June 30th, 2014

L’Obama Anglais: “Already A Legend”
Nothing Lost in Translation from Wikipedia


Despite studying for a year at the University of Dijon in France, Chuka Ummuna spent thousands taking a translator on an official trip to Paris. He will view that as money well spent. In an article which will no doubt upset the golden one, the Le Monde newspaper has headlined him as “L’Obama Anglais” – the English Obama – and in a glowing profile says he looks like a Conservative MP wearing “suits custom-made in Savile Row” and “reciting Shakespearean sonnets without accent.” The paper tips Chuka to make it to 10 Downing Street and become Britain’s first black PM, apparently he won’t mind all the teasing from Guido because, according to Le Monde at least, “Chuka Umunna does not care. Already a legend, he longs to write a new page in British history.” A large number of his fellow Labour MPs already think he is more myth than legend.


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    The last Bastion says:

    Chuka Umunna, A legend in his own mind!


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      Great British Public says:

      A bell-end in everyone else’s mind.

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      Dr Death says:

      Not even a legend in his own lunch break…


      • 125
        Merde mon Chaka says:

        Chuka iz, ow you say, a wankfest totale … aah oui, a total wankfest.
        So trez up ‘iz own derrierre.


        • 187
          La Mon Dieu says:

          Peraps ve got it a leetle rong.
          Chuka iz wizout questione un grand arrogant fool et clochard.
          Vitch is vy ve loove im az being verrry Francais


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      Mycroft says:

      Chuka displays all the classic signs of an unresolved personality.

      Facades almost always have windows and doors and humans are no different, for anyone trained or naturally tuned to seeing into the actions of others can see that he is prone to anxiety, an anxiety that put up the facade in the first instance.

      It would be best (for him as well as the Public at large) if he was never given a position of any great responsibility, some responsibility is OK but even that would need to be in the ‘open’ because the ‘show-boating’ side and desire to please hides a far less pleasant selfishness.

      In short he is a great puppet but if left to pull the strings himself he’d create a tangle and lots of knots, he is in this just like Cameron who himself can’t help tangling himself up and leaving only further problems.

      It is a common problem with modern politicians, puppets becoming masters.


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        Anonymous says:

        What do psychologists think about gaudy big watches and men who prefer the company of other men ?


        • 152
          Mycroft says:

          The braggart is in all of us, some will see it and laugh at the fact and not fall for the temptation of the gaudy and irrelevant.

          I have always been amazed at the desire of many men to buy gaudy watches, a good watch is useful and great to own, something that is huge and needlessly expensive is attention seeking and evidence of a child’s mind.

          I own a Raymond Weil ‘tank’ I have thin wrists, the watch is small and less than 3mm thick, it never loses time and is un-muddled, one could not ask more from a watch, I’ve had it for 20 years.

          The company of men is not my ‘thing’… I find men to be generally unfortunate in being ugly (me included) and can’t in all honesty reconcile the fact that not all women are not lesbians, but thankfully they seem to like ‘male ugly’!

          Men who crave the company and approbation of other men are not of my frame of mind so remain beyond my personal understanding but it is an understood phenomena.


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      táxpáyér says:

      Interesting article from P4K1st4n! (A first)


      highlighting BBC intuhlektuwal bias.


      • 190
        Just Saying. says:

        Very interesting, and very relevant to the current BBC coverage on world affairs as well as national ones using only “trusted loyal” sources of limited knowledge.


    • 116
      PC Dixon says:

      Heaven forbid – All Obama has done is to make a complete pigs ear of the country – Watch Fox News for the details daily


      • 191
        Not the Justin Webb of the BBC. says:

        His second term is proving a serial disaster zone, though we get nothing on BBC or other UK media on this.
        Even the US “liberal” press, who have been totally supportive of him are getting tired of defending the indefensible.


    • 124
      workers vote UKIP. .And email Chucky. says:

      Told ya so

      Depeche Mode – More Than a Party (Album Version):
      “….the failed magician waves his wand
      And in an instant the laughter’s gone!
      This is more than a party. .”


    • 162
      No we can't Chukka says:

      (1) Embarrassment for rising star of Labour and betting shop critic Chuka Umunna after he accepts £20,000 gift from gambling executive (The Independent, Tuesday 06 August 2013).

