June 30th, 2014

Rich’s Monday Morning View


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      Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

      Don’t be daft.


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        Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

        Keep voting Tory or Labour then and there will never be any change. The same anti-British, mass immigration policies forever. Vote for that?


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        Alan Clarke, Tory, originator of Bongo Bongo Land says:

        You’d be daft not to.


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      Would just like to notify some behatted inclined types here that each of us is not the other. ;-)

      Vote UKIP :-D


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        We know that – he doesn’t.

        BTW: Working on reply to your posts – got tied up with a few sub-projects.

        If you can hop on Twitter check my T/L – had a great discussion yesterday on subject of ISIS and geopol in the Middle East. Thinking of blogging that.

        Lots of insights. Worth looking at the ISIS propaganda stuff as well.

        IMHO – ISIS are ‘nuts’ but there is a logic : When you see how their propaganda is crafted it becomes clear why folk are being sucked in.

        Fundamental problem for the West: Guns and Glory trumps Consumerism.

        UK could fix some of this easily by perhaps shifting itself back to a more Imperial position and dumping the ‘limp-dick’ policies of political correctness etc.

        Vote UKIP :-D


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          On your first point, but without trying to over-prolong it, one would have thought that an alleged three and a half years of postings might attune the mind to recognition of personal style and content, rather than to form knee-jerk conclusions. But no. So it is either trolling, sheer stupidity or a ‘condition’.

          No problems on the other. You created a wall of highly interesting stuff and the only way I could respond was to break it up thematically and then draw the disparate strings together. Where I do not always agree does not remotely imply any disrespect, something you will already know, but on which I am more than happy to clarify generally.

          Finally, as human beings, we all have susceptibility to mistake. It is the measure of a person how they manage this territory. Too much slack and one becomes naive. Too little and a breeding ground for fundamentalism is created.


          • But are they making a mistake in the ME ?

            The big mistake was arguably allowing the last Caliphate to collapse in 1924 and then hastily drawing up Sykes-Picot.

            That has been causing hassle since and now Western interests have changed the will to keep that system in place is gone.

            The arguments about breeding grounds for fundamentalism etc. – especially from the UK – are a counter-propaganda. Recall: !slamism – the extreme form of political !slam – was a UK invention from the 1920’s – a nationalist replacement for the then collapsed Ottoman system.

            Those here who are pushing to preserve the old order are the ones who are really out of step. The real priority for the UK is to be positioned to trade with the emergent (not ISIS though…) Caliphate and be secure against it.

            Their strategy appears to be to target from within – appealing direct to disaffected domestic populations with an eye on subversion and revolution of sorts. (Keep eye on J’ordan for eg.)

            UK Strategy needs to be focussed fully there, and society must be prepared to remove affected elements with force if required.

            Western counter-insurgency we know from recent experience does not work in this case.

            Vote UKIP :-D


          • You raise some very complex issues here.

            A possible key is in your term emergent. That is how the universe and the world has formed and in its weak technical form (i.e. susceptible to computer modelling) even created the first organisms.

            Now that has brought us through history (the Eastern Roman Empire and then the Crusades amongst many other things) to the times before the First World War. The collapse of the Ottoman Empire was never the intention of the British who did not even commence the hostilities anyway. One has to go back almost another century to Balta Liman to see how fearful we were that they could fall prey to the Russians. We always get blamed when in fact Napoleon was the original scoundrel here. ;-)

            Curzon had supported the Règlement Organique which played to the emergent viewpoint. One could well argue that any route was going to be the wrong one after the Ottoman regime fell.

            We always played our hand in the past with a view to securing our trade. You appear to be doing the same with your suggestions and if I am correct in interpreting you here, we are in full agreement on this. In the league of ethical preference, free trade ranks very highly against many of the venal alternatives.

            Agree completely with your final paragraph.


          • Schrodingers Twat says:

            I love the smell of pompous pseudo intellectual shite in the morning.


          • D L George says:

            Schrodingers Tw*t –
            “I love the smell of pompous pseudo intellectual shite in the morning. ”

            – Says the Guardian reader.


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      Bosun Higgs says:

      Who is Llewellyn Key?


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      Let's be clear about this says:

      Cameron may not be quite as big a twat as Miliband, nevertheless, he is a twat.


