July 11th, 2014

Galloway Doubles Salary on Pro-Assad and Iran TV Channels

George Galloway made £65,000 in the first four months of this year through media appearances on controversial TV channels accused of supporting Assad, Putin and Iran. Press Gazette report that Gorgeous George earned £21,450 for work on LBP TV, which is broadcast out of the offices of Iranian state television channel Press TV. He trousered another £18,000 from Al-Mayadeen TV, which reportedly “represents the latest expansion of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in the field of media”, and has defended the Syrian government’s attacks on its own people. He also made a cool £25,600 from his work on Russia Today, which is consistently pro-Putin and is funded by the Kremlin. With friends like these…

UPDATE: Here is Press Gazette’s handy table recording MPs’ earnings from the media in full:


  1. 1
    Come on Chelsea says:

    Chelsea for the Premier Title


  2. 2
    George Galloway says:

    My back pocket is bulging !


    • 17
      Forth Coming says:

      George Galloway has been upfront with these cash payments. Well done. Propaganda is for Guido the geek to listen to and comment on. Arab politics is beyond a little englander. Surprised Galloway has enough time to grasp it what with political duties to follow in the UK.


    • 37
      Nice weather we're 'avin says:

      George isn’t the only one legitimising Press TV. The BBC quoted it yesterday as an official source on what’s happening in Gaza.

      Press TV is an Iranian Government mouthpiece that was banned in the UK for complicity in the torture of Iranian Dissidents.

      The leftards still love them you know, they love anyone who hates America.


      • 49
        how much funding does the BBC get from EU? says:

        Strangely the BBC is also currently anti-Russia
        and backing the pro-EU Ukraine.


        • 69
          Nice weather we're 'avin says:

          Aunty is senile and has tits that go flip flop. Time to pension her off to a good home. (No one in the family is prepared to look after her).


        • 97
          Nothing Better To Do says:

          Yes the pro EU (but run by Washington) Ukraine Nazi government that is currently trying their best to ethnically cleanse eastern Ukraine. On another point Guido, Russia Today isn’t that pro Putin if you actually watch it. It’s more like the Beeb decades ago – honest. Perhaps getting out of the Westminster village and watching some videos taken by ethnic Russians might make you realise that what you hear from western media is grossly biased. Lets compare Assad with Obama for instance. Assad bombing raids on foreign countries 0- Obama 100s. Illegal invasions and coups Assad 0- Obama 6+. I’m backing Gorgeous George on this one.


      • 76
        BritishSecretService (lost docs dept) says:

        “Press TV is an Iranian Government mouthpiece that was banned in the UK for complicity in the torture of Iranian Dissidents.”

        Yeah, WE wouldn’t support torture – *innocent faces*


      • 109
        UkePunk says:

        Leftards? You mean anyone that doesn’t read the Mail or support a bunch of Tory Hunts?


    • 80
      The two Muppets says:

      Galloway is an obnoxious loud mouth ,and his fraternising with
      despot regimes should be investigated by the security services
      But to be fair ,he has been consistent with his support for these
      dictatorships .


      • 83
        Nice weather we're 'avin says:

        Well how else would he make a living? He is unemployable and probably unelectable now too.

        He has to support the dictatorships, George’s pension plan depends on it.


        • 104

          I largely have to agree with Galloway on this one.

          Nothing he is doing is to our knowledge
          illegal although admittedly siding with either of tthe two (??) sides in the syria carnage is morally extremely dubious.


  3. 3

    My Granny always told me to never trust a man who wears brown shoes.


  4. 4
    Jimmy says:

    Pro Russia and pro Baathist? Sounds like you’re competing for the same audience.


    • 24
      Anonymous says:


  5. 6
    Owen Jones says:

    Happy Iftar to all Muslims 😊


    • 65
      owen Jones says:

      and a special wink to all the gay muslim brothers out there hiding away their secret on pain of death


  6. 7
    The BBC pays WHY? says:

    Why are MPs paid for appearances on Question Time and other media programmes. Already receive a salary and expenses, Office expenses and patronage etc.

    BBC should never pay them. It’s use is for recognition purposes, to putting their views across. All to sever the purpose of getting reelected.


    • 95
      The Growler says:

      You have a pint there, they always want to be on the telly, just to show good and erudite they are in debate withe the other panelists, the trouble is it sometimes ends in a shouting match, and the audience can barely hear the arguements, a bit like the HoC


    • 105
      Winston says:

      The BBC pays politicians for appearances and politicians deny the NAO access to the BBC’s accounts and payroll. Jeremy Hunt being the lastest, last year.


    • 110
      Just Asking says:

      £150 for appearing on QT.
      In the case of Labour MP’s they are applauded for their stupid stances and mantras, but for the Conservatives they only get constant raspberries from a biased audience and champagne socialist chairman.
      Personally I cannot understand why ANY Conservative MP goes on the programme.


  7. 8
    Delroy says:

    Respect man.


    • 56
      Anonymous says:


      • 113
        spanows says:

        But the only people helping them are all Shia

        good opportunity for a great typo…

        btw, the Israelis help the people of Gaza more than most of their Arab ‘brother countries. funny how George never seems to mention it.


