July 15th, 2014

Guardian Workers Revolt Over £2 Million Boss
NUJ Condemns Widening Bosses’ Pay Gap

Guardian writers are unhappy that their pay is falling in real terms whilst their bosses’ pay tops £2 million.

guardian-logoFollowing today’s chapel meeting at 2pm, the following motion was passed unanimously:

The chapel believes that GMG’s continued payment of grossly inflated boardroom bonuses and remuneration packages is a violation of the Guardian’s values and represents a failure of corporate governance and accountability by the Trust.

The fact that one package of over £2m has been agreed after five years of large-scale company losses and falling real terms staff pay and numbers demonstrates that City-scale boardroom pay at GMG remains out of control and that genuine independent oversight is not taking place.

The chapel, which represents the overwhelming majority of Guardian and Observer editorial staff, believes the decisions of the board and trust on boardroom pay do not reflect the views of the staff, readership or the ethics of the Guardian that the Trust is obliged to uphold.

The chapel has no confidence in the existing system of executive remuneration, and calls on the company to publish details of all existing long-term incentive and boardroom bonus schemes, as well as the total executive bonus pool paid out annually.

The chapel believes that reform of governance at the Guardian is now essential, and calls on the Trust to respond to chapel representations for reform made over the past five years. The chapel reiterates its opposition to executive performance bonuses and calls on the trust to accept elected staff representation on the remuneration committee and to expand elected staff representation on the Trust itself.

The chapel instructs the officers to prepare a pay claim for this October’s settlement that takes account of GMG boardroom excess, narrows the widening gap between the lowest and highest paid in the company and aims to recoup the real terms cuts in pay and freelance rates sustained by NUJ members over the past five years.

Where was that tribune of the workers and Guardian columnist when the union was meeting?

Owen Jones was having a cappucino breakfast tea in Bar Italia, Soho…



  1. 1
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Up the Workers!


    • 8
      Mycroft says:

      The Scribbling Classes are Revolting.

      True… true.

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    • 13
      The two Muppets says:

      Socialism in action .

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      • 19
        Guardianista socialist "worker" says:

        I can live with this as long as we don’t have to start paying tax


      • 143
        Sir Sidney Trumpton zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

        my heart bleeds for these poor journos .. the cost of following their leftie masters is just too much .. blub blub

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    • 24
      táxpáyér says:


    • 45
      Election Winning Sentiment says:

      Right up the workers.


    • 55
      A Good day to Snoop on British Citizens says:

      So Cameron buried his snoopers charter under the re-shuffle and it is Cameron who writes the timetable.


      • 65
        Someone noticed says:


        • 74
          Joss Ayinglike says:

          Sad also that you are the same size as a small steamroller.


          • James Watt says:

            She’s right, though (for once).


          • She is right, and I’m gobsmacked that I would ever concede that.

            Meantime Guido Fawkes won’t even touch this topic.

            George Orwell would despair.

            As would the former Sun editor in/on whose style Guido has pretended to model this blog.

            Guido is basically terrified at the ramifications of this bill, but won’t speak out against it.


        • 136
          Anonymous says:


          It’s not about terorism or intrusion of privacy.

          It’s about knowing what each other is saying about each other.

          Like behind the bikesheds at school.

          Vanity not security I reckon.

          Wikipedia leaks only confirm what we all already suspect everyone is saying about everyone so it’s annoying but not surprising.


        • 137
          MI6 says:

          We can see you from outer space without even trying, Fatbott.


    • 70

      Pay me in cash like and I won’t have to charge VAT, know what I mean?

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      • 120

        Yeah but society s going cashless Owen .
        Buses are cashless , tubes within the year.
        Even the bar Italia will be accepting only bank transfers for coffee henceforth . Tradesmen –including builders — will be forced to wear audio surveillance helmets at all times so when clients suggest ” a seventeen percent discount for cash” they will be carted off to Room 101 and waterboarded until they repent . Market stallholders will be spied on via mini drones taping their every transaction which will mandate all payments to be made by an Irrevocabke Letter of Credit confirmed by a London clearing bank for the purchase of e g a cheapo oacket if tampons.