      (2) Labour MP’s ‘hypocrisy’ on interns: Chuka Umunna employed unpaid staff while campaigning for fairer salaries (Daily Mail, 4 November 2013).

      “Labour Business spokesman advertised internships which paid only lunch and travel expenses.”
      “MP accused of ‘amazing hypocrisy’ after campaigning for higher wages.”
      “Only 20 Labour councils agreed to pay the living wage to its staff.”

      (3) Club owners hit back at Chuka Umunna for ‘trashy, C-list wannabes’ comments (The Telegraph, 05 Apr 2013):

      “Club owners have hit back at comments made by Chuka Umunna, the Labour MP, who branded London clubs as full of “trash and C-list wannabes”, saying he needs to get out more.”

      (4)Voters dismissed as trash, a £1m Ibiza villa called the White House and the credibility crisis threatening ‘Labour’s Obama’ Chuka Umunna (Daily Mail, 13 April 2013):

      “In the summer, the one-time nightclub DJ would adjourn to the Spanish party island of Ibiza, where he enjoyed ‘chilling on a beach or by the pool’ of a £1 million, six-bedroom villa called The White House. In winter, it was off to Miami, with its white sand beaches and vibrant dance music scene”.


    • 166
      RichUpNorth says:

      If he came down the road where I live he’d wind up being fed through a straw.


    • 181


      Eh donc Chukka mon vieux . Apres plus d un an a l Universite francais tu ne peut pas discuter en Francais ?? !! C est vrainent afreux tu ait eu la face d employer un traducteur pour ta visite !!

      Courage mon brave !!La prochaine fois tu doit absolument prendre ton courage en le deaux mains et addresseer les ” grenouilles ” en leur langue propre!! .

      Seule comme ca tu pourra convaincre Hollande que tu est vraiment
      ” un copain ” !!!!!


    • 197
      Dave the pleb says:

      A failed lawyer, a rich hypocrite, someone who alters information to suit himself – remind you of someone?


    • 198
      The Timerunner says:

      He’s the ‘English Obama’, in that Obama and Umunna are both ignorant, arrogant, left wing arseholes. I’ve got more chance of being Britain’s first black PM than Umunna does, and I’m white.


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    Chuka ( you can call me Harrison ) Urmunneyaround says:

    All myth and wind.


    • 18
      Tops of Pops DJ says:

      A song about this chap would be a cert for the Christmas No.1.

      Any takes for the title.

      Chuka the fucker


      • 22
        another DJ says:

        Tickle your tadpole


      • 66
        Maximus says:

        Yo chuka chuka yo muneeeee

        (Chuka as pomo reverse Santa: we never had a black Santa before – this one doesnt have a beard either; and instead of chucking out presents he’ll filch your wealth – you get the idea).


    • 65
      The Growler says:

      “A large number of his fellow Labour MPs already think he is more myth than legend.” an awful lot of history is legend and/or myth or both, recorded history is what the great and the good say they have done and is written down, a lot of history is not written down either because things went badly wrong or they people involved were not considered important enough.


      • 94
        Village Idiot says:

        ….He is very good at siding up to someone (anyone), to have a photo taken, beyond that, I have no idea who he is!


        • 99
          Any publicity is good publicity says:

          Yep, Guido Fawkes LOVES doing articles about this vanity project


          • Oilman says:

            Talking of the host and vanity projects, has anyone else wandered over to the Guido Refresh site linked under seen elsewhere.

            ‘Tech Guido (think terminator)’, ‘Guido forks (restaurant reviewer)’ – Thinking of branching out perchance??


        • 184

          He is the only man IN THE WHOLE WORLD with a perfectly formed round head .


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    HenryV says:

    Useless, duplicitous, treasonous, unrepresentative, elusive, etc. etc.

    Yes they may have a point.

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      Have we so lost our own identity we think that he's English? says:

      The English Obama?

      How can he be English? He’s black.


      • 101
        nurture or nature says:

        Ghanian and Irish. Fed on food from UK supermarkets and Thames water.


        • 134
          Anonymous says:

          It depends who he is addressing.

          In Westminster he is a proud brit, but in Brixton or when on Question Time he will play on his Ghanaian roots.

          It’s been said at local meetings he speaks with. more patois in his pentameter…


      • 158
        Officer Dibble says:

        He’s perfectly English, unless you’re a racist (as you clearly are). His nationality is not the problem. The problem is his policies, his beliefs, his attitude, his competence, his record, his motivation, his personality, his choice of political party.