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    Anonymous says:

    Who’s Llewelyn?

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    "Dishface" Cameron says:

    Morning Star :: Coalition government ‘driving families further into poverty’ http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/a-36b2-Coalition-government-driving-families-further-into-poverty#.U7EDG9Thi_Y.twitter


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      Sitting in his £2 million mansion paid for by you, Ed Miliband says:

      I am right to highlight the cost of living, and right to not know what the cost of living is.

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        The Growler says:

        Far too high , Teddy, far too high


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          Sitting in his £2 million mansion paid for by you, Ed Miliband says:

          With households spending £30 £60 £200 lots of money on food, I can well understand they are suffering a cost of living crisis.


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        archbishop of dinglebury says:

        consider not the cost of living but rather the value of life


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      R. Youshore says:

      The Morning Star. As impartial as the BBC.


      • 37
        The Morning Fart says:

        Yes, with a national readership of about 2,500 we’re a major force in British journalism, speaking for all the British people not just a select few.


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      Vote Dave? Get stuffed says:

      The main coalition policy is the same as Labour policy. Mass immigration to import poverty and keep wages low.


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      Bosun Higgs says:

      IT project management basic rules:

      1. Don’t ask people what they would like. Find out what is available that works.

      2. When an IT provider says “We can do that!” it means “Cripes, how do we do that?”

      3. Never, never change the specification of the project once it has started.

      4. Never undertake an IT project unless the ultimate boss has fully bought into it; otherwise he/she will frig around with it.

      5. Fixed project, fixed term, fixed price, fixed criteria for success.


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    Boot out the Conservative led coalition in 2015 says:

    MoJ writes off £56m on another crap IT system http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/jun/29/ministry-justice-56m-writeoff-it-project … No doubt that will mean more cuts to what’s left of legal aid.


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      Iain Duncan Smith says:

      Time to run the ‘cracking down on benefit cheats and scroungers’ flag up the mast again. Just have to lower the ‘cutting government waste and red tape’ one first.


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        Mitch says:

        Typical poor quality middle manager – focus on the obvious and trivial savings whilst ignoring the many £k’s serious wastage harder to eliminate.


        • 82
          The Growler says:

          Mitch, don’t forget Doughnut was unemployed for a time until he managed to convince the Cons that he was an ace middle manager and fully trained killer


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      Jean Claude Juncker says:

      £56 million? That’s barely a day’s contribution to the EU.


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    Us All says:

    Hopefully this regular pile of sh1t will get dropped in the re-design.


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    Village Idiot says:

    This NI thing is a ploy to get rid of National Insurance, which was originally set up to fund the welfare system, for those who got sick or injured through their work, as well as to help the unemployed and those that fell on hard times! By getting rid of it, the argument,”Well , I,ve paid my National Insurance, I am entitled to help”…., will become extinct!
    The death of the welfare state so taxpayers money can go to public servants,ie; mp,s, Lords, doctors etc, and not to those unfortunates, who have to suffer with whatever cruel affliction life throws’ at them, plus grovelling poverty!..Thank you to our Tory boys who show little empathy and even less understanding of the pain they are inflicting!


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      Mitch says:

      Exactly. That’ll take a few years, but it’s obviously the intention.

      How is 32 better or worse than 20+12? Be very suspicious..


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      The tinfoil hat brigade are up early this morning says:

      Ploy? The stated aim is to merge national insurance tax (it’s not an insurance scheme, it’s an income tax) with income tax. There’s no ‘ploy’ about it. The while point is clarity, not obfuscation.


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      The Growler says:

      Somehow, I get the feeling that the Etonian & Oxbridge elite have a wish to return to 1890 type standards of living for the bulk of the population, when a pound was worth a pound and peasants were peasants living in hovels, indeed the early fifties which I can just remember, in places (mainly cities) slums. There seems a total disconnect by our political elite on how much just the basics of living cost, as long as they can live in their cosy cocoon, insulated from the ravages of normal life.


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        The Growler says:

        Real proverty is relative, related to the cost of living (a bit like Dicken’s famous saying, “Income £20 expenditure £19-19-6d, happiness, income £20 expenditure £20-0-6d penury), to see pictures of children in India or Africa where the is much larger gap even than the UK is in many ways reminiscent of the UK in the mid 1800’s.
        It is surprising how people live up to their incomes and it is not just the poor who get themselves into unmanageable debt, I am not judging them but just saying.


