July 9th, 2014

GUY NEWS: When Harman Said Gordon Wasn’t Sexist

Pressed by Iain Dale last night, Harriet Harman was adamant that she stuck by her accusations of sexism levelled against Gordon Brown:

“I think it is unlikely that if one of the men had won [the Labour deputy leadership] instead of me, that they would not have been made Deputy Prime Minister.”

That’s not what she used to say. When Caroline Flint resigned in 2009, accusing the former Prime Mentalist of treating her like “female window-dressing”, Hattie insisted that allegations of sexism against Gordon were unfounded:

“I can understand the frustration of any woman in politics but it’s not true to say that Gordon Brown doesn’t take women in politics seriously.”

So, was she telling the truth then, or now?


  1. 1
    HenryV says:

    Politicians are like sub-atomic articles always changing their base state and position. You just have to catch them at the right time.

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    • 7
      Prof Higgs says:

      They are like Quantum particles neither idle or busy at least not until you observe them. Then they are generally what we scientists call noncing or stealing.

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      • 57
        Little Black Book says:

        Who ate the PIES?


        • 69
          Harperson Doublethink says:

          Gordon was right to be sexist against Flint but also wrong to be against me.


          • The two Muppets says:

            Harriet Harman is all that is rotten in the Labour Party .


          • Guido has gone Bananas says:

            Since when does the truth matter with the Westminister new sect ever matter


          • former Prime Mentalist? Surely shome mishtake. Maybe he’s not Prime any more.


          • An advert for Islamic marriage before Hattie’s doublespeak. Clearly a case of marry your cousin and Allah will provide sub-normal offspring.


          • Vlad the Loudhailer says:

            I recall Harman saying that Brown was the best Chancellor this country ever had!


          • A1 says:

            Harriet should just get herself a girlfriend and quit whining about men.
            We all suspect the real reason why she is so frustrated.


          • from Daily Mail. website says:

            Jihadi Killers and Mass Suicides. (base level)

            Family matters. Foreign cultures are counter culture.
            the key may be the size of the family that one is born into.
            when the presence of that size of family is not available….

            jihadi killers and euthunasia. (base level)

            support support.

            extended families are coming back. is this the Daily Mail agenda. Does it go against the grain?


          • ZZZ says:

            I wish the ZioLoon Hasbara twots would just eff off and quit their race ist hatemongering on western blogs. Yes, you, Shlomo.


    • 17
      Fishy says:

      Yeah, But Harman is something else. She takes it to another level.

      As the old saying goes, if you’re going to lie and get away with it you have to have a good memory…and be clever.

      Harman fails on both counts.

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      • 47
        HenryV says:

        According to Wikipedia quarks come in 6 different types: up, down, charm, strange, bottom, and top. I wonder how many types of politicians science has discovered?


        • 142
          Foxgoose says:

          Well, we’ve succeeded in identifying the strange & bottom varieties, The charm is proving trickier.


          • A small Tralfamadorian grey says:

            Has it not yet struck you that your scientists are almost as insane as your politicians ?


      • 65
        Just Saying. says:

        “Telling the truth then or now?”
        NEVER is the answer.


      • 68
        constituency trainbound says:

        harriet is a shallow lightweight hypocrite with a breathtaking ability to play miss prim. Quite how or why she became a frontbencher is beyond most of us.


        • 115
          The two Muppets says:

          Harriet Harman is not the sharpest knife in the drawer .


          • The Fatbot School of Dimmyness says:

            Said many times. The point is it’s OK to moan now but six years ago if she was backing McMental with the economy in ruins wtf would she have said and done? fuck all as she has no knowledge, only axes to grind.

            The woman is an embarrassment to her sex. So shut up and get some driving lessons btw.


      • 287
        RichUpNorth says:

        I’ve just worked it out .. Harriet Harman is an anagram of “ugly socialist bitch-pig”.


    • 48
      And Did anyone notice? says:


    • 118
      In the bigger scheme says:

      is butler sloss dated?
      a younger person such as David Owen might be a better all rounder.
      different generations have different views.

      was someone outside the system such as Alan Sugar considered?


    • 138
      Dame Elizabeth Butler Sloss says:

      One understands that Ms Harman is a sad old nonce and one intends to give her a good hard shafting in one’s forthcoming public enquiry.