        The only thing “cash” will be the Piccadilly meat rack … and that s being worked on as we speak.


    • 77
      The Growler says:

      The little tinker is in the same position as you Geedes, the little tinker hasn’t been with them very long and you with the Master a couple of years, he does not want to rock the boat and upset his boss, if he had been with them for 6 years maybe he would rabble rouse. Rustibrige knows only too well that there are plenty more where young Jonesy came from.


    • 79
      Juncker Jeered over Junk Euro says:


    • 107
      cured lefty says:

      Yeah alan get it fucking right up them!


      • 135
        Anonymous says:

        Shut up moaning and keep paying your mortgage.

        Better a sinner shot say I.

        Keep hoping for trickle down and maybe you’ll make the 25 years.


      • 149
        Alan Rusbridger says:

        Look, those pianos don’t pay for themselves you know!


    • 134
      Anonymous says:

      As a member of the Guardians proff reading team I would like to isue a aploguie as to my fellow workers reaction to the offending item.

      George Pencil.


    • 148
      Anon says:

      Up Owen Jones !


    • 153
      Sandalista says:

      Why is Owen Jones not using the Guardian Coffee shop?


  2. 2
    ChRiS BRyAnt's gaPing ANus says:

    Big Dave has really hit the spot by sacking Gove

    Now the socialist vermin wots infests our state skools can get back to being shit, with no pressure from Whiteaaall at all


    • 91
      Juncker Rejects the Scotch says:


      • 117
        The EU is totally corrupt, wicked and evil says:

        What’s “European” got to do with it ?
        That should have read “EU dream”.


    • 141
      Anonymous says:

      Well. Let’s be fair. teaching Latin and Greek to 5 year olds was never going to be a hit was it?

      Kings Queens ( thank you Elton) is not necessarily the Historyof the World is it?

      What is is human endeavour and capablity.

      For instance you live in a world of central heating showers and flat screen tellies.

      How do you think that came about?

      Because Henry the Eighth had a great idea?

      Yes Kings Queens and Popes have their place in history but so does the development of humankind and it’s total exploits in production. Keeping it simple :
      The house you live in and the water you drink etc.

      These are great achievements and need to be learnt and related to the current days.

      Education should instill the attainment of further knowledge as eras change and cause and effect shape the world.

      Not much point in pondering why Henry the Eighth popped off a few wives to deeply.

      So he could get his leg over another one?

      One for the kids that.


      • 150
        Tel E Caster says:



      • 156
        noix says:

        I agree that the enlightenment should be taught which did depend on the reformation as an underlying cause, since this led to the scientific rationality which allowed our modern advanced civilization to arrive, as the medieval religion was not able to suppress it. The economic success which arrived from that is what attracts the people who are still adherents to such medieval superstitions and customs.


  3. 3
    Ghost of Leon says:

    I’m free !


  4. 4
    Well, well, well says:

    Forty-nine MPs have voted against rushing the government’s emergency surveillance legislation through all its Commons stages in just a single day.
    Just 49!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. 5
    Owen Jones says:

    I’ll have a flat white, but index linked to average executive earnings please.


  6. 6
    Ockham's Razor says:

    If Scotland vote YES in September then they will need passports to come to England as Juncker says no new EU admissions for five years.


    • 9
      David Cameron says:

      Ahem. Apart from my project – Turkey.



    • 38
      You must be joking says:

      Will they hell, they will end up with the same rights Ireland had before it went into the EU, besides if they vote YES and I hope they do, England like Scotland will be out on it’s ar5e , that’s why they are trying to bribe and pour suger all over the Scots voters, The EU needs Scotland even if it’s just for it’s oil taxes and it needs it’s money expertise until Germany takes over.


    • 39
      No or little TV says:

      Only one or two TV channels, assuming rest of UK scrabbles the signal as we can’t collect fees.

      The sweaties will never like that.


      • 42
        You must be joking says:

        Half of Europe watch British tv especially the coastal area’s, that’s how the learn English.