        • 183
          Anonymous says:

          Nationality is not a problem, unless national characteristics are influenced by race, in which case…

          If you can’t see that different races have different characteristics, tendencies, skills, defects, etc, you’re a proud non-racist.

          You are also a non-realist. Award yourself 10 PC worthiness points and go back to sleep.


        • 186
          HenryV says:

          He can’t be English. He can be a British citizen without a passport or a British citizen with a passport. England doesn’t issue passports, it isn’t a sovereign state so you can’t be an English citizen. You can live England but does that make you English? If Scotland vote for independence then some Scots will be Scottish citizens but not ethnically Scottish. While the majority will be both Scottish citizens and ethnically Scottish; though surely there is difference between Celtic Highlander, Lowlander, and Norse stock of the Orkneys and Shetlands? Nor then can Chucka be ethnically English. Or should that be wholly ethnically English because one parent may be English and another parent from somewhere else. Not even sure if you can even be ethnically English, North European perhaps? I am blonde and blue eyed and wouldn’t look out of place in Germany, the Netherlands, or Scandinavia. My “colouring” would mark me out as slightly different in South Europe but not by much. But I most definitely not an Arab, African, Chinese, Malaya, or whatever else; splendid peoples that they are! Chucka though isn’t English.

          Supposedly an I am EU citizen too. But I don’t recognise them so…….


    • 72
      The Growler says:

      Chuckie is a politician, what do you expect, they all seem to have some sort of baggage, they work so hard they wouldn’t do the job if it wasn’t for dedication to duty, but they would scratch each others eyes out to get a nice jobbies for life constituency.


    • 179
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      Indeed. Exactly like Obama!


  4. 5
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  5. 6

    All wind ‘n p+ss!


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Has he got another new watch?


  7. 8
    jgm2 says:


    The bl*ack Blair?

    Vacuous, good teeth, can read an autocue, on the make?

    Why on earth would we fall for that twice?

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  8. 9
    Zodiac says:

    What next for Le Monde? Ed Miliband: Le Jimmy Carter Anglais.

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  9. 10
    Dangerous Brian says:

    What an odious, self opinionated toss pot.
    The inability to recognise the depth of ones own failings is truly the hallmark of the current crop of leftie “politicans” and commentators.
    Yasmin “I’m a liar” Brown and her “beggar” spring to mind.
    Horrible, nasty, bigotted haters, hiding behind a wall of ism’s and phobes and determined to shout down any debate or dismiss any opinion if its not on their terms.
    If they hate us so much (by us I mean ordinary British working people) why don’t they just fu*k off to wherever they think the grass is greener?

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    • 73
      inside out says:

      Where do they get these people from.Why would Chuka imagine I would vote for him for PM,what has he done in his life, what does he represent,where does he want to lead the country? He is a vacuous nobody.He is from the same mould as Cameron and Clegg a professional nobody,dream on Chuka,dream on.


      • 155
        Pissed again, Winston? says:

        In Chuka’s mind, he is the token oily “spokesman (self-appointed)” for the Metro-Black electors. He will no more make it up the slimy pole than all the other BLGBs.
        It is not yet time for a quaint ethnic minority PM. Maybe when he is less obviously so poisonous to the old Labour vote – (which is coming to UKIP anyway) precisely because of these vile toad-licking narcissists who so repel English people.
        It is the beauty of the “Westminster Bubble” air-heads; they all look so impossibly smooth, shiny, and speak with the lexicon of an Alien race. “Show me to your dockyards ” demanded the German parachutist just before being arrested on suspicion of being a spy.


  10. 12
    Chuka Ummana says:

    once again i have to plea to all of you not to desecrate my beautiful facebook page where you are greeted by a photo I like to call – Smug Chuka, It takes me a lot of time to personally remove these offensive messages and I am going to stamp my feet on this. will you peasants please leave my page alone.


    • 141
      A Watcher says:

      You forgot to give us the address so we know where not to visit. You must be really quite computer illiterate. Do you vote UKIP when nobody is looking?


  11. 13
    bergen says:

    Did he fail to cut the mustard at Dijon ? A true leg end.


    • 157
      Pissed again, Winston? says:

      Leg ends are called Buttocks, or in Chukitin the bin’s case “Buttercup” – pretty, isn’t he.


