July 14th, 2014

Yet Another Pol Ed at the Telegraph
Peter Dominiczak Gets a Crack at the Whip

More changes at the Telegraph:

  • James Kirkup goes upstairs as Executive Editor (Politics)
  • Peter “Domintrix” Dominiczak becomes Pol Ed.
  • Deputy Pol Ed is still being advertised.

The Telegraph lobby team in Westminster remains relatively sheltered from the bloodbath up the road…


  1. 1
    Duncan Shite says:

    Duncan Shite for the top.


  2. 2
    fünf live says:

    go ahead caller, Fritz from Dortmund.

    “Ya, i would also like to echo what Hans said…Our world cup success was almost ruined by having to watch extra time. Nighttime is for sleeping , to be prepared for the working day. Not for the football watching.

    I hope this serious concern will be addressed by the Euro competition so our national team improves significantly on its efficiency and can win in normal time.

    Thank you.”


  3. 3
    Double-Triple Points says:

    Are surnames allowed in scrabble??


  4. 4
    Bill Quango MP says:

    the guardianisation of newspapers continues.
    though god knows why.

    you’d think in this day and age someone was demonstrating a betamax model of business you’d steer well clear.


  5. 5
    Psychotic, predatory, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC socialist light entertainment star says:

    I first took the Telegraph in 1987, when i wanted to gain an understanding of Colonel Gaddafi’s incursion into Chad.

    Then it simply became the only newspaper i purchased/read,,,and my father also became a devotee, having previously only perused red tops.

    That was until the barclay bruvs purchased said organ,,,now i wouldn’t wipe my dog’s diseased arseole wiv it


  6. 7
    100wpm says:

    Hope they leave Michael Deacon alone.
    His sketches are one of the few things
    left worth reading.


  7. 8
    Busby Barclay says:

    At least The Telegraph isn’t edited by a friggin TRAITOR like the Guardian is!


  8. 9

    “Domintrix”? Guido’s staff need some firm proof-reading discipline.


    • 25
      Polly "dominatrix" Toynbee says:

      Yes lardy curs, I’ll be cracking the whip over at the graun, and anywhere else that’ll have me.


  9. 10
    Axe The telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Until the Teletubby Labourgraph ditches the likes of Hodges and Riddle then its circulation will continue to collapse.


    • 17
      Anon says:

      It’s definitely pro EU and pro AGW which puts it in the propaganda class of Pravda in the old communist era days.


      • 46
        Neil Down says:

        At least Pravda probably wrote their own propaganda rather than formatted press releases from CCHQ.


    • 18
      Bill Quango MP says:

      I like Hodges. He does an awful lot of things in addition to his writings.

      And anyway, it takes a great deal of self determination for someone brought up in a Marxist household to have even a slender grip on reality.

      I mean, look at the Milibands. He could have eneded up like that.


    • 59
      Anonymous says:

      …and Lean!


  10. 11

    The Butler-Sloss enquiry fiasco gives me an excellent opportunity to shoot wide of an empty goal from five yards, again.


  11. 14
    Owen Jones QC says:

    BREAKING: Baroness Butler-Sloss named second most important act in black and urban music.


  12. 15
    Peter Dominiczak says:


    Cameron out.


  13. 19
    Omnishambles Dave says:


  14. 20
    "Dishface" David Cameron says:

    First comment


  15. 22
    Owen Jones QC says:

    Cliff Richard and Peter Mandelson to head the p*edo inquiry? Just thinking out loud.


    • 29
      Lynton Charles says:

      Hear ! Hear !


    • 30
      Mums & Dads says:

      Which one will be the wife?


      • 32
        Rolf H. says:

        In 1983 at Bow St Magistrates Court a certain Charles Lynton was fined £50 for attempted soliciting in city toilets, the police notes were to disappear later along with several prior verbal warnings, Charles Lynton was at university well known as ‘Miranda’ a promiscuous cross dresser who played a guitar badly. Charles Lynton is Tony Blair’s middle names, and it was lord levy who funded and greased Tony Blair through the hoop into the prime minister’s office for one reason, the Iraq war.


    • 34

      Nah. Call me Dave’s already put a call to Norman Scott. Jeremy is going to be invited to make a starring comeback introduced by the late “Rinka” the Great Dane. Now that should divert attention from the handful of Coke and Meth blasted Old Farts who preferred lard to butter.


  16. 24
    Anonymous says:

    It’s pretty neat the not being able to slander-the-dead thingy!

    I wonder when the PTB will close it down one way or another?


  17. 26
    Ruth Smeeth says:

    Fuck Hamass.


  18. 27
    Understatement of the Year says:


  19. 33
    Anonymous says:


  20. 38
    I would! says:


  21. 39
    (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

    That’s enough Eds, Ed!


  22. 40
    Seasoned Watcher says:

    “Danczuk”? Sounds like a foreigner. One of Putin’s plants no doubt. What’s he doing commenting on British matters?


  23. 42
    Will I do? says:


  24. 44
    James Kirkup says:

    Don’t worry Dave, I will ensure that the establishment is defended at all costs. There will be no expenses scandals on my watch. Wink wink.

    Now Hodges, get cracking on another pieces bashing UKIP.


  25. 48
    Jean Claude Juncker says:

    Why are you not all working? This is why we need intelligence agencies monitoring you at all times to ensure you are working hard and not being subversive to the glorious reich. I mean the nice, friendly EU.


    • 50
      Confucious the Voter says:

      It is now mandatory for EU sashes to be worn at all times and gentlemen must dress to the left.


  26. 51
    Meanwhile says:

    Mrs Cathy Ashtray will find lots of time on her hands shortly so maybe she might volunteer to chair the enquiry. Keeps her nose in the gravy boat anyway!


  27. 52
    Dirtbox Dave - queen of the homos says:

    I shall now choose a new chair of the enquiry – someone from within the British Establishment who is not a corrupt sexual deviant.

    I may be some time.


  28. 53
    Gladiatrix says:

    Erm, to be a ‘dominatrix’ one has to be female. I think that should be ‘dominator’.


  29. 54
    one of our subs is missing says:

    No one gives a toss about the Telegraph any more – it is sinking, unmistakably so, and soon there won’t be anyone left to throw over the side. The brothers, or their heirs, dupes and proxies will sell on 111 BPR and look for something to kick the life out of.


  30. 55

    Who gives a shit really? Dying medium


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