July 14th, 2014

Follow the JP Morgan Money

Ed Miliband has all but outsourced the writing of next year’s manifesto to ‘charity’ think-tank IPPR, the Labour wonkshop recently referred to the Charity Commission for breaching impartiality rules.  They don’t really like to shout about who funds their work, yet they’re nicely set up for the next few years with £780,000 this year and a further £1.6 million expected over the next two years from JP Morgan – the investment bankers Ed likes to demonise. As Guido noted earlier this month, IPPR is stuffed to the rafters with former officials from the last Labour government, not least Jack Straw’s son Will, Labour’s candidate in Rossendale and Darwen, who is their Associate Director. Guido will have more on this tomorrow.

IPPR used to be nicknamed Tony Blair’s favourite think tank. Completely coincidental to the £2.5 million bung, Blair is an official adviser to the board of JP Morgan…


  1. 1
    Tone says:

    What is important is …


    • 6
      Tony Blair, Millionaire says:

      Excuse me for sharing oxygen……but as a straight kinda guy…..Goldman Sachs is my milch cow.

      Hands Off Mili Tant…


    • 14
      Where there's a conflict, there's money to be made says:


      • 48
        Hope, hope, hope says:

        What a day of celebration for so very many when the Good Lord greets this man and sends him to Hell.

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        • 49
          just asking says:

          How the hell has this bastard escaped justice?

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          • Actually, I somehow find it hard to comprehend, how a fella from a college up the road from ours and sort of round the corner, and which had nice gardens even, could turn out so awfully bad and fundamentally evil.


        • 52

          Lucifer will refuse him, like he did to Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

          Blair will be given a chair, a sack of coals, a brazier and an igniter: and he’ll be told to fcku-off to the Outer Void, where he can’t do any harm in Hell.


  2. 2
    Peter Grimes says:

    It’s about time the Charities Commission took an impartial look at the biased political output of the IPPR.


    • 36
      The Statute of Elizabeth says:

      Its about time the Charities Commission was abolished. They are either bent or incompetent.

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    • 43
      the Growler says:

      Ahhh, J.P.Morgan that wasn’t the bank connected to the White Star Line the owners of the Titanic go, Fawkes, go


      • 57
        From the weekend editions says:

        Annie Questions says:
        July 14, 2014 at 5:30 am

        Yesterday I watched a prog on the telly about JP Morgan which described in minute detail what an utter utter devious unprincipled cvnt he (and his father) was.

        Clearly the tradition continues at the bank named after him.


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:


  4. 4
    LOL! says:


    • 56

      …and Ashton as High Representative to Labuan ( wherever that is ) .


      • 58
        Brun Ian says:

        Labuan is one of those tax avoidance hideaways in Eastern Malaysia located just off the coast of Brunei. It is designated as one of the Malaysian Federal Territories.

        Hope that helps, but Googal is your friend if you fancy a weekend away!


        • 66

          yeah thanks . i knew where it was i did not think anybody else did . anyway tax hideaway no more after next year when the new world order gets every nation to sign up to auto tax info exchange — except delaware , momtana and Arizona of course……


  5. 5
    David Axlegrease says:

    The Labour manifesto will be written by the Brothers Grimm – Ed & Ed.


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:



  7. 8
    Elm House Black Book says:

    Hello Kitty

    and other National Treasures


  8. 11
    Where there's a conflict, there's money to be made says:


  9. 13
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Chop their coulis off.


  10. 15
    Golden Urinals says:


    • 23
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      Gold ? SELL !!!!!!


      • 32
        Ed Twelvety Balls says:

        I fully intend to sell anything of value when I become chancellor!


        • 42
          Shyster says:

          Ed, give me all that cheap looking gold and silver and I will give you 5 (that’s more fingers & toes than you have) magic beans that will grow into money trees.


    • 59
      Kick 'em out says:

      The original JP Morgan (one of the “Men who built America”) was one of the most ruthless (and richest!) crooks that ever lived. His legacy of fraud, swindling and double dealing lives on at his bank. It is an American bank so should be deported back whence it came – where the highly capable US authorities can investigate its activities properly and jail the main perps.