    • 97
      The Growler says:

      And the what is left of the UK will have to have passports when they go to Scotchland, it works both ways, there are too many senior Tories in England for anything to alter.


  7. 7
    ChRiS BRyAnt's gaPing ANus says:

    The actual reason Baroness Butler Slushfund had to go was that she looks like Sir James of Saville


  8. 11
    Owen Jones says:

    The penis mightier than the sword.

    Ohh err


  9. 15
    jimmy the fish says:

    It’s a joke newspaper now, reduced to click bait for most articles. Almost every day there will be an article by the odious Jessica Valenti or the moronic Hadley Freeman claiming that the patriarchy is keeping women down by enabling r4pe culture through the while male concept of innocent until proven guilty etc. They even sent Hadley Freeman to cover the world cup because they are pussy whipped by the feminists.

    Now the telegraph obviously has dropped standards too – Dan Hodges and the pathetic Cathy Newman both write there but at least they are obviously cordoned off in their little blog section to howl at the moon. At the Guardian their morons are front page.

    Not to mention they tax avoidance hypocrisy.

    Probably most here despise the bourgeois hand-wringing of the Guardian but not many years ago men like Jonathan Freedland and Jenkins (Simon) were the highest profile writers – lefties yes but still intelligent and knowledgable. Valenti and Freeman are morons by comparison but we must concede it works, every time they pen some absurd article they get thousands of people logging in to tear them to shreds, then 90% of negative comments are removed.

    A veritable 101 in how to kill of a famous old newspaper brand.


  10. 16
    Mark Twain says:

    Never pick a fight with people who buy lubricant by the barrel.


  11. 17
    Gooey Blob says:

    This is the left’s problem, they are obsessed with equality of outcomes and miss the bigger picture time and time again.


  12. 18
    Lefty Slime says:

    The Guardian can destroy itself. They are lefty slime. No I apologise for that factual error, they are in fact lefty hypocritical slime who feast on the poor.


    • 27
      Blooming Godfrey says:

      But the poor don’t read The Guardian, they are left to wallow in the redtops.
      The Guardian has NEVER been about the common working man, it’s always been about the holier-then-thou pseudo-socialists.


      • 28
        Executive Summary says:

        Champagne Socialists


      • 132
        Anonymous says:

        And the Guardian writers and readers never, ever live amongst the people they claim to care about. Oh no. Like the architects of post-war high-rise housing (Guardian readers to a man) they dwell in the naice Georgian terraces and semis the poor cannot afford. They send their kids to state primaries to proclaim their lefty credentials, but it’s private tutoring from year 2 and private or selective come secondary. And they never ever mix with the plebs from the tower blocks or invite them to their sprogs’ birthday parties. They only deal with other Guardian-reading, well-off parents. Believe me, I know of what I speak.


  13. 23
    shitbag says:

    so, in conclusion, there have been over a hundred changes within the coalition and only 2 – TWO – women new to cabinet with one or two more able to ‘pop – in’. leader of HoL not even able to attend cabinet unlike her male predecessor – who could on a higher salary. NOT VERy INSPIRING OF CAMERON, hey, what??????????? Alternatively, what a load of shit and total waste of taxpayers money


    • 58
      Barroso, Rumpboy etc. says:

      No. Very useful, we were able to re-affirm our requirement for open borders, no negotiation and no one noticed.


  14. 25
    M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

    Perhaps Owen ain’t an employee but a personal services contractor.


  15. 26
    Rickytshirt says:

    GMG is a microcosm of a socialist state.

    Not economically viable; A ‘push’ economy, trying to flog what people don’t actually want rather than responding to the pull consumer demand.

    An increasingly distant elite feathering it’s own nest.

    Weighed down by debt.

    Reliant on the use of force – i.e. The BBC channelling license money coerced from the public into the Guardian through advertising and subscriptions. Not to mention shamelessly parroting its editorial lines.


