July 10th, 2014

Ed Miliband: I’ve Got My Eyes on You

Mesmerised Ed got lost in Yvette’s words as she spoke at the despatch box earlier. Well, he was checking something out anyway. Guido thought he would put their touching moment to music:

“You’re everything that I see…”


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    Ed Miliband says:

    I would.


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      Ed Miliband says:

      It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


      • 49
        Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

        Why don’t the Labour party go on strike for more brains?

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        • 79
          Vote Tory, get unlimited immigration says:

          More brains? A brain would be a good start.


          • We paid for this says:

            In May 2009, it was revealed that together with her husband they ‘flipped’ the designation of their second home three times in a 24-month period, despite being warned several times by expenses officials that their claims were duplicated or inaccurate. Yvette Cooper and her husband, Labour minister Ed Balls, bought a four-bedroom house in Stoke Newington, north London, and registered this as their second home (rather than their home in Castleford, West Yorkshire); this qualified them for up to £44,000 a year to subsidise a reported £438,000 mortgage under the Commons Additional Costs Allowance, of which they claimed £24,400.


    • 13
      Eddy Balls says:

      I did


    • 55
      Fluff says:

      Crap tune geedo.


    • 61
      Sting says:

      T wud’ve used the Police, Every breath you take.


    • 64
      Balls in motion says:


      • 66
        The same woman? says:

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        • 69

          Do you do wedding photos?

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          • Nice Weather we're 'avin says:

            Hmmm possibly requires some vaseline on the lense to soften the image, a bucket of it!


        • 88

          That is very good, possibly award-winning photo. Brilliant use of monochrome to bring out the essential character of Labour’s Leader-in- waiting…..50 Shades of Grey.
          My admiration of your art is matched only by my contempt for Socialism and everything it stands for.


          • The Voice of Reason says:

            Make sure you never use the NHS then if you are so contemptuous of socialism, and give back your pension.


          • Anonymous says:

            As long as you burn your iPad.


          • Anonymous says:

            I think I could do a whole lot better with every penny I’ve contributed in tax over my lifetime than I ever got out of the system – even with services like the NHS. Back in the 1900’s when pensions were first introduced for the 70 plus age group – at a pittance (ring any bells?) taxation was 3.75%, 5% and 20% land tax in total, and at that time they were having a ‘war on slums and poverty’. People paid for health care by saving with friendly societies. There were civic buildings, a civil service, a government, libraries museums and art galleries, roads that were maintained – national education. Where did it go wrong? people who are contributors lose over 50% of their income to taxation to bail out the people who can’t afford to live or have taken on too much debt. A century on with vast billions spent on trying to ‘equalise out society’ and we’re no better off, in fact things seem far worse – freedom is disappearing out the window, and future generations loaded up with ‘taxable’ debt.

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        • 95
          M­a­­q­bo­­ul says:

          Warts ‘n’ all.


        • 132
          Django says:

          Blimey Peter Pan has is looking old!


        • 133
          Vlad the Loudhailer says:

          Is this the pin up for Eau de Metabolic Faecal Protein?


    • 148
      Ippikin says:

      Looks to me like he’s jousting with the Sandman.


    • 164
      mrs blair says:

      Looks like he is planning a back door entry. Brace youself bitch.


    • 170
      Anonymous says:

      I thought Ed had a £2m house in North London, but judging by that video, I think he’s just got a semi


    • 171
      mrs Blair says:

      Plans for a backdoor entry or just an idle wish? The dirty little git.


    • 251
      iRed iEd says:



  2. 2
    Fred says:

    Lets face it you would, lefty or not


  3. 3
    The British media are cunts says:

    You really think I’m going to watch a 30 second advert first? There’s enough fucking adverts, malware and bollocks on here already.

    Ask Murdoch for a pay rise instead.

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  4. 5
    RichUpNorth says:

    A weird-looking fecker making a speech, and another weird-looking fecker sitting behind her, admiring her scrawny arse.


  5. 6
    Bijou Banton says:

    Does he want to give her a briefing?


    • 30
      Nigel Evans, Not Guilty of bumsex raype, but a bumsexer and proud says:

      I like Bijous.

      De-briefing, I’d say.


  6. 7
    Matthew 5:28 says:

    “But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”


  7. 8
    Ed Ballls says:

    Hey Eddy, you’re looking at someone else’s wife.


    • 39
      Ed no-Balls says:

      Ed Ed Ed, youze is ma bestest mate, bezzers forever. if I won the lottery I’d give you half, need a kidney a lung they are yours mate. love you like family … but you ever loook at ma wife again and I’ll carve out those creepy eyes with silver spoon then ram it up your policy producing hole you understand?


  8. 9
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    Surely it’s wrong to attack him for his looks.

    Yes, I know lefties spent decades putting the boot into Anne Widdicome, but that backfired on them as it exposed their underlying misogyny.

