July 3rd, 2014

WATCH: Osborne Struggles With 7 Times Tables

George Osborne has been grilled by a group of schoolchildren for Sky News, with one budding Adam Boulton asking the Chancellor whether he can tell him what 7×8 is…

…A question Osborne elected to dodge…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:


  2. 2
    age 13 and a half says:

    How many p*edo files have been lost George?

  3. 3
  4. 4
    Boot out the Conservative led coalition in 2015 says:

    “The most united Labour party in a generation” – Prime Minister David Cameron denies divisions within Labour in approach to business.

    Hear ! Hear !

  5. 5
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    Easy, the answer is 97. Next ?

  6. 6
    Realist says:

    7×7 is 49 add 7 is 56. Can I be Chancellor of the Exchequer now? No? Then why does the question matter?

  7. 7
    Hattie PIE Harmong says:


  8. 8
    Oh deary me! says:

    Ed Miliband’s personal rating: -39. Cameron’s: -5.

  9. 9
    The British media are cunts says:

    As Gordon Brown knows, when he was in power the answer was any number he liked and Nick Robinson would report it as such.

  10. 10
    Guy News Room says:

    Andy Murray in mysterious ‘f-word’ tirade at the Conservative led coalition,and “Dishface” Cameron in particular for wishing him “good luck”.

  11. 11
    Hilda says:

    No sound on video

  12. 12
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    give george a stiff brandy

  13. 13
    Britain is fooked says:

    When I was at school we had the tables drummed into us. We memorised them – no need for calculation. Today, nurses graduate from university unable to say how many 15mg doses make 30mg.

  14. 14
    Hear All See All says:

    Farage + about 4.3 million at the EU elections

  15. 15
    Ed Miliband says:

    Loth of Wimbledon cwythith!

  16. 16
    New balls please says:

    Typical Scotch whinger and one of the worst losers in the history of the game. Even Maria has a touch more grace than him.

  17. 17
    Hear All See All says:

    Are you sure that’s right , or are you just formulating Labour’s new Tax Tables ?

  18. 18
    David Miliband's bit of Stuff says:

  19. 19
    Lord Croker says:

    A nasty piece of work.

  20. 20
    Hear All See All says:

    Try top left

  21. 21
    Leaflet boy says:

    There has been a 300% decrease in bacon butty sales.

  22. 22
    I want to know says:

    What the fuck has it got to do with her?

  23. 23
    Gordon is good at spending other people's lives. says:

  24. 24
    Strings Attached says:

  25. 25
    Gordon is Back says:

  26. 26
    Ramadanadingdong says:

  27. 27
    Vince says:

    I do not remember numbers.

  28. 28
    Guy News Room says:

    Welcome to The Guy News Room < home of Tory fundraising dinners.

  29. 29
    Mong Watch says:

    Let’s send you. It’s the right thing to do.

  30. 30
    Sally says:

    OOO look there’s my little Johhnie sitting with some Black people.

    I like sitting with black people too.

  31. 31
    Hear All See All says:

    Is the competition to find the most awkward method of eating a bacon sarny finished then ?
    What was the prize? A free owl ?

  32. 32
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:


  33. 33
    bergen says:

    Why ? Is he campaigning for independence ?

  34. 34
    Nigel Farage says:

    Nick Clegg says Eric Pickles “is not going to play any role in the Liberal Democrat election campaign”

  35. 35
    7x8=56 says:

    Ask Twelvety Balls, George.

  36. 36
    Usual suspects says:

  37. 37
    Mong Watch says:

    New mosks and mad-rassas, fgm rampant but it’s the authorities fault, new shoe bombin, airport hassle, worries about flying anywhere. Just another day living in the age of Ransom Ramadingdong.

    Please apply for your automatic entry through the usual channels, school trip minibuses are spacious to the under chassis.

    Perhaps some people should be told to walk and swim if they wish to move, they are untrustworthy anywhere else.

  38. 38
    7x8=56 says:

    Ask Twelvety Balls.

  39. 39
    ERIC PICKLES says:

    Politicians are in general Thick ! , That is why they each have to employ loads of Spads and aids and researchers just to make themselves appear normal , in the real world they would be deemed unemployable

  40. 40
    Tom Catesby says:

    Would Procal Haram consider a swop for Diane?
    If we weigh them by the pound that should work out about right.

  41. 41
    selroberts says:

    This the one whose husband supported the IRA, whose reson d’être was the “independence” of Northern Ireland?