  12. 14
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Aha hahahhhaahh hahahahhaaaa

    Just what you need, a British Obama;

    ahahaaahahahhhahah ahhhaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. 16
    Guy News Room says:

    How Long Can Prime Minister David”Dishface” Cameron’s Conservative led coalition ‘Caliphate’ Survive?


  14. 17
    Pookie Snackumberger says:

    It’s all about brand recognition for the new type of MPs in the old British parliment (to rubber stamp EU laws and give the imports someting to belive in), and the high profile this smarmy cnut keeps getting on this and other bloggs all helps the cause to get him where THEY want him.


  15. 19
    White Working Class says:

    That’ll get our votes back!


  16. 20
    Why not insult your readers? says:

    ““L’Obama Anglais” – the English Obama”

    Thanks for that, we couldn’t work it out for ourselves.


    • 76
      The Bullingdon Boys says:

      Some of us learned only Latin, Greek and the school patois

      Swing swing together,
      With your buddy between your knees!


    • 107
      táxpáyér says:

      People who watch the BBC might be misinformed enough to think that’s a compliment…


  17. 21
    Labour know only how to destroy says:

    “he longs to write a new page in British history.”

    Unfortunately, it’s the last page in the final chapter.


  18. 22
    Sizzla says:

    Many in Labour resent Chuka’s education, success and wealth.


    • 31
      Rt Hon Lady Margaret Hodge says:

      And his family’s taxdodging.


    • 49
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Just goes to show despite money and an education it’s still possible to be utterly devoid of any brains or common sense.

      Also shows how thick labour voters are. They keep returning fuckwits like this and abbottpottamus to Parliment.


      • 82
        don't forget says:

        The dodgy postal votes help.

        Yet another serious issue the Government has failed to tackle.


      • 145
        A Watcher says:

        Yes indeed, lots of lefty loons continue to confuse ‘education’ with ‘intelligence’


        • 165
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          Not many things more dangerous than an Oxbridge educated lefty.

          I hear that a double first in rank hypocrisy are very easy to get if you’re a leftard.

          Owen Jones, Polly Pot, Ed Millitit, etc, etc


    • 110
      táxpáyér says:

      Labour = envy


  19. 24
    nell says:

    LOL! First bullyballs and now chuckusyamoney – is there no end to the labour wannabees who are hoping and praying militwit loses the 2015 election so they can all start stabbing one another in the back in the scramble for the labour leaders job?!!

    What an unedifying bunch they are!!


    • 35
      jgm2 says:

      I don’t think they’re ‘hoping and praying’ Miliband loses. I think they’re resigned to the fact that once the public gets a good look at Miliband – as they will in the month long run up to the election – then the public will give it ‘There is no way I’m voting for that nasal twat, he’s just like that c*unt XYZ from school…’


      • 54
        CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

        The public actually came to that conclusion before Milliband was elected. Labour are toast and it has little to do with their present leader and everything to do with them as a Party.


      • 111
        táxpáyér says:

        Inbetweeners movie2 released in time for election?


    • 62
      The two Muppets says:

      Like ferrets in a sack . Get the popcorn in .


  20. 26
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Chuckie is rather exciting for the Frogs, as they are a bit behind us in some ways. Their Justice Minister, who is black, keeps getting likened to a monkey and the chances of “un kebla” becomg President or Prime Minister are practicslly 0.


  21. 27

    Myth Obama! Myth Obama!

    Letter for Myth Obama!


  22. 29
    jgm2 says:

    He’s half way there. He’s a useless old c*unt from Fucking Scotland who spends hardly any time in the country.


  23. 30
    Gordon Brown, Agent 007 says:

    “And what ish your dashtardly plan, Goldfinger? To shteal all our gold? Mwa! Taoo shlow old man. I’ve already shtolen it and sold it to shome children for £4.20.”


    • 32
      jgm2 says:

      Licensed to kill half a million Iraqis rather than challenge Blair on his fucking madness?


      • 46
        Tim Yeo-Yo says:

        Try to keep up. Some utter twat of a lefty mongtard was blaming IDS for the Iraq war.

        It was obviously either him or Fatchers fault. Brain dead, mouth breathing, fuck stick Labour voters always find someone else to blame. It’s in their DNA.


