July 2nd, 2014

Criminal at the Heart of Downing Street


  1. 1
    The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

    Comments back on now

  2. 2
    Gordon says:

    I wished him luck.

  3. 3
    Larousse says:

    Le premier mentaliste!

  4. 4
    Lord Denning says:

    Aren’t we going to wait for a guilty verdict first?

  5. 5
    Larry says:

    Didn’t Nick Clegg take Chris Huhne into the heart of Downing Street?

  6. 6
    Leo N Brighton says:

    I definitely did not bugger any children. To death. At Dolphin Square.

    Ask MacAlpine.

  7. 7
    Seigneur blagger says:

    Standard fare for a banana republic.

    Low standings in the polls? Tick
    Going to lose the next election? Tick

    Simple solution – jail your rivals

  8. 8
    Gordon Confesses says:

  9. 9
    Robespierre says:

    French Police are absolutely useless.

    These latest allegations against Sarkozy have been in the public domain for weeks.

    After 15 hours of questioning there are still no charges with Sarkozy now released effectively on the equivalent of bail with no clear fixed date for a return.

    Scuppers any chance of a political comeback this autumn.

    Compare and contrast how the Socialist Cahuzac was treated. He has never spent time in Police custody, the allegations against him predate theses here against Sarkozy yet the Socialist Plastic Surgeon is still walking the streets.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:


  11. 11
    Sarah makes a joke...not bad actually says:

  12. 12
    Lord Hutton says:

    You can have whichever verdict you need.

  13. 13
  14. 14

    The only people in France not subject to police investigation are the National Front.

    No wonder people want to give them a try.

  15. 15
    McMental says:

    He was a bigot and so are you.

  16. 16
    Bog Paper says:

    Boys will be boys.

  17. 17
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    You should have waited a couple of decades Leo, until Gay Dave got in “power” and legalised Bumsex Marriage and actively supported Gay Pride etc., together with Willybum, Foxy and all the other kweer conners. You would have been much better accommodated.

  18. 18
    Gordon says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman!

  19. 19
    still walking into darkness says:

    Any reason why the LB story filter is turned off for comments. Extraordinary that it’s taken so long for this story to break on the msm, I wonder why

  20. 20
    BERCOW is Parliament's SHOneT says:

    Julie Andrews is …. the ugliest Home Secretary we’ve ever had.

    Wheel of Libel, Who Dares Wins

  21. 21
    Lord Denning says:

    Last time I looked assault and murder were still illegal..

  22. 22
    Leo Britain says:

    “Criminal at the Heart of Downing Street”

    I will be releasing a statement via my solicitor.

  23. 23
    Gordon Brown's next book says:

    My insanity, your debt.

  24. 24
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Owen,I’m open to talk at a mosque or some event about bumsex, any time, anywhere. Let me know.

  25. 25
    My,my says:


  26. 26
    bartslartbastard says:

    You can just hear Sarkozy’s brain yelling, “The cheeks you fat fucker, the cheeks!”.

  27. 27
    Lord Harriet Glasman says:

    Frankly, I don’t know whether I’m fucking coming or going.

  28. 28
    It's a caption competion says:

    “……and then I launched my Nokia at him”

  29. 29
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    I have never heard of Chris Huhne.

  30. 30
    Gordon's Gin says:

    You’re my besht mate you are..hic..bleuuugh..oh shorry Nicky, let’s wipe it off

  31. 31
    Unbelievable says:

    Who the fuck is shelling out £20 for the Prime Mentalist’s scribblings?

  32. 32
    William Quango QC says:


    The Sally Innocent Smoothie Face affair.

    No one wants a big bill for the stupid comments of others.
    Just ask John Bercow.

  33. 33
    Mi6 says:

    GF can probably feel the noose tightening.

  34. 34

    The two legal systems are not the same.

    Arrested, released on bail but not charged is probably the closest to the English system.

    No action could be taken against him.

    Interestingly the Judge also under arrest/bail/ charge appears to be the current Editor of the Penal Code.

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    So is Guido going to the Conservative Ball again this year? Maybe he’ll tell us which billionaires and Russian oligarchs attended.

  36. 36
    Sarkozy says:

    Think of a happy place..think of a happy place

  37. 37

    What about opening overseas bank accounts and fiddling the taxpayer out of money?

  38. 38
    Mornington Crescent says:

    What’s it doing in the ‘NON-fiction’ category?

  39. 39
    Handycock whipping it out and a host of othet MPs and ex MPs says:

    Tony Blair slapped a 100 year D notice on Operation Ore (the longest D notice ever). Thank goodness for that, phew! Boaz

  40. 40
    Q says:

    How’s the ludicrous David Icke’s noose?

  41. 41
    Sarah Brown says:

    It’s a coffee table book.
    The one you stick under a leg to stop it wobbling.

  42. 42
    My,my says:

    Still bollocks.

  43. 43
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    “I suppose a BJ is out of the question, Nicky ?”

  44. 44
    Comments back on now says:

    To be honest, I really don’t give a fuck.

  45. 45
    LordHard says:

    Do you also mean FATCH?

