July 7th, 2014

Gordon’s Scotland Book Selling As Normal


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    What if I threw in a free bar of gold?


    • 5

      Il give you a blowie for it


      • 9
        Anonymous says:

        How come no comments are allowed on Rich’s cartoon? Too shit?


        • 13
          Django's Flying Circus says:

          Is there some hidden meaning to the cartoon that our esteemed publisher and editor is hinting at? Nudge nudge wink wink say no more!


          • Admiral D Notice says:

            Think you’ll find he’s had his T crossed by the Main Fleet and been shown the power of the state to close him down if he goes round letting the tin foil hat brigade post peeedo rumours with names.


          • Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

            I don’t know about hidden meanings, but the thought of Ken Livingston and Sideshow Bob in the Home Office worries me…


          • angieteuton says:

            Your site is fiched –as we say in german — once again Guido.

            It does not let me Like Admiral D s reply at 13 .

            When I press the Like click it goes into a tailspin giving me my desktop site about 15 times which I do not require and have not requested !!

            Futher, it has been HIGHLY unstable all day yesterday and today and your spellchecker is off.

            I am accessing from an Apple ipad .

            Plesse deal


        • 23
          Sue the Blogger says:

          Nay do wells. Leaving names and giving Guido a moderating headache?


        • 29
          Lucky for some says:

          I wanted to leave a “no comment” but I was not allowed.


        • 59
          Jack Ketch says:

          Comments are off today under columns and websites all over the place. The theme of many articles is the possibility that an “Establishment” cover-up took place with the press looking the other way and stifling debate. Ironic, what?


      • 73
        Health warning says:

        Do not throw Nokias. It is dangerous.


    • 7
      Scotch On the Rocks says:

      For a politician campaigning for Scotland to remain in the Union, why does the cover of his new book have a graphic showing Scotland leaving?


    • 22
      Mark says:

      That toe-rag Rich still hasn’t given me back my Dolly Parton DvDs.


    • 85
      The only Country in Europe not to have its own paliament is England says:

      Say’s it all Great Britain with Jockland, Britain England and Wales, The Bastard want’s the cake and eat it(Best of Both) just like his jock mate Cameron.


    • 96
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Perhaps Mr Brown would be better employed doing what he is currently paid for – that is representing his constituents in parliament.

      Socialism is a mental disorder and the Labour Party is the asylum.


  2. 2
    Mornington Crescent says:

    The can give Scotchland away with ‘em.


  3. 3
    Get Rid of Scotland says:

    England needs to be free of Scotland and its culture of entitlement and sponging.

    Gordon Brown is the perfect example, swanning into Westminster once in a blue moon to collect his juicy salary and expenses but never contributing anything.


    • 14
      +1000 says:



    • 47
      The Growler says:

      There are a lot of Tory MPs who are Scots born should they good back as well as Gordon?


    • 105
      ElaineS says:

      Wow! You reallly are dumb aren’t you! I think if you took your eyes of this website and actually read the facts ( http://www.businessforscotland.co.uk ) you’ll see we have never,ever been spongers but I prefer we vote Yes then you will really find out the hard way who has all the wealth. Check out the latest Clair Platform massive oil find off the Shetlands that your UKGov PM thought he could hide from us. We’ll be the ones laughing at all you folk that has called us spongers for years and I bet eagle eyes Fawkes knows exactly who has been the net contributor to Westminster!


  4. 4

    Who would read that awful book?


    • 11
      Anonymous says:

      the same people that read b’liar’s book perhaps


    • 18
      Mr Convincing says:

      Gordon doesn’t want you to read it…just to buy it.
      It’s the right thing to do..


      • 24
        Bog Paper says:

        I can think of a use for it, but, it wouldn’t involve reading.


        • 31
          Owen Jones,Anal creampie says:

          Bog paper is cheaper to buy than a book and barbeque lighters aren’t that expensive either.So this book is as worthless as the prick who wrote it.


      • 87
        Pill for Gormless he has a headache Nursey says:

        Moore like Mein Kompf


    • 56
      The Growler says:

      Politicians autobiograhies tend to portray themselves as the one genius in a sea of muppets, how boring. I haven’t got any politicians books on my selves, oh just just a minute I have one Parliantary Sauce which I bought second hand.


  5. 6

    On Amazon, they’re being offered at £4.99, a third of the cover price. Hurry and order yours before they’re all gone! I’m generally against book burning, but in this case…….


  6. 8
    Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

    The YES campaign in Scotland just need to bang on, day in day out, between now and September, that an independent Scotland will never have to suffer rule by a Tory government from London (Thatcher 80s,Cameron today) that a majority of Scots didn’t vote for and they’ll win the referendum with a landslide.

    The NO camp can’t promise no more Tory rule for Scotland, only the YES to independence camp can.