    Can’t we rise above all this spiteful name calling? Why stoop to making vicious attacks on the vulnerable?

    Let’s leave that sort of thing to mentalists like Alistair Campbell


    • 15
      Shocked of Sheen says:

      I agree, it’s not necessary. Better to judge a man by his words and deeds…Milliband is still a twonk though…


    • 20
      Vauxhall Hooton down the road says:

      Stop being a nice person, these Liebour snides would attack a an old age pensioner asking about immigration given the chance,


    • 29
      The two Muppets says:

      That is true ,he looks quite normal . It is the rest of us that are weird .


    • 241
      Fog says:

      Ohthis – It is a truth universally acknowledged that those who are unpopular and/or unpleasant, will have their physical appearance lampooned, whereas those who are popular and pleasant will be forgiven for any physical oddities.


  9. 11
    England is becummin a ferd world cess-pitt, innit says:

    The marxist rat was inhaling her silent but deadly emissions

    Mistress Yvette’s gaseous emissions are much more interesting than the bilge wot comes out er gob


  10. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    Androgynus Growth Theory

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  11. 14
    wibble says:

    at some point she has had Ed ball’s hairy nutsack in her mouth…


  12. 16
    EC1 PhD says:

    Photoshop a dribble for maximum effect


  13. 18
    Anonymous says:

    She`s a shoe-in for Deputy Prime Minister I`d say!


  14. 22
    Shooty* says:

    that is pretty damn creepy.


  15. 26
    Quack says:

    but… is mandelson showing signs of dementia yet?


  16. 27
    Larry the Cat says:

    She must be better looking viewing from the back than the front !


  17. 28

    Very good – but there is a clear eyed tango in the offing for Ed.

    Anyone seen his lapiz ? A bit blunt methinks.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  18. 32
    Red Ed - Son of Red Adolphe - Great Grandson of Some Other Red says:

    He’s thinking my God, there goes the very best example of the very fine Nu Nuliebor wimmin clone, perfected as we know in some dark distant old tractor factory somewhere in my Dad’s much loved Russian heartland.

    Hard faced, hard hearted and possible with a dagger concealed in the old footwear, I love ‘em.


  19. 34
    The Lives of Others says:

    Is that a VPL I see before me, stop it, I digress, must concentrate on helping my chums Dave and Cleggy getting that snoop snoop law passed in record time!!

    I am going with it because if was good for the much loved STASI it must be good for us!!


  20. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Not sure what this blog is for anymore.


  21. 37
    generic taxi driver says:

    well if your tastes run to troughing androgynous married lefties with the figure of a 12yr old boy …. you could do no better i suppose.


  22. 41
    Viperous Old Vince says:


    • 91

      That’s the basic right to get fucked over by a small but gobby group of Trots, Yes?


      • 96
        nell says:

        Yes. Time to introduce a 50% ballot rule for the unions prior to each and every strike they propose. They’ll never get it – their members, as they’ve shown today, are not interested in striking.


      • 172
        The Voice of Reason says:

        The right to strike is what differentiates free workers from serfs and slaves… remember Solidarnosc.


        • 203
          A Labour Leaning Ukipper says:

          Why is it life dealt me the cards of a broken family of 4 in a 1 bedroom council house in a SE London sink estate, but I still think people like you are c u n t s?


  23. 44
    Watch Out There's A Nutter About says:

    Jeez, those dark set eyes, he could give Jack Torrance a run for his money, run Vettie my dear whilst you still have a chance!!!!


  24. 45
    Mr & Mrs Joe Public all VOTING for UKIP in May 2015 Elections says:

    “He’s a fcuking weird toss*er & thats what he always be……….”

    and it doe’snt matter what he says or does thats how we all

    see him now & for ever more…………

    Now altogether join in & sing out loud ……

    He’s a fcuking weird toss*er & thats what he always be……….

    and it doe’snt matter what he says or does thats how we all

    see him now & for ever more…………


    • 97
      nell says:

      I think he’s actually ,basically, a very decent man with a lovely family. Sadly he’s become obsessed with the poisonous labour party and bit by bit the labour party is maliciously destroying him and his family. I hope he can find his way back .


  25. 47

    Mounds of power!


  26. 52
    F##k the LibLabCon says:



  27. 53
    nell says:

    Oh Dear – he’s beginning to have that worn out look that gordon had before he finally hit disaster. And those slumped shoulders!! She of course is the one who’s going to challenge him for leadership of the 2015 labour party after the election – it’s very clear from his expression that he knows he’s watching his enemy. I actually feel sorry for him – he stabbed his brother in the back for this poisoned chalice and destroyed his family and the labour party chalice is even more poisoned than he expected it to be. He must be asking himself ‘what have I done’?!!