        • 60
          Moshe says:

          “even than in the UK”

          You clearly haven’t travelled much.


          • D L George says:

            Yeah, I got that one too.

            Hundreds of Thousands of children begging on the streets of India compared to where exactly in the UK?

            To the Labour Party, Aunty Beeb and Growler, extreme poverty is not owning the latest Ipad.


          • The Growler says:

            Georgie Porgy, sweet heart I have never had one and I have no great desire to buy one, a basic mobile for me, does what I want to do


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        Inspector Clouseau says:

        I think that of all the “economic” stages we are watching is the effective destruction of the majority of the Professions by overpopulation of them together with the dumbing down of the processes concerned. The reduction of the educated middle class by expropriatory taxes and the use of money-printing to devalue savings and pensions. The creation of a low-wage economic area on the edge of Europe through mass illiterate immigration.
        The substitution of unproductive labour converted into providing infrastructure not primary manufacture.
        Undoubtedly, the Established Westminster Elite and their Useful idiots continue to enjoy their position while they co-operate it the maintenance of the “Rule by Oligarchy” and selection by Birth – the “Red Princes”.


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      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Agreed. It all goes into one big pot so it makes sense to merge the two income taxes. Simplicity as well as clarity.


    • 72
      jgm2 says:


      The biggest lie of all is that National Insurance covers the cost of the welfare system.

      The majority of people are net drains on the tax (and NI) system.


      • 208
        The Growler says:

        And road tax was to used for the maintenance of roads, as was the petrol duty on fuel, maybe the tax on tobacco was to pay for the lung problems caused by smoking or even Geedes favourite the tax on booze was to be used for the illnesses of alcoholism, dream on! It’s used on items where there is strong dependant demand for them and generates loads a money, income tax would be much higher if such things weren’t taxed.


    • 83
      bergen says:

      It’ll be an excuse to pay pensions to immigrants who have never paid in their number of years’ worth or make them means tested so that all the contributions will be nicked off the prudent.


      • 86
        M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

        No, you have to have had 35 years of contributions to get a full state pension. Plenty of Brits don’t make that.


        • 129
          SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          If the thousands confiscated over a 45 year working life could have been invested in a proper pension scheme instead of being squandered by the government there would be absolutely no need for a state pension.
          No true insurance scheme could ever be compulsory , it is just a tax under a different guise , national insurance should be optional or ring fenced to prevent it being used for purposes other than what it purports to be


        • 155
          bergen says:

          But that’s the point. If there is no notional number of years’ “contribution”, then the question of the number of years disappears and everyone gets a full pension whether or not they’ve “paid in”. At present if you’ve not contributed the full years you get a reduced pension based on the number of years paid in.


          • SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            If I am not mistaken this has the stench of ‘Europe ‘ all over it , so a 65 year old ‘Roma alights of the ferry from Calais and is immediately entitled to the full state pension , THAT is what this is all about .
            ANYTHING that is suddenly plucked from the air ,such as sodomist marriage or the smoking ban is generally a result of behind the scenes EU diktat .


        • 199
          Anonymous says:

          How many immigrants rock up on these shores and receive a full state pension without clocking up the full entitlement or indeed any entitlement at all?


          • bergen says:

            At present they qualify for means tested benefits only.


          • SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            AT PRESENT!!!!!!!!


          • Anonymous says:

            Bergen, do those “at present” means-tested benefits include in-work benefits (including housing) and benefits for their offspring whom may be residing in other countries? On the subject of housing, I’m struggling to understand why we are housing penniless immigrants.


          • bergen says:

            My understanding is that someone of pensionable age can claim pension credit irrespective of contribution subject to means testing unless it was a term of immigration that someone else was responsible financially. I don’t know enough about the gateway to the other benefits that receipt of pension credit allows access to so I can’t answer the rest of your question.


  7. 15
    Anonymous says:

    This is very unfair to Rome.


  8. 21
    "Dishface" Cameron says:

    Len McCluskey will today commit Unite to supporting Labour at the next general election: http://polho.me/1pDFEvX

    No surprises there then.Hardly expected him to support the Conservative led coalition.