  8. 9
    Stump Up says:

    How much for the whole HOC to p*** off forever?


  9. 10

    Is it disgusting that anyone should be bunging money in the direction of Mark Reckless?

    This democratically elected Honourable Member was caught drunk whilst trying to vote in the Chamber on matters which concern over 65 million people.

    No sign of a resignation.

    Lets just keep quiet and keep taking the money.


  10. 11
    NERMAL says:

    Ed Milliband (L) Beano Bag of Jellytots.


  11. 13
    Wacists says:


  12. 14

    At £285 John Redwood must be the bargain of the century.


  13. 15

    Didn’t Alan Johnson resign because he wanted to spend more time with his wife ?

    He lets little get in the way of his Bank balance it would seem.


  14. 18
    BREAKING NEWS! says:


    • 21
      Putin says:

      Who cares?


    • 31
      Seb Coe says:

      The Olympics is such a corrupt affair. Which is why I will be perfect in the top job at the BBC.


      • 71
        seb coe says:

        Actually, the head of Formula 1 Bernie Ecclestone, is embroiled in bribery and corruption scandals, so if they need someone to step in and replace him that knows all about bribery and corruption…..

        P.s. did you spot me walking the grid at silverstone before the F1, pure coincidence i tell you


        • 118
          Voice of reason says:

          How can ecclestone be the HEAD of anything ? He is head and shoulders below any of the 7 dwarves !!!!!!!


  15. 19
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Is that THE G****** that well known international anti-Semite and cnut ?
    I think you should be told…..soon.


    • 77
      M says:

      I would be interested to hear if George thinks Scotland should be declared an Islamic state if it votes for independence .


  16. 20
    Anonymous says:


    • 28
      Put up or shut up George says:

      Volunteer to join one of the Arab nations armies George I’m sure your ‘pussy’ licking antics will come in real handy.


    • 29
      Alexei Sayle says:

      Allo George mate, got a new wife yet?


    • 32
      Idiots says:

      they hate Hamas.


    • 33
      George Galloway says:

      PS – Send more work.


      • 57
        Nice weather we're 'avin says:

        I think he would prefer just taking the money. Talking like a nutter and dressing like a Bathist gangster must be tiresome.

        Maybe George should return to his roots. I thought his primary role in life was fighting for the rights of the Glasgae workers.

        Pays less but you still have your integrity, right George?


        • 67
          George Galloway says:



          • George Galloway says:

            I bet you all don’t understand why someone like me has a deep love for the palestinian people do you

            simples, every time Isreal turns one of them into a red mist, one of these spivy state tv stations pays me a massive wedge to talk about it,


          • Are you still bonking that tasty blonde Palestinian you were going out with George? If not can I have her number? Boaz.


    • 34
      Ma­­qb­oul says:

      Yes, how about offering the Palestinians a bit of land with oil in it?


      • 64
        Nice weather we're 'avin says:

        They already have it, some are sleeping rough in a derelict filling station down the road from me!


    • 99
      Optician says:

      How can those named possibly comment? Especially since half of them are subsidising the entire shooting match surreptitiously. George needs a quick visit to Specsavers to get some new rose-tinted specs.


    • 106

      Sorry but what is this new “Twitter” everyone seems to be using ? Have they now allowed you to write way over the 140 cyphers ???


    • 119

      As much as I think you are a fevered EGO George,no one at all has challenged these prominent Muslim leaders like you have ,well done.are moderate Muslims afraid of confronting these people like you have ?


  17. 25
    BERCOW is Parliament's SHOneT says:

    Is the Press Gazette incapable of formatting the data to aid clarity?

    Monetary field should AWAYS be right justified.

    Sorting not necessary but might help

    Why no mention of the 500’ish who say they’ve received nothing?


  18. 27
    My mum says it's time to go back to school says:

    Just listening to Daily Politic and I just realised England is on to a winner both ways, up to now English politicians have had to walk bare feet on glass when they talk or have plans for Scotland just in case they throw their toys out and vote YES, if they vote NO then any hold Scotland had is back to zero and Scotland will become North of England and that’s how the EU will see them, any Independence will just be subsumed by the EU and the LibLabCons carry on running the country from afar, England wins, if they vote YES they lose the libLabCons and have true independence and will have their own authority to get back in the EU, the EU needs them and their expertise, England wins because is screws up the stitch up the LibLabCons have together.


  19. 30
    Tulchan Beatz says:

    Why are these foreign channels paying so much? Everyone else is getting a lot less.

    Clearly the answer is because foreign powers hope to spread propaganda via this Useful Idiot and want to fund him and his supporters. Sadly they don’t realise he’s a laughing stock.


    • 39
      Ma­­qb­oul says:

      Why is a British MP stoking up trouble in the Middle East (apart from making a buck)? Didn’t Blair do enough damage? About time Parliament reined this guy in.