  16. 30
    jimmy the fish says:

    Funny how it is white men who have brought almost all the benefits of modern civilisation, technology, medicine, art yet our very presence is enough to generate anger and resentment from the feminazi pigs. Women obsessing over the genitals of who has what job just suggests they really do lack the analytical faculties of many men.

    If this is diverse/representative, I wonder what a cabinet of people privileged by class, sex and race looked like pic.twitter.com/CEsf2JLThf— Karen Ingala Smith (@K_IngalaSmith) July 15, 2014


  17. 31
    jimmy the fish says:

    Funny how it is white men who have brought almost all the benefits of modern civilisation, technology, medicine, art yet our very presence is enough to generate anger and resentment from the feminazi pigs. Women obsessing over the genitals of who has what job just suggests they really do lack the analytical faculties of many men.


  18. 32
    jimmy the fish says:

    If this is diverse/representative, I wonder what a cabinet of people privileged by class, sex and race looked like pic.twitter.com/CEsf2JLThf— Karen Ingala Smith (@K_IngalaSmith) July 15, 2014


  19. 33

    I remember good old Enoch explaining how this was our future – the whinging spokesmen of various groups of whiners each demanding special treatment and eventually fracturing society. Feminists do it, as do many of those who have enriched us. What a pity – so long parliamentary democracy and the freedom it guarantees.


    • 73
      Sir Lanny Henry says:

      Jimmy, If you don’t like it here, why don’t you fuck off back to your own country.


  20. 34
    Ken Lorp says:

    You mean they pay performance bonuses for losing more money? I’m shocked – who do they think they are? Public sector workers?


  21. 36
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m in the NUJ Freeloaders branch.


  22. 43
    Anonymous says:

    What a hopeless hypocritical twat Owen Jones is.


  23. 44

    Owen Jones does not give a shit, he just says whatever is popular


  24. 46
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Or Blair D notices.


  25. 47
    WHAT THE FUCK !!!!! says:


  26. 48
    Biography Boffin says:

    There’s a Richard Alston, also 66, who was at Eton and Ballet Rambert. Is it he?


  27. 49
    Anonymous says:

    What about the kids Mickey Foot used to keep in a cellar in belgium? Nobody covers that.


  28. 52
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    The Chapel, sounds a bit sinister, reminiscent of a Hammer horror film… The Guardian Rides Out.


    • 68
      Rupert says:

      Yes, hilarious isn’t it. I suppose the word comes from the old Gutenberg days when printing was an advanced and new techonology and its exponents wished to emphasise their brotherhood, superiority and exclusivity.
      Now I suppose an Android App Writer’s Bortherhood should be formed and this old stuff consigned to its deserved dustbin.


  29. 56
  30. 57
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Where does this leave Owen’s solidarity?


  31. 66

    GMG’s accounts for 2014 show a net profit after tax of £18.2 million. Facts are sacred, Guardianistas!


  32. 67
    Someone noticed says:


  33. 76

    It’s interesting to note that GMG blew half-a-million quid on tax advice in the last financial year (accounts page 17). That’s as much as they pay Rusbridger!


  34. 78
    Election? Did I miss an election? says:


    • 99
      You must be joking says:

      Strange did we vote for juncker when we voted for our MEP , don’t remember his name being on the voting list, democracy EU style, the civil servants do the voting not the taxpayers or the 20 odd countries who pay into the scam.


      • 145
        A good use of spare cash says:

        Can next Monday’s 55 million be diverted to Hamas to provide us with say 6-7 suicide bombers to blow that hideous building and all who work therein in Brussels to smithereens?

        That would really put their names in the eternal history books.


  35. 83
    Juncker Says NO says:


  36. 86
    R. Youshore says:

    Deceased persons cannot sue. *innocent face*.


  37. 88

    Don’t forget Max Headroom. He was a pretty weird guy in the Eighties.


  38. 89
    BBC Mong says:

    Damn right; we did not hold a strike during the world cup in Rio. Who the f*ck wants to go to Glasgow?


  39. 96
    Gooey Blob says:

    I wonder where Ed Miliband will be moved to in Len McCluskey’s next shadow cabinet reshuffle.


