July 10th, 2014

WATCH: How IDF Avoids Hamas Human Shields in Gaza

“This video clearly shows the steps taken by the IDF to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza being undermined by Hamas. 

IDF aircraft targets a building with a loud but non-lethal bomb that warns civilians that they are in the vicinity of a weapons cache or other target. This method is used to allow all residents to leave the area before the IDF targets the site with live ammunition.

However, in this video,the residents flee the home but then many others come and ascend to the roof and act as human shields. 

The IDF aircraft sees the band of civilians on the roof and therefore aborts the strike.”

Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired 96 rockets indiscriminately at Israel today, and 442 in the past 3 days…


  1. 1
    Rel Len says:

    A mother-of-three has spent £1,000 on her daughter’s primary school prom – splashing out on fake tan, fake nails and lashes and a giant princess dress for her 11-year-old child. Aimee Woolley, 36, from Tipton, West Midlands, took on an extra job as a cleaner to give her only daughter, Beth, the day of her dreams. The huge prom extravaganza included a £200 dress, three limousines and two visits from a beautician and stylist.

    Speaking in Trafalgar Square she said that under this government she couldn’t afford champagne for her daughter.


    • 5
      Red Len says:



      • 74
        ZZZ says:

        Never mind the distractions, Shlomo, the SLIMY ZIOLOONS KILL FAR MORE PALESTININS than a the other way around.
        Any MP still so ignorant as to support Izzrael is either incompetent or corrupt.
        You have to be, to support a bunch of war Criminal despot supremacist Nutters like the “Chosen Ones”.


        • 88
          Anonymous says:

          It’s a terribly sad situation. However, if the Israelis didn’t operate an apartheid system and steal the Palestinians land the 3 israeli teenagers would probably be alive today.

          My heart goes out to the victims on both sides, poor souls.

          Shame on the people commenting seemingly aimlessly on this.

          I suspect they are paid to do so.

          I remember Cameron being said to have sworn at subordinates in a previous job but when I search engined it nothing came up.
          Then it transpired he was paying a firm to hide this.

          Getting posters to post nonsense under topics which are percieved to generate potentially negative content is absolutely shameful.


          • Kerwall Matthews says:

            What’s this mythical country of ‘Palestine’ that was stolen? Before Yasser Arafat came along there were no ‘Palestinians’.

            Carry on drinking your latte while you thumb the Guardian you plebeian.


        • 96
          henrywood says:

          Clown! If the Israelis stood out in the open and did not use the air raid shelters supplied by their government at great cost you would also see MANY Israeli casualties. (WEhy don’t Hamas build shelters?)

          The BIG DIFFERENCE IS – The Israelis value life while the ROP worship death!
          That video just demonstrated the absolute truth of what I have written.

          Liked by 1 person

    • 9
      Owen Jones in need says:

      Why do the daughters get all the outpouring of the beauty industry.


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        Owen, you only need bum gloss.


        • 43

          I can t affird a Ferrari Testarossa under this Givt .

          It s an absolute disgrace!!

          ( my other car s a Rolls Royce Silver Sprite which is ageing and which I simikarly cannot afford to replace under this Giovt. )

          Hopefully when Mr Balls acceeds to the Exchequer r next May all this will be remedied.


      • 48
        Peter Bottomley says:

        Owen, you’re pretty enough to start with.


    • 12
      The Tower Hamlets Heights says:

      How long before Her Majesty’s armed forces have to undertake such operations in parts of Britain?


    • 23
      Sharron says:

      Me fella will stop fancying me unless I get a boob job. Six grand, that’s all to get a pair of DD to keep me fella happy.


      • 44

        Ahhh …. but if you wanted (say) a gender reassignment operation this will usually be free under the NHS subject to clearance by your friendly neighbourhood psychologist .

        Would your husband make do with banging a new man instead of a new woman d you think ?


    • 29
      Financeial Cull says:

      I can see people doing what the Moslems do and killing Girl Childs before they are born.