    • 49
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      It’s good to see that there are Rich people who support Labour as well as the Conservatives.


    • 90
      Queen of Spades says:

      Did I miss the poll which showed that 100% of his members were 100% behind this travesty of democracy?


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    Ian Duncan-Smith says:

    I have never heard of Universal Credit.


    • 27
      Viperous Old Vince says:

      I have never heard of Ian Duncan Smith.


      • 69
        Vincent says:

        Hear !


      • 73
        Never Apologise says:

        he was the conservative leader who rubber stamped, sight unseen, tonee b-liar’s invasion of eye-rack.


        • 151
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          You are a fucking moron. Only a leftard twat could possibly start blaming IDS for the Iraq invasion.

          Take a minute to have a think about how utterly fucking retarded your post is.

          Were you born a mong or were you dropped on your head as a child?


          • Cardinal Biggles says:

            That’s unfair, (s)he studied very hard to achieve his high level if idiocy; maybe (s)he has a first in PPE from the University of Oxford, just like our esteemed PM.

            I think that IDS and the Conservatives could have questioned more diligently in the run up to the Iraq war, but it is clear who the real villains of the piece are – Saint Tone and his alcoholic propagandist, the despicable Campbell.


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    Ed Dafty, LimpDim MP, Climate Change Chieftain says:


    • 39
      Nat says:

      And how much are they consuming ?


    • 43

      Ah! But Diane Abbott is not awake yet.


      • 48
        Raving Loon says:

        and she’s not speaking yet ;)


      • 55
        Nat says:

        What they never tell you is …….
        Large wind turbines require a large amount of energy to operate. Other electricity plants generally use their own electricity, and the difference between the amount they generate and the amount delivered to the grid is readily determined. Wind plants, however, use electricity from the grid, which does not appear to be accounted for in their output figures. At the facility in Searsburg, Vermont, for example, it is apparently not even metered and is completely unknown * The manufacturers of large turbines — for example, Vestas, GE, and NEG Micon — do not include electricity consumption in the specifications they provide.
        Among the wind turbine functions that use electricity are the following:†
        yaw mechanism (to keep the blade assembly perpendicular to the wind; also to untwist the electrical cables in the tower when necessary) — the nacelle (turbine housing) and blades together weigh 92 tons on a GE 1.5-MW turbine
        blade-pitch control (to keep the rotors spinning at a regular rate)
        lights, controllers, communication, sensors, metering, data collection, etc.
        heating the blades — this may require 10%-20% of the turbine’s nominal (rated) power
        heating and dehumidifying the nacelle — according to Danish manufacturer Vestas, “power consumption for heating and dehumidification of the nacelle must be expected during periods with increased humidity, low temperatures and low wind speeds”
        oil heater, pump, cooler, and filtering system in gearbox
        hydraulic brake (to lock the blades in very high wind)
        thyristors (to graduate the connection and disconnection between generator and grid) — 1%-2% of the energy passing through is lost
        magnetizing the stator — the induction generators used in most large grid-connected turbines require a “large” amount of continuous electricity from the grid to actively power the magnetic coils around the asynchronous “cage rotor” that encloses the generator shaft; at the rated wind speeds, it helps keep the rotor speed constant, and as the wind starts blowing it helps start the rotor turning (see next item); in the rated wind speeds, the stator may use power equal to 10% of the turbine’s rated capacity, in slower winds possibly much more
        using the generator as a motor (to help the blades start to turn when the wind speed is low or, as many suspect, to maintain the illusion that the facility is producing electricity when it is not,‡ particularly during important site tours or noise testing (keeping the blades feathered, ie, quiet)) — it seems possible that the grid-magnetized stator must work to help keep the 40-ton blade assembly spinning, along with the gears that increase the blade rpm some 50 times for the generator, not just at cut-in (or for show in even less wind) but at least some of the way up towards the full rated wind speed; it may also be spinning the blades and rotor shaft to prevent warping when there is no wind.
        All courtesy of WUwT


        • 63

          Of course, the castings for these huge structures will be done in a country which does not abide by the Kyoto protocols, thus depriving us of the opportunity to actually produces this stuff, however useless it is.

          All we do is let someone else take the business and the jobs. Not one bad outcome but two.


        • 67
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:


          Simpler just to put up the link.