  40. 99
    Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

    “Boss’ pays” not “Bosses’ pay”
    Similar mistake three times FFS. Good thing Owen is too thick to notice.


  41. 101
    The Growler says:

    You can go on strike for 2 weeks or however long the games last, don’t pay my Telly Tax just watch sport, let Sky have it they have the money.


  42. 109
    Owen Jones says:

    I’m oh so selective in who I criticise. Some are more equal in my eyes.


    • 119
      Polly Dominatrix Toynbee says:

      I’m with you Owen, I wholeheartedly support the NUJ action at the Graun…now Owen, get you’re firm young body over here to Tuscany, it’s time you had the learning.


    • 146
      I know where you live says:

      No, Owen. It is ‘in whom’.

      You really are a completely illiterate fukdim* aren’t you?

      SC says we must stop crediting fuckwits with any wits – hence fukdim


  43. 110
    jumbo says:

    Ah! Bless the little pricks


  44. 112
    Kulak murdered by Marxist filth. says:

    Talking about Scotland.
    Which Banks are going to suffer a run on them, when the Immigrant Communities discover that their money will suddenly be in a Non-British Bank. Once all or most of the Asian and Eastern European shop keepers move their Bank Accounts to (little)Britain, hownis Alex going to collect Tax ?
    Eg. Yorkshire Bank ? British ? Yes/No
    RBS ? ??


  45. 113
    cured lefty says:

    Owen Jones the Guardian’s version of Johann Fanni.


  46. 114
    Will says:

    I can understand the frustration of guardian workers preaching pay restraint for private industry bosses and earning more than workers. Maybe the guardian should have a ratio of bosses salary to workers of 20 to 1 like John Lewis does. After all why the guardian keeps telling us does the boss need to be paid so much or have its company based inthe bvi to avoid tax.
    Also thier is no reason why the guardian cannot relocate back to manchester given the Internet and ability to work from home.


  47. 126

    Charged, but not yet tried – let alone convicted.

    Voyeurs like you are just as sick as the people who perpetrate the stuff.


  48. 129
    Anonymous says:

    The people that started the Manchester Guardian will be turning in their graves. What a sad shambles it has become.


  49. 138
    Poly says:

    I’m equal no matter which of my two houses and one Tuscan castle I’m staying in.


  50. 140
    Owen Jones Finder General says:

    Crikey, when he said he lived south if Manchester I didn’t realise he meant as far south as Soho.


  51. 152
    Anonymous says:

    “The chapel believes that”
    it’s very strange that Netanyahu never ever mentions his killer hand, comprising an indisputable god-given right to occupied lands. Is that because he doesn’t want to be accused of bragging? Or because the rest of the world’s twenty-first century nations, would simply laugh him and his out of the game?


  52. 154
    Careers Advisor says:

    So everyone else in the UK has had to suffer from stagnating/falling wages because of a glut of cheap Labour, but Journos at the Guardian and the BBC seem to think that they are immune. Don’t like your Wages? Then find another fking job!


  53. 155
    Oh, really? says:

    But as an NUJ member shouldn’t he have shown his solidarity? Clearly he doesn’t think so.


  54. 157
    Eye up lad says:

    He may drink tea for breakfast – but he’s still a nauseating little prick. Is he still at school?


  55. 158
    Anonymous says:

    These pay rises are inversely proportional to the quality of the guardian, which has been going downhill for some years now. I stopped buying the paper a year ago as it wilfully turned a blind eye towards the devastation being wreaked upon poor, vulnerable, disabled and generally defenceless ordinary people by this most vicious of UK govts. The paper simply cannot admit to being catastrophically wrong in sharing a bed and cocoa with clegg and co.

    I hung around on CiF for a while but got fed up with the incessant comedic content-free articles from nutjob rightwingers and the continual appearance of articles sneering and pointing fingers at anyone deemed unworthy of attending a candlelight supper around an Islington table. The Guardian seems to have a particular bee in its bonnet about tattoos for example.

    If rusbridger doesn’t go, the paper won’t be around for that much longer…


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