      • 171
        HenryV says:

        I am naive provincial sort so could be wrong, and I know she is married, but Harriet looks like she could be a little too fond of other gals


  2. 2
    Far Eastern Betting Syndicate says:

    “Hello..Gordon? its Imran…Listenn..you can take off the Yellow Brazil shirt now..
    Put on the orange one ok? The Orange one! Yes…and now shout “Come on Netherlands!”…great ..thanks pal..”


    • 27
      Middle Eastern Betting Syndicate says:

      “Hello..Gordon? its Ahmed…Listen..you can take off the Yellow Brazil shirt now..

      Put on the blue and white stripey one instead..and now shout “Viva Malvinas!”

      …Great ..thanks effendi.


      • 36
        EastEnd Betting Syndicate - Tower Hamlets says:

        “Hello..Gordon? its the Tower Hamlets Taliban…Take off the Yellow Brazil shirt ….football is unclean!

        Do as the religion of calm demands. Or we will stone you to death you racist unbeliever “


    • 58
      Emergency Ward 10 says:

      “Hello..Gordon? its Matron…Take off the Yellow pissed stained top ….Time for your piss stained straitjacket’


  3. 3
    Hattie Hatemen says:

    So, was she telling the truth then, or now

    I was right to lie about Gordon’s sexism then and I was right to …erm..well…Oh forget it!


  4. 4
    Ah! Overspill when water-boarding says:

    Files on UK role in CIA rendition accidentally destroyed, says minister
    Rights groups say FCO claim records of flights in and out of Diego Garcia missing due to water damage ‘smacks of cover-up’. Guardian


    • 9
      Cyril Smith's investigators says:

      We also cover up smacks


    • 18
      Fishy says:

      I wonder if the BBC will report that this refers to 2002.


      • 29
        BBC Red Bottom says:

        That was when John Major came to power wasn’t it?
        We’ll say it was..


      • 33
        Vote Tory, get more unlimited immigration says:

        Maybe, they like to brush through inconvenient dates very quickly, though. The other night, BBC news said “in 2009 the government ordered £20 billion of NHS spending cuts.” They couldn’t quite bring themselves to say which party was in government in 2009, though.


        • 70
          Not the 10 O'clock News. says:

          The best BBC biased statement was the BBC story that the UK supplies chemicals and equipment to Syria that could be used to make Sarin, stating that this was done in the 80’s but also a later shipment in 2003.
          Then a lefty in the Beeb realised that Labour were in POWER in 2003 so the powers in the Beeb dropped this from their statements.


    • 267
      Someone says:

      A lot of those almost certainly went via the smaller Azores airports anyway. Plane spotters have pics.


  5. 5
    So, was she telling the truth then, or now? says:

    As she is Labour, Neither.


    • 51
      poor luv's a woman, what can you expect, especially at that time of the month? says:

      A woman with principles …. one for every occasion.


  6. 6
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Most politicians can’t tell the truth.

    Some politicians can’t tell a lie.

    Harriet can’t tell the fucking difference…


  7. 8

    Mrs. Dromey was right when she said that Gordon took women in politics seriously and right when she said that Gordon didn’t take her seriously as Deputy Leader. One of the few times that Gordon got anything right.


  8. 10
    Ah! think it's true says:

    Both Statements = TRUE

    He took her lack of ability seriously.


  9. 11
    Ed Miliband says:

    She should have apologise then and now.


  10. 13
    Boko Haram says:

    Hey Gordon you wanted to send in the troops to get us, which is fine just don’t send her.


  11. 14
    Harriet says:

    I have reactivated mt Twat Account. Fugly Face.


  12. 15
    Harriet Harman MP says:

    I was right to say Gordon wasn’t sexist back then and I’m right now to call him sexist.


  13. 16
    Two can play at this game says:

    Comment off.


  14. 20

    They just need to evaluate the electorate response before making a decision on which one to back


  15. 21
    Stan Collymore, professionally offended minority says:

    Harman wants a right good kicking. I’ll do it. I promise to only use an open hand though. Then pull her hair and threaten to kill her parents and burn down their house.

    Then I’ll probably go to the park for a spot of dogging.

    I’m depressed, you know.

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  16. 23
    Nice to know you care says:

    Ahhh didums is upset, who cares, she’s the last one who cares about anybody but herself, she’d be better off sitting in one of her houses and knitting a jumper, it would be better than that thing she appears on tv in the house of corruption children’s playtime.