      They cost a fortune to raise up these days


    • 46
      Election Winning Sentiment says:

      Her money, she earned it, good luck to her.


    • 47

      Whst s with all this proms business anyway ??

      Another Yank moneymaking import like Fathers Day , Secretary s Day and Halloween ?

      I see we ve suckered you Brits good and proper into our credit fuelled debauched lifestyle .

      But we will still beat you at achieving international bankruptcy — you
      haven t learned that well — yet !!


    • 59
      inside out says:

      Lets hope her daughter on leaving primary school can read and write.Hope she has spent as much money and time ensuring that.But as a cynic I doubt it.The world has gone mad.


      • 65
        Twampersand mk II says:

        Unlikely. Aside from the shit education she will receive at a Tipton indoctrination centre, she appears to be being systematically taught that money, possessions and the immediate gratification of selfishness are the most important things in life, along with a constant need to be entertained. She is also being taught that others have a moral duty to provide these things for her, and if she should ever be lacking in anything, at all, ever, it is someone else’s fault.

        Probably make a good MP one day.

        PS The mother is an idiot too.


    • 69

      Aimee Woolley , what a thick dumb stupid moronic chav , says it all really ,Proms for 11 year olds even the daft yanks who invented this shit don’t go that far.
      The name Aimee tells you all you need to know about the genetic input ,sub human cretins .


    • 70
      thanks says:

      thanks for the unquestioning propaganda, again guido.

      you tit


      • 107
        Tel E. Caster says:

        “Thanks for providing a counterbalance to all of Anti-Israel propaganda spewed out by the mainstream media, guido.”
        There, fixed that for you.


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    Is that how they killed 5 women and 3 children in one house then?


    • 13
      Bruce Forsyth says:

      Is that all?


    • 15
      barbie q says:

      your shits are kebabbed sir


    • 22
      Anonymous says:


      When will Israel stop doing An Assad ? If Israel lets them have their own country then Israel could no longer be accused of killing it’s own citizens and Hamas could be wiped out as it tries to invade another country.


      • 36
        The Establishment is infested with Nonces says:

        We should simply nuke the whole region. Problem solved. I am sick of both sides indescriminately killing people on the other side. Nuke the bloody lot of them and let’s turn the entire middle east into green glass upon which we could build really useful wind farms and solar renewables.

        Vote Labour.


      • 37
        M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

        Gaza is in Palestine not Israel.


        • 41
          non taxable pikey says:

          Should be in Egypt but Sisi doesn’t want the Fkrs back.


        • 63
          Nice Weather we're 'avin says:

          Yes !srael demolished settlers homes and pulled out of Gaza. Gaza is 100% palestinian governed. It is their own country.


        • 66
          Twampersand mk II says:

          There is no such country as Palestine. Never has been.


          • IDS (Israeli Death Squad) says:

            Used to be, huge country. A bit of Jordan, a bit of Egypt, a bit of Syria. All Israel now of course.


          • ZZZ says:

            Wrong, Shlomo, you Liar. Palestine is well documented.
            Thing is that Chews are not descended from the Israelites anyway, they are proven to mostly originate from the Kazhak region.
            IOW, you should go back to your real homeland, in RUSSIA!


          • Kerwall Matthews says:

            Zzz you dipshit. There has NEVER been a country called Palestine. The kingdom of Israel however is well documented throughout history.


        • 97
          Roger Dewhurst says:

          If they are stupid enough to climb onto the roof, zap them. It will only be necessary to do that once or twice. They will soon run out of idiots.


        • 98
          Roger Dewhurst says:

          Palestine vanished decades ago. At best it was a temporary construct after WW!. Go and learn some history.


      • 42
        non taxable pikey says:

        It is none of our business, just as Assad is none of our business (It’s been stated on here on numerous occasions, by numerous people.) So to reiterate:

        If Assad wants to obliterate HIS country, kill in excess of 150 thousand including 20 thousand children, torture an estimated quarter of a million in HIS prisons and drive close to 5 million of HIS people into exile then that is fine and just like the Gaza situation NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.