  28. 57
    Blodwen says:

    Jimmy Savile found alive and well masquerading ed milliband, sizing up his next victim


  29. 58
    0.7HB says:

    I couldn’t avoid hearing that ed milliwatt on the radio just now. he really does come over as an obnoxious twat, why is he leader of the opposition ?


  30. 59
    Labour enemies of the people says:

    I crying for these poor people who went on strike today, having to get a bus to go to work and only getting a 1% pay rise, if you want to live a life of ease go into the private sector and compete with all those immigrants that Liebour allowed in, Liebour are your problem, they left the country in a mess and filled it up people the country can’t support without £ billions being put into the economy, money which Liebour had already pissed all over wall, Brown destroyed private pensions a £100billion in ten years where did that money go, then he went on to destroy public pensions leaving people to work until they are 68, vote Labour you deserve to be destitute.


  31. 60
    Little Ed says:

    Sometimes I sits and thinks, but mostly I just sits.


    • 67
      The Other Ed says:

      Surely, somethimes I shits and stinks, but mothestly I’m just shit


      • 78
        neddie seagoon says:

        I comfort mythelf with the knowledge that I have a thuperiour intellect.


        • 105
          Alis-Keebabs - Schoolgirl Kidnapping A Speciality says:

          That maybe, but you still have the Red Adolphe Marxist gene.

          Amazing really that there are still people around who think Marxism and Islam both have good points!!!


  32. 62
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Ith thith a dagger I thee before me ? Again ?


    • 99
      nell says:

      Yes. The assassins of medieval times carried a stilletto hidden in their sleeve – this ‘lady’ carries the verbal stilletto that’s going to win her the labour party leadership post 2015. Believe it!


      • 232
        M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

        Ed should make her Deputy Shadow Prime Minister – that’d really give Hattie something to moan about.


  33. 70
    Red Ed says:

    Woses are wed violets are blue, has Blair been there or not I just don’t know!


  34. 71
    Useless shower of shite says:

    Err, where is it?
    There’s fuck all to watch on this iPad.


  35. 74
    0.7HB says:

    Isn’t the Koran hate literature ? I thought that was banned ?


    • 82
      Jislam: death cult, mental illness, or both? says:

      If you wrote it today, it would be. But because it was written 1,300 years ago when people in the middle east were even thicker than they are today, it must be “celebrated”. Including the bits about kicking the crap out of your wife, and throwing homos off the top of cliffs.

      And woe betide you if you don’t celebrate it, because even though it would be banned if it were written today, you’re an evil racist* if you say anything nasty about its medieval unpleasantness.

      * apparently religion is now a race.


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        can’t we just ban it anyway for encouraging fuckwits ?


      • 101
        nell says:

        hmm the Bible has controversial passages we would question today – perhaps you need to be a little more open minded!


        • 103
          Alis-Keebabs - Schoolgirl Kidnapping A Speciality says:

          Nell, you need to get out more, followers of the bible seem to have left all the stoning and mayhem way back when.

          Islamists still live in the dark ages, any cult that thinks the modern world needs stoning, beheading, a bit of clit lopping, just in case the ladies get carried away, cannot be sane! That is some crazy shite!


          • nell says:

            You need to visit the Bible Belt in America – Iam a Christian – but the christian extremism of some of them there make the medieval i s l a m i s t s look positively like pussycats!


          • nell says:

            The truth is religious e x t r e m i s t s exist in every religion – we don’t need to be listening to them – we need to be taking the good bits and making it work for humanity. And if we don’t do that what on earth is left?!


          • Jislam: death cult, mental illness, or both? says:

            “we need to be taking the good bits and making it work for humanity”

            OK, off you go to Syria/Iraq and, and do that “humanity” thing, and be sure to let us know how you got on. :-)

            Bible-belt America? I don’t remember them crucifying people recently. The odd bit of anti-homo stuff, sure, but blowing up “the wrong kind of church” and cutting people’s heads off?



          • nell says:

            Why would I go to Syria? – there are enough people around me here including family including some with disabilities (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) that we need to love, help and support . I don’t need to go abroad to practice my Christian Beliefs of Kindness, Support etc!! We can do all of that in our own homes. You can do the same thing if you subscribe to Is lam or Hin duism or any other caring religion. You don’t need to travel just look around you and help where it’s needed!!


          • The Voice of Reason says:

            Nell, have you actually read the Koran, the life of Mo or any of the Hadith?

            I mean passages such as the one as where the Great Leader orders the torture (by lighting of fire on his chest) of an old man so he will reveal the whereabouts of treasure.


            I suspect you don’t know the first thing about Islam.


        • 175
          The Voice of Reason says:

          The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Sharia, the Koran in action, is incompatible with human rights. Take it up with them.


      • 193
        Conspiritard Watch says:

        Dan Brown writes incredibly good fiction, doesn’t he?