  17. 24
    • 34

      Then stop living in the past and Vote UKIP for a positive future.

      Feel the love – but don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 131

        I think you know what I mean – nothing nasty :-)

        All the advice you need is contained in the lyrics of the song included in the uTube posted above.

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 187
        We're fighting The Establishment while you're kissing their 'arris says:

        I understand the patriotic harmony but where is the glory in supporting a Monarchy that has overseen a lifetime of EU subservience while laying the sword on Sir Jimmy and other assorted deviants ?


        • 193

          I would argue that the UK Crown has been conned by the EU as much as anyone else.

          Park S’avile sentiments – Anyone who seriously believes the disinformatsiya that the Crown condones or is indeed involved in any of that beyond being duped into laying the sword needs to wake up.

          Part of getting UK sovereignty back is about restoring properly the Crown – unless of course the public decide they are up for a republic. Do not see England as a republic any time soon.

          Vote UKIP :-D


        • 215

          Oh – the establishment which UKIP are fighting are not the UK Royal Family.

          The establishment which is scheduled for destruction are the European Crowns – in particular the Habsburg’s – most of the UK ‘political establishment’ and any in Europe who get in the way.

          Not the Queen.

          That hasn’t been properly explained, but it will be soon – I guess.

          Vote UKIP :-D


      • 222
        E-vet says:

        Tremendous video!!

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  18. 25
    The Last Quango in Paris says:

    a bit like when she supported the iraq war and then didn’t.


    • 34
      Vote Tory, get more unlimited immigration says:

      And, she changed her mind not because the Iraq war was the mother of all fuckups, based on lies, and had killed 100,000 to 500,000 civilians, hell no, but for no other reason that the Party had changed leadership.

      Simon Heffer described her volte-face as “Stalinist”, and I think that’s about right.


  19. 26
    Macbeth says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman rightly scorned

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  20. 38
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:

    Hypocrisy and mendacity – it’s in Labour’s D-N-A.


  21. 39
    Peter Tapsell says:

    Will airports now be installing hundreds of free power points to charge up our electronic devices FOR FREE? Bet the fuckers charge!


    • 73
      Sue Denim says:

      If they didn’t charge then they would be pointless.


    • 192
      Free the Heathrow Villages 10,000 says:

      The Chinese, Qatari and Singaporean Governments own Heathrow. Turn up five hours early, spend in our shops and pay £10 per hour on recharging your lap top. Nice earner.


  22. 41
    Fools Gold says:

    Harriet Harman is dangerous. Remember P.I.E? I would not trust that evil bitch to run a tuck shop. Evil Cow!

    The only person Hattie cares about is herself.


  23. 42
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    It’s easy – she was lying both times.


  24. 43
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Isn’t she the person, who when it was announced that the top rate of tax was to be reduced by 5%, said “that money would be lost to the economy”. Didn’t the numpty not understand the basic principles of how money is distributed in a free economy?


    • 54
      Tachybaptus says:

      As Orwell put it,
      ‘To give a single example – The word free still existed in Newspeak, but could only be used in such statements as “The dog is free from lice” or “This field is free from weeds.” It could not be used in its old sense of “politically free” or “intellectually free,” since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed even as concepts, and were therefore of necessity nameless.’


      • 274
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        And ‘free’ is now only allowed to be used in the context of ‘free economy’ – which means the right of those who have the money to piss on those who don’t.


  25. 45
    Alex says:

    Everyone knows they gave Prescott the title to keep him sweet because he was a bit thick but they needed him due to his Old Labour image.

    Apparently Harman is just as thick.


  26. 46
    Fishy says:

    “Earlier this week the Home Office published the final report of an independent investigation into alleged funding of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) in the 1970s. It found no evidence that the Home Office provided direct funding to PIE.

    “The report did identify that the Home Office had provided funding to two organisations with connections to PIE but there was no evidence to conclude that this funding was used indirectly to support the work of PIE.”

    I wonder if one of those organisations was Harman, Dromey, Hewitt’s NCCL?


  27. 50
    Fishy says:

    “Earlier this week the Home Office published the final report of an independent investigation into alleged funding of PIE in the 1970s. It found no evidence that the Home Office provided direct funding to PIE.