        • 59
          Twampersand mk II says:

          IDS and Michael ‘400,000 quid drug bung’ Howard knew it was bullshit, knew it was lies, and went with it anyway.

          They are guilty, there’s no doubt about it. Which part of ‘Her Majesty’s Opposition’ do they not understand?


        • 83
          Bill Quango MP says:

          So the opposition make the laws and decide the actions do they?

          So, this bedroom tax..it’s Milibsnd’s fault? He should have done something about it.
          And the public sector pay freeze..that is all down to Ed Balls..

          Well, now you’ve put it like that, I can quite see your point. Those tossers should never be allowed into government seeing all the damage they are doing in opposition.


        • 104
          Idiot in DWP says:

          Duncan Shite lapped it up


  24. 33
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I was down in Streatham fo a drink the other night. Hard to see where Chuckup fits in.


  25. 37
    Barrack Obama says:

    Bring me the head of L’Obama Anglais.


  26. 38
    Glyn H says:

    So he wants to likened to a mid town human rights lawyer who has turned out to be just that; unable to make a decision. A third rate president serving out his time whilst the jihadis and the Chinese make hay at the Wests expense.

    Why not retire to some tacky sleaze island with the other trashy types? Leave Socialism to serious Marxists like your leader!


  27. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Here is the page:


    And here is something I would never have guessed:

    “Son personnage est perçu comme étant davantage porteur d’une ambition personnelle que d’un projet de société.”


  28. 41
    Chuka the Tory Leader in waiting says:

    Le Monde did say though that Chuka should mount the Conservative party as they are more innovative. Choosing a J3W (Disr aeli) a Homosexual (Heath) and a Woman (Thatcher) as leaders while the traditional white Labour party is reluctant to change.


  29. 43
    Red Ed says:

    It’s a bad translation. It should be “bell end” not “legend”


  30. 47
    Useless Ponce. says:

    He is a style and no substance politician and in a year or two he will look like Mother Theresa albeit a bald one.


  31. 50
    Scammers unite says:

    Put the following words in their correct order:

    freeze hell over will to have gets PM before to be he, he’s no even chance then.


  32. 51
    La plus grande insulte says:

    But isn’t being called an English version of something, the worst insult a Frenchman will throw at anyone?


    • 87
      Charles le Conc says:

      That is why we called Heath, the greatest Englishman.
      He loved it.

      But it means he is only as good as the lowliest, inbred, toothless, cackling, French whore in the red light district.


    • 137
      Mycroft says:

      Gonorrhoea was the ‘English Disease’ in Napoleonic France!

      At the time we thought it meant the disease commonly called ‘Rickets’ but it was a snide, wink of the eye’ type of put down.

      Being an ‘English O’bama’ might be a similar over the bar p’ss-take.


  33. 57
    Déchets says:

    So, who will be La Michelle Anglais?


  34. 67
    The two Muppets says:

    Well compared to their crap leaders , he probably is .


  35. 68
    Nick Robinson - Ace reporter says:

    Breaking News *** Breaking News *** Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife have been shot and killed. *****Breaking News *** Breaking News ***


  36. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Oh Chuckie have you been telling porkies?


  37. 71
    Blue Peter Goldfish says:

    Reciting Shakespearean sonnets?, the tragedy of the Moor of Venice.


  38. 78
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Le Bummer Anglais more like ;)


  39. 79
    Chuk The fuck off says:

    After Miliband is kicked out Chuka will be ‘discovered’ by the BBC and their lefty friends and then sold to the public as somebody new,fresh and exciting.
    Readers here have known of and have seen the manoeuvrings of this empty(Savile row)suit for years.
    Apart from being black he’s no different to all the other shake & bake Politicians we have been lumbered with since Blair.


    • 89
      David Cummerbund. says:

      I say that’s not very fair?

      Oh..I see… Take your point.


    • 90
      Mycroft says:

      ‘Flat-pack’ MPs are ten-a-penny…

      Universities churn them out for the left and Public schools for the right.

      An “Under 40″ rule should be considered, no-one can become an MP unless they are 40+, weeding out ‘career’ MPs.


      • 105
        Professor Brainiac says:

        Additionally, an “Over 40″ rule should be considered; no one can become an MP unless their IQ is over 40, weeding out most of the 650 tossers we’ve got at the moment.