  46. 46
    well funded by Unknown says:

    David Icke ex BBC football reporter, ex Green Party leader (or was self-anointed).

    Getting on to self-anointed, self important, who funds the person. Now that would be interesting.

  47. 47
    Owen Jones says:

    **Next years London Gay pride march will begin in Tower Hamlets then arrive in Finsbury Park to be followed by a huge gig with Right said Fred headlining along with the Pet shop boys.**

    Ooh I just had a most terrible dream that I did something to piss off the Islamic community.
    I’d better give the old church of England even more of a kicking today just to make things up.

  48. 48
    There is more than one McBride says:



  49. 49
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    Of course that is the whole point. None of the public gives a f*ck. They assume ALL politicians to be bent and thieves too.

  50. 50
    any red says:

    Print run 5,ooo books,courtesy of the office of sarah and gordon brown Ltd

    Times best seller relates that as 5,ooo sold.

  51. 51
    Village Idiot says:

    ..Tony Blair was in No 10, suspected crim?

  52. 52
    Seigneur blagger says:

    Assume or know?

  53. 53
    The Office of Gordon & Sarah Brown says:

    No comment.

  54. 54
    Alan Partridge says:

    Want to come to a book pulping?

  55. 55
    Bien sur says:

    Carla’s stocking tops :-)

  56. 56
    Jimmy says:

    So the dream of being the first Rightie president since Pompidou not to get his collar felt dies.

    You people can’t help yourselves can you?

  57. 57
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:

    That Leon Brittan looks and sounds like a right nonce.

    I bet he read the fucking file so he’d know where to go for a bit of under-age bumming.

  58. 58
    Jacques Chirac says:

    If you follow French politics, you will know it is a rare French president indeed who is not caught with his hands dans le till in one way or another. And his hands up the skirt of une femme who is not his wife.

  59. 59
    Neil Down says:

    Incredibly, not everyone in the world views left and right as football teams whose chosen side you always support or defend no matter what. The thing I like most about Guido is he does call out dodgy conservatives, something no left wing site would ever do to their own regardless of how seedy they were.

  60. 60

    He has been Brooned! He had no chance.

  61. 61

    You should watch them all jumping around now that Flamby has said he will cut the number of French regions in half.

  62. 62

    The reality is that Sarko is seen by some to be a little to the left of Vals and Hollande and with twice the brain.

  63. 63
    Jimmy says:

    “not everyone in the world views left and right as football teams”

    The photo at the top not displaying on your computer then?

  64. 64
    Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

    Liblabcon’s mass immigration policies over the last fifty years and the resultant multiculturalism and diversity have been a splendid benefit to the UK. Look at the English football team. How much better we are now than say back in 1966. Oh hang on.

  65. 65
    Rufus Stone says:

    Sooner go to the author pulping if that’s ok

  66. 66

    Nice kozy chat, ennit!

  67. 67
    Dreary Steeples says:

    The hug of death.

  68. 68
    Rumpole says:

    Brown to Sarkozy “We can’t, both, run an Insanity defence”.

  69. 69
    Sir Jimmy Savile says:

    Now then, now then, now then, how come we are not allowed to comment on the story about Brittain?

  70. 70
    John Bellingham says:

    Wasn’t that terribly good looking, fresh-faced young Master Clegg, Mr B’s closest private and personal assistant?

  71. 71
    Long John Silver says:

    Does’nt work for me

  72. 72
    Gary says:

    Imagine a Prime Minister of this country who was divesting the government of a nationalised industry allowing a very close relative to purchase and asset-strip said industry to make huge profits. Money the said Prime Minister used a ‘tax avoidance scheme’ to hide along with properties owned by the family. Influence was also used to assist family members in other ways which were a straightforward abuse of powers. Said Prime Minister had Cabinet Members who were known to have engaged in criminal matters and socialised with criminals and courted foreign dictators. We in glass houses….

  73. 73


    “We ve really cracked it haven t we ?
    Me a Scottish backwoodsman and you a johhny come lately Hungarian immigrant and both of us top iof our respective countries’ greasy poles and thereafter guaranteed cushy speaking engagements or bulge bracket bank chairmanships for life!”

  74. 74

    Didn t Chirac follow a similar winding road when he left office and lost his parliamentary immunity ?

    Again there was talk of misdemeanours regarding jobs for cronies as I recall
    but nithing really ever came of it did it ?

    Sarko taking same route.

    and BTW –what is this bollox about parliamentary immunity in Europe anyway? . At least our Mp s can be sent to jail at any time if they are convicted –although few of them rarely are.

  75. 75
    LordBlagger says:

    Imagine a government that confiscates pension contributions and spends them all. No assets, just a 7,100 bn debt.

  76. 76
    I'm a charity-I'm nice.. says:

    Just when is Blair, Milliband and the the rest going to get ‘done’ for selling ‘contacts’ and UK State Secrets to their new bosses? (or does one get paid £2Million/year for doing FA come as standard after being a PM?)….The Official Secrets Act is a farce when these chimps are involved, It ONLY APPLIES TO THE SMALL MEN..Decrepit, Corrupt and Incompetent. It’s just a shame that most of the senior judges of the UK are in-on the same gravy train so NO justice will be had…

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