    “The report did identify that the Home Office had provided funding to two organisations with connections to PIE but there was no evidence to conclude that this funding was used indirectly to support the work of PIE.”

    I wonder if one of those organisations was Harman, Dromey, Hewitt’s NCCL?


  28. 63

    I’m not sexist. I hate everyone equally.


  29. 64
    Useless Tosser Tessa says:

    Signing things without reading them?
    So, so like me.


    • 129
      Gordon McDoom says:

      When I read the Lisbon Treaty, I chose a number 14 starter, 34 main course, 56 for desert and then signed my choice. Good Menu at the Brussels EU Diner.


  30. 66
    The Beat Goes On. says:

    When Harman appeared delighted with the appointment of Butler-Sloss,alarm bells rang.


    • 71
      The Beat Goes On. says:


  31. 67
    Will she last the inquiry? says:

    She’s 80 years old.


    • 75
      Fishy says:



    • 85
      Cinna says:

      She’ll probably just recycle the Cleveland report. I watched Danzuk being interviewed about her on SKY this morning. The dozy tart kept going on about why shouldn’t BS be in charge. Danzuk gave a couple of reasons, but you could see he was biting his tongue.


    • 93

      My enquiry will have real teeth. It will explore every crevice, get down to the roots and suffer no cheek from anyone. We won’t bite off more than we can chew.


  32. 76
    Kiddie porn and the cabinet minister says:

    The former cabinet minister caught with child porn in the 80s by Customs never faced charges because the government told police to back off. The minister, whose identity still remains a mystery and is only referred to by the baffling and enigmatic initials LB, was caught with a VHS tape containing child abuse in which the minister himself was seen r*ping a boy.


    • 95
      Anonymous says:

      Pretty brazen claim.


    • 125
      Fishy says:

      And your evidence is?

      (Serious question)


    • 158
      Dame Elizabeth Butler Sloss says:

      Following extensive reasarch and stirling efforts from the security services I can reveal the true identity of ‘LB’ to be Nigel Farage. In order to prevent further corruption of the young by Mr Farage I reccommend that pe do filia be made compulsary forthwith.


  33. 77
    The real story says:

    Harriet is laying foundations in preparation for the post 2015 GE failure of Ed Miliband and the back room manoeuvring of Yvette Cooper’s shoo in team.


    • 79
      Nice to know you care says:

      Both of them are poison to the Liebour party.


    • 109
      Harriet Hardman says:

      F*ck off, I’m angling for a Labour win and I get a gig at the Eurotrough as commissioner for b/s and doubletalk


  34. 78
    Nonces should be tortured to death says:

    Since one cannot libel the dead, any truth to the rumours that Ted Heath buggered boys on his yacht and then he and his fellow nonces disposed of them by throwing them overboard?


  35. 80
    Dusty Bin's Champagne Socialism. says:

    Do not vote for Harmful Hattie! She is an evil bitch. Gordon is a Saint compared to the She devil from hell who is pedofile apologist.

    More P.I.E Hattie?


  36. 82
    MILF fancier says:

    Harriet Harman is a liar and a hypocrite like all feminists and most politicians. In an ideal world she and her kind would be rounded up and sent to live in Saudi Arabia. If she and the other Feminazis expect white men to defend her from the upcoming Islamic revolutionaries, she will have a very long wait. I for one will not defend anyone who has spent her entire life calling me scum!!


    • 104
      The British media are cunts says:

      Yes in 1914 Harpic would have been one of Emily Pankhurt’s men hating lesbians going around handing out white feathers to 15 year old boys telling them it was their duty to go and get slaughtered to protect the women of Britain. That doesn’t sound very feminist does it? But as we know, feminists and lesbians look for any way to kill off men, which explains why feminist’s are not interested in equality in the dirty dangerous jobs.


  37. 84
    Val Kyrie says:

    The more I see Cathy “Doris” Newman, the more I think of Teutonic maidens.


    • 130
      Fishy says:

      It’s that self satisfied smirk that she always gives when she’s just delivered a story rubbishing the Tories


  38. 86
    Sally Barecow says:

    I have been a good girl all week.


  39. 88
    nick says:

    Harmon? A complete waste of time and a known PIE groupie>


  40. 90
    GeoffM says:

    She has reached her place in life through money, class privilege and social connections and now she wants to progress further simply because she has a vagina.

    What a tosser!