  42. 42
    A racist floppy speaks says:

    President Robert Mugabe has declared that no white person will be allowed to own land except for companies as stipulated in the laws of the country.

    Mugabe said Wednesday while launching the Model A1 Settlement Permit at Chipfundi Farm Lions’ Den in Mashonaland West.

    “They can own industries and companies or stay in apartments in our towns but cannot own land. We hear in some cases they are being protected by cabinet ministers and politicians within their constituencies. We will deal with that,” said Mugabe.

    “One of the major objectives of the liberation struggle was to evict the white settlers from the land since they had the option of going back to their countries of origin,” he said. – See more at: http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-national-byo-49953.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed: Bulawayo24News (Bulawayo24 News)#sthash.mrRtJZyR.dpuf

  43. 43
    Mong Watch says:

    Fifth columnist Camermong. Traitor. Late night taxi in Paris not adviseable.

  44. 44
    Murray Minted says:

    Wimbledon Dot hinted strongly to Eddie Mair yesterday that he had been dumped just before the match.

  45. 45
    Bad Uns are the Clintons says:

    That’s the Clintons…IRA supporters…. And they also turned a blind eye when their embassies and hardware were attacked around the world prior to 911

  46. 46
    Mong Watch says:

    ‘..going back to their countries of origin…’

    What a wonderful idea Robert. Let’s start with your continent.

  47. 47
    CCHQ says:

    “Everyone needs to shut the f*** up, get back in the trench+hold the line”: Prime Minister David Cameron on party infighting

  48. 48
    Lady Mary says:

    What is it with all these Oxford PPE and History graduates, that they can’t do simple multiplications or percentages? Can’t the Commons run some remedial maths classes for them?

  49. 49
    A Racist to the core is Abbott says:

    Is it cuz they is black? Of course it is.

  50. 50
    Ian Smith says:

    Rhodesia for the Rhodesians

  51. 51
    The Growler says:

    And these guys have degrees private and public school education and Oxbridge higherr education, there something definitely wrong, what chance do kids from the bog standard comp stand when up against these morons.

  52. 52
    Round the Bend says:

    Murray says ‘five minutes before the f**** match’, being told either Salmond or Brown were coming to support him. Talking of Brown, he was in Parliament making a plead for the Nigerian girls, they are well and truly doomed then.

  53. 53
    Anonymous says:

    Seems reasonable to me.

  54. 54
    The Growler says:

    Ask Lord B, but he’s forgotton

  55. 55
    Nick_CLogg says:

    Seven times Eight?
    Nobody’s gonna steal my PRECIOUS
    Who wants to steal my PRECIOUS, my PRECIOUS?

  56. 56
    Village Idiot says:

    …..We had to stand in front of class and recite the tables, individually!..Terror was instilled in us, but, I can still do the tables up to 12x tables, in my head!

  57. 57
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    Will the straw man shake his hand?

  58. 58
    Tom Catesby says:

    Need we see or hear anymore? Taken over without a shot being fired, willingly assisted by fifth columnists and traitors, enemies of their own nation and people.

  59. 59
    The Growler says:

    Who, Gordon Brown, I don’t remember him, remind me again who or what is he.

  60. 60
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    He really does look a spent force when he’s in the HoC.

  61. 61
    Anon says:

    …..Is it time to have Muslim only airlines, or is that the wrong attitude?

  62. 62
    Sue Denim says:

    Would she be concerned if they were white girls?

  63. 63
    The Growler says:

    No Ed, you are wrong there, the answer to everything is 42

  64. 64
    Sue Denim says:

    Me too. We also had the whole class stand up and each was given a random sum. If you got it wrong you had to sit down. Repeat until only one person was standing. We did the same with spelling. Unfortunately, you can’t have winners nowadays.

  65. 65
    Sue Denim says:

    What happens when it is prayer time for the pilots?

  66. 66
    Sue Denim says:

    What do the stewards sell instead of duty free?

  67. 67

    He has teams of advisors to tell him his 7 times table

  68. 68
    Think of a number, double it, then borrow some more says:

    “I told Gordon Brown that his budgets remind me of what my great-grandfather used to say to his son: ‘It’s time to go to bed: you’ve had enough pleasure for one day.’ Gordon laughed.” – Tony Benn.