      • 96
        Let him have it says:

        They really don’t need any help. Israel v The Arabs, and Syria v Another lot of Arabs is really just one soap opera with lots of dead bodies caused by posturing narcissists called “politicians”. They are the same the World over. It’s part of the job description i.e. Do you take bribes, lie and like to get lots of people killed?


    • 41
      Nice weather we're 'avin says:

      The ‘George Galloway Watch’ channel is always worth a look. George is certainly a man who likes contradicting himself….


  20. 36
    A Brazilian Rent Boy says:

    Bumsex anyone ?


  21. 38
    The BBC News says:

    Maternity wards forced to turn away expectant white mothers in labour because they were too full up with brown babies.


  22. 40
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    I will be replacing Philip Hammond as defence secretary, be afraid, be very afraid :-D


    • 43
      MOD says:

      FML our new aircraft carriers have loads of bedrooms.


      • 98

        It doesn’t need them because the Navy are so busy sacking sailors that by the time they are looking for a crew there won’t be enough bodies to man a rowing boat. You’ll have to sell the QE to France to re-name.


  23. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe he is asked to participate in more media work than others, due to the fact that he gives the other side of the story. There is always two sides to the bullshit the MSM punt out. Guido included.


  24. 47
    Anonymous says:


    • 58
      nell says:

      So it’s alright for the p a l e s t i n i a n s to indiscriminately chuck rockets at I s r a e l but not alright for I s r a e l to defend itself.

      Are they are paying georgegalloway for his support ?


      • 66
        Anonymous says:


        • 79
          Nice weather we're 'avin says:

          Nonsense, wars usually have a winner with mass casualties on the loosing side.

          George is just upset on behalf of his employers because Hamas are cocking it up again. There just aren’t enough dead j€ws and muslim pride is hurt again.

          Isn’t that correct eh LOOSERS?


          • aerial automatic says says:

            george is just annoyed that his muzzie mates are bringing a camel shit powered firework to a missile fight


      • 72
        Granny Grunt says:

        I’m fed up with hearing about the fucking Middle East.

        They were killing each other before I was born.
        They’ve killed each other during my lifetime.
        And they’ll continue killing each other long after I’m dead.


    • 74
      Piss off lefty says:

      Nice tank photo but If you look at any map it is clear to see who the besieged minority is in the middle east.


  25. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Why is it only Labour MPs who are getting paid by the BBC?


  26. 52
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



  27. 53
    nell says:

    the biased beeb has paid alanjohnson and dianeabbott about £11k of license payers money already this year – why?!!


  28. 54
    Anonymous says:

    Syria attacks its own people as the CIA lost the coup.
    The Ukraine attacks rebels as the CIA won the coup.

    Mr Fawkes you are heading for a F- based on your declining standards. Note that is an O-level grade F


  29. 55
    Dr Death says:

    What a wag that Gazza is, if its not fake tits and high jinks its throwing fireworks at Israel…


    • 82
      Nice weather we're 'avin says:

      Would there actually be less loss of life if Hamas fired the rockets at themselves?


  30. 81
    Pendragon57 says:

    How much has Abbott stuffed down her nightdress from her innumerable TV appearances?


  31. 85
    Mr Anonymous says:

    Would be interesting to see a table of the total payments from the ‘impartial’ BBC to Labour MPs vs. Conservative MPs.

    Based on the list visible above, there seems to be a strong Labour bias…


  32. 86
    BBC Spokesman says:

    MPs are Pro-BBC…….. It should be no-surprise really, with all the cash sitting MPs like Diane Abbott and Alan Johnson trouser from the organisation.


  33. 100
    NUT job says:

    Yet more proof – if any was needed – that most of the teachers we now employ are so bloody thick they would be unable to run a whelk stool even if full instructions with pictures was given to them.


    • 115
      Whelk Stall Owner says:

      I really wish people would not compare total incompetence with running a whelk stall (stool?). It takes real managerial ability to fine tune the supply chain and please customers with fresh product in hygienic conditions.
      Piss up in a brewery, or organizing a sandwich in a brothel are far better.


  34. 101
    Point of Orderorder says:

    Please do not confuse ‘earns’ with ‘gets paid from dim teachers’ subs’.


  35. 102
    Weygand says:

    Guido is only jealous that by comparison he gets peanuts for his weekly column for the Sun.


  36. 108
    D L George says:

    How does Dianne Abbott make more money from ‘This Week’ than Alan Johnson?

    Johnson’s on nearly every week, Abbott’s on maybe 6 times a year.

    Alan Johnson (L) BBC (various) £5,317.00
    Diane Abbott (L) BBC (This Week) £5,600.00


  37. 121
    Anonymous says:

    “Galloway Doubles Salary on Pro-Assad and Iran TV Channels”
    But the standard of his guests on Sputnik is declining apace. If he wants to keep an audience, he’ll either have to find some worthwhile speakers with a book to sell. Or start paying them an appearance fee out of his own pocket.


  38. 122
    Anonymous says:

    George can only be taken seriously by working for media with no integrity whatsoever, who is he fooling ?

    He hasn’t even got the balls to turn up in paliment because he gets laughed at, and told to sit down and shut up.

    He is truly a nobody with a huge ego.


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