    • 12

      Yes to Independence means no more Labour rule in the rest of the UK. the working part of the country loses the benefits capital of Europe and the possibility of Milliband in Downing St. win-win.


    • 20
      Bosun Higgs says:

      Scotland, soon to be western Europe’s Moldova.


      • 33
        Ockham's Razor says:

        Sorry but you are being too nice.

        Britain is already western Europe’s Moldova in a number of respects!

        Scotland will become even worse: Transnistria…


  7. 10
    Anonymous says:

    It must be a slow day for news with anything being pulled in to fill the breach. The sign clearly points to the book above. Gordon’s hardly an ‘airport exclusive’.


  8. 15
    Wet behind the Ears Telegraph Politics says:

    The Telegraph have a new boy and I mean boy in the age sense doing their politics. He has just written a silly article which Geedo has linked to.

    “Whatever happened to Nigel Farage?”

    Well Stephen Bush should do just a little research before making a fool of himself in his first job out of school.

    Because Farage wrote last Month:

    “But given that this is a World Cup year, I must acknowledge that for the next few weeks the performance of the England team in Brazil may have a bigger impact on the national psyche than what UKIP has to say about things like which arch-federalist is being lined up to be president of the European Commission.

    That doesn’t mean we in UKIP will be taking it easy, but it does mean we have the opportunity to plan for the future.”


    Well that is your answer Stephen. It’s not difficult if you just put a tiny bit of effort in.

    Bring Back Brogan


    • 88
      Village Idiot says:

      The simple knowledge that UKIP exist, and I can vote for “Like-minded” candidates, has acted like a Pressure Reducing Valve, and been good for my health! Onwards and upwards, quietly!!!….shhhhh, May 2015 will arrive soon enough!


  9. 16
    Lines written in 2016 says:

    Would eat no fat
    But Ed would eat no lean
    And so, between the two of them,
    They picked the public clean.


  10. 17

    I’d need to be taking a trip to Mars before I’d consider that book.


  11. 19

    Buy one get one half price?
    How useful.


  12. 21
    Get Digging says:

    Booby-trapped caches of weapons are probably still hidden around Britain after being concealed during the Cold War by Soviet agents preparing for conflict,



    • 68
      Jack Ketch says:

      We should be more worried about the missing RA-115 soviet “suitcase” nukes that were planted in Western countries and never accounted for after the end of the Cold War. They may not be able to be used without re-charging the lithium initiator, but they are out there, somewhere.


    • 70
      Fishy says:

      The Russian Spy mentioned, Melita Norwood, is considered to be more important than first thought.

      A member of the Communist Party she spied for the USSR for 40 years passing on vital secrets. When she was ‘outed’ in 1999, the Home Secretary of the time said that a prosecution would not have been in the public interest.

      The Home Secretary that made that decision was Jack Straw…someone who rose to power in student politics through the Communists.


  13. 26
    Monday's child says:

    “Oh woe is me”

    Comments off on order-order.

    Clearly this is now mainstream media


    • 35
      The two Muppets says:

      It looks a though “Hacked Off ” have got their way .


      • 77
        A man formerly dressed in a turquoise shellsuit says:

        Give me your real name. I want to spread rumours about you all over the internet.


    • 38
      The Pirate Blogger turns Mainstream says:

      Tis odd. He even told Lord Justice Leveson that he was outside of UK law by keeping his servers off shore.

      All good things come to an ends though. The same happened to Radio Caroline and its staff became radio 1.


      • 53
        Selohesra says:

        Also if someone really wanted to post libelous comment could they not just use this thread instead?


  14. 27
    Ed Miliband says:

    Nick park has already done my autobiography


  15. 28
    7/7 Passes says:

    It is 7/7 today

    Is it some PC community relations thing that the Elite will not commemorate it?


    • 40
      the management says:

      no because that would acknowledge there is a huge problem with the whole multicultural experiment, and we don’t want to draw attention to something we can’t fix


      • 75
        Dr Death says:

        See March For Englands facebook page..Some people know how to show respect,there at the start, there at the end..


  16. 34
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    First prize; a copy of My Scotland Our Britain
    Second prize; 2 copies of My Scotland Our Britain
    Third Prize: 3 copies of My Scotland Our Britain


  17. 39
    The Labour Party PR answering machine, from now until May 2015 says:

    These are extremely serious allegations… Judge-led inquiry… lessons must be learned…

    Wha’?… nothing to do with us… always followed the correct procedures… must look at the 1980s only… very serious allegations… the Home Secretary must act… Why was nothing done?…


  18. 41
    Dave to Shoot Messenger says:

    So the Inquisition that Dave is setting up is to investigate the messenger for losing the message.

    A fat lot of good that is then.