  69. 69
    The Growler says:

    Yup, I remember it well, units of measure, weight etc relationships between volume and weigh of substances eg gallon of water weighs 10 lbs, ehh them were the days

  70. 70
    Village Idiot says:

    …It seems people of politics, do politics or charity,both areas requiring flawed individuals incapable of joining the real world of work, often using their political time to network lucrative ways of obtaining money!
    …Charities are a scam nowadays, their original purpose has been lost, taken over as high paying jobs for the boys and girls!..(however,i do give a bit to wateraid,Poppy appeal, lifeboats and air ambulance)….How daft am I?

  71. 71
    The Growler says:

    Why do you call him “dishface”? Did Dave have an arguement with a frying pan or something?

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing has added up since Gordon and Eddie B were in charge of the economy.

  73. 73
    The Growler says:

    Poor old Gideon he is only trying to emulate his hero Dubya in intellectual prowess

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    He should’ve asked Osborne what huge percentage did the national debt increase by on his watch.

  75. 75
    Abbotopotamus says:

    Does she want white people to go rescue the black girls?

  76. 76
    Slyman Huge, Senior Cockroach says:

    That’s my IQ, isn’t it ?

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    “Osborne Struggles With 7 Times Tables”
    But no need to fret. As Gove will probably impose whatever answer the chancer-law happens to come up with, as the future preferred answer for teaching in schools.

  78. 78
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    He’s the moron who wrecked the economy.

  79. 79
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    Why is Gordon so interested in children?

  80. 80
    A suggestion says:

    Why don’t these kvnts go and lobby the Nigerian govt instead of us? Kidnapping of females in Africa by muzzie loonies is none of our damned business.

  81. 81
    Additionally says:

    Ah, but them was the days before these magic calculators when folk had to remember things like sums and telephone numbers in their heads.

  82. 82
    Hahahahahahaha! says:

    Dennis Skinner has been voted off the Labour NEC. Lefties foaming at the mouth in outrage.

  83. 83
    Additionally says:

    Travellers are exempted from these bums in the air moments. So the pilots can stay seated and get on with dr*ving the plane.

  84. 84
    Additionally says:

    Ozzie should have told the kid to put his calculator and then ask him what
    13 x 12 is. Shut the little brat up. Probably put up to it by some NUT drone though.

  85. 85
    Additionally says:

    *put his calculator down and …

  86. 86
    joekano76 says:

    Perhaps his mind was on Christine Lagarde’s numerological obsession with 7 earlier this year


  87. 87

    Fiftysix — pillock !!

  88. 88
    *shiver" says:

    He still hasn’t learned to smile.

  89. 89
    Anonymous says:

    I have a maths degree and don’t do tables.

    Arithmetic is for simpletons.

  90. 90
    Oilman says:

    Having worked in many Countries of this persuasion they will sell exactly the same.

    As soon as the plane take off for the UK half rush to the toilets to change into western dress, vice-versa on the return flight. Goes without saying many enjoy a tipple to pass the time.

  91. 91
    Nick Clegg says:

    7 percent.

  92. 92
    John Bellingham says:

    I met FW de Klerk after his retirement. He was quite open about the fact that politicians in general know fuck-all about anything and “technocrats”, like a doctor as minister of health or an ex-general as minister of defence are positively dangerous as a politician’s job is all about brokering dodgy deals and an expert is far less likely to allow w@ankers their say or participation, however unwanted, which just creates divisiveness. He did point out that Lawyers excel at politics as that is the key profession used to accepting that the truth is highly flexible and facts are whatever you want them to be.

  93. 93
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, a choice between a barn, tawny or teat

  94. 94
    dai mightily taxed says:

    7×8? – well that depends….

  95. 95

    Just shows how thick Osbourne is!

    A total idiot knows 7 x 8 = 87

  96. 96
    Tom Catesby says:

    Be fair, Osborne went to a public school, where they learnt how to rule not do the seven times table.

  97. 97
    gildedtumbril says:


  98. 98
    gildedtumbril says:

    Hilarious clitoris is a looneytune ‘liberal’ er, democrat.
    Her Benghazi performance was every bit as treasonous as Hanoi Jane.

  99. 99
    Man on a corner. says:

    But Hanoi Jane is much better looking even though older.
    Hildabeast will definitely run for President as her ego is now even bigger than Bill’s.
    Recent poll showed Obama voted the worst US President since WWII just ahead of Bush Jnr. Obviously the “liberal” left US media have had more success at disseminating their modified US history than the BBC has had.

  100. 100
    Man on a corner. says:

    It was actually the 8x table.
    Do keep up.

  101. 101
    zitfixer says:

    Did mc ruin get the sack ?

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