          • Nat says:

            Quite right.
            My IT skills are not what they were since I voted UKIP !


          • i didn't know these facts about wind power says:

            Thanks Nat.


          • Socialism = Starvation says:

            My response to wind turbines if in power would be to start making Tallboys or Grand Slams and instruct the RAF to use its last Lancaster to bomb the clusters with the ‘earthquake’ bomb thereby flattening the things and giving the scrounging landowners and operators of these things something back for what they have taken.

            This would be after evacuations of the affected areas and tickets would be sold for the spectacle to offset some of the costs.


          • JH26213-454635 says:

            I’ve seen the crater left by one of those babys at the Blockhaus V2 launch facility at Epercules in France. Rendered the whole site unviable.

            Awesome stuff. Hats off to the crews.


        • 111

          Cost benefit analysis of fewer fixed turbines at ground level producing significantly more energy reliably (like in a power station) vs. many moving turbines at altitude producing less should on common sense grounds alone show that the wind turbine solution with current technology is wrong approach.

          Maintenance costs over time will ensure these become rusty eyesores, as they have in the US.

          Nuke plants and maybe hydro (sea) are a better immediate solution, if burning coal / oil really that uncool.

          Note: Most of energy coming through the F’rench wire is from a nuke plant.

          Vote UKIP :-D


          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            The French have 80+ nuclear power stations and, I believe, the cheapest domestic prices.


          • Mine d'Boggles says:

            58 operational according to Wiki, plus a load of others. Rule to self – read Wiki first.


        • 172
          little Windmills for big electricity pylons says:

          Just stick reasonably priced windmills on top of all electricity Pylons. They are already high up, nothing would have to be built, pre-connected to the Grid and planning is already consented.

          It won’t happen cuz no Land owners will get the generating subsidy.


        • 183
          JH26213-454635 says:

          You forgot the energy involved in maintaining the greenist lefty watermelons’ glow of moral superiority, which can be up to 180’000% of the turbine’s stated output.


        • 213
          Bill de Burgh says:

          One thing is certain.
          The chin-strap that secures the tin-foil hat to your pointyhead needs fcuk all electricity.


    • 51
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      Jeez, I provide more than that when I rub my knees together.


    • 54
      Ed Miliband says:

      there we go sheep voter types, aren’t you glad as energy secretary in 2007 I signed us up to the carbon emissions reductions plan putting on average £125 per household on everyone’s energy bill every year! but don’t the windmills look pretty, i sometimes stare at them for hours with my weird eyes. Now then, I need to come up with a policy on freezing energy bills, because aren’t they high these days!


    • 127
      The science says:

      For the UK, an Island Nation with unique tides . Tidal Barrages are the best source of electricity generation using natural forces. The Severn, Pentland Firth, and many Estuaries. They will work 24/7/365 as long as there is a Sun, a Moon and an Earth


      • 137
        SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Why not just build proper fucking power stations and tell the ecolunatics to piss off?


        • 146
          The science says:

          Quite but if a bridge is being built across and Estuary (the Severn has two of them) It makes more sense to build a something that will generate leccy as well.


      • 191
        Weird Ed taxed my energy and spent it on White Dee says:

        Tidal Barrages are the best source of electricity generation using natural forces

        Yes, but why has something – even on a small scale – not been already been built? Is there something fundamentally uneconomic about it, even more so than windmills?


    • 161
      L'Obama anglais says:

      Plus the Leccy coming from the Frogs is only 20 miles away so t5he copper losses are insignificant. While the Leccy coming down from the Scotch Windmills has lost more than 30% in copper losses before it gets south of the border.


  11. 26
    David Cameron's Big Boy Society says:

    The UK is suffering a shortage of sperm – donors, and it is possible that the fertility clinics may have to import sperm. Those of you in good health and under 40 should donate sperm as there are many white couples who cannot conceive.

    This is clearly not a problem for the visiting ethnic groups.

    Please be generous and pull for our people.


    • 32
      Jizzminge Allwhine Brown says:

      Excellent news.


    • 70
      The Growler says:

      Could be Dave that the indigenous population of the UK are doing their bit to try keep the population of the UK to manageable levels, or simply they just cannot afford children.


    • 77
      Jeremy Hunt says:

      I have the solution in hand.


