July 5th, 2014

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    By Shilly

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: Two vast and hunkless Eds of stone
    Stand in the desart. Near them, on the sand,
    Half shrunk, a shatter’d visage lies, whose frown
    And bacon wrap, and sheets of odd demands
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamp’d on these lifeless things,
    The hand that crocked them and the heart that fled.
    And on the pedestal these words appear:

    “My name is EdyMilibandias, thting of thtings:
    Look on my workths, ye Mighty, and dethspair!”

    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.

    Nova Glirastes


    • 2
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I feel sorry for Rolf Harris. I knew him when I worked at the BBC as a director of the Daytime Club, as I did Jimmy Savile; see under heading ‘Early Life’ in my Wikipedia entry below:


      Of course the moment the Savile scandal broke, I immediately removed any reference that I had worked for the BBC from my online Curriculm Vitae on my website. Boaz.


      • 3
        Cold sweat says:

        Mencap too?

        Fkn l


        • 11
          The tit with the piss-poor judgment in no. 10 says:

          I am a great supporter of the BBC. The best place for the likes of Savile, Harris and Handycock was always in an institution.


          • DK says:

            On R4 Toady , Coulson is continuously referred to as David Cameron’s or Downing St employee! Rolf Harris is mentioned as a TV presenter, not a BBC presenter!! cnuts


      • 6

        Is there any significance in the fact that Handycock was preceded in his Portsmouth South constituency by a Tory MP rejoicing in the name of Boner Pink?

        Or is that just an odd coincidence of life?


        • 9
          I'm sorry but I'll have to say it again says:

          The clue is so often in the name.


        • 80
          Eamon Holmes says:

          There is probably significance that Hancock’s predecessor the Tory MP, Ralph Bonner Pink, was a paedophile who sexually abused his adopted daughter (she has written a book about it). When she complained about his behaviour, he had her incarcerated in Broadmoor where the poor girl was further sexually abused by Savile. Portsmouth is well known for political paedophilia, a former Leader of the Council was jailed for kiddie fiddling. Bonner Pink’s daughter has since had a sex change and now goes under the name of Steven George and currently lives in Portsmouth. Mr George has appeared on a number of occasions on SKY News verifying all of the above.


        • 136
          Bitter Pensioner says:

          S-C . You are referring to Sir Ralph BoNNer Pink, Conservative Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South. I voted for him in 1966 when I was an impressionable 21 year-old. I have never voted in any GE since.

          He was a perfect gent with impeccable manners and well shined shoes. Also representing Portsmouth, was a Labour contemporary called Frank Judd who had appallingly bad teeth.

          Golden days!


          • It is a frivolous day for me. The week has been rather heavy, hasn’t it? My misreading was quite deliberate and mischievous. :-)

            But I don’t do mischief just for fun, at least not over matters like this. Even forbore from making remarks about Pompey being stuffed with seamen. You will have heard that thousands of times before anyway!

            Many of our earlier impressions, gathered in a more innocent age, have turned out to be illusions. Not all, I would hasten to add! But far too many for comfort.

            I am reminded that the diminutive Jerry with a ‘tache had well shined shoes.

            Still, I prefer to tread the Aristotelian mean and consider everything on its merits. When it gets to political parties, we are entitled to hold them to much higher standards as we are paying the bill for their profligacy.


          • It is a frivolous day for me. The week has been rather heavy, hasn’t it? My misreading was quite deliberate and mischievous. :-)

            But I don’t do mischief just for fun, at least not over matters like this. Even forbore from making remarks about Pompey being stuffed with s’eamen. You will have heard that thousands of times before anyway!

            Many of our earlier impressions, gathered in a more innocent age, have turned out to be illusions. Not all, I would hasten to add! But far too many for comfort.

            I am reminded that the diminutive Jerry with a ‘tache had well shined shoes.

            Still, I prefer to tread the Aristotelian mean and consider everything on its merits. When it gets to political parties, we are entitled to hold them to much higher standards because we are paying the bill for their profligacy.


        • 139
          Pompey Scum says:

          No, you mean Sir Ralph BoNNer Pink, Conservative MP for Portsmouth South.

          PS Are you more dead than alive?


      • 12
        ERIC PICKLES says:

        I believe you also have a large collection of Garry Glitter seven inchers


      • 33
        Mike Hardcock says:

        LibDems: not just weirdie beardies wearing multi-coloured cardigans: we’re dodgy people too.


    • 44
      Chuka does Witchcraft? says:


  2. 4
    albacore says:

    It appears that those who control our fate
    Will now sacrifice the good and the great
    If it gets our enrichers off the hook
    When, at last, abusers are brought to book



  3. 5

    I’m so proud that I helped found UKIP, the party that stands up for the British people, that I boast about it at every opportunity.

