July 10th, 2014

16 MPs Turn Up to EU Debate in Commons


  1. 1
    Neil Hamilton, new face of UKIP says:

    Our chaps always turn up at Strasbourg – for the Lolly

  2. 2
    lolwut says:

    Because we like to blame foreigners for everything?

  3. 3
    DtP says:

    Last day today innit, why bother working what what? (Well, I say work as in sitting down gibbering drivel).

  4. 4
    John Prescott says:

    Extra marital affairs are far more important

  5. 5

    Should have got some Polish MPs instead – lower cost, harder workers. They share one thing in common – they dont mind taking cash and dodging tax

  6. 6

    It looks like bingo afternoon at the Eventide Home.

  7. 7
    Average Joe says:

    Vote UKIP
    End the Globalist’s progressive European project!

  8. 8
    Ron Barras says:

    Want to see where your MP is?

    We need a webcam in the bars, restaurants and lounges

  9. 9
    Junkers says:

    16 more than is needed.

  10. 10
    World Wars One and Two says:

    Foreigners have never done anything bad.

  11. 11
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    Why don’t they just shut the place and sell it off for housing development……or a superstore?

  12. 12
    Transition Team = EU Army says:

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    FFS only pay them when they attend. Simple.

  14. 14
    I Speak For All Scots says:

    16 turn up… with 10 asleep.

  15. 15
    Reason 1 says:

    Are the heavily subsidised restaurants open at this hour?

  16. 16
    Auto completor says:

    and children’s homes.

  17. 17
    Perry Neeham says:

    …and Pleasuredrome

  18. 18
    Dave Camoron says:

    Quite so. I’ve already decided what powers to hand back to the EU, so no debate is necessary.

    I have spoken. You are dismissed. Tally ho!

  19. 19
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    Hey JC, you missed the “at the theatre de la chouc” off. FIFY

  20. 20
    diane abbott says:

    the whole debate was racist so i abstained, and had cake instead

  21. 21
    Eric Schön says:

    And the six who aren’t asleep are cardboard cut-outs.

  22. 22
    The Growler says:

    If they they think they can do a Gordoom dock their wages for the day, more likely mashed out of their tiny minds, go on Geedes put yourself forward to Dave for a jobbies for life constituency, go you know you want to, it might cost you though, know what I mean?

  23. 23
    Nigel Farage says:

    The annoying tweets of Owen Jones are like being stuck in motorway traffic on a Bank Holiday with three vociferous toddlers of suspect continence.

  24. 24
    Gawd Help Us says:

    Except you can have a better quality and more intelligent conversation with the residents of Eventide Home

  25. 25
    Paul McKenna says:

    I have been hypnotised too.

  26. 26
    George Galloway says:

    Sh’ma Y*SRAEL

  27. 27
    Noncefinder General says:

    That looks about as occupied as Grafton Close Children’s home in the late evening in the 80s.

  28. 28
    The H of C Parasites, Pimps & Leeches says:

    Its a glorious sunny summers day……….

    the fortified grape juice is freely flowing ……..

    along with 5* cuisine…..and of course all

    heavily subsidized by fcuking Mug Tax Payers

    like it or not they have no choice so who

    in there right mind would want to sit in a very

    stuffy hot chamber……listening to some old twat droning

    on about Justice which is the last thing we are ever going

    to be interested in ……as we have mountains of our

    debauched lifestyle to keep well & truly hidden & that is the

    its going to stay…….its what we call Democracy…..LOL

    So don’t forget you smelly stinking filthy masses to make

    certain you all VOTE for ConsLieLaborLebDims Anti-Democracy

    Alliance. That way we will guarantee nothing is going to change

    for us as we have divine right to rule over you lot given to us

    alone from on high & we will all continue to fcuk the electors up

    there fcuking big ars*es because that is what they really like……

  29. 29
    Junkers says:

    When we want your opinion we will give it to you. Just because you represent us in your prefecture does not give you the right to talk without permission.

