July 7th, 2014

Old Etonian Who Brought Cam and Clegg Together Leaves No.10

When Nick Clegg went on Desert Island Discs after the election, he told the tale that when he was considering joining David Cameron in a coalition government, he texted a mutual friend and asked him, “Can I trust this guy?”

As Guido revealed for the first time in the Sun on Sunday yesterday, the friend who told him “yes” was Tim Luke. The Old Etonian who vouched for David Cameron is in a way responsible for bringing this coalition government together. Luke’s previous claim to fame was hitting the headlines for walking in front of the camera while James Corden was presenting the Brit Awards.

The PM later appointed him to No.10’s policy unit. Could Tim’s leaving party next week – he’s off back to Barclays investment bank – be a sign the coalition is beginning to prepare for the end?


  1. 1
    Pascal Chimbonda's Fishmonger says:

    What a non-entity.

    What next, is there a new cleaner in 11 Downing Street? Has the Home Office got a new security guard? Is there a change of staff in the Treasury canteen?


  2. 3

    Another reminder that it is not what you know. its who you know!


  3. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps he’s just anxious to work for another straight talking honest outfit.


  4. 6
    Anonymous says:

    If your an old etonian you can do what you like, when you like, where you like.


  5. 7

    When he told Mr Clegg that Dave could be trusted, was he lying or a bad judge of character?


  6. 9
    See All Hear All says:

    Meanwhile UKIP/M5S etc group have been denied chairmanship of the EU Petitions Committee, which was theirs by “right” under the rules, due to a secret arrangement by the three largest (pro EU) groups.
    Another example of the lack of democracy at this dictatorship.
    OUT NOW.


  7. 14
    Nikk Clogg says:

    “Can this guy trust me?” Absolutely not.


  8. 16
    Fatso Corden the two faced leech says:

    The voters are ultimately responsible for a Coalition Government. Just do not do it again! {sighs}


  9. 18
    Mish Moneypenny says:

    He looks like Sean Bean!


  10. 22
    cured lefty says:

    I personally don’t know this guy , tbh I could not give any less of a monkeys fuck about him than say a monkey and im sure the feeling is reciprocated .
    government seems to consist of the incumbent Pm sitting behind the door of no 10 waiting for the political version of merlin to knock .


  11. 25
    talentless twat watch says:

    I wish James Corden would walk in front of a bus.


  12. 36
    nell says:

    Is the coalition coming to an end? OMG I really hope so – although them the credit their due – it’s been a vastly better government than the previous 13 years of labour terror!!!


  13. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Of course a LibDem could trust Dave; they are the same!

    Now if the question had been ” can the voters trust these tow together”, the answer might have been very different.


  14. 38
    Anonymous says:

    The other possibility is that Luke was merely a functionary for a very much more important person who really shouldn’t be messing about in these waters.


  15. 39
    Anonymous says:

    “Can I trust this guy?”
    Q: Is he a career politician?
    A(a): Yes…
    Then his word isn’t worth the paper it’s unlikely to be inscribed on. (NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN WRITING, AND WHERE POSSIBLE GET GOOGLE TO AIRBRUSH OUT PAST INDISCRESIONS).
    A(b): No…
    Then have a care. Because before you know it, he may be allowing the people to determine their own fate through the referendum ballot box. Rather than allowing the civil service to exert the principle of divine rule, over the party system’s divine right to rule.


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