  36. 77
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Has anyone seen my lucky underpants? I can’t count to ten unless I’m wearing them!


  37. 87
    Neil Down says:

    He looks like he’s about to transform into a werewolf.


    • 120
      nell says:

      No I thought for a young man, he looked rather old, sad and destroyed. I’m sure his family wish very much he had not embarked on this course , stabbing his brother in the back and distressing his Mother and fracturing the family. The dysfunctional declining uk labour party really was not worth this sort of family sacrifice. Marxism divides – there can’t be any greater evidence than this!!


  38. 99
    zitfixer says:

    Does Mcruin pay tax on his away days from westminster?


    • 123
      nell says:

      Well then ask the proper question – ‘does gurninggordon pay tax?’

      probable answer = No!


  39. 102
    Peter Grimes says:

    Milipede probably thinking he had known a couple of young boys with a figure like that.


  40. 104
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Fire alarm in the ward today and I misconstrued the order to evacuate.

    Luckily everyone too polite to mention astonishing aroma


  41. 106
  42. 107
    Point of Order - I Spy Weirdo says:

    …and finally, Mr Speaker, will you tell Weird Ed to stop looking at my arse.


    • 115
      nell says:

      I donlt think he was looking at her errmmm ‘derriere’. I think he was looking for her brain and trying to work out why he couldn’t find it!!


      • 215
        South Yorkshire Calling says:

        Of course, he wouldn’t be able to work anything out, because he hasn’t got much of a brain either…


  43. 108
    Clarice Starling says:

    It puts the dress back in the box and it does as its told.

    Ropey and battered, I wouldn’t


  44. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Any chance you could overlay this with “sniffing” the breeze on the ITV political prog?


  45. 113
    The SAS says:

    Top secret, but we’ve been called in to advise the German team on how to win an Argie Bargie.


  46. 117

    “Shall I tell her about Stephanie Flanders”


  47. 118

    @BW: A bit of insight for you.

    Have a look on G’oogle at the problem with minors being sent across the M’exico-US border and why this trend is apparently picking up. Then think a bit more about the other motives – in particular the weaponization of children / families to subvert US immigration law: Think image.

    Now – if there was any notion that a similar tactic was to be deployed against the UK, how would you counter ? Putting out there very publicly certain ‘facts’ and impressions in order to dissuade dupes from weaponizing their children in this way would be a good counter measure.

    Not saying this discounts completely some of the genuine revelations etc., but think past the bad apples as to why this theatre presentation has been kept going for so long.

    Just sayin’.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 234
      GlobalGaz says:

      I’m in LA at the moment and this is big news. Basically a loop hole, where minors have to be looked after and allowed free passage or some rollocks like that. Pretty despicable to allow your children to be sent by human traffickers like this.

      Most are frothing at mouth about it and the rest (surprisingly Latinos) are all for it….


  48. 119

    “I wonder if she’ll tell me which voice coach she’s been using”


  49. 121

    “No wonder badly ageing, Brummie scrubbers never quite make it in Primrose Hill”


  50. 126
    The British media are cunts says:

    How convenient that just as the vermin at Westminster get outed as a bunch of poofs, ponces and nonces the kiddie fiddling pervs dream up a terrorist threat and decide to pass some legislation to come down on the people.

    Get fucked you fucking scum, your time is running out. You can’t hide forever you fucking deviants.


    • 141
      Vote liblabcon for thieves, traitors and nonces says:

      Somehow, I think it’s the ordinary native Britons the sh1te in Westminster are beginning to get a little bit concerned about.


      • 145
        sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

        The ordinary native Britons are too busy hating the Conservatives and today Gove to be bothered about any legislation or perverts in the House of Corruption, listened in on a conversation with about 8 people today the spit and the sh1t was flying and the dreams seem to be Liebour getting back in to make all things right, what a sad country we live in, where the braindead get a vote and the politicians they vote for know they couldn’t care less what happens to their voters.


  51. 127
    PedanticPalindrome says:

    This is so sexy. I am envisaging them in ménage à trois with Ed Balls. I’m salivating at the thought.


  52. 128
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Miliband is cocking an ear at her arse, seeing as she talks out of it all the time :-)


  53. 129
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    Miliband is definitely channeling his inner Norman Bates.

    You should have used the music from Psycho :-)


  54. 130
    Harriet Harmful says:

    If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times:

    I should be Leader!

    What the fuck do you not understand about that?
    When (not if) Yettie becomes leader she’d better make me deputy or I WILL denounce Labour as sexist!

    Ok, it’ll be a weak argument but…….oh fuck off.


  55. 131
    Neitherdeadnoralive says:

    Fuckin freak…. But he’ll be our next PM unless we ALL vote UKIP !!!


  56. 134
    • 138
      Fishy says:

      What they probably mean is that one of Clarke’s staff ordered a load of stationery which included an 11p ruler. Some twat has probably gone through the whole order to find the cheapest item.


