July 10th, 2014

6 Inspiring Photos of the Mass Strikes Crippling Britain

Public sector workers are striking today, causing widespread chaos across the country as picket lines overflow with vast numbers taking industrial action:

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The workers! United! Will never be defeated! All eight of them…


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    dai idle says:

    i’m alright jack!


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      The Growler says:

      I was great this morning, I could fairly easily cross the road this morning to take the dog to a field at 8.30 not many teachers going to school and not many cars delivering kids to school and of course the council workers going to work, bliss, can’t wait for the school holidays to start.

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        Handycock, serious sexual Pervert, MP says:

        I am a very important man. The NHS have been paying for my stay in the Priory Clinic, Marchwood, Hampshire, since March this year because I was coinsidered too important to go in a public ward in the local Portsmouth mental hospital St James. I am being treated for depression, brought on by the fact that for the first time in my life, I have been held accountable for my despicable sexual behaviour, this has been a real shock to me, as I have been getting away with it for years. Also I am keeping away form the police just in case they wish to question me and charge me with criminal charges. Oh woe is me, now Portsmouth Councillors are trying to get the money back for legal expenses incurred in my cover up. Boaz.



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          WoRaft Chihuahua says:

          Poor thing, you need a nice holiday in Spain with Margaret Moran. She feels your pain.


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    RED LEN says:

    We’ll keep the red flag drooping here.


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    upDerwurkers says:

    its cos we’re all down the fucking beach


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      The two Muppets says:

      It is a pity it is not raining all over the country .

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      Sick of the greed and lies(still) says:

      I am not sure. These pictures are totally different to the ones on the BBC article.
      Someone isn’t reporting straight. *innocent face*


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    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls


  5. 5
    ac1 says:

    Smash the extortion funded sector!
    People not be parasites.


  6. 6
    Kinnochio says:

    We’re aaaaaaawwiiiiigghhht !! We’re aaaaawwwwiiiiiggghhhhttt !!


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    BLOB CROWE says:



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    Marx was Right says:

    State Propaganda


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    ac1 says:

    You dont want the response to be proportionate you want it to be preventional!


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      Can't see the wood for the trees says:

      How do you know what would have happened to Israel if it hadn’t responded the way it has over the past 67 years?

      ‘If Palestine were to lay down their guns tomorrow, there would be no war. If Israel were to lay down theirs, there would be no Israel’ – Benjamin Netanyahu

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      • 228
        Squaddie says:

        I’m afraid first poster that we have now all rumbled the Islamic extremist trick of playing victim after inciting violence.

        The game is up. No one believes them anymore. Least of all a load of criminal thugs like Hamas.

        We could learn from the Israelis who just like us are facing the threats of a load of Islamicist nutjobs and have survived….


      • 247

        Sorry I thought this thread was about strikes so I ll venture even further off subject .

        Guido –why the D Notice on the post regarding the Snoopers Charter legislation ?

        Honestly you are getting worse than Albania s Enver Hoxe and his Sicuritate……..or was that Caucescu s lot ??


    • 47
      It's obvious says:

      @27 I agree with your sentiments. However, the fact remains that certain Arab groups have sworn to destroy Isra’l. Until they accept the existence of the Isra’l state it will not end. Simple as that, I’m afraid.


    • 104
      The two Muppets says:

      Israel deserves our support to defend herself .If the Palestinians
      Stopped their bombardment of Israel then Israel would also be able
      to stop . All Israel wants is to be left in peace but have every right
      to defend against aggression .

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      • 113
        MI5 says:

        Just another chapter in Islam contra everything.


      • 129
        MSM4 says:

        and to continue to build settlements against UN


        • 153
          a settlement in Park Lane says:

          a vagrant.
          in other news… soya is milk, soya is sauce and soya is protein (mo advert).

          ya. ok. will do. over and out.
          ….cow milk or Boobs from other woman (the movie)
          ….global settlement is “look after mother”.
          science, engineering and technology.
          imperial college and iit.


      • 131
        Nice Weather we're 'avin says:

        @post #1
        The military action has nothing to do with the 3 dead teenagers.
        Hamas used the incident to launch 100 rockets over the border, some of the longer range missiles were supplied by Syria.
        Was it all coordinated? I don’t know, with the frogmen attacks it’s likely, but I’m certain that if Hamas didn’t launch missiles there wouldn’t be air strikes.
        Your post appears to willfully ignore the full facts.


