July 1st, 2014

Ken Breaks Pledge Not to Become Peer

Following his defeat in 2012 Ken Livingstone promised us he would leave public life for good, specifically that he would not become a peer. Asked by the BBC at the time if he would consider joining the House of Lords, Ken replied:

“Oh God no. For the first time in my life I’ve got a week without any meetings planned. It’s quite remarkable.”

Even out of office Ken is failing to keep his promises. Speaking to Total Politics this week, he has now u-turned on that pledge and signalled he would accept a peerage:

“That’s a question you need to put to Ed. I’ve always said to him, this is the last chance in my lifetime of getting a Labour government that works, I will do anything to help you get there. You can’t turn down your party leader if they ask you to do something — how could you?”

Arise Lord Livingstone of Silveta

UPDATE: Some, er, less than helpful words for Ed later on in the interview too:

“Ed is much more normal than I am. He’s actually interested in detail and facts. Ed does not give a damn about what he’s wearing, his hairstyle – I’m sure he’s surrounded by people telling him he needs to do this and that but he really doesn’t care any more than I did, and therefore he will change Britain.

Ed is like me, he doesn’t want to be there, he wants to do something. He will hate all the trivial crap. People have always thought I’m weird – I collected reptiles for god’s sake, I make Ed look normal Everybody thought I was weird – and with my voice, and my lack of any fashion sense.”


  1. 1
    Mr Sweary says:

    Why are there so many wankers in the Labour Party?


    • 3
      Anonymous says:

      Because they’re politicians.


      • 9
        I'm actually ejaculating as you read this message says:

        …and lawyers (many of ‘em)


        • 25
          Red Ken says:



        • 64
          Anonymous says:

          Ed does want to do something and is very bright, the leader with ideas.

          The sad thing for Britain is bacon sandwiches and the like will likely give the prime ministership to a self serving idiot like Dave who seems to want to be a politician for the glory, for the place in history it’ll give him.


    • 8
      Kinnock Prescott says:

      All anti Peerage Lefties accept a peerage.


      • 12
        I'm actually ejaculating as you read this message says:

        All anti-nepotism lefties do nepotism (how many red regents?)


      • 27
        Iron says:

        Viscount Anthony Wedgewood Benn – the only one to have actually turned down a place in the Lords, and he was the one who was most entitled to it.


        • 48
          ed milliband peoples representitive of somewhere up north i have to visit every now and again says:

          only for selfish career reasons,he kept the land and money


        • 80

          I bet Hain will jump at it if offered .

          As long as they ve got a sunbed room in ” the other place ” so he can top up his permanently orange hue …


      • 68
        inside out says:

        Whats the attraction,could it be £300 a day,mmm I wonder.


    • 24
      The two Muppets says:

      Ken Livingstone is as big a hypocrite as that other useless Labour
      has been , Lard Prescott . They give even socialists a bad name .


      • 58
        'twas another fine mess he got us into says:

        Ken Livingstone put forward some very good reasons why someone who gets to be Mayor of London should never be allowed a second term of office. He then proceeded with a practical demonstration of why he was right about that.


    • 31
      anon says:

      unprincipled whore more like


    • 55
      PC Dixon says:

      Dont be so surprised – its all hot air with Labour – Prescott was no different – Lying comes natural to all of them – Oh they get paid as well don’t they? -


    • 78

      Is Ken crying because they ve put him next to a five star tosspot like Ed ?


  2. 2
    Mr Clifford says:

    Probably never gonna get released now (the song I mean, not Rolf…) Rolf Harris and the Beatles…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd14NxZuvGg


  3. 4
    queenie says:

    Arise sir ken of the bendy bus of death.


  4. 5
    ? says:

    Abolish the House of Lords


  5. 6
    Fucking dis custard says:

    Lord Muck!


  6. 7
    Pitkapoika says:

    Lord Livingstone of Axlotl.


  7. 10

    Keep your friends close, but your enemies…

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 37
      Not sure says:

      As you clearly don’t want Britain to leave your filthy undemocratic EUSSR,
      your ‘vote UKIP’ is just another leftie peice of sneaky shit.


      • 47


        Voting Labour or Lib Dem keeps you in, voting Conservative also does but on bad terms.

        Voting UKIP gets you out with style and keeps them on good terms.

        Look carefully at Livingstone’s Venezuela ‘connections’.

        Vote UKIP :-D


        • 52
          Not sure says:

          So let’s see if I’ve got this right, Your saying ‘vote UKIP’ becouse you want to upset the Tory vote, and, as you see it, let labour in, so that you can keep the filthy undemocratic EUSSR governing England.

          Is that right?


          • Nope: Vote UKIP to exit the EU and remain on good political terms with them after they Federalize.

            Vote UKIP :-D


          • Not sure says:

            OK now I’m with you, but why ‘pro EU’ and a tick in their flag?
            shirly something less ambiguous would work in your favour


          • Because I am pro-EU: They need to Federalize, but must avoid becoming Habsburg Empire 2.0

            There are many things that can be put in the flag – the green tick is one of the more positive choices.

            Strictly speaking – if you are an EU Citizen – you should place your own image at the centre of the stars.

            Vote UKIP :-D


      • 84
        The Caliphate Of Shit says:

        Hello Ken are you another PIE fancier?.