  41. 92
    Ludvig of Bavaria says:

    God, Harman is one ugly looking cow! How on earth Dromey goes anywhere near her must be one of the mysteries of the universe.


  42. 94
    Nothing related to Harriet Harperson says:


    • 106
      Jimmy says:

      Haven’t seen anyone duffed up this badly by the Germans since the last EU summit.


      • 117
        Stu says:

        At least he tried which is more than that pathetic creature Milliprat would have done.
        Remember that useless piece of shit from Liebour Brown who sneaked off to sign away our sovereignty on the Lisbon treaty.


      • 246
        Gordon's Brown and the entire Labour Party at Lisbon incognito says:

        I sneaked through the back door to do a little tidying up excessive. Actually what I did do was sell the entire British nation down the river.


  43. 96
    Leon England says:

    I love PIE.


  44. 98
    gildedtumbril says:

    If only Harriet Hormone was a woman she might have more sense.


    • 103
      The British media are cunts says:

      I bet Cathy Newman would go down on old Harpic, she probably likes the smell of fish.


  45. 101
    The British media are cunts says:

    Anyone else see the BBC story about the WW1 statue of a soldier? They were interviewing kids who were writing letters to him.

    Notice how when the BBC cover anything to do with our history they ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use white middle class kids from nice schools. The kids today were ALL WHITE, not a headscarf or would be beard in sight.

    Yet normally when the BBC have cameras at a state school it’s always some inner city shite house populated with nothing but Fatima’s and Mohammad’s.

    I wonder if the BBC would like to explain why that is? Why no black or Muslim kids in that story BBC? Perhaps they’d rather spit on the statue instead?


    • 126
      F##k the LibLabCon says:

      I noticed that too and so do many others out there so you’re not alone. I can’t remember who said it but when it comes to the BBC I find this saying quite apt.

      “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”


      • 132
        Taxpayer says:

        When it comes to the BBC I find this saying quite apt:

        “Shower of lefty shit”


        • 221
          táxpáyér says:

          You cannot hope
          to bribe or twist,
          thank God! the
          British journalist.
          But, seeing what
          the man will do
          unbribed, there’s
          no occasion to.

          Humbert Wolfe


    • 141
      Dreary Steeples says:

      Good point


    • 167

      The seven seven memorial was vandalised on the aniversary. Don’t know if the BBC covered it.


  46. 105
    Butler-Gloss thicker than Whitewash says:

    Michael Havers? Nope never met him. Attorney general? What’s that then?


  47. 110
    Stu says:

    Mr Harman wouldn’t know what the truth was if Mrs Dromey was caught watching gay porn.


    • 247
      My second home is a relatives back bedroom says:

      Didn’t put it on expenses though. I mean be fair the guy has principles


  48. 116
    eadav says:

    One of the (many) Good Things about your blog is its relentless application of apparently limitless powers of recall to hoist hypocrites with their own petards. I often wonder how you do it – eidetic memory? Cellar full of index cards? NSA-style database?
    Whichever, thanks and don’t let up.


  49. 121
    pigs in space says:

    A double for the curse of Gordon


    Poor Brazil, poor Socrates …. The never had a chance after that picture


  50. 122
    Scum says:


  51. 123
    'Misandry Sister' says:

    Harman is a first class ‘Misandry Sister’

    ride on, yip yip


  52. 127
    The government of family values says:

    Rather ironic that Maggie said during one conference speech that “Some young people believe they have an inalienable right to be gay” whilst her government was actively protecting ministers, MPs and peers who were buggering and killing little boys. They clearly had the inalienable right to be p*edophiles.

    Not that I’m suggesting she personally knew what was going on. Tim Fortescue knew, the Home Office knew, the CPS knew, Geoffrey Dickens knew, the DPP knew, the Met Police knew, but the Prime Minister absolutely did not know.

    And yes, Labour have their own nonces whom they’re protecting too. Ditto the Lib Dems. It’s all one grubby cesspit. It’s just rather ironic that the ones who’ve spent decades campaigning on a platform of family values and promoting hatred of gays have themselves had a predilection for torturing and r*ping boys.

    Now let’s get back to calling for consenting adult gays to be lynched. They believe they have an inalienable right to exist, when everyone knows that rich middle aged and elderly men buggering care home boys is the only acceptable thing.