  3. 3
    Ghost of Leon says:

    Any leading British Rabbi’s gonna condemn Greville Janner ?


  4. 4
    Zorro says:

    If it wasn’t necessary to destroy the building you have to question why they were going to blow it up in the first place.


  5. 6
    erm says:

    but haven’t you just demonstrated to the rag heads what to do in future to avoid homes under the hammer type scenario


    • 17
      Eye Dee Effe says:

      There’s still plenty with sloping roofs.


    • 19
      the great british rentier says:

      extend the old city principle:

      if it floats flies or fucks – rent it


    • 20
      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      You think they do not already know? It does seem all a bit pointless though as any fighters will just be warned and will escape easily. I suppose some weapons may not be so easy to move.


    • 55

      Yeah but they all live in deep underground caves don t they ?

      So do as the Yanks do — claim the radar can t see that far down and is anyway incapable of distinguishing between jihadists and civilians .


  6. 8
    George Galloway says:

    Someone listened into that twerp, Owen Jones’s phone again…


  7. 10
    Rothschild says:

    Mazel tov!!!


  8. 21
    Google FFS says:

    No Joke


  9. 24
    • 94
      Moshe says:

      Oy Vey! How we laughed when we filmed the 9/11 bombings!


      • 104
        Corrective measures says:

        … especially when that other building accidentally fell down some 20 minutes AFTER the BBC announced its collapse.

        Odd that. Those moneymen bastards behind all this have a lot to answer for – if only somebody could be found to nail their heads to a wall for questioning.

        Oh, and don’t forget to keep your hand-phone well charged (thanks to their little games).


  10. 25
    Did they Hack his voicemail? says:


  11. 26
    Jan R says:

    I can no longer remember.


  12. 27
    Margaret Moran says:

    You can’t put a nutter on trial. everyone knows that.


  13. 28
    Adolph Hitler says:

    I’d have done the house next door for good luck.


  14. 30
    14 year old says:

    what a load of rubbish, if that were call of Duty you could have gone up a rank with that many terrorist kills.

    Remember – if they run, they have something to hide so they are terrorists,

    those that don’t run, they are well trained terrorists


  15. 32
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Why does the BBC not state that Hamas fire rockets indiscriminately?
    Why does the BBC always lead with what the Israelis have done?
    Why does the BBC not report Guido’s IDF comments?
    Why does the BBC have Hamas representatives on to issue their propaganda?
    It all seems one sided and biased.


    • 57


      Er …well ….Y e e e e s…..it is !


    • 87
      Hmmm says:

      I listen to the BBC R4 ‘news’ bulletin at 7am every morning, yet until now I had no idea just how many rockets the Islamothugs had been firing. The BBC just left it unmentioned, presumably to make the response seem disproportionate.


    • 95
      GiveItaRestFFS says:

      You’re lying again, Shlomo. The BBC has been mathematically proven to be pro-ZioLoon biased. Plus they repeatedly publicise the Hollowcost, so stop whining already.


      • 99
        ethnic minority soon says:

        The BBC website has 365 days a year an article with reference to the big H so it can hardly be accused of anti samtemism. Product placement by lord J*nner s m8s


  16. 34
  17. 35

    If they run then they are guilty!


  18. 45

    Of course, there’s another way to look at the vid.
    Early frames are indeed the building’s occupants fleeing. Leaving the doors open in their urgency.
    Then the looters arrive.
    Wasn’t filmed in Tottenham, was it?


  19. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Tell me, do women jihadists get 72 toy boys ????


  20. 62
    Zenzyonist says:

    H@m@s pick on Izzies then play the victim card for the international media. H@m@s put racial t3rrorism before the interests of building a safe secure nation for their people, once again. I stopped feeling sorry for the racist slime a long time ago. Enough of their nonsense.