  57. 137
    ReefKnot says:

    Milliband looks like the Lone Ranger.
    That would make Ed Balls his Tonto.


  58. 139
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Methinks he is having very rude thoughts and by way of some of his sniffs/looks I think we may well have ourselves a genuine 100% saddle sniffer – best check out the bike shed


  59. 140
    Weirdo Party says:

    Misfits, weirdos and losers. Only leeching thickos vote Labour.


  60. 143

    Worth a read…



    • 152

      You can read all of relevant philosophy in an afternoon – provided you don’t want to get bogged down in the thought processes of others.

      It takes a little longer to internalize that, but understanding how the framework works gives an advantage.

      Combine the net knowledge with the broader knowledge and add a dash of true un-common sense (to my point above…) all is fine.

      Not too bothered about H’ughes. Regard C!A as a hydra. Look back to my earlier flick on the Weapon Of Choice and think carefully about the advice given on how to avoid the worm – and don’t for one minute giggle and squirm.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 204

        It might be better to ask direct in surgery.

        The media presentation is completely stage managed. What is its purpose ? See Chomsky.

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 208
        Member of the magic circle says:

        I did a lot of work for one of the great religions of the world . Like others I cloaked myself in charity , religion and respectability but behind the facade I am a monster.


  61. 144
    Strike out says:

    Anyone notice how the nation was brought to a standstill today by the strikes?

    No, neither did I.


    • 238
      scot2go2 says:

      I travelled into manchester via M61/60 and noticed the usual jams had all but gone… instead of the stop go … the traffic moved along in a steady crawl. At first I thought it was some local holiday… but then as I travelled along the A6 I noticed the various well dressed affluent plackard holding civil servants gathered in small knots on pavements in front of sombre looking buildings…. so… the next time I travel to manchester I selfishly hope that there is a civil service strike..


      • 257
        It will be good for them says:

        The ones I saw were mostly fat and some were enormmous lard-arses. They need to march more with heavier placards.


  62. 146
    Jimmy says:

    I think we’re all a little bit in love with Yvette aren’t we?

    Ed B. is a lucky man.


  63. 147
    Archie says:

    Be afraid Yvette. He’s staring at your back. Check for sharps.


  64. 151
    Check this out says:

    I like the Harlequin Harman cartoon; that will p*ss her off big style.



  65. 154

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 174
      Ockham's Razor says:

      No. I agree with anything!

      Don’t subject me to that though!

      If you feel nice, please, pretty please, Vote UKIP :-D

      Or Gabriel might have to take you out… :evil:


  66. 155
    Anonymous says:

    On the whole, this site serves a useful function in revealing the lies and hypocrisy of those who purport to be our representatives/leaders.

    However it is marred by article such as this in which those responsible for the site behave like schoolboys who feel superior by taking the piss out of fellow nerds.

    They need to grow up before they can be taken seriously.


    • 185

      It’s quite a good effort, IMHO.

      There is enough footage of Ed doing weird and varied stuff to fill an MTV slot.

      But do we get a free Owl if we do ?

      Vote UKIP :-)


      • 202

        You did see my Eurostars effort ? X-Factor demolished them in 1m 30s with some tasty editing, and delivered a UKIP win to boot.

        But seriously – I have Ed in the Cross-hairs for a 4 minute special edition.

        C’legg haven’t tracked down a decent metaphor for, and Cameron is frankly un-photogenic – Simple Union Jack is about as far as am prepared to go there.

        C’legg doesn’t really deserve the treatment as reality has dealt him a unfairly bum hand. He is not PM material, but knowing what he is and why he has been put in the position he apparently is in, I kind of feel for the guy.

        As for ‘Tolerate this…’ – Manic Street Preachers are way to depressing and left wing. Totally awful emotional experience: If you listen to that stuff regularly life will be more unpleasant. than it need be :-)

        I think there is one track you could do something with, but what was that joke on the M’ary W’hitehouse experience back in the 90s about M’orrisey lyrics, abuse and a toilet wall from R’ob N’ewman (I think) all about ?

        Vote UKIP :-D


  67. 156
    Member of the magic circle says:

    I once got a standing ovation on returning to the chamber you know.


  68. 157
    Ed Miliband says:

    I would love those calves wrapped around my neck.


  69. 159
    0.7HB says:

    I tell you people try to avoid going to the dentist with a hangover.


  70. 161
    A Nightmare on Elm Guest House Street says:

    For a party that has traditionally hated gays, there’s certainly no shortage of them in the Tory party. And for a prime minister who objected to gays, Thatcher had no shortage of them in her cabinet, many of them kiddie fiddlers.


  71. 163
    0.7HB says:

    christ why does all this stuff have to be scripted ? is there supposed to be some sort of a video ? an indication would be nice. . Does anybody care about text browsers these days ?