    • 150
      Paddy Power says:

      Homosexuality and p*edophilia are inextricably linked. Homosexuals are far more likely to be p*dophiles…fact. Don’t try to score cheap political points on back of the defilement of innocent children.

      You are scum and nothing else.


  53. 128
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Did you all know that Lord Harris has donated £3 million to the Tories? He also runs 27 schools. We’re sure these facts aren’t linked. Cough


  54. 134
    Kitty says:

    The young ones
    Oh how I like the young ones


  55. 136
    Lord Boothby says:

    There are no child abusers in my party. My attendance at Kray house parties was completely innocent. Just because boys aged 10 and under were at these parties is nothing to be alarmed about. My friends and I don’t regard care home children as humans. We regard them as vermin to do with as we pleased. Therefore, when I buggered young boys and had them defecate on me, it wasn’t really abuse because the victims weren’t human, so there was no hypocrisy in me standing up for good traditional family values.


  56. 137
    John Major says:

    It’s time to go back to basics.


    • 154
      Lard Pressclott of Beams, Bellies, Banjos, Bulimia, two bog seats, two Jags & Shags. says:

      It’s time to go back to bog sicks.


  57. 140
    Owen Jones says:

    I had a happy childhood, my Dad would put me inside a tyre and roll me down a hill, they were Goodyears.


    • 159
      Owen Jokes says:

      Tread carefully because we’re getting tyred of all this.

      Just give us a brake.


  58. 143
    The Beat Goes On. says:

    Too right it should. Ed Miliband turned a blind eye .


  59. 153
    Leon Brittan says:

    Burn without reading surely?


  60. 161
    Cabinet minister from the 1980s says:

    What did I do during my visits to Elm Guest House?

    Buggered all.


  61. 162
    Cabinet minister from the 1980s says:

    Working class orphan boys are vermin. We did what we bloody well liked to them. And we’re still getting away with it.


  62. 165
    Nigel Quavers says:

    The owd girl, she’d done ow right by me so she did, but then I am a toss a.


  63. 168
    Mrs Thatcher says:

    My ministers were all decent family men. So what if some of them ràped and tortured children? They were pàedophiles but they were OUR pàedophiles. And at the end of the day, we don’t give a fuck about penniless orphans from care homes. It’s not like they’d vote for us.


    • 179
      Mr Blair says:

      Please don’t forget my pàedophiles that I provided cover for in the aftermath of D u n b l a n e.

      Isn’t that right George?


  64. 169
    pookie snackumberger says:

    Wasn’t there a children’s tv programme called magpie around this time.?


    • 174
      Peter Bottomley says:

      Absolutely not. Just becuase it appeared in the schedules didn’t mean it was on. Likewise just because people saw it doesn’t mean they watched it.

      I’ll sue!


  65. 175
    Dame Butler-Sloss says:

    I wish to assure everyone I will be completely objective and impartial in this inquiry. My special adviser Lord Brittan will help me investigate all the relevant evidence.


  66. 178
    Catholic priest says:

    Well, bugger me!

    As I said to the 9 year old.

    God is love.


  67. 180
    Nigel Quavers says:

    How many rockets tonight around Jesus’ old stomping ground?


  68. 182
    Fashion Night says:

    Kirsty modelling new prison outfits…..for men


  69. 183
    cheche says:

    my local pub was packed with people getting pissed cos they are on strike tomoro


    • 195
      United unisons says:

      So long as they don’t get paid while they are on strike tommorrow then we will all be happy.


  70. 185
    A real ladies man says:


  71. 188
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:



  72. 197
    Ed Miliband says:

    I wish Brazil well in their penalty shootout with Holland.


  73. 198
    This does not affect me says:


    • 217

      There is nothing greedy about keeping the thieving hands of government off your assets ,in fact anybody who pays more tax than they can legally avoid is a damn fool.
      If there is a statist tax lover out there , willing to come to some arrangement with HMRC whereby he pays my tax for me, I would like to hear from him.


      • 223
        táxpáyér says:

        + googleplex

        Government is greedy not earners.


        • 232
          The Voice of Reason says:

          People taking rent off houses given to them by their parents is “earning”??!!!??? How so?


          • Any legal income is ‘earned’, the houses are their assets to use them to their own advantage if there is a rental market .
            Your comment is typical of the jealous socialist attitude , instead of whinging about the success and good fortune of others ,get of your arse and do something about it.