  19. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Good old Beeb. Couldn’t believe my ears this morning. Radio 5 interviewed a Scottish woman this morning who is in favour of independence. What she said about the English was nothing short of racist. How do I complain!!


    • 46
      What is needed is a full independent inquiry into the English disease says:

      Oh boo hoo I take it you have never read the racist comments on here aimed at the Scots ?


    • 47
      Speak Crime is ridiculous says:

      Why do you want to complain, don’t you believe in free speech?

      If the lady feels that way then she should be allowed to say so. Forcing people to bottle things up only causes more trouble when it is released under pressure.


      • 93
        Thought Chryme says:

        Until all are able to speak freely, all should be subject to the same standards.


    • 49
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Chuck away your telly. Stop paying your TV Licence. Do something more interesting instead.

      Starve the beast.


  20. 44
    Just as well he has never worked in PR says:

    As with phone ‘hacking’ & Leveson even though these alleged matters occurred before Daves tenure in Downing Street, any enquiry into historic sex abuse will leave Dave covered in shit at the end.


    • 66
      yet another issue Labour conveniently ignored says:

      Labour had 13 long years to investigate this scandal.


      • 82
        Just as well he never worked in PR says:

        I know but Dave is so cack handed he will end up being associated with this scandal. Thats what happened at Leveson.


  21. 45
    Labour Strategy meeting says:

    Ed M. so whats the plan this week, shall we bang on about how the tories will sell off the NHS again?
    Axelgrease. Ok doesn’t matter what you do, but don’t reference the strike coming up and definitely don’t mention why we don’t trust the public to have a referendum


  22. 50
    Unbalanced Views says:

    I can’t wait till the dead weight of Jockdom is lifted from the shoulders of Englishmen – They’ll be bankrupt in a fortnight and expect the rest of the UK to bail them out no doubt.


  23. 51
    Aaron D Highside says:

    Should read: Buy one at any price, get certified.


  24. 54
    Too true. Teachers should train when their pupils are away says:


    • 67
      Who's She? Google says:

      “Katie Olivia Hopkins (born 13 February 1975 in Barnstaple, Devon) is a tabloid newspaper columnist and former British reality television contestant. She appeared on TV reality programme The Apprentice … She also took part in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! on ITV”

      And, err … That’s it.


      • 78
        well says:

        I don’t know half the people in the public eye.
        Probably because I don’t watch reality tv crap
        or use twitter.I’m not interested in the minutiae
        of wannabees.
        But like her or loath her- many taxpayers would
        probably agree with the above sentiments.


      • 83
        Our survey said..... says:

        Katie Hopkins = Professional Troll


      • 84
        Wiki says:

        Maybe she’s a bit smarter than you give her credit for…

        “After A-levels she studied economics at the University of Exeter, sponsored by the Intelligence Corps. Hopkins went on to Sandhurst, but was discharged due to epilepsy shortly before completing her military training.”


  25. 61
    Lord Britain The Lion! says:

    I naturally cannot comment for legal reasons. Let me lay on record though I was not wherever they claim I was at the time they claim I was there, and have no memory of what I didn’t or did not definitely not do, whatever that was!


    • 95
      Mr Injustice Pervert! says:

      There will be a full enquiry – led by a panel of expert ex respectable BBC DJ’s and myself. We will let you know whatever definitely did not happen!

      We also guarantee you a written report. It will be stored on a shelf next to the Shredder and be subject to many redactions to protect the guilty!


  26. 62
    George Galloway says:

    I am looking for a similar list of Palestinian bloggers who condemned the murders of Eyal, Naftali and Gilad. Can anyone help?


  27. 64
    Esther's Helpful Discharge says:

    My Beard – I’m Weird.


  28. 65
    Rubbish. says:

    So funds have suddenly become available to certain area’s in England , May 2015 must be getting closer and giving taxes back to us trash, well throwing it at the local Liebour authorities where it will be pissed up the wall on nothing, getting this money from a benevolent government is nothing to do with voting, is it?.


    • 81
      NE Frontiersman says:

      My borough, which has lost or stolen tens of millions of funds in the last few years, has just been awarded a further £30 million by Boris to turn the place into a ‘mini-Holland’, or cyclists’ paradise.
      Perhaps he thinks that this will fend off the Green threat to the Tory strongholds of Walthamstow and Leyton.
      Or something.


  29. 89
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    If they were giving them away free I still wouldn’t get one.


  30. 92
    Retail Therapist says:

    Pay full price for a book you don’t want and get another one of the same at half price.

    If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is.


  31. 98
    Anonymous says:

    Cheap I pads and phones now available. Contact security at Thiefrow airport.


  32. 100
  33. 102
    Wanda Noe says:

    Are they half price because the free packs of crayons have fallen off the front?


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