark says:

      Never mind.

      We now have “powerful women” inside Number 10 Downing Street .

      Cameron will soon be sorted.


  23. 56
    Anonymous says:

    “the Mail’s angle on the reshuffle”
    is about as edifying as a rumour. One that the new Welsh Space Port will be located at TennineeightSevernsixfivefourthreetwoonego-go-Gone.


    • 68
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      Only a flaming retarded mong would consider building a spaceport in the UK, what with our dreadful weather and high latitude.

      Gibraltar is the best choice as far as weather and lowest latitude (under direct British control).

      Better still is to lease Woomera from the Aussies.


      • 93
        M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

        Brilliant idea!!! It takes about 10 minutes to jet into teh stratosphere but unfortunately it will take you three days just to get to the rocket coz some fool put it in Australia.


        • 126
          Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

          Okay then the UK could join in with the development of Cape York in Queensland.


        • 142
          Col. Nut says:

          Hampstead Heath would be much more convenient and would attract more tourists to London.


      • 97
        Twampersand mk II says:

        Better still, let’s stop pretending we are going to send people into space.

        I used to do that when I was 7.


      • 103

        To far south of the equator

        Aruba is nice this time of year


  24. 58
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    It’s nice to see No 10 issuing Demob Suits to those chaps re-entering civvy street.


  25. 73
    Random quibbler Gove says:

    I have in fact been demoted and you lucky people will be seeing a lot more of my fat lips over your cornflakes in the next 9 months.


  26. 74
  27. 77
    Esther McGobshite says:

    At PMQs today I will be wearing Versace with a Primark thong.


  28. 79
    The flower died of neglect tra la la because it was under a PVR says:

    Wouldn’t worry about her after May 2015, she forgets she has a constituency, wonder if she will visit this week after all her Camorons Conservative party is next door to Royal Liverpool and they are a lot of snobs , the local Liebour council is already for the traffic all new double yellow lines everywhere, traffic wardens running around, the council is rubbing it’s hands with glee at the fines it hopes to get, after all the parking charges are so high the locals go out of town to shop and the car-parks are losing money.


  29. 85

    The realisation that you are getting old.

    When during a conversation at the office coffee machine about music in the 80’s you have to say ” sorry I don’t know that artist its a bit AFTER my time”


  30. 87
    Anonymous says:

    From anti Queen bouncing up Downing Street to gurning queen trudging up Downing Street they are a really fine bunch.


  31. 90
    A female P0pe in my lifetime says:

    More Than 600 P4edophile Suspects Arrested SKY

    Well it’s a start!!


  32. 103
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Why all the anti-beard sentiment today.

    Back when Britain’s Empire was at its height under Queen Victoria, nearly all our politicians,greatest scientist and engineers all had beards, even Abe Lincoln had one.

    You can trace the decline of the British Empire with the decline in beardedness.

    Hell even Father Christmas and God have beards and look how many followers they have.

    So i say let’s put the Great back into Britain by bringing back the beardies :-)


  33. 105
    Mornington Crescent says:

    More busybody wimmin, hectoring and lecturing and finger-pointing – often cluelessly.

    Fuck off out of our lives, the lot of you.

    Leave. Us. Alone.

    Thank you.


  34. 115

    *Wistfully thinking of Esther McVey as a domatrix*


  35. 116
    Smurf says:


  36. 119

    The Mail’s angle is about right.

    It will not subvert the active measures though – aren’t they all horribly pale ? Cue A’bbott.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  37. 120
    Baffled of Wisbech says:

    Why do women have a bag permanently attached to them?

    It must be a right bastard going through an entire life time toting a bleeding bag around.


  38. 124
    Clare4HS2 says:

    The Conversation went.

    Dave: HS2 is not going through Devizes so will you support it for me?
    Claire: Yes Prime Minister, but of course.
    Dave: Then you can stand in my election shop window Claire.


  39. 127
    Maria Miller says:

    How long ’till i get my pay rise?
    Would it help if I went blonde ?


  40. 145
    inside out says:

    Lovely dress love,did the taxpayers buy it?


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