        • 157
          The Guardian is Evil says:

          Owen Jones in his pig ignorant Guardian piece seems to imply that Hamas & other terrorist gangs need even more powerful weapons to even things up.

          Criminal gangs with nuclear weapons? Intercontinental ballistic weapons for ISIS? What about stealth bombers for al Qaeda? Or gas bombs for the Taliban?

          That’ll even things up when they attack the West – of which Israel is a part. Or is it just the Je*s that need to be killed in numbers?

          The man’s a moron.


        • 192
          Nice Weather we're 'avin says:

          Just read the Owen piece. Don’t bother, it’s recycled nonsense from an ignorant child that adds nothing new. Owen must have more important things to do today. Obviously not working hard so where is he?


      • 277
        Anonymous says:

        Israel/Gaza: UN must impose arms embargo and mandate an international investigation as civilian death toll rises

        “Since Israel launched Operation “Protective Edge” in the early morning of 8 July, more than 100 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza Strip, most of them civilians who were not directly participating in hostilities. This includes at least 24 children and 16 women as of Friday morning. More than 600 people have been wounded, many of them seriously. More than 340 homes in Gaza have been completely destroyed or left uninhabitable and at least five health facilities and three ambulances have been damaged.

        In Israel, at least 20 people have been wounded by rocket attacks and property has been damaged.” Amnesty International, 11 July 2014

        So all Israel aims to do is “defend” herself?


    • 190
      Luvvies see Red says:


      • 274
        Tom Catesby says:

        The ‘Luvvies’ return to Liebore, shit, that will really impress the rest of us in the real world.


    • 201
      religion of James Caan. owl says:

      howsie folks. what’s cooking. nothing in the brew (I see).

      the symbolic goatie has to be pampered but not killed.
      in which religion is the goat a sacrificial lamb?

      [James Caan religion is ….?]
      money talk. talk is energy dissipation.

      talk talk until there is nothing to talk about?


    • 206
      Chuka telling Porky Pies? says:

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      • 218
        Give me strength says:

        This Chuckus Yamoney is putting himself forward as running the British economy in 2015 – you couldn’t make it up.


      • 249


        Yeah okay . But what s a 98 percent overall miscalculation between friends .

        I mean it s not as if it was 100 percent is it !


      • 252
        red ed peoples representative of the republic of doncaster says:

        probably because of all that immigration chuka


      • 263
        Tim Yeo-Yo says:

        Might be something to do with him being an utterly clueless fuckwit.


    • 259
      Gray V'digger says:

      67 years? The Old Testament disagrees. This has been going on since the Hebrews left Egypt, crossed the desert, and declared “God” had given them the area as their promised land of milk and honey!

      This “God” chap needs to show proof of ownership, because this “gift” looks dodgy to me. Has anyone informed the Revenue Service? I bet taxes were avoided!


  10. 10
    What do Labour mean by "Inclusive Prosperity"? Peter Mandelson says:


  11. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    These are the Labour stooges who threaten to control government.

    All they want is to disrupt our schools, hospitals and other services to loot more money for themselves.

    Time to down clamp on the strike laws that let them shirk away from work.

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  12. 12
    Ed Miliband - Shadow Tosser says:

    I think I support this strike, but if that offends anyone I wish to apologise to the people of Liverpool.


    • 151
      Andy Burnham says:

      I would like to apologise to the people of Stafford, but there is no-one left to apologise to.


  13. 13
    concrete pump says:

    No one cares……(yawn).


  14. 14
    Lurch to the Left says:

    Has Ed Miliband condemned the disruption?


  15. 15

    Scary stuff! They government must be quaking


  16. 17
    Meanwhile the the re elite are filled with winning spirit says:


  17. 18
    Anonymous says:

    “Strikes Crippling Britain”
    Don’t panic, Mister Malgoverning. The bankster’s are still beavering away, as if there will be no tomorrow…


  18. 19

    Official picket, ennit?


  19. 20
    Bean counter says:

    Just think of the money the state will save today from not paying out to the starving teachers. Was it only this week that Nigel Farage was asking MPs to be paid £100,000 just like teachers?