  72. 165
    The Voice of Reason says:

    Make up your mind…now you’re saying he’s a normal bloke.


  73. 166
    Leon England says:

    I admit it. I’m a pedalophile. I like going to the park to ride the pedalos. I ride them all day long.


  74. 167
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Unanswerable questions of the 21st century:

    1. Ed’s thought bubble says: Has she got the sex factor which I seem to lack?

    2. Goto 1.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  75. 176
    Jack Dromey says:


  76. 178
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Theresa May or Cara Delevingne? (Mail)

    If I have first choice, the lucky runner up has the luscious Theresa.


    • 181
      No kids means she's still tight says:

      Don’t deny there’s something of the headmistress MILF about May. She’s never had children with her hubby, which suggests either a lavender marriage or she just didn’t want them, which means her cooch will still be nice ‘n’ tight.


      • 182
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Wishful thinking. The other one leaves problems though as she appears to prefer female company.

        That may be protection from the likes of c*unts like H@rry Styles. If he lacks one critical thing, it is what is faultily implied in his surname.

        But Cara is one hell of a character, despite her tender years. Believe me. I have cause to know.


        • 190
          No kids means she's still tight says:

          Cara’s a munter with a fixation for sticking her tongue out in every photo like some brat with a combination of Tourette’s and Asperger’s. She’s a stick thin, airhead, coked up bitch of the Kate Moss variety.

          Rosamund Pike. Now THAT’S an English rose to get the motor running.


          • Ockham's Razor says:

            Fine! If you are happy with Rosamund, then so am I for you. Best of luck! Really. My position is to do with provenance. Really cannot explain further without letting a cat out…

            Then all sorts of problems enSue.


          • Ockham's Razor says:

            Cara is just fucking gorgeous.

            I like her because she does everything *apparently* wrongly. Look behind the obvious.

            If she were 90 years older, then I would be far too young. McTaggart’s series of time are a real biatch!

            Vote UKIP :-D


  77. 180
    Ockham's Razor says:

    I run ‘Chicken Sexing’ as a sort of “null hypothesis” on my Google news options.

    Today I got two finds. I would like to share just one with you:



  78. 183
    Neil Down says:

    Finally realised who he’s been reminding me of – Matthew Broderick’s moany mate Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.


  79. 191
    Nigel Quavers says:

    Gosh. Tossers alive! Dreadful Ed and eevette.


  80. 197
    Not the 9 O'Clock News says:


  81. 200
    Are you thinking what I'm thinking? says:

    There are some very strange dog Whistle people posting here – just saying.


  82. 201
    Fishy says:

    Oh my god.

    Catch the hypocrite Shammy Chucklebutty, on tonight’s Newsnight on the iplayer. She got a right stop on demanding to be allowed to finish what she was saying while interrupting every few seconds. Gong round in circles saying how important it is to analyse suspects phone use but says is breach of privacy.

    This ‘civil liberties’ hypocrite was nowhere to be seen when Labour stiched up the media and imposed state regulation.

    Meanwhile, just like the lefties on C4 news, Newsnight and Krusty Wark totally misrepresent the draft data bill that has been presented again.

    Wark and Chucklebutty formed a tag team at times ganging up on Simon Hughes representing the Government


  83. 207
    Ed Miliband says:

    I’d like to wish Brazil good luck in their match tonight against Costa Rica.


  84. 209
    Rolf Harris says:

    Ever since meeting my cellmate, it’s been really painful having a didgeridoo-doo.


  85. 210
    Rolf Harris says:

    When I arrived in prison, Stuart Hall asked me what I got. I said “5 years”. “Lucky bastard” he replied. “I had to make do with a 12 year old”.


  86. 211
    sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

    After watching QT first time for a while as it was in Scotland, I feel a bit happier tonight I thought they were going to vote NO, but it seems the chance of being YES is still high on the list, well done Scotland never have a Conservative party in charge of Scotland again and never have the London Parliament telling you what to do, This week looks good as well.


    • 223
      The Voice of Reason says:

      I still find it diffcult to believe that Scotland will vote to stay in the UK. The case was well put on QT that Scotland is actually a wealthy nation and can only get wealthier if it frees itself from mass immigration England. Scotland has a brilliant food and drinks industry, a well educated populace, oil, gas (more through fracking will be available as well), wind energy and huge amounts of land per capita. Technology is making all cold climes more habitable and therefore more wealth-producing.


      • 233
        Bjorn_Again says:

        Scotland has also a vast, untapped reserve of Lard. They have not yet, however worked out the best way to extract it.


  87. 214
    All Scots vote yes to leave the UK says:

    It’s Grimm fairy tales as told by Brillo on This Week – really and truly scraping the barrel. A tenth rate completely clueless MP who plays the race card at every opportunity. An alcoholic (on the wagon ATM?) also clueless and Sheridan, criminal record as I recall and giving every appearance of being already loaded (alcohol perhaps) and presumably wearing faux hard man Barlinnie chic.