      • 276
        Fog says:

        Size 15 – agree entirely. It’s now taken for granted, by politicians and gullible others, that lots of our money should be handed over to government. Do they not know that taxes originated to fund wars. Nothing much changed except now its to fund wars and the politicians’ vote-catching hand-outs.


  74. 199
    Anonymous says:

    Harriet Harman has taken out a super injunction against being named in conjunction with the PIE. By evidence – any comment with her name and the word PIE, however cunningly disguised as shortcrust pastry, is being utterly annihilated in the Guardian. The Independent meanwhile carries a report on illegal sex in Government and references PIE, linking it with Patricia Hewitt. No mention of Harman or Dromey.

    Why could Harriet have taken such a drastic measure as to slap a super injunction on the press? Oh yes – guilty as fucking sin!


  75. 200
    This does not affect me says:


  76. 201
    This does not affect me either says:


  77. 202
    Say what? says:

    Bull Run Survival Guide Author Gored At Pamplona
    A Chicago man who co-wrote a book called Fiesta: How To Survive The Bulls Of Pamplona is among those injured at the famous event.


  78. 203
    Ed Miliband says:

    Congratulations to Holland on reaching the World Cup final.


  79. 204
    Only Germany can stop them now says:


    • 206

      Sack the fuckers and do a Reagan

      Fuck of Unite


      • 224
        táxpáyér says:

        + googolplex.

        Shrink the extortion funded sector.


        • 233
          The Voice of Reason says:

          You haven’t been paying attention. Most public sector employees’ income has reduced by about 15-20% over the last five years while the real income of those at the top has sky-rocketed. If you loved your country you wouldn’t want this to happen.

          Most of these people work in difficult circumstances – they are social workers dealing with abusers, druggies, the mentally ill, violent offenders and the like or teachers working in highly stressful jobs that very few people can cope with or they do the dirty work of refuse collection, road mending, mortuary attendance and sewage work or they wipe the a*ses of the elderly in care homes or they…well you get the point.

          Any society that just ignores such people and says they will be denied a proper fair share in the national wealth is contemptible.


  80. 207
    Fuck it...I had Holland in the sweepstake says:


    • 253
      Mike L Kane says:

      You were only supposed to blow the bloody wheels off.


      • 284
        Math teacher says:

        If the average public sector works say 225 days PA, the loss of pay per days strike is 0.44% (or say 0.5% after deductions) So for every days strike they would have to get an improved offer of say 0.5% to break even. 3 days strike and the Union has delivered a 0.5% pay cut…but not for the Unions.


  81. 209
    The Andy Burnham Health Plan says:


  82. 209
    Pug says:

    Do they still make those Swiss knives thingys with the attachment that gets vicars out of choirboys?


    • 228
      A verger says:

      I have always found that an ordinary side lever corkscrew does the trick. Besides, the vicar makes an amusing noise when you screw it into him.


  83. 213

    This may in part be connected with some ongoing issues involving German BND as well as the Euro-Judge ruling.

    The agitators behind the strike walkouts also perhaps need to be properly identified: They are very likely foreign in origin – Take your pick of EU or R’ussia.

    Remember: Careless talk can cost lives. Keep ‘em peeled folks.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  84. 216
    Fishy says:

    I’ll try again…

    ‘Emergency Cabinet Big Brother Powers to be brought in to track t’errorists, crooks (and us)’

    Don’t be such a big J’essie, Gweeds. They’re not interested in ‘Us’, they’re interested in what the BBC call those ‘men’. People who want to b’low us k’affirs to smithereens.

    Do I care if the Govt want to legislate*? Not a toss.

    (*The F’roggies have been intercepting in the way Cameron wants and today have discovered an A’lgerian t’errorist plot to blow up the Louvre, The Eifel Tower and one other target in Paris).

    Intercept away, Cameron.


    • 218
      Nice to know you care says:

      Whatever this government wants the answer is still be NO, these tossers in charge and their uncivil servant minions will use it to go fr beyond the safety of the people of this country, we will end up with the 3:00am knock on your door because you stated you didn’t like someone, we are going back to the Liebour lies days, where the watch word was if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear, fck that.


      • 273
        Anonymous says:

        The worry is when the terrorists go quiet. What will they watch then?

        Yes I support it, but I would ensure absolute random oversight by any MP any time.

        Some one must watch the watchers.