  20. 21
    Sue Denim says:

    The Pa!estinian rockets are not targeted so can and do hit civilians.

    The !sraeli missiles are targeted at known terrorists. They choose to operate in/near to civilian locations. Human shields. There will be innocent lives lost which they will use for propaganda purposes.


    • 278
      Anonymous says:

      But the point is:

      ”Pa!estinian rockets are not targeted” – so they sometimes kill civilians.

      “!sraeli missiles are targeted” – and yet they still manage to kill civilians. Why?


  21. 22
    Gordon McDoom MP says:

    Good luck to the strikers!


  22. 23
    The Government says:

    With no strike pay, we anticipate the country will save a quarter of a billion pounds on wages – if they stayed off for a year we could pay off our national debt.


    • 199
      bergen says:

      As I understand it, most of the cuts thus far have been at local government level. The national civil service could go on strike for weeks without inconvenience to the public. Time for a proper cull and impose the type of terms and conditions and pension rights that the rest of us have to accept. Since Nulab’s splurge of public spending, the pay is better than the private sector so the reasons for the perks have gone.


  23. 24
    Para Site says:

    At least I don’t have to get out of bed to sign on this week. Idle buggers.


  24. 27
    Bobski says:

    These people are so incompetent they can’t even organise a strike properly!


  25. 28
    PitPony says:

    Much less traffic this morning.
    More strikes please


  26. 29
    Fishy says:

    The BBC are all of a tizzy. There is a real sense of excitement that 1 million people are giving it to the coalition.

    What the BBC are not challenging is the ‘we haven’t had a pay rise for 4 years’ narrative. It’s all lies – lower paid staff have had pay rises each year and many have in addition received incremental rises as they move up the pay scale.

    What the BBC won’t tell you is that this strike has been co-ordinated by the hard left – by undemocratic Trotskyist / Marxist leaders like Serwotka who are, as usual, using their own members for their own political ends.


    • 64
      The Lone Ranger says:

      Why aren’t the BBC striking? Scabs!


    • 179
      Sartorial observer says:

      .. and still receiving full pay even though some of their members will be financially penalised for downing tools.

      Union leaders should be first up the lamp posts. …..

      Starting this weekend – and now Dave and his mates an film it in full HD colour!.


    • 227
      The Voice of Reason says:

      Citation? None. There were several years of zero pay awards while inflation was running at 3-5%. That’s not a flat rate, that’s a pay cut as any fule know.

      What’s your plan to allow bankers and others to maximise their salaries ad infinitum while decent working people doing difficult jobs are given a pay cut every year?


      • 248
        Someone that lives in the real world says:

        Most of the bankers I know have a First Class degree and normally work 18 hour days. Most of them have had to pay for their own professional financial qualifications. They also appear to spend most of their weekends and holidays glued to their blackberry.

        As we appear to be generalising I assume you’re just a typical lazy, work shy leftard who’s got upset as the good old days of doing fuck all and getting paid are over.

        Dry your eyes fuckface. Your just jealous because bankers are cleverer than you, work hard and therefore get paid more.


      • 270
        Bob cuntface Crow says:



  27. 30
    generic taxi driver says:

    I went on strike last year for the first time in 24yrs last year at the insistent behest of unite.

    did no good, lost a days pay but had a great day down the archery field in the sun. I recommend striking (once) to everyone


    • 191
      Earwig O'Agen says:

      That stolen day is now on your record – and an appropriate sum will be deducted when the days comes for your pension to be calculated!


      • 265
        Anonymous says:

        Could claw it back through overtime, that is assuming whichever branch of the public sector it is allows overtime, I hear overtime may be pensionable.


  28. 32
    Bagpuss says:

    If all these people walk out we can expect public sector productivity to soar today because all the shirkers will be whingeing outside the workplace for a change.


  29. 35
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    It must be humiliating for the Unions to get a turnout for strike action (27%) lower than the EU elections (34%). :-)


    • 42
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      In other words more people turned out to support UKIP than the Unions :-)


      • 74
        Village Idiot says:

        ….UKIP, the party with the good of the nation at its’ heart, campaigning for the British people!…. Why don,t the other parties’ do the same, instead of posing for selfies, or just being hypocritical!… Govern for Britain and the British people please!