  11. 17

    Join the dots and find who has the power!


  12. 19
    Baroness Bungler-Sloss says:

    I couldn’t be more delighted to lead an inquiry into the dodgy charidee the IPPR…no, wait I’m orf. Bugger that for a game of soldiers.


  13. 21
    spell checker says:

    Sir Rode on boys?


  14. 22
    The Care Blairs says:

    Sometimes our behaviour makes us sick with disgust.

    Then we think about our immense wealth and everything is all right again.


  15. 24
    Mrs Jack Dromey says:

    After the historic General Synod vote to allow women bishops, I’m minded to apply.


  16. 25
    Grumpy old man says:

    Blair’s doing what he does best – spending Other People’s Money. In this case it’s the money of the shareholders and pension funds who have invested in J.P. Morgan. Another victimless crime by the alleged war-criminal.


  17. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Award-winning author claims MP in Tony Blair’s government was part of paedophile ring which infiltrated council-run children’s home
    Alex Wheatle says he and others were abused at council children’s home
    A high-flying MP in the 1980s is linked to Shirley Oaks in Surrey
    ‘I’m convinced there was a paedophile ring operating and that the authorities knew about it at the time but did nothing’, he said


  18. 29
    The Nasty Weirdo Labour Party. says:

    Labour are hypocritical slimey scum. Who votes for these leeching, intellectually crippled fuck ups that make up the Labour Party? Thickos and weirdos!


  19. 30

    Is this the same IPPR that forecast zero economic growth and rising unemployment in 2013?


  20. 33
    The EU says:

    Have I been reformed yet?


  21. 37
    Old Estonian says:

    Shame there wasn’t Dropbox in the 80s.


  22. 38
    Bishop Bashar says:

    Cameron and May thought they could keep a lid on the Tory pa-edo scandal by hiring Schloss – popular opinion thought otherwise. We’ve got the Hunts on the run now.


  23. 40
    Ali G says:

    You said you were caned at school.

    I went for the cheap pun, when I should have pursued the line of S&M & how it influenced you in future life.



    • 47
      the Growler says:

      Good grief man, in my day there was hardly youth who wasn’t given the cain, nowadays teachers cannot thrown a well aime piece of chauk or blackboard rubber.


      • 60
        Fred the pensioner says:

        In my school the cane was the exception rather than the rule and reserved only for very serious offences. Lesser crimes were punished by 3-6 of the best from somebody’s PT plimsolls. Many teachers used to keep a spare one in the cupboard – but as we progressed through the school many of these rubberised weapons were made to ‘disappear’ on a fairly regular basis (as they were discovered!).

        Oh, fun days – but we did get ourselves a decent ejacashun and a decent bunch of ‘O’ levels.


        • 64
          The Growler says:

          We had had one PT teacher who insisted on no underpants should be worn (for health reasons, sweaty undies and all that) anyone breaking his rule was given the slipper, them were the days.


  24. 44

    Do me a favour, stinks of dodgy money in beige envelopes. You do me a favour and I’ll see you later,innit?


  25. 50
  26. 51

    “And let me be perfectly clear on this”…this is “not about” LabourNazi £-thieving scumbag tightwads appropriating money seized from poor people in taxation…

    No: let me finish, will you! Let me be perfectly clear…that…it is “all about” empowering hard-working-children, oh , er, umm, and their families….who’re not quite sure who’s nicked their kids this time, and that is why I to be perfectly clear support an inquiry that will investigate the Tories and the Church and Faith Schools and Public Schools and Parish Councils and Popes root and branch, leaving no turn unstoned”.


  27. 65
    Anonymous says:

    “Ed Miliband has all but outsourced the writing of next year’s manifesto”
    Well he doesn’t really get out that much, to talk to the common people. Like those recently interviewed on TV about their trust in the constabulary. Essentially it’s just another example of creeping institutionalised corruption, epitomised by the following: What happened to the London looters, and what became of the City Banksters?


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