    I’m so proud that I have been chosen by the LIBLABCON/EUSSR/BBC/UNION/COMMON PURPOSE/MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION party to try and defeat UKIP, and rub the noses of the British people in the shit.

    Is he related to posh girl Harm man by any chance?


  4. 7
    Psychotic, champagne socialist, pedophile, necrophiliac, violent, BBC light entertainment star says:

    When is that fucking EU fanatic, expenses gorging, political colossus, ‘Fraud Farage’ going to stop being a cowardly little turd and put his name to a GE2015 seat??

    Even a cu’nt gobshite like Salmond had the guts to put his reputation on the line with his attempt to convince the scrounging scotch fucks to begin feeding on the dripping EU money teat, as opposed to England’s money teat.


  5. 10
    A Friend says:

    To whom it may concern.

    Clicked on the Comment of the Day (excellent and deserved BTW!) link in order to better appreciate the context in which it was made.

    Immediately got a pop-up window, which my various Firefox Add-ons zapped, but which then came back in an unending cycle until I closed the window I had just opened.

    This happened once before (without my realising the source) and I had to do a full anti-virus check, Spybot check and Spyware Blaster update to ensure I had not intercepted a real nasty.

    Respectfully suggest that the coding might be looked at for some finessing.


  6. 15
    ERIC PICKLES says:

    A Sky news study reveals , that MP’s hardly ever answer a question put to them
    like “what happened to the peado dossier Mr Britain” ?
    So it just confirms what we already know
    Lying , cheating , thieving conning bastards


    • 24
      UKIP the voice of reason says:

      Perverts and criminals were perfect material for the establishment security services to control. A former PM rumoured to have been supplied with orphan children to abuse on his private sailing boat who would then be tossed overboard never to be seen again, the establishment has a lot to answer for.


      • 58
        What dossier ? says:

        Which country controlled the Establishment security services ?


      • 112
        The two Muppets says:

        Maybe you should impart all this information you have to the police .


      • 154
        John Bellingham says:

        Norman Tebbit made a guarded reference to the children’s homes in Islington in yesterday’s DT. He suggested that is was common belief that after much child abuse was discovered and covered up, the guilty were sent away with glowing references so as not to “smear” the council. He was too well mannered to mention who was on and controlled the council at the time. (Clue: rhymes with Margaret Dodge). Posting a tell-all web address here will result in it being modbotted so do a google search for “Islington children’s home abuse scandal” for more info.


  7. 17
    The Diddy Men says:

    Rolf debased us.


  8. 25
    Ah! justice says:

    Warders insist that Harris removes the portrait of the Queen from the cell wall.


  9. 36
    Jean Claude Drunkard says:


  10. 38
    Sometimes being an MP means mixing with Trash says:


  11. 42
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    A brilliant piece from Breitbart and shows the warped priorities of our white liberal elite. Where were the labour sister hood when all this was going on.

    And we have Jo Swinson wittering on about not being able to feed her child in the HoC – the white liberal is becoming more irrelevant as each day goes by



    • 59
      Do we even know what proportion means? says:

      Certainly not to condone, but the only physical harm Rolf did was to lick one (in one of the offences). Cost of investigation and trial: millions – Reports in the press: wall-to-wall coverage.

      These fuckers slice them right off by the dozen, or hundred (who knows or even cares?), and then walk away Scot free. Cost of investigation and trial: zilch because it doesn’t happen! Reports in the press: zilch! (except Breitbart – for which kudos.)


  12. 45
    • 79
      Fred the pensioner says:

      Presumably these women must know how to knit, crotchet and do crossword puzzles while they listen to the menfolk discussing matters of the highest importance to the State?


  13. 48
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    What are our white liberal elite doing about forced marriages.

    What are the NUT and local councils doing about the hundreds of Asian girls who go missing from the school rolls each year

    Come on white liberal sister hood where are you. Blears, Harman, Flint, Swinson, Teather, Eagles sisters, Hewitt.

    Try to imagine the fear in a young girl on her wedding night being married to a middle aged man she has never met.

    All in the name of cultural diversity


    • 57
      Joe Public says:

      Do they have forced bumsex marriages as well? Why not?

      They’re fully equal in the U.K. now. Gay Dave’s big achievement and legacy.


    • 69

      Why should we give a dam what they do to each other, as long as the ‘middle aged man’ doesn’t turn up here after a few months claiming spousal rights or some such nonsense , if he is resident here he should face immediate deportation, along with the girls family.
      The white liberal elite certainly did not give a stuff when the muslims were abusing young English girls [they’e white they don’t matter] with the full connivence of the police and Labour local authorities , so it is hard to imagine them caring too much about young muslim girls , especially if ‘community cohesion’ as Greater Manchester Police described it is threatened.


  14. 50
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    Great fun on the ward last night.