  30. 36
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    Did you hear Jacqui Smith supporting the strikes last night on Sky and even Iain Dale supporting the firemen regarding their pensions.

    No mention that it was Brown and Balls who got us into the economic hole we are still in despite all the spin about the economy improving – we are still borrowing money to pay the interest on our ever increasing debt.

    No mention that it was Brown and Balls who destroyed the private pensions industry

    I don’t remember the public sector coming out in support of the private sector in 97/98


    • 70
      The Lone Ranger says:

      And whenever City workers are made redundant I don’t hear any support from Unite.


    • 240
      Earwig O'Agen says:

      Did she ever do the decent thing and return that dodgy 100 thou she nicked from the public purse?

      Thought not.


  31. 38

    I am pleased to report that Mrs Higgs has gone in to work at the Register Office as usual today, since she regards herself as a professional person who provides an important service to the public.


  32. 43
    Excuse me mate says:

    Errmm….where were you when 400 rockets were being sent out by Gaza criminals into Israeli civilian areas?

    I suppose if 400 lethal rockets were being fired into London by another country, you’d do nothing?

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    • 79
      Social housing = antisocial residents says:

      Not even social housing?


    • 92
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Owen Jones pointed out in the Guardian that the biased BBC (from his pink shades) failed to acknowledge the imbalance in firepower. There is plucky little Hamas with bows’n’arrers, catapults and an old Lee Enfield whereas every Israeli has an F16 parked in the garden and neutron bomb launchers in every street.

      Perhaps I exaggerate, but it does beg the question why do Hamas always start the fighting against such odds?

      The Hamas elite I suspect are very well protected in their bunkers but are callous and calculating enough to bring down fire on their own people to create martyrs and elicit support from the naive liberals in the West.

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      • 144
        Nice Weather we're 'avin says:

        As I watch the news whilst lunching, I see Hamas are continuing to fire rockets.
        Gaza is sitting on a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Just imagine if there were no terrorists and extremists. We could be sitting there now with chilled sauvignon blanc, houmous, olives etc.
        The palestinians would all be filthy rich having sold property for development and running the related industry.
        Yet they choose to blindly follow a bunch of nutters who destroy their own people at the bidding of Iran and Syria. This is why the other arab natioms have abandoned them. They aren’t worth supporting.

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      • 269
        Bob cuntface Crow says:

        Spot on.


    • 109
      The two Muppets says:

      I would if the rockets were hidden in civilian areas .


  33. 48
    The Elite wine and dine while the workers strike says:


  34. 49
    NERMAL says:



  35. 51
    Larry the Cat says:

    A million striking workers today according to the left-wing button counters at the BBC.

    Presumably we will see more manning the picket lines this afternoon after a morning in bed.


    • 59
      Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

      More people voted B&P in the last general election and more voted UKIP in the EU elections :-)


    • 147
      Louis van Gallbladder says:

      Victoria Derbyshite currently reporting on Radio 5 Live from some march or other as if she’s broadcasting direct from the October Revolution. Judging by the feckless public sector Union scum she’s talking to, they all deserve immense pay cuts. I’m sure I just heard some alleged ‘teacher’ claim that performance-related pay meant that there would be a stampede to instruct the brighter kids who would produce better results, and that wasn’t good for the tail-enders, of which, unsurprisingly, there appear to be many. So much for a philosophy of education.


  36. 55
    Ed is right behind the workers says:


  37. 61
    Mark Serwotka says:

    No surprise given the 12% participation in the ballot.


  38. 63
    Harriet and Window dressing says:


  39. 67
    Anonymous says:

    “Take what you can” they said.
    Take it while you may.
    But keep in mind the penalty fits the crime.
    And it deals no softened blow.


  40. 68
    One for the Boys says:


  41. 69
    NERMAL says:

    A tranny and a bag lady.


  42. 71
    Psychotic, predatory, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC socialist light entertainment star says:

    Lazy fucking rats

    sack the lot and the country’s economy will grow even more quickly


  43. 77
    Get it right says:

    But the response has been, shall we say, typically disproportionate.

    Err, the response is for the rockets fired and continuing to be fired into Israel, not for the murder of the teenagers.


