July 10th, 2014

Labour’s Fundraiser Figures

£105,000 for Sir Antony’s “Small Turn III”

£42,000 – Grayson Perry “Vote Labour” lion.

£36,000 – Anish Kapoor work.

£24,000  – two games of football with Ed Balls.

£12,000 – Mark Wallinger work

£12,000 – Nicola Green painting.

For everything else, there’s union masters’ card.

Via FT.


  1. 1
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Capitalist bastards!


  2. 2
    erm says:

    Grayson perry proving you can stick a red rosette on a pig and people will buy that


    • 30
      Farmer says:

      Any farm animal with a rosette commands a good price. Don’t like these queer folk using our rosettes to make themselves look good. Is that Londoners for you. Too much time, money and town air.


  3. 3
    Ed Miliband says:

    I am a good artist. I can draw the curtains (with some help).


  4. 4
    Caligula says:

    How much did they get for Rolf Harris’ painting of Chris Bryant in his underpants?


  5. 5
    Isis commander says:

    Jihadi’s??? hahah no no no, these two are a down payment on the 72 virgins i promised to the lads, I say virgins, by now they’ve had more muslim sausage than an infidels barbecue


  6. 6
    Labour HQ says:

    We accept irrevocable letters of credit drawn on financial institutions sheltered in tax havens and cash.


    • 44
      The Growler says:

      So do the Cons only they get for more spondulicks for favours, you lot don’t give enough favours for the spondulicks we give.


  7. 7
    Gordon Brown says:

    We used to offer a Gold card but its not got the same cache it used to have


  8. 9
    Secret Weapon says:

    IDF have called up Ed Miliband.


  9. 10
    Tracey Emmin says:

    I sold my unmade bed for £2.2M – Lefty fucktards


    • 17
      To be Frank says:

      The contents of those condoms wasn’t yours to sell. They were left as a deposit.


    • 49
      The Growler says:

      It must have been a Con with too much money to buy your unmade bed a night clothes, Liebore cannot afford to spend that sort of money


  10. 14
    Luis Suarez says:

    I got the games with fatty Balls.

    Nom nom nom.


    • 24
      Yvette says:

      I only tried that once. You’ll regret it.


      • 27
        Luis Suarez says:

        Do you think I’m biting off more than I can chew?

        *mindbleach* *retches*


        • 56
          wibble says:

          lets hope Ed balls has a heart attack at the football


          • The Growler says:

            I don’t wish that on anybody, wishing for things like that on someone, has a nasty habit of rebounding on the wisher.


          • Two balls to be kicked says:

            Kicking Balls around must be the fun of this fair. Plenty of willing participants writing on this blog should be wanting a go.

            Is not balls selling him self off a bit cheaply? May never be another go.


  11. 21
    Annus Horribilis says:

    I would love the two games with Ed’s balls.


  12. 23

    All the parties are on the payroll of someone with interests….


    • 61
      The Growler says:

      That’s very true, but the politicos must pay back when asked ( favours), failure to do so, will result in the interested parties blowing the gaffe on the politicos, by exposing the favours they have given to said politicos, they must some very interesting little black books and all backed up on a memory stick.


  13. 25
    Luvvie loonies says:

    chin chin


  14. 26
    Working Class bloke says:

    As a result of the cost of bidding crisis I couldn’t afford to buy bugger all.


    • 29
      Ed Miliband says:

      It would have been cheaper but for the cost of living crisis and the evil Tory Bidroom tax.


  15. 33
    Ockham's Razor says:

    I love watching jihadist’s funerals. Could watch them all day long.


    • 48
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Saw that documentary on Samantha Braithwait the other night. She was the wife of one of the 7/7 suicide bummers.

      The conclusion I drew was that she was even more keen of BBC action than mr Harriet harperson! Fighting Jiha’d seemed to come second to letting some well hung coloured chap shoot his beans up her muff.


  16. 36
    Auctioneer says:

    Two football games where you can get to kick elbow and bite Ed Balls.
    Shall I start the bidding at 10,000 pounds?
    Ten five…eleven..eleven five..twelve…for fucks sake slow down.


  17. 37
    Sizzla says:

    Funny to see people paying Labour for these works. Because Labour’s track record on welfare shows they like paying people not to work.


  18. 38
    And Yay! says:


    • 42
      STFU says:

      Jolly Hockey sticks Phillipa, you champagne socialist fucktard.


    • 45
      M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

      If they had any conscience they’d donate it all to the nurses and ospitals and the vunerable.


    • 46
      You can trust Labour with Britain's finances. Honest. says:

      Has anyone else noticed that Grayson Perry is quite obviously severely mentally ill?


  19. 40
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    When I was last at your house I couldn’t help but admire your latest work Tracy.
    ‘poo stained knickers draped over a half empty wash basket’
    Marvellous and the fact you displayed the piece in the kitchen right next to the washing machine was inspired darling.