    • 95
      Bookem says:

      Could they not just give the phone numbers out and whether a twosome or threesome is required?


    • 130
      Deppen says:

      Reason for the shortage is that any spawn hasa right to know their father. A great disincentive. Better for the spawn not to be born at all without that right, must be the logic.


  12. 29
    nell says:

    Poor laurence llewelyn-bowen is looking rather old there !


  13. 33
    non taxable pikey says:

    Still waiting to find out who Llewelyn is, someone enlighten me please? Obviously an old Etonian without his own teeth if Guido means verbal abuse.


  14. 34
  15. 38
    Karl Schennedy - former LibDem leader says:

    Jean Claude Drunkard: someone we can do business with.


  16. 40
    WoRaft Chihuahua says:

    Things must be bad – Mandy has been wheeled out on the Today programme to tell us that everything is alright and that we have a jolly good emperor.


    • 190
      Village Idiot says:

      ….Stopped listening to mandleson years ago.Nothing he says’ interests me in the slightest.


  17. 44
    Nick Clegg says:

    Cool Britannia 2: “A select group will later enjoy a private dinner with “Dishface” at Downing Street.” http://bit.ly/1mcGKfO

    Hear ! Hear !


  18. 45
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    Now that I have finished counting my money, I can come back on the scene and behave like the utter europhile twat I am.

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    • 65
      more importantly says:

      Every time Mandleson shows his slimy face,
      it’s a few thousand more votes in the bag
      for UKIP.


      • 75
        The Growler says:

        What would really cook Liebore’s goose is if B’Liar came back sticking his oar in


        • 112
          the war criminal just can't help himself says:

          Blair popped up a few weeks ago declaring
          that the Middle East clusterfuck wasn’t his
          fault and would be solved by invading Syria.


  19. 47
    C U Jimmy says:

    Just getting on the train at Glasgow for Euston, I hope these 30 cans of Export will last the whole journey!


  20. 50
    Diane Abbott says:



  21. 53
    Ed Miliband says:

    I have never heard of Jon Cruddas.


  22. 66
    White Dee says:

    Having a lovely time on me hols.

    Wish you PAYE drones were here! No, not really


  23. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t you just long for those far off days of Brown-Balls -Mandleson economics? Even Eton Ed must have worked out that Europe is geared to the German economy by now. Anyone for a Fourth Reich? McKinstry has it right in DE today.


    • 194
      Village Idiot says:

      …I knew that in 1975, when I was 22, but it seems others didn,t, and, I voted “NO”!!!!!


    • 201
      Hell Al's Bacon Butties is that Cosher says:

      I prefer the Eton mess with Strawberries, not this one doubling the Debt.


  24. 76
    Ripest repost riposte says:

    Good morning folks,

    Since Albi and I were the only two awake throughout the night, you will all have missed this while you slept.

    Queen of Spades says:
    June 30, 2014 at 2:29 am

    Last week, Dave our gutless PM promised/threatened his EU colleagues with “consequences” if they voted Junkers in as the new President. Well, ignoring the plainly expressed wishes of millions of voters throughout Europe for substantial changes to the way the EU operates, they did and I, like many others no doubt, have been glued to our tv sets and/or computers awaiting Dave’s announcements on what these “consequences” might amount to – so far nothing. Maybe he is looking for ideas that may help, so here are one or two which might set this particular ball rolling to show just how serious (or otherwise) he might be.

    1. Close the EU office in London with immediate effect, along with all other branch offices anywhere in the country (including Wales, NI and Scotland), and/or fully EU-funded organisations. Declare all non-UK workers employed there as persona non grata here for such time as they continue to work for the EU. They can be given 10 days to pack up and go. Forbid with immediate effect flying the EU flag on all public buildings (including local councils and other Qangos). Penalty for disobeying this edict 10 grand fine and/or not more than 2 years in jail.

    2. Severely restrict our cash contributions to this ‘club’. Instead of 55 million a day, cut to 55 million per month (as a starting figure) payable on the last working day of each month. No doubt the EU will be able to scr+pe by without
    our 1.65 billion pounds monthly contribution. Money thus saved can be put to better use – plus all the interest payable on this borrowed money will no longer apply thus benefiting the UK’s overall financial position.