    Brillo is just taking the money, he should have had Brave Belly Salmond to complete the circus, I live in hope that Scotland cuts itself loose.


  88. 216
    0.7HB says:

    what is the fucking problem in the IT department ?
    2 follows 1
    then 11 follows 10
    then 101 follow 100
    what is so fucking difficult about that ?


  89. 218
    something upset the modbot says:

    July 11, 2014 at 1:08 am

    before I get to what I want to say I’d like to set the mindset so that you people can relate to what I say.

    All life is food and energy is to be stolen from life
    restaurant food is food also captured from environment
    even worse slave mothers are r@ped to bear children for us to eat.
    have you got the picture. well you fVcking should have.
    Accept your depravity, your abnormality and reduce your population and try to life harmonically with creation


    • 219
      something upset the modbot says:

      I think that should be correctly spelt as live rather than life but then spelt might be spelt spelled or even who gives a fuck might be spelt sorry


  90. 225
    Kaa says:

    I have seen those Millitwats staring eyes before somewhere and then I remembered where.


  91. 227

    Local elections:

    B'oughton (CWaC) result: LAB HOLD
    LAB    : 44.8% (-7.3)
    CON    : 34.2% (-6.1)
    UKIP   :  9.6% (+9.6)
    GRN    :  6.3% (+6.3)
    LDEM   :  5.1% (-2.4)
    W'innington & C'astle (CWaC) result: LAB HOLD
    LAB    : 39.5% ( -9.1)
    CON    : 31.4% ( -3.3)
    UKIP   : 23.1% (+23.1)
    LDEM   :  6.0% ( -3.6)
    I'llogan (C'ornwall) result: LDEM gain from CON
    LDEM   : 23.8% (+10.1)
    MK     : 18.6% (- 6.6)
    CON    : 18.5% (-10.3)
    UKIP   : 13.4% (- 9.1)
    LAB    : 11.1% (+ 1.2)
    OTH    : 14.7%
    Counting later today AM:
    K'enwith (T'orridge)
    Pen!stone West (B'arnsley)
    H'itchwood (North Herts.) 

    h/t: @britainelects


  92. 229
    Joe says:

    Getting invited to secretive tory dinner parties where you are the only journalist but dont bother to report anything and just observe the owners of the british economy rub shoulders with politicians

    Ofcourse your going to attack ed milliband
    Shame you have no credibility be a good boy accept tory ****


  93. 235
    non taxable pikey says:

    ROFLMAO. Can’t wait for Nigel’s response to this.


    Now do you understand?
    Vote UKIP.


  94. 236
    Ctesibius says:

    I wonderfully confused start to Polly Toynbee’s latest nonsense in the Grauniad: “Bring back yesterday, was ever the Conservative battle cry. But David Cameron’s back-to-the- future assault on trade unions is badly out of kilter with the present time and public opinion.”

    is it yesterday or tomorrow she thinks the ‘Tories’ want to go to? Does it matter?


    • 243
      albacore says:

      While Cast Iron keeps piling in the immigration
      There’s a fat chance of any kind of restoration
      Of all that old England so recently used to be
      Or of conservatives into the Tory party


  95. 237
    non taxable pikey says:

    Brazil expects approximately 1200 Ghanaian Football Fans to request asylum. Downtrodden M oosli ms of course.

    Not a laughing matter, even though I am.

    The Commonwealth Games starts soon.


  96. 239
    Dont bother with the Inquiry just imprison says:

    With all these top EU posts about to be filled looks like the PM has played another blinder when it comes to influence.

    The exit door is wide open.


  97. 240
    Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile the ‘defeated’ Cameron capitulates to the German machine and offers up more British sacrifices to them under the European arrest warrant, he didn’t have to but goes ahead any way. And he wants to repatriate powers?

    The tory party will never take us out of Europe, the spiv Dave will see to that as well as Ken Clarke, Heseltine, Brittan, Howe etc etc.

    Dave won’t care even if he doesn’t get a majority in 2015 any way. He is just using the repatriation of powers and a referendum just to delay the inevitable of ever closer union and a united states of europe, just waiting for more and more of the oldies who are against the union to die. Increase immigration too(they wont give a fuck they are just happy to be here and take take take) and pretty soon there will be a majority for union.


  98. 242
    Fishy says:

    Labour BBC’s Toady programme have just run a story saying that in order to look Prime Ministerial, and to help build his gravitas before the General Election, Miliband is DESPERATE to get to the White House so that he can have a meeting and a photo op with Obama.

    Having fucked up the West’s Middle East strategy (by first agreeing to intervention then having to renege on it after a phone call from Len), Miliband’s best chance would be to take a leaf out of Gordon’s book and get himself a job as a Kitchen Porter.