  44. 78
    The socialist Elite v the Workers says:


  45. 81
    Village Idiot says:

    ….It has just dawned on me why the roads were very quiet in this area of celtic England:….The strikes!…It was a joy to travel, long may it continue!


    • 93
      Joe Taxpayer says:

      It gets even better when you remember that, because they’re on strike, we’re not having to pay the lefty parasites any wages!

      Long may these strikes continue, indeed!


  46. 87
    More than a feeling says:


  47. 89
    Abbott watch says:

    Diane was pictured going into the event, no pictures of her inside, but reports that she was last seen troughing face down in a gallon of trifle out in the kitchen are being investigated


  48. 105
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:



  49. 111
    Dart-throwing Chimp says:

    typical modern day strike; turn up for the press photo and then piss off to the pub or back to bed…


  50. 115
    Ippikin says:

    For the Tories to moan and groan about this is utter nonsense.
    They held absolute majority for thirteen years under Thatcher and Major. They have been the majority coalition partner for four and yet they have made no effort to pass the most blindingly obvious law possible, which is to make any strike illegal unless more than 50% of the UNION MEMBERSHIP actively vote for it.


    • 142
      The two Muppets says:

      The Conservatives are not moaning , It just re-enforces what would
      happen on a regular basis if ever Labour gets into power .


  51. 116
  52. 118
    Peter Grimes says:

    The lazy, overpaid, over-pensioned public sector layabouts are mostly taking yet another day’s holiday, it seems.

    They care so much they can’t be bothered to leave their taxpayer paid-for featherbeds.


    • 164
      Jack Ketch says:

      When I was of the age that the schoolmasters would bring in all kinds of recruiters for “careers day”. It was blindingly obvious that, skilled or unskilled, the choice was a high paid job in the private sector with the risks of redundancies, layoffs or just plain competitiveness or a low paid job in the public sector that made up for the low pay with massive perks, especially job security, pensions, longer holidays and shorter working hours and subsidies everywhere. Even the top jobs, like the higher civil service offered only a modest income compared to say, the legal profession or the corporate world. Today public employees look to the private sector as a base for salaries, but want to keep all the featherbedding—-solution? Privatise everything.


  53. 119

    Social media has seen a spike in emotive images of bloodied women and children, but even the BBC was able to determine that they were older pictures from Iraq and Syria used to stir up anti Israeli sentiment.

    Hamas are well known for herding ‘volunteers’ into firing zones knowing full well that the propaganda value of dead PA children is worth more than the grief of their families who receive a cash settlement for the martyrdom, forced or voluntarily offered.


  54. 126
    She is Right says:


  55. 130
    Fishy says:

    Pushy Mrs Balls on her feet at the moment replying to Teresa May’s proposals for temporary legislation on intercept. As another bandwagon jumper she has repeated everything that May has said – trying to steal her argument. No doubt the BBC will use Cooper’s contribution tonight.

    When May gets back on her feet she needs to say, ‘Yes, you stupid mare…that’s what I said’

    Miliband’s Labour, without any ideas of its own, have a growing track record in stealing other people’s initiatives.


  56. 132
    Anonymous says:


  57. 134
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Hamas launched 48 rockets which landed all over Israel just up to midnight in the first wave and 140 during 24 hours.

    The Gaza strip are lucky that Israel have not completely flattened them after such an indiscriminate attack without any concern for life.

    Your calculus is redolent of that of an Islington armchair klaxon who speaks as a know-all when he knows fuck all.

    Having been in Israel and under rocket attack myself, I can tell you that you have no idea what you are talking about. Your comparisons are specious.

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  58. 135
    Len McCluskey says:

    One out, er, two out.


    • 141
      Leftie watch says:

      Len McCluskey’s son Ian, used to work for an ambulance chasing scouse law firm, specialising in work based accidents, (of course) but according to his facebook page he has now accepted a job as an organiser for Unite, good to see nepotism alive and well with another red prince


  59. 138
    someone at work says:

    heavy rain in london, good weather for lefty strikists to have to be out all day haha


  60. 139
    Viperous Old Vince says:


  61. 143
  62. 145
    Dangerous Brian says:

    There is an old joke about how many elephants could you fit in a mini?
    Answer; 4, 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

    What I want to know is how many self obsessed, grandstanding, shameless, hypocritical c*nts can you fit in the Roundhouse?
    Answer; Count the guest list at the Labour Party fundraiser.


