July 8th, 2014

Senior Welsh Minister Sacked Over Smear Emails
Read Bombshell Emails That Exposed Labour ‘Cabinet’ Member

The one party state of Wales has sacked one of its most senior cabinet members, condemning his “unacceptable” behaviour. Environment minister Alun Davies ordered non-partisan civil servants to use taxpayer-funded resources to dig up dirt on his political opponents. In emails produced here by Guido, Davies told his private secretary to send him details of payments made to the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, leader of the Welsh LibDems and a senior Plaid Cymru politician, in breach of the ministerial code:

The civil servant then emailed the, hilariously titled, ‘Welsh Cabinet Secretary’ to raise concerns that Davies’ request was “for party-political purposes” and that “I do not think it is appropriate”. He goes on to report that despite advising Davies that he was not allowed to release the information, “he has now requested this information verbally again”.

The Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones said Davies’ actions were “poorly judged” and “inappropriate”. And he’s just been fired.


  1. 1
    DtP says:

    Fired! Crikey – bet Andy Burnham’s got a sweat on….


  2. 3
    Labour Lurch to the Left says:

    Labour’s dirty tricks are exposed.

    Will Miliband take action?


    • 13
      RED LEN says:

      I haven’t decided yet.


      • 99
        BBC Lefty Lies Agenda says:

        WE have decided to ignore this issue and will not report it until pressure demands it. If this happens we will have an excuse for our comrade in place, as well as another story against those vile Tories.


    • 96
      The two Muppets says:

      Miliband has not got the guts to take action ,He has to do exactly as he
      is told to by his superiors in the Unite Union . A real puppet .


  3. 5
    táxpáyér says:

    Here’s someone else who’s environmentally concerned.

    Just posting it again as it probably annoys ALL the right people.


  4. 6
    An English lesson for those edjurkaytid by the state says:

    “concerns that Davies’ request”

    “Carwyn Jones said Davies’ actions were”



    • 34
      An English lesson for those who would give an English lesson for those edjurkaytid by the state says:

      Gweeds is innocent.

      Both forms are correct, but Davies’ is probably more appropriate…you wouldn’t, in speech, say Davies-es.

      If he was called Davis, however, Davis’s (Davis-es) would be OK and preferable in speech to Davis’ – which, though, would also be acceptable.


    • 47
      Cambridge says:

      We don’t like the Oxford apostrophe.


  5. 9
    Just ill says:

    A Japanese girl inadvertently did a Sharon stone on me.

    I felt sick.

    Another day my pornhub revealed itself in a public place. I got flustered.

    I am me. I am my father. I am my mother. I am me.

    who is missing?

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  6. 11
    Persona Non Grata says:

    Talk about being late to the party.


  7. 12

    A dodgy Labour politician fired ????

    What the fuck is going on ??


  8. 14
    Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

    Speaking of Wales reminded me of the health system. If the NHS is the envy of the world can someone tell me which world? Dream world? Fantasy World? Disney World?


  9. 15
    Gordon Checks his notes says:


  10. 17
    Comrade Owen Jones says:

    Drink responsibly. Become a troll on right wing political blog sites to excess.


  11. 19
    Kinnochio says:

    Too right Wales is a one-Party State. Despite Labour running Wales since 1999, and Labour running the UK between 1999 and 2010, Wales has slipped down the standards indexes for economic development (got poorer despite a couple of billion in EU aid unlike the overwhelming majority of other EU regions that got similar aid), health care, education and infrastructure. However, we can be told, in Welsh if we request, that our operation has been cancelled or that our Council tax is going up by well over inflation every year (in Labour council areas). Power to the workers! Unfortunately, the only work in Wales now that has future is in the public sector.


  12. 20
    John Davies says:

    Last week, Alun Davies narrowly avoided being fired after breaching the ministerial code for lobbying the Welsh equivalent of the Environment Agency (for which he as Minister is responsible) for a planning application within his constituency to be approved.

    A debate was tabled last week by ALL opposition parties on the decision not to sack him and it was accepted for debate tomorrow in the chamber. He’s now been sacked for a completely different reason a day before that debate.

    Labour in Wales are a complete shambles.


    • 80
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      “Labour in Wales are a complete shambles.”

      Labour are a complete shambles. FIFY


  13. 21
    D Abbott says:

    I was reading that cash is no longer taken on London buses.

    They must have banned black youths from travelling on them.


  14. 23
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Don’t worry bach, there’s plenty more Davies’ where he came from.