    3. Close the UK Delegation to the EU in Brussels. The diplomats and other Departmental secondees can be relocated elsewhere in their own Departments. As a gesture of goodwill, leave behind a junior Third Secretary who can be termed an “Observer”. Any “Directives” or other documents received from Brussels will immediately be binned or shredded unread.

    That ought to be enough to be going on with – and will show Merkel and Hollande and a few others that we are deadly serious about this disgusting anti-democratic carve up.

    Over to you Dave.


    albacore says:
    June 30, 2014 at 4:56 am

    It don’t take lots of cogitation
    To diagnose Dave’s constipation
    Parliament itself’s so full of shit
    It’s amazing it keeps selling it
    The E U and mass immigration
    There’s sod all else it flogs the nation
    Supplying to every buying Brit
    His very own hara-kiri kit



  25. 78
    Revelling in the joys of bumsex says:

    Which gay celebrities aren’t afraid to publicly acknowledge their sexual orientation? http://thebltch.com/biggest-gaylesbian-celebs-in-hollywood


  26. 79

    Dont make policy just go for the headlines and we will win !


  27. 84
    P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:


  28. 85

    When Dave stood on the burning deck
    Whence all be he had fled
    The whole of Europe lies in flames
    Dont elect Juncker’s is what he said


    • 97
      The End of Gay Dave says:

      Dave stood on the burning deck,
      Defiant like a lion,
      ‘Till Junckers stuffed his arse
      With a red hot rod of iron.


      • 107

        Dave stood on the burning deck
        26 votes to one the thumping
        He couldn’t persuade the spineless twats
        To agree to Junckers dumping


    • 135
      Rigging says:

      Cameron upon the burning deck
      stood he, by the mast
      then Juncker, just elected
      took him up the arse


      • 142

        Dave stood alone on the burning deck
        As solid as a rock
        The other 26 cowards
        Were sucking Junckers cock


        • 214
          ooh Mr Juncker, you will reform, won't you? says:

          Dave stood on the burning deck
          it’s true, the others fled
          but kneeling on the woodwork now
          Dave gave Juncker head


  29. 87
    "Dishface" Cameron says:

    Well done CCHQ. CCHQ becomes the UK’s first political party to commit to paying all staff the living wage .


    • 93
      Slotgob says:

      I’ve made a few domestic economies now that Iraq has broken up and my Tone’s halo has gone on the blink.

      I think we’ll just about manage on £9.5 million p.a. ( post tax avoided ) for this year.


    • 98
      Ed Miliband says:

      I am right to support the living wage, and right to not know what it will buy.

      Liked by 1 person

    • 99
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      Whenever the serfs get any sort of pay rise, the local cost of things in the shops (and fares) goes up proportionately. However, people living in the CCHQ bubble will probably have not noticed this.


  30. 91
    Cobblers to Chris Bryant says:


  31. 92
    Caliph of Londonistan says:

    We are delighted that you despise traditional white British culture.

    Put your burqa on now woman, walk behind me, and obey my every command.

    Otherwise you will be stoned to death at sunset today.


    • 96
      Birmingham state school says:

      And for your next lesson children, here’s Abdul to tell you why white women are whores.


    • 106
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      Take good heed of this highly educated and experienced Caliph, but don’t listen to him! Everyone knows that it is ladies before gentlemen in these matters..

      … something to do with stepping on the landmines first…


      • 113
        Caliph of Londonistan says:

        Silence woman and prepare for your appointment at the FGM clinic after tomorrow morning prayers.


        • 152
          Ann, the poverty.. etc etc says:

          Sorry pal, got an appt with the guy from the laundromat who really knows how to satisfy a lady. Is your plonker is still nice and pointy after all these years of wear and tear.

          PS: Trim your beard you lazy cvnt. You look so bloody scruffy you should be ashamed of yourself. Ask your flock to buy you a shaver and a mirror.


  32. 94

    Another shit government idea
    Lets charge “Hard working parents “a £300 administration fee for failing to keep up their child support payments
    While the low life under class can carry on breeding un checked with as many partners as they like and the “hard working parents” will pick up the tab

    Well done Dave !


    • 103
      Nickelarse says:

      I’m really proud that we LibShits have enabled this latest proposal by Wanker Dave’s Coalition.