    • 81
      ZZZ says:

      Like the Izzies are suuuuch perpetual victims! They kill far more people and particularly CHILDREN than the Palestinians!


      • 84
        Tim Yeo-Yo says:

        I wish supporters of both sides would just fuck of and die. The world would be a better place if we just nuked whole region from orbit.


      • 108
        Tel E. Caster says:

        That couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that Hamas site their rocket batteries in densely-populated areas could it?
        Israeli soldiers put themselves between their enemies and their families. Palestinian fighters hide behind their families.

        Liked by 1 person

  21. 64
    Charity R✴ckets says:

    When will H@m@s start feeding their poor instead of buying firecrackers?


  22. 67
    IDS (Israeli Death Squad) says:

    So, that’s the Palestinian score, how many have the Israelis fired over to their end…? How many of those Palestinian rockets killed people? (Clue…..0.00).

    Just askin’ like, in the interests of unbiased reporting and all that. Not that I’m saying you’re biased or anything, no no no, heaven forbid…


    • 71
      The moral of the story says:

      Don’t start a game in which you will be thrashed.


      • 72
        IDS (Israeli Death Squad) says:

        I’ve started, you thrash away me old fruit bat…


      • 82
        WTFingF?! says:

        Eerr, the izzies follow the old Nazti doctrine of one Chosen one being worth far more than any other race, so go ahead and start your “game” Shlomo. Izzies kill far more kids and civs than the Palestinians.


    • 75
      IDS (Israeli Death Squad) says:

      Just seen the score….40-0!


  23. 68
    Knock Knock says:


    H@m@s need to learn some manners.


  24. 73
    ANON says:

    ‘Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired 96 rockets indiscriminately at Israel today, and 442 in the past 3 days…’

    And how many Israelis have been killed by these ‘Palestinian terrorists’ compared with the number killed by IDF terrorist ? Despite their claims the IDF kill far more people, mainly innocent civilians.

    The IDF are using their massive military power, mainly supplied by the Americans, as a collective punishment and the use of a collective punishment is a war crime.

    I never forget the the state of ISrael was founded by terrorists who, amongst other atrocities, murdered British soldiers.


    • 83
      WTFingF?! says:

      +100000000 !


    • 86
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Any sane person really doesn’t give a fuck about what these fuckwits do to each other. They’re all stupid c’unts who care more about a fucking sky fairy than their children.


    • 91
      BoughtandPaidfor says:

      “Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have fired 96 rockets indiscriminately at Israel today, and 442 in the past 3 days…”

      So in Guido’s esteemed opinion there are only terrorists on the Palestinian side.
      Why doesn’t he just write: “Israelis good guys, Palestinians bad guys”, and save us all the bother ?

      This is another prime example where Guido seriously oversteps the mark with pushing his/his sponsors’ agenda. Trying to ram down readers throats a skewed view masquerading as truth/fact is getting wearisome.

      I trust you’re getting paid lots of shekels GF.


      • 93
        Skewer says:

        Nothing skewed about it. You can fuck off if you don’t like it.


        • 105
          IDS (Israeli Death Squad) says:

          Fuck off you thick prick, if you can’t tell the difference between propaganda masquerading as truth and biased reporting then you should probably just read the Beano and leave the more serious stuff to the grown ups. Twat!


    • 92
      MI5 says:



    • 100
      Roger Dewhurst says:

      Go and read the Baldwin Declaration, idiot.


  25. 101
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    So is the IDF just interested in knocking buildings down? If you give a warning and everyone leaves you’re left with… a building. So is the punishment to have your home destroyed?


  26. 102
    allan skerratt says:

    So now as well as a Tory apologist Israeli mouthpiece excuse me while I vomit Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2014 13:29:31 +0000 To: askerratt@hotmail.com


  27. 110
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    “The IDF aircraft sees the band of civilians on the roof and therefore aborts the strike.”

    And still they manage to kill 100+ civilians. Imagine what they could do if they were trying.


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