  30. 30
    RichUpNorth says:

    The rest of them are busy bumming each other … or somebody’s children.

  31. 31
    Desperate says:

    For goodness sake man, find a cure for dementia!!!

    Time is running out.

    Do it NOW!!!

  32. 32
    Dave Camoron says:

    Yes, sir, sorry sir. I.. I.. I do apoligise, sir.

    Would sir like tomorrow’s £55million membership payment early? I can send it to you this afternoon, by way of a most respectful apology. Sir might like to the throw the money around his room, whilst partaking in a particularly pleasant cognac?

    Yours obediently,

  33. 33
    Jack Ketch says:

    There is no minimum number of people for a debate although it is hard to see it being less than three–someone in the Speaker’s chair and one on each side.
    The quorum of the House of Commons is 40 members for any vote, including the Speaker and four tellers. The House is particularly empty at present as there is a sale of paper shredders at Curry’s.

  34. 34
    Tom Pride says:

    Awkward. Butler-Sloss once said leaders have “sovereign” right to immunity and anonymity http://wp.me/p1U04a-7Cw

  35. 35
    Gooey Blob says:

    I don’t see any Ukip MPs though. Probably won’t be any after 2015 either.

  36. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Her appointment illustrates Westminster’s abject failure to understand the electorate’s lack of trust in them.

  37. 37
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Yes, vote Ukip! Every vote that isn’t directed at stopping Labour puts me a step nearer to Umpteen Downing Street, or wherever it is. Then as chancellor I can help myself to your pensions, savings and anything else I feel like taking…

  38. 38
    Gary Bloke says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Gooey.

  39. 39
  40. 40
    Jimmy says:

    They appear to have opted out.

  41. 41
    Ed Twelvety Balls says:

    Watched Words and Pictures today and now I know how to draw the letter h!

    Top to bottom, up and over
    Top to bottom, up and over
    Top to bottom, up and over
    Top to bottom, up and over

    Or was that the letter 5? Anyway, isn’t Magic Pencil great?

  42. 42
    Former Ukip Voter says:

    Vote Ukip, get Labour.

  43. 43

    Well what d you expect ?

    It s P O E T s day innit ?

    Piss Off Early it s Thursday .

    Girding the loins and stiffening the sinews for the much anticipated “political weekend”

    ( and ….we ll be breaking up for three months soon ….goody !!! )

  44. 44
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    This calls for a D Notice chaps.

  45. 45

    Too late Mr Sphericals .

    McGordon beat you to it in 1998!

  46. 46


    We would never condone intrusive surveillance in the non public areas of the Palace of Westminster .

    It would clearly be a breach of the sacrosanct right to the privacy
    of our respective members .

    No I should have said to keep our members away from tbe public gaze .

    Not being clear am I — to keep our members in the private sphere …

    Oh Hell ….!!

  47. 47


    You poltroon CamiKnickers
    Your salutation should have been :
    Your Obedient Servant

    Get it rigght next time or report to the Headmasters study in the Lipsius Building !!

  48. 48

    Well they did it for The Middlesex Hospital in Bloomsbury so there s your precedent.

  49. 49

    All names with good yeoman English geneaology you ll notice ..

  50. 50

    Oh what — you mean like they do in the Lord s where they sign in at 2pm , stay for prayers , collect their £300 daily attendance allowance and then the Ladies spend a pleasant afternoon shopping at Peter Jones and their Lordships get up to all manner if proclivities in nearby Soho …..nice !

  51. 51
    Useless shower of shite says:

    Not one Northern Ireland MP, as per fucking usual.

  52. 52
  53. 53
    Anon says:

    Just another way of saying “lazy bastards” then…

  54. 54

    No just kick their lazy arses out .

  55. 55

    The rest of us are all down at the “Queen Vic” having a liquid debate and free smorgasbord buffet with Nigel “ten pints” Farrage.