    I won a prize for best farmyard animal noise – big silly moo-cow going in slurry pit!


  15. 53
    Clink says:

    Sky news- reports of a large car bomb explosion in Mogadishu next to the presidential palace

    Probably done a few quids worth of damage and just moved existing rubble from one side of the street to the other


  16. 61
  17. 66
    Sir Humphrey says:

    Prime Minister.

    Here is your answer.

    The destruction of dossier and similar evidence about kweer peedo politicians is normal practice to protect corrupt hypocritical bastards in Westminster, as instructed by yourselves.


  18. 71
    Nando says:

    Finger Licking Good (Not)



  19. 72
    All In It Together. says:

    Tory MP allegedly found with child abuse images in 1980s faced no charges, police told http://wp.me/P2gE9F-fTR

    Evil bastards, all of them.


  20. 74

    A busy week for celebrity jailers and high cost lawyers


  21. 86
    A Nightmare in Elm Guest House says:

    Morning Tories. So which of you were named in the missing dossier? Come on, we all know about the sordid political world and the nonces in all the parties, except that I only ever see outrage here about Labour and Lib Dem nonces and not Tory. A bit too close to home for some righties? Did some of you attend Elm Guest House parties along with Leon, Harvey, Sir Cliff and various others? Any of you members of the Spartacus Club in the 80s?

    Labour aren’t innocent in this. Blair’s D notice protects his kiddie fiddling friends and former cabinet members and Tom Watson’s been a hypocritical c-unt who’s stayed silent over Operation Ore.

    But what about the Tory MP who was caught with child porn in the 80s and no charges were brought because the government told the police to back off and destroyed the evidence? And all the other Tory pedalos who’ve escaped justice because of their powerful friends?


    • 101
      UKIP voter says:

      I pray that no UKIP members are scum enough to indulge in this behaviour.
      If one is found however it would do the party no harm at all if the individual was marched to the nearest Police station by his (nuts) local supporters.


  22. 87
    Derry Cocksporn (LibDem) says:


  23. 89
    Leon Brighttan says:

    Boys boys boys
    I’m looking for a good time


    • 91
      Nice one, Cyril says:

      Cooeeee !!!


      • 106
        ERIC PICKLES says:

        Didn’t Bliar use a “D” notice to suppress a similar dossier of government peados linked to the Dunblane shootings ?


    • 143

      Is this the same Leon Brittan who abruptly dumped his loyal wife of many years to shack up with his secretary who, inconveniently, was married to someone else? Oddly, he got away with it, while others such as David Mellor and Cecil Parkinson were hounded, ridiculed and lied about by the press. Mr Brittan does seem to have charmed the ladies and gentlemen of Fleet Street somehow.


  24. 94
    Harvey Proctologist says:

    Boys boys boys
    I’m looking for a good time


  25. 95
    No coincidence says:

    What would have been making headlines if the BBC hadn’t decided to ‘out’ Jimmy Savile?
    ‘out’ at a moment of their choosing which as it turned out they fucked up because ITV wanted to tell the Savile story now not use it as a deflection piece later as the BBC appeared to want to do.
    What else was going on at that time?
    Muslim rape and grooming gangs all targeting victims based on race and religion.


  26. 97
    Lord McAlpine says:

    Give me the child at 7 and I’ll show you the man…

    …who’ll molest him and bury him alive while having it all filmed on video.


  27. 100
    Sir Bufton-Tufton KBE says:

    Just called the police after the stable-boy told me he’d been busy grooming


  28. 110
    John Prescott says:

    My farts are mighty and meaty.


  29. 111
    Miranda Blair says:

    I like cottaging cheese.


  30. 113
    Cliff Dickhead says:

    Just call me Kitty. That was my nickname at Elm House.


  31. 114
  32. 118
    Elm diseased says:

    Why has no reporter ever directly asked Leon Brittan why his name was on the register of visitors to Elm Guest House? And did he get the “10% discount” that was given to members of the notorious Spartacus Club? And why has no reporter ever asked Hague about the 6am meeting on a beach in Brighton that led to Brittan leaving the UK for Brussels?


    • 125
      move on nothing to see here says:

      An MSM reporter asking real questions? You must be fucking joking!


      • 131
        A Vote for UKIP is a Vote for Labour says:

        Perhaps because there are more skeletons in the closet of the BBC than there are in those of Labour, Tories and Lib Dems combined…?


      • 151
        Idon'tneednodoctor says:

        Maybe the media and police were just as involved. Why stop at celebrities and MP’s?


    • 130
      Dark Forces of which we know little says:

      Shoot the mad dog!


  33. 138
    Chuka-bay says:

    Royal Wichita Porcelain Large Egg Coddler, farmhouse pattern, slightly crazed, £4 plus £3.50 postage.


  34. 157
    Anonymous says:


  35. 158
    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:


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