  33. 102
    The Good Old Days says:

    It was much easier to know who your enemies were when the Germans went around in Jackboots and the French held their hands


    • 108
      Avon and Somerset Constabulary says:

      Things are so much better now that we can pay taxpayers’ money to march cocks-in-hand with Gay Pride.


  34. 110
    A J3W wishes Muslims HAPPY RAMADAMAdingdong...What could go wrong? says:


  35. 115
    The Populace says:

    We have little enough democracy in Britain now, without Charles sticking his ears in.

    Off with his head.


    • 175
      Fred the (grammar educated) pensioner says:

      All he is saying is he would like our education system which was so effectively fucked up by that Williams witch to be restored to some of its former glory. Nowt wrong with that, but I do wonder just where we will find sufficient numbers of teachers now who are competent (and educated enough) to actually teach a full 1950s style grammar curriculum. Be nice to meet and talk to intelligent literate and numerate school leavers again one of these days.

      He has to speak out now as he won’t we able to once his mum pops her royal clogs.


      • 182
        Axe The Telly Tax & Religion & Kill All Eco-loons says:

        Both Lizzy and Charlie must be getting nervous as they see a Federal Republic of Europe being formed. The Dutch and Spanish monarchies will be the first to be abolished with our monarchy next for abolition.


  36. 119
    ISIS says:

    We intend to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East along the lines of those already established in the UK.


  37. 120
    Merge_an'_Rule says:

    The Tories plan to merge everything. It really is part of their Merge and Rule Strategy. Their plans (as we know) on the merging of Religion and Race are already quite well developed.
    They have already scored well on the merging of Benefits, with the effect of debarring most people from ever receiving a penny.
    So it it surprising their new income tax will no longer have the insurance component, since you will, quite simply no longer be insured?


  38. 122
    Cinna says:

    I see the scallys to the ‘Pool never let themselves down.



  39. 131
    WTF says:

    diyor ki ?
    Beğen ?


    • 140
      White rabbit says:

      I’m sick of foreigners and especially Ed Milimong and Spoony the fraudulent Tory PM.
      Clegg doesn’t count because why would you be concerned about a cloud
      of nauseous farty gas.


    • 144
      peterthepainter says:

      English words for English blogs.


    • 159
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      I started to get that to, so I closed the blog and re-opened it – then it all reverted to normal (at least for the moment until the numbers go haywire later).


  40. 136
    Nigel farage says:

    who changed the language on here to forrin


  41. 143
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    I have never heard of Peerages.


  42. 149
    Southern Poofters says:

    So why does Dave want to build a new fast train line between Leeds and Manch when there is a perfectly OK rail service already? And for the other 99.9999% of the travelling public a fooking motorway linking the two.

    Has he ever been oop North?


    • 158
      The out-of-touch tit in no. 10 (but not for much longer now) says:

      Oh dear, a trick question.

      oop North – somewhere near Sodding Chipbury, isn’t it ? Or is it Nipping Chorton ? I always get those two mixed up.


    • 164
      Surf's Up says:

      He’s been to Cornwall, does that count?


    • 166
      Mule train says:

      His new boss what just got hisself elected as chief eurohoncho decreed it, so it must be done (irrespective of the fact that it is unneeded and will be a complete waste of money. When does this longed for revolution start?). It is rumoured that Herr Junkbox had never set foot outside Luxembourg until last Thursday.


  43. 167
    Unintended Consequences....or where they? says:

    Farage is correct.

    The legal minimum wage, has for many, become the maximum wage.


  44. 168
    Yet another U-Turn says:

    There can be no third option’ – “Dishface” Cameron urges full support for Labour to rid Britain of ‘ruinous coalition’ http://shar.es/Mk6vv


  45. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Given his views assume he wanted Berlin.


  46. 180

    Another Etonian pushed into a position of power.


  47. 186
    Maimed Cadger says:

    It is good that Political Satire is alive & kicking… I must admit I thought Politicians were appallingly ill informed & retarded individuals, until the World Cup, when the Nation realised there is a lower form of intelligence, Football Commentators incapable of seeing or stating the obvious. Opinionated Buffoons, with few exceptions.


  48. 210
    Tony Blair was my flatmate says:

    Why is this a drawing of Charlie Falconer? Are he and Ed Llewellyn one and the same? I think we should be told


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