    • 159
      Michael Mann grab the tax payers money and other freebies says:

      Never too many Labour MPs will turn for a free lunch.


  63. 148
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    As I walked past TFL on Victoria street this morning I pointed out to the dozy c’unts striking that the Armed Forces had an even worse deal over recent years.

    They weren’t willing to debate for some reason!

    Utter twats.


    • 156
      wiggle says:

      yeah but the armed forces only have to fight in war’s, risk their lives, be away from home etc.
      where as tube workers have to stare at a greedy selfish,horrible Hunt every day – when they wake up and look in the mirror


  64. 150
    Fact or Fiction says:

    The Israeli action in Gaza is in response to the rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, not a response to the muder of three Israelis in Israel.


    • 208
      Paul Nutall of the UKIPs says:

      Bloody Circle of violence of that… Gaza attacks Israel, Israel attacks Gaza. People die on both sides, Circle of violence continues.

      Without looking in your history books who started it?

      You know it doesn’t even matter, if Israel stopped squatting on Palestinian lands and the Arabs ceased targeting civilians. We might somewhere.


  65. 154
    Angrey of SE1 says:

    Actually, the best union reform would be to make the Union leaders loose a day’s pay everytime they make their members loose a day’s pay.


  66. 155
    Will says:

    The problem the public sector unions have is that a lot of thier members are better paid outside london than the private sector and have better conditions. So sympath for teachers and others on a good retirement deal etc is in short supply. Also I think the rank and file are waking up to the fact that the union leaders are not that different from the boss class and are only doing it for a political point


  67. 163
    Public Sector Boxticker says:

    Why should I strike and have to stand up !!!!!

    I expend less energy being comatose at my desk on a normal werkin day.


  68. 170
    Viva Britanistan says:

    Beastly foreigners being beastly.
    They are all “sons of Abraham”, to put it politely.


  69. 172
    Will frey be outed like the other Beeboids? says:


    • 183
      Social Commentator says:

      A nicely balanced mix of perverts, crooks, chancers and has-beens.


    • 202
      The BBC, 1951 says:

      Look ma!

      It’s a nice white upper middle-class rich man in a nice suit and tie. He’ll know what the workers need, let’s ask him!


  70. 175

    Will nobody explain to them the Berlin wall came down 27 years ago ,there is no more funding from Moscow, they are on their own, nobody gives a Fuck anymore if they go on strike so what , the bins are only emptied once month, and in any case many of the jobs are now mercifully privatised .
    Maybe it would be a good idea if the teachers only got the same minimum holiday pay as in private industry, even if it means reporting into the schools during the summer holidays to prepare for the coming term.
    If the school dinner service is on strike who will miss that slop ,most of the kids prefer their own lunches . They can strike all they want we don’t have to pay them.


    • 217
      Rickytshirt says:

      They shouldn’t stay on strike for too long or people will develop superior private sector and voluntary alternatives to these public services. Strikers: if you don’t like your pay and conditions, do something else. Don’t take the pi$$ out of your customers like this and expect sympathy from them.


  71. 176
    Keir Starmer? So he was politically neutral then says:


  72. 178
    albacore says:

    The Public Sector shirkers crippling Britain
    Turning the old lion into a kitten
    Those quisling skunks don’t congregate on the street
    The Houses of Parliament are where they meet


  73. 184
    wiggle says:

    BBC is gushing over the strike as usual, they have a live feed all day online and desperately running round trying to find flag wavers to interview, police estimate only 1500 people in Central london outside broadcast house to march to trafalgar square, not really the total chaos the union numpties dream of


  74. 185
    You have to be rich to be a true socialist says:


  75. 188
    House of Commons Library says:

    We make it 10 union strikers not 8. Guido guilty of ‘simplistic’ use of statistics.


  76. 196
    peter mandleson says:

    I had my anus bleached specially for the party


  77. 200
    Fry'n'Izzard says:

    It’s perfectly simple.
    We are rich and we can give away large amounts of money and not notice the difference.
    It is you, the average mediocrities whom the state must raid to pay for White Dee’s lifestyle.
    We are better than you. Do as we say.