    • 247
      Never thought I would say this but........ says:

      Actually oppossing the Syrian fuckwittery was one decision Ed got right. Moonface and Obama beach were absolutely wrong on this one.


      • 253
        sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

        Ed only opposed the Syrian venture, when the public via twatter and other media even this blog told Camoron and his creeps to get stuffed and stay out of a fight that’s f’all to do with us, like all Liebour crap, ED was just following behind and taking the opportunity of trying to look like he knew what was going on, he got it right by waiting and jumping on the correct bandwagon as ED is not a leader but a follower.


      • 255
        Fishy says:

        The West’s strategy was to threaten intervention…at most to impose a ‘no fly zone’ to stop the barrel bombing of cities.

        Miliband’s schoolboy opportunism (to side with Putin and Assad) denied support for the FSA and created the vacuum that allowed militant Islamist terrorists to flood into Syria.

        Miliband is a dangerous fool, an idiot out of his depth. He is personally responsible the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people (but that’s par for the course where Socialists are concerned).


  99. 244
    Not another Double D notice says:

    Why is Iraq no longer being reported in the UK press ?



  100. 245
  101. 246

    Why is the war in Iraq no longer reported in the UK?
    w w w iswiraq.blogspot.co.uk


  102. 248
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


    • 252
      sometime I wonder, then I think who cares says:

      Most of the blame should be put onto the dictators in the EU, Liebour via Mandy tried to destroy the Royal Mail so to get it past the unions and to sell it, but it appeared he got scared sh1tless, and just denigrated the staff, if you remember the letters found thrown over the wall and staff getting blamed for removing credit cards out of the letters and it wasn’t until the Libcraps and Camorons Conservatives got in they just put it in a fire sale, 2015 Camoron.


    • 254
      Anonymous says:

      Not only.

      He also sells the address system for postage with it.

      In this country we now run two address systems. One through the local authorities, and one used by all internet companies from the Royal Mail.

      One is based on a BS standard and the other an document from a regulator.

      They are not compatible. Since the LA use one scheme they do not see a problem with their address allocation on new buildings. Yet when the notification gets sent to the Royal Mail they remove details and change the format of others.

      This leaves some roads and postcodes with two houses with the same address.

      Only Vince Cable could have done this.


  103. 249
    Stay classy Jimmy says:

    What a pleasant bunch you lot are Jimmy!

    Horatio Chapple’s death in a bear attack while on a school trip in Norway in 2011 joked about by The Socialist Worker newspaper

    A socialist newspaper has faced calls to apologise after it ran an article mocking the death of a 17-year-old public schoolboy killed during an Arctic expedition, saying it was “another reason to save the polar bears”.

    Horatio Chapple, a pupil at Eton, was mauled to death by a polar bear in 2011 while on an adventure holiday. Two other pupils and two leaders on the trip were hurt before the bear was shot dead during the night-time attack. An inquest into his death opened on Monday.

    The Socialist Worker carried a report in its latest edition under the headline: “Eton by bear? The inquest begins”.

    The piece, in the newspaper’s “Troublemaker” diary column, concluded with the lines: “Troublemaker has long supported campaigning for the environment. Now we have another reason to save the polar bears”.

    The article was described as “incredibly tasteless” after screenshots of it were published on Twitter. Many users called on the Socialist Worker, a free paper produced by the Socialist Workers Party, to apologise.

    Bobby Friedman, a broadcaster, said on Twitter: “The @socialistworker thinks it’s ok to laugh at a child dying, because he went to Eton. Vile.”

    Ed Simpson said on Twitter: “Socialist Worker apparently delighted by the horrific death of a teenager because of the school he attends. Lovely.”

    Adrian Weale, a writer and officer with the Army Reserve whose son was in the same year as Horatio at Eton, called the paper’s conduct “despicable”.

    He said “As a parent, I can only imagine the pain his death must have caused to his family. That the Socialist Worker thinks the violent death of a child is a fit subject for humour indicates a level of depravity and insensitivity to the suffering of others which is surprising.”

    “The Socialist Worker should, at the very least, make a full and unreserved apology to the family and the Socialist Workers Party should immediately dissociate itself from this article and its author.”

    The article is even more remarkable given that Charlie Kimber, the National Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party, is reportedly the Old Etonian son of a baronet. He was unavailable for comment last night. Mr Weale told The Independent: “There are more than a few ex-public schoolboys and girls in the ranks of the SWP and I doubt that many of them would think that the killing of one of them or their siblings by a sick animal had anything much to do with their supposed class war.”

    The Socialist Worker has been published weekly since 1968. The newspaper did not respond to a request for comment last night.


  104. 260
    Cynic says:

    EDs thoughts

    1 Must not cry
    2 Dont pick nose
    3 Try to look interested
    4 Go to 1


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