  85. 219
  86. 227
    Fabians are Evil says:

    Remember ‘Blair’s Babes’ – Those 101 shallow, thick, bovine lightweights who helped Blair wreck the country?

    A pox on the lot of ‘em


  87. 237
    albacore says:

    Poor old Cast Iron – he was at a loss
    Till his bacon was saved by Butler-Sloss
    Every other candidate was pure dross
    (He knows things like that, because he’s the boss)
    Who else would get nowt but the truth across?
    Or maybe he just couldn’t give a toss


  88. 238
    Weckless and iwwesponsible says:

    the union’s general secretary Christine Blower has said the ballot for strike action today with a 27% turnout of is “perfectly legitimate”.

    “We balloted for discontinuous action with no end date,” she said. “The end date will be when the dispute is resolved.”

    27% FFS!!!

    This is just the military wing of the Labour Party causing trouble because things are going the right way. They cannot stand the fact the coalition got it right and Labour and them got it wrong yet again


    • 242

      The public sector grievance mongers are continuously in dispute , I cannot think of a time throughout my life when this has not been the case. Blower and her ilk have made a career out of it , indeed the ‘dispute’ is their sole means of financial support through the contributions made by the union members , commanding salaries that the same members can only dream of.


      • 254
        Puzzled Pansy says:

        If they don’t like their terms and conditions, WTF did they accept the jobs in the first place? If they still don’t like them, WTF don’t they just efoff and get another job in Dave’s booming economy?


    • 244
      Anonymous says:

      EU Election turn out 34% FFS!


  89. 255
    Owen Jones says:

    Argentina won last night.

    Who do the Nazi war criminals support in the final?


  90. 258
    Prime Minister David Cameron on behalf of the Cabinet of The Conservative led Coalition says:

    Good luck to everyone on strike today.


    • 260
      P l e b says:

      Focusing on the legitimacy of the strike action is a diversionary tactic to avoid addressing the grievances of ordinary working class people that this is a government that doesn’t listen, doesn’t care.
      That has turned the screw down on the people who do the everyday jobs to pay for a recession caused not by spending on schools but by unregulated financial speculation by greedy bankers


  91. 259
    The Cabinet Secretary says:

    Breaking news

    UK Govt to introduce emergency Data Retention & Investigative Agency Powers Bill to allow monitoring of mobile and internet and the never ending inane tweets of Owen Jones.


    • 262
      Owen Jones says:

      Emergency new “terror” powers unveiled today will override euro judges+let MI5 invade everyone’s privacy on internet http://news.sky.com/story/1298294/mi5-allowed-to-track-terror-plots-on-internet


      • 269

        If they can overrule the Eurojudges on this, then why not on other issues ?


      • 270
        Nice to know you care says:

        NO, they tell us time and time again how great they are in detecting all these nasty plots against the people of Britain, how about a law that checks everybody coming into the country and one that throws all illegals out also one I believe they had at one time attempting to stop all people leaving the country or throwing them into jail for wanting to go and fight for another country in an illegal war or guerilla or jihad uprisings, fck the EU protecting us as it’s not working, time to look after each other and laws don’t do that.


        • 275
          Fishy says:

          ‘NO, they tell us time and time again how great they are in detecting all these nasty plots against the people of Britain’

          The anti democratic EU Judges who want to destroy us have stopped Britain and other countries from detecting these plots – it’s not a new initiative it’s something that we’ve always been able to do.

          A new law is needed to sidestep the EU judges – the type of wankers that allow terrorists to remain in Britain because they have a pussy cat and to deport him would affect the cat’s right to a family life.


    • 263
      Fishy says:



    • 277

      If 100 people sent 10 Emails, and the recipients sent 10 Emails to 10 others and so on every day for a few days ,very soon there would be millions of Emails whizzing around, in no time at all in addition to the normal traffic . Let them monitor that lot.


  92. 268
    Incapable Vince, deputy Chief Cockroach says:


  93. 271
  94. 278
    Jeffrey Bernard says:



  95. 283
    Anonymous says:

    “female window-dressing”
    Might cabinet meetings eventually become something like an episode of Loose Women? With plenty of righteous outrage, concerning unfairness in society. But few practical suggestions as to how those wrongs might be righted. Surely merely moaning, without putting forward means, will get the world and us absolutely nowhere.


  96. 285
    Tercentenary says:



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