    • 205
      white dee says:

      i aint on my bennies anymore, I got a job, who’d have thought, all those years when only menial jobs were available to me i was too depressed to work, then along comes a bling tv career and suddenly i’m not too depressed to work


  78. 204
    Drummond Base says:

    The unions predicted a million shirkers. Who was doing the forecast, Danny Blanchflower?


  79. 213
    bco mcdonald says:

    Bbc travel have just reported that a tunnel in Cardiff has been closed for safety reasons, not that the public sector drones that man it are on strike


  80. 214
    Neil Kinnock Former MP says:

    We’re alwighht wer alwight were alrwight!


  81. 216
    Little Ed says:

    The Wevoluthion! It’s weally happening! Today!!


  82. 220
    BBC cameraman says:

    I demand a pay rise, the work I’m having to do to make this handful of strikers appear to be a big mob to fit with the BBC dialogue.


  83. 221
    Bob Bastard says:

    There was one outside Kings Cross this morning. I initially thought her to be a chugger.


  84. 222
    Paul Nutall of the UKIPs says:

    Great reporting Gudio, very well done, very balanced and very honest. He Said Sarcastically.


  85. 224
    left watch says:

    http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/local-news/public-sector-strikes-how-your-7397195 I don’t know who this big mamma is pictured on the picket line (sitting, naturally) or even what newspaper that is (Came up in a google list) but she appears to be missing the free council biscuit tin so much that she is eating her whistle


  86. 225
    Nick says:

    working and middle class people don’t go on strike without a good reason

    David Cameron and co are by far the worst ministers that I’ve have come across over the past 50 years and is no wonder there are strikes and not liked in the EU

    Having said that David Cameron got voted in to power which highlights that’s the wish of the people and with that being the case the uk will further decline in to a Saudi Arabia type of politics where if you don’t do as your told it’ll be the water canon for you at best or a suspicious death at worst


  87. 229
    left watch says:

    BBC really struggling to find any photos of picket lines with more than 5 people, all of them seem to be grossly overweight, no doubt the laziest employees shouting the loudest for more money


    • 233
      The Socialist Society Of Malnourished Brain Washers says:

      FFS we are starving to death..give me more money..


  88. 253
    Anonymous says:

    Why is Cameron stomping around threatening to change the law if it’s a damp squib?


  89. 257
    Not a Tory shill says:

    Yes, the Tories are going to make further anti-strike laws a centre piece of their manifesto because only 8 people went on strike.


  90. 262
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Every picket I passed in the Victoria and St James area this morning had packed off to pub by 2. Lazy fuckers. Can’t even strike for a full day. They probably got pissed off with people telling them to get back to work and stop behaving like twunts.


  91. 264
    Charlie Kennedy (MP) says:

    Wouldn’t they be better taking photos outside the relevant Wetherspoons? ….. They might even meet some Lib Dems ….


  92. 267
    Stinton says:

    In my town the council employees are grateful for the taxpayers’ largess and seemed to have worked normally.
    If they had “taken a stand” the unskilled locals would have endeavoured to adjust their attitudes.
    A mere Fifteen Grand, to the hicks in the sticks, is a Princely remuneration.


  93. 272
    lojolondon says:

    Regarding the strikes – there were two jobsworths handing out leaflets at Euston. And the Biased BBC didn’t hesitate to show protestors in Birmingham without mentioning the city, clearly no-one bothered to get all the way into London. Another union non-event despite maximum publicity and support from the Biased BBC.


  94. 276
    UK Fred says:

    How many Hamas missiles have been fired at Israel from launching sites in civilian areas including hospitals? Hamas have been using their own civilians as human shields since they started firing missiles. And then they complain when the launch sites are hit that the Israelis are targeting civilian areas!


  95. 279
    Anonymous says:

    To Room 101, Tory Central Office:

    While the true impact of the strike is unclear, only the hard-right would be conned by all the anti-working class BS. But your big business backers – hoping to keep their tax down – must be proud of all the attacks on the public sector. For giving the impression of being a Watch Dog for the people, you turn out to be a Lap Dog for the rich and powerful. And, while nothing to be proud of, it must be a well paid job?


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