  56. 56
    ed milliband/nick clegg/david cameron says:

    Didn’t you get the memo? There’s no money left

  57. 57
    Cinna says:

    Blair started all this, sending them back to their constituencies Thursday lunchtime. As per the lazy bar stewards don’t bother turning up Thursday mornings.

    How much are we paying them for three day week?

  58. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Vote Conservs and get Brussels?

  59. 59
    Elm Guest House says:

    Sixteen MPs here on a quiet night.

  60. 60
    Peter Bottomley says:

    D nonce?

    I’ll sue!

  61. 61
    Sir Peter Hayman says:

    mmmm, Nigel, don’t stop.

  62. 62
    PedanticPalindrome says:

    This is so sexy. I am envisaging them in ménage à trois with Ed Balls. I’m salivating at the thought.

  63. 63
    Jean Claude Junker says:

    You British are strange fuckers.
    You bang on about how tough you are on Europe but put a paper in front of a Tory and he’ll sign up to it quicker than Neil Hamilton can trouser a pack of fivers.

    When bored of Europe you kick each other to death about the fucking jocks!

    What a bunch of fucking retards.

  64. 64
    Great Granddad says:

    Even at my advanced age I think that I could manage that job. Where do I sign on?

  65. 65
    Member of the magic circle says:

    Oh yes

  66. 66
    Member of the magic circle says:

    Im sure she’ll do a great job.

  67. 67
    Sun Photographer says:

    It’s Thursday afternoon, Parliament has finished for the week. That is why there is hardly anybody there.

  68. 68
    Angie babies says:

    Simon says…Right leg over.

  69. 69
    Have some decency says:

    Vote UKIP.

    You don’t really want to vote for one of the three legacy p@edo parties, surely?

  70. 70
    Average Joe says:

    Would rather a Labour administration followed by UKIP than this purgatory of no testicles Conservative party progressives

  71. 71
    Have some decency says:

    Do fuck off you dreary tory twat.

    I’m not voting for any one of those legacy p@edo parties.

  72. 72
    Have some decency says:

    Vote tory get p@edos and sharia.

    Vote UKIP and you can at least look yourself in the mirror.

  73. 73
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    The rest of them are round at the orphanage

  74. 74
    Mondeo Man and Worcester Woman says:

    Neil Hamilton is the kiss of death for UKIP.

    I can’t believe Farage has allowed this convicted criminal and his bizarre publicity-seeking wife into the party.

  75. 75
    Head of Central Planning and Public Safety says:

    The EU has got all the money.

    They make all the laws too so no point in turning up for this debate.

    Or the one next week on intercepting phone calls and emails and every website visit made by everyone in Britain.

    What do you mean Germany doesn’t make its comms providers keep the mobile and internet data?

  76. 76
    Angela says:

    Germany doesn’t need to collect all its digital comms traffic. The NSA is collecting it all for them.

  77. 77
    Ed Balls says:

    CCTV surveillance has already gone too far.

    Look, you can’t even bump into someone’s car in the street without ending up being prosecuted for failing to stop.

  78. 78
    Portaloo on a train says:

    Don’t tell lies. There are only THREE Labour members present, only ONE wimmin member on the opposition benches, and she ain’t of your cosmetic make-up.

  79. 79
    Harvey Proctor says:

    Just tie them up, Nigel.

  80. 80
    Lord Leon not of Britain says:

    How many on a busy night? Can you fit a retired EU commissioner in?

  81. 81
    Richard III says:

    Sober up, old boy. And don’t forget, Rutland is bigger than Luxembourg.

  82. 82
    Neil Down says:

    Spot on.

  83. 83
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    I’d like to look at their claims sheets to see if any of them claimed to be there when they weren’t.

  84. 84
    Cynic says:

    Bet they were all just very thirsty

  85. 85
    Corrective measures says:

    It’s “partaking of”.

    No wonder the country is youknowwhatted with people who can’t even speak basic English in charge.

  86. 86

    L is for Labour.
    L is for lice.

    Vote Ukip. Give YOUrself a chance.

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