    • 74
      M says:

      So all those ukip mep’s will expose the extent of expenses scandal in the EU . This would really further their cause to remove Britain from the EU , which Ukip say they want
      in doing so , derailing their gravy train !

      Yeah right


      • 75

        What expenses scandal ? They have allowances over there.

        Most of the fraud which has prevented the auditors being able to sign off EU accounts by the way has been committed in the member States – not Brussels btw.

        Vote UKIP :-D


  8. 11
    Dan Hodges says:

    Fuck off Ken you Blairite denier


  9. 14
    Fist of says:


  10. 15
    BBC 24hr Rolling Bollocks says:

    With ken backing you Ed the election is as good as in the bag…the body bag.


  11. 16
    I'm actually ejaculating as you read this message says:

    It’s as though they treat Orwell’s Animal Farm as an instruction manual – lefty prole pigs need extra troughing rations to help them think out ways of bringing down the privileged establishment – oh wait, they are the privileged establishment now!

    If you can’t beat ‘em, jpin ‘em eh Ken! ;)


    • 22
      George Orwell says:

      I looked from Abbott to pig and then pig to Abbott and saw no difference.
      Except the pig smelt better of course.


  12. 21
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    “…… of getting a Labour government that works,…”


    Utterly delusional.


  13. 23
    Neil Down says:

    If ever there was an argument for abolishing the House of Lords… wait till 5 minutes before this C U N T dons ermine and announce the end of it.


  14. 26
    Diane Abbott says:

    When am I going to be a peer? There are far too many hideously white ones. I suggest Baroness Greggs or Lady Cadburys.


  15. 34
    Bulldog says:

    Ken might be a reject Leftie who left a trail of wreckage but he still managed to get elected, something Ed Sillyband is struggling with.

    Anyone seen Lee Jasper?


  16. 36
    Another wanker in the Lords says:

    Lord Newt of Nowt


  17. 38
    "Dishface" Cameron says:

    Rise and grind.


  18. 42
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Socialist in hypocrisy mode, nothing new here. The slimy cretinous mong!


  19. 43
    Jimmy says:

    “You can’t turn down your party leader if they ask you to do something — how could you?”

    I don’t think there’s a man in politics with such a complete absence of self awareness.


    • 50
      Ken Livingstone plc says:

      I meant when it suits me!



    • 77
      couldabin says:

      “I don’t think there’s a man in politics with such a complete absence of self awareness”.

      Oooooooh. I think there may be one or two.


    • 82
      Anonymous says:

      Because you are supposed to make an informed, principled decision on things, not do whatever your glorious leader tells you.


  20. 44
    Ken "up the werkers" says:

    ‘ere! Stop messing about. When I’m Lord I’ll have you call tugging your fore-locks, you bloody plebs.


  21. 49
    Lord Carrington's Binoculars says:

    I’ll give you an example of Livingstone’s lack of attention to detail.

    When he was mayor, he went on the media to slag off Cameron’s wish to school his daughter in High Street Kensington even though Cameron was moving house to accomodate his disabled son. Blah, blah, use the nearest school, blah, blah congestion etc

    Somebody…ahem…discovered that at the same time, Ken’s two children were being shuttled to a faraway nursery in the family Prius so the mother of ken’s children could work for him at the GLA.

    Only by the skin of his teeth did Lenin keep the story out of the Standard.

    Ed is like Ken. Another massively well-off hypocrite.


  22. 53
    A man from Sky News says:

    Perhaps Guido could apply to the High Court for an Injunction against this.


  23. 57
    Round the Bend says:

    Ken said he did not want to go to the Lords. Lets just for this once assume Ken was telling the truth, hard to believe I know. So don’t make him a Lord as it will challenge his reputation. that he is a liar.


  24. 59
    The Prophet Mohammed says:

    Don’t forget to make London a beacon for my words. Bell end.


  25. 60

    This is the chap that islamified London?


  26. 63
    The Prophet Mohammed says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, a billion of my followers are unable to drink anything or eat anything from 4am till 10pm in the hottest month of the year.



    • 70
      I'm 9 and i love you says:

      Cafes and restaurants in Knightsbridge and the Edgware Road are buzzing.
      Who you kidding Mo ?


  27. 66
    Lord Ken of Hypocrisy says:

    Sounds like a done deal to me. If Weird Ed is elected, not only do we get a substantial part of economy wrecker Brown’s Cabinet, we’ll probably get Lord Ken in the Cabinet as well.

    God help us all.


  28. 67
    Llareggub says:

    How very socialist of him.


  29. 69
    Dafty Ken says:

    Now that Venezuela is a beacon socialist utopia and Cuba is led by the selfless Castro family on strong egalitarian principles, I can turn my attentions back


  30. 73

    Which tribe does Red Lead Ken claim to represent that he can “bring into the tent”?.
    If they don’t stop appointing their cronies to “Left Luggage” aka the House of Cronies and Peers (CRAP) it will have to move to the Coliseum.


  31. 76
    Yes we Ken says:

    Has Ali Khamenei of Iran offered you your job back at Press TV yet Ken ? Think Miliband should check your CV very carefully before he offers you a job. Having said that, you had Labour’s backing during the last mayoral election despite been an ex presenter on Iranian state television. Did you know that Press TV boast that they have similiar views to the Iranian government ! Nice !


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