  20. 47
    Diane Abbott says:

    rice an peas, i know you lot defaced the beautiful Chuka’s facebook page, he is a a right on brother and all that, but now you are defacing mine, look https://www.facebook.com/Dianeabbott?fref=ts i can’t have you continuously asking about the £11.750 of your money I spent on a portrait of me, you are only asking because you are all racist, so no more comments please you racists


  21. 52
    The Beat Goes On. says:



    • 57
      No way is that Ed says:

      Obviously a fake twitter account the real Ed Balls would have said he needed eleventeen stickers to complete his set.


      • 64
        Paniagua V5.1 says:

        He would have just got the Royal Mint Printers to print more.


      • 71
        wibble says:

        the real ed balls would borrow 150 of the wrong stickers and give them away to immigrants and white dee, then not be able to pay them back


    • 63
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      Only one sticker needed, the one cover his mouth.


  22. 53
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Good-o. Another lot who are as British as I’m a Chinaman.

    Revoke their passports and don’t let the bints ‘back’ in.

    But you won’t, will you, Dave…


    • 74
      RichUpNorth says:

      It makes me vomit to see scum like that swanning around our streets.
      … and a Brit was booted out of her home to make way for them. FFS!


    • 81


      Er ……no . JunckYard says it would be against the Eeeewwwmmmmmaaaann Rights Act — ole’ chap.


  23. 62
    Mr Anonymous says:

    If Ed Balls plays football anything like the way he managed the economy he will simply score own-goal after own-goal!

    Of course, Ed Milliband would be the team captain, we’ll at least in name, because the real decisions would come from Len McClusky shouting on the sidelines, like some kind of demented Alex Ferguson.


  24. 65
    inside out says:

    The were two of eleven children originally from Somalia,father was an iman at local mosque,wonder if that counts as work, or was he on benefits.No surprise he tips up in the UK


  25. 66
    Glyn H says:

    As socialism sets out to bite the hand that feeds it, and to undermine with taxpayers money the state it leeches off, whilst often living high on the hog oneself at state expense (vide Common Purpose) this was a fine collection of the folk who during their lives and in the last twenty five years have done huge harm to this country.

    Where though was Baghdad Tony and the delusional Prime Mentalist?


  26. 72
    Mr Anonymous says:

    So Labour sold a statue of an inanimate, isolated, ineffective man? I wonder if Milliband is flattered to be Gormley’s muse?


  27. 73
    England is becummin a ferd world cess-pitt, innit says:

    How much did the bronze cast of Eddie Izzard’s gaping anus fetch?


  28. 78
    Labour Fundraisers support British Genocide says:


    • 79
      Diane Abbott, Harriet Harman, Tessa Jowell, Emily Thornberry & David Lammy play 'Divide & Rule'. says:


      • 82
        R.I.P pre-1997 Britain (F*** LIE-bour Party) says:

        (1) Unemployment benefit map shows party political divide (The Guardian, Thursday 26 January 2012):

        “Twelve of the 15 seats with highest percentage of claimants are held by Labour, while lowest claimant areas are mostly Tory or Lib Dem seats”.

        (2) Coalition v shadow cabinet: whose constituencies are worse hit by unemployment? (The Guardian, Wednesday 16 March 2011):

        “New research shows Labour MPs harder hit than Coalition members when it comes to unemployment in their constituencies”.

        (3) Hard-working families forced to pay extra £528 extra on council tax bills to cover £2.4BILLION debt left by people who refuse to pay (Daily Mail, 12 January 2014):

        “Nine out of the 10 worst councils for collecting council tax are Labour-run.”


        • 83
          Rot in Hell Emily Thornberry says:


        • 90
          LIE-bour, party of the NHS (National Hazard Service) says:

          (1) Mid Staffs: Labour Government ignored MP requests for public inquiry into deaths (The Telegraph, 17 Feb 2013):

          “Former Health Secretaries Andy Burnham and Alan Johnson ignored 81 requests for a public inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust in the two years after it was first warned of poor NHS care, it has emerged”.

          (2) Labour bid to cover up health scandal in Wales: Party accused of suppressing email that said death rates at six hospitals were ‘persistently high’ (Daily Mail, 12 May 2014):

          “Labour has been accused of trying to cover up warnings over high death rates and lengthy waiting times at hospitals in Wales”.


  29. 84
    Rot in Hell Harriet HARM-person (or should I say harm children and stable families) says:


  30. 86
    Leech off The Weak Socialist Charity Scum R Us. says:

    Champagne Socialism is well & truly thriving. They are part of the problem and NOT the solution.


  31. 91
    cured lefty says:

    Put a gun to tracey and graysons head tell them to paint a portrait in the style rembrant or any of the masters if they manage a decent effort ok if not pull the trigger


  32. 93
    Councillor Duncan says:

    Are these “purchases” recorded as donations to the party?


  33. 94
    After The Party says:

    Well, that’s Stephen Fry’s knighthood sorted, as soon as Labour get in again.

    Presumably Grayson Perry and Eddie Izzard are expecting to become Dames.


  34. 96
    Leicester Veggie says:

    I’m only interested if it game hunting, with Ed Balls as the game


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