  15. 25
    Lord Smith Dick says:

    Sleezball Labourites. Lord Smith Dick should pay attention. Political ramblings from the Environment Agency on his behalf. Just read http://www.insidetheenvironmentagency.co.uk


  16. 27
    What does she mean? says:


  17. 28

    Germany still grumpy about being spied on:



    But seriously: What are they trying to hide ?

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 41
      Persona Non Grata says:

      Maybe this. http://tinyurl.com/kwlvxaw Scary. I fear for any future Grandchildren I may have.


      • 59

        I would be wary of anything from the tap – mostly dis-information.

        Trafficking across Europe is a major problem – G’ermany would prefer to see it shut down as it does require transit across their territory. The central hub remains as ever: H’olland

        R’ussian SVR are very active in H’olland.

        The reasons for the existence of that particular ‘trade’ should perhaps be questioned more closely.

        NB: Demmink.

        Vote UKIP :-D


      • 112

        This is freaking scary especially the video at the end .

        Jeez we are run by perverts as well as gangsters!!!

        Glad I have no progeny and am not long for this world .

        Hell has GOT to be more palatable !!!


  18. 29
    Jimmy Saville says:

    We’ve got nonces running riot all over Westminster and some no-fucker gets the sack for a fucking e-mail!

    I’ve done dead bodies, Cyril has done half the childrens homes and no fucking else did anything!

    What the fuck is going on?


  19. 39
    Neil well alright Kinnock says:

    I taught Alun Davies all he knows.


  20. 48
    Ockham's Razor says:

    Fuck me!

    The sheep in Blaenau Gwent will be running scared now he has nothing left to do…


  21. 49
    Brian J. says:

    Nathan Gill and the rest of UKIP Wales have got to be disappointed. How did they not end up on the enemies list?


  22. 51
    Ah! think says:

    If all MPs were required to deposit a sample of their DNA upon joining Parliament, it would have a significant effect on crime and buggering figures.


    • 60
      House of Ill repute says:

      We usually do leave a small DNA deposit. Right in a tight little crevice *shudder*


    • 103
      Westminister Cleaner says:

      There are a significant number of stray DNA samples all over the place.


  23. 53
    PETA says:

    No sheep were harmed in the making of this story.


  24. 57
    What's Than Then? says:


  25. 63
    Ah! hem says:

    Kim Jong-un is limping.

    God help the woman who kicked him in the crotch.


  26. 67
    Jimmy says:

    Minster misbehaves. Minister gets fired.

    For younger readers, this is how it’s supposed to work.


  27. 68
    Ah! crumbs says:

    ‘Gay cake’ row could end up in court.

    Er, how do you make a cake gay? Does it happen in the oven?


  28. 74
    Our Owen says:

    Forbidden bikinis http://starbltch.co/forbidden-bikinis-1


  29. 77
    Ed Miliband says:

    He deserved it. And he was shite in that Jonathan Creek as well.


  30. 78
    Ah! why should they? says:

    BBC Trust review will not reveal pay of Jeremy Clarkson or other top stars. Guardian.


    • 79
      Two words that should never be together says:

      BBC Trust



      • 83
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Is there not supposed to be an ‘h’ inserted at position two in the second word?


        • 85
          Ah! now then, now then says:

          Enough inserting for today.


          • Ockham's Razor says:

            Speak for yourself, young man.

            In my early days in sales, I was taught that penetration was the name of the game.

            You will have no idea about how much I put in on behalf of the company.


  31. 88
    I Roger Boys MP says:

    Typical brain dead idle fucking labour tosser
    That information is available to anyone on the EU website


  32. 89
    Taffy votes Labour says:

    Ha! Ha!


  33. 95

    “Quick! White wash everything!”


  34. 97
    Remittance Man says:

    Fired for an obvious breach of the rules, or fired because he got caught?


  35. 102
    zitfixer says:

    Have they sacked mc ruin yet?


  36. 104
    News International says:

    Stitch up in the rigged second round election in Afghanistan, and guess what, Obama now threatens the losing incumbent to not do anything, and gets puppy dog Hague to do the same.
    Can we now take it that the Obama administration’s policy is to export and support corruption in Afghanistan, especially following their own IRS Lerner corruption scandal that would not be acceptable in a third world country?


  37. 105

    Reblogged this on Reblogged Blogs and commented:
    Corruption everywhere! It needs stopping! It’s getting so dangerous!


  38. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Why is the “hilariously titled, ‘Welsh Cabinet Secretary’” so funny?


  39. 116
    Taffy Jones says:

    See the Welsh Assembly First Minister put his foot in it @ 15.20.


    A first class Welsh clown.

    The rest of it’s worth a watch to see how your Barnet money is being wasted. Half of it is in some weird language that just a few can understand.


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