        • 130
          Mycroft says:

          Some truth in that… :)

          But IQ is given at birth… life, the experiences of it are given by time and that is a war of attrition and the person is all the better for it.


        • 154
          Dave Cameron says:

          I’ve just had my IQ tested and the raw data figure was 22, however after seasonal adjustments using the same rules that we use on the GDP figure, it turns out that my IQ is 140 so I’m fine with this plan.


      • 109
        Left wing sex pest says:

        We need to engage todays youth not only in politics but in all matters.
        What they think is important and what I want is important too.


        • 132
          Mycroft says:

          Total rubbish!

          Today’s youth need work, to move on in life, to get a life, when that has been achieved then they are no longer ‘youths’ and can make a valid contribution.

          A career made from controlling others after not being at the sharp end of having to live within the rules others have imposed in the past makes for a f’cking useless MP,

          Inarguable fact.


  40. 85
    Chris The Leatherman says:

    For those who can understand French read the Le Monde article . There is a very interesting comment about the Conservative party and the diversity of its’ leaders. Disraeli the first Jew, Margaret Thatcher the first woman and Sir Edward Heath gets an honourable mention,I am not sure if I can mention why here.
    Its at the end for those interested.


  41. 88
    Ctesibius says:

    If one if his parents is white, is he actually black? Could some racist let me know?


    • 91
      David Cummerbund. says:

      He is zinadine ze Dumb


    • 97
      All the coloured girls go doop dee doop doop dee doop. says:

      If both parents are white, the child’s white. If both parents are black, the child’s black. If one parent is white and the other parent is black, the child is coloured.


      • 113
        99% guaranteed says:

        If one parent is white and the other parent is black the child will be raised in a single parent home.


      • 194
        African Saga says:

        Not true, and if you had lived in Africa you would know this.
        Black children are born to white parents and the Afrikaans farming community know this well, and always take this child into the family.


  42. 93
    Hysterical lefty says:

    That’s ridiculous. We pay for the BBC to be a lefty channel. So channel 4 must be a righty one, right? Shut them down


    • 175
      Chucky in the closet says:

      how do they find the time to watch telly and complain when they should be out looking for a job? If you don’t like what’s on the telly exercise your index finger with the remote, mongtards.

      Ps I’m offended by your existences


  43. 95

    He will most likely be writing his own page….


  44. 100

    He should debate Le Pen.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  45. 102
    "I can still do business with Junker" says:

    No choice Dave old boy.

    Jean Claude.


    • 103
      Jean Claude, Tory crusher says:

      I agree to all Great Britain’s demands.

      Tee hee, only kidding


    • 108
      Weak and weedy Dave, Jean Claude Juncker's little slave, says:



      • 121
        Ziggy says:

        Dave couldn’t negotiate his way out of a brown paper bag without making numerous cockups!


  46. 114
    Anonymous says:

    “Already a legend, he longs to write a new page in British history.”

    Having already written a few in Wiki!!


  47. 117
    Ziggy says:

    If anyone personifies self-centred devious TWAT they this guy is it!


  48. 118
    UKIP the voice of reason says:

    Chuka Umunna, legend in his own(expenses paid) lunchtime.

    An ego writing cheques his character cannot fill.

    A ten gallon hat on a two pint head

    He is the Ford Granada Ghia with the 1.3 engine, it looks great but has no bottom.


  49. 119
    Trust But Verify! says:

    University of Dijon, ah, but has anyone actually seen the paperwork or checked with the university!!!

    Old lying NuLiebor habits do not just fade away!!


  50. 120
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Does Ummuna wear Jimmy Savile suits?


  51. 128
    EWOK says:

    I only like chocolate muffins!


  52. 129
    Oh my didgereedoooo says:

    Rolf found guilty.


  53. 142
    Jimmy says:

    The force is strong in this one.


  54. 143
    Whoops cheeky! says:

    Never trust anyone of mixed race. They always have a dark side.


  55. 147
    A Watcher says:

    They don’t get out much in Paris these days.

    Personally, I’d have gone for Edith Piaf.


  56. 153
    The People's Army says:

    What the stupid crap Le Monde doesn’t get is that a large number of people have finally realised that they don’t want another fricking stupid career politician for PM. Bring on 2015.


  57. 159
    NE Frontiersman says:

    Probably short of copy: seven senior editorial staff resigned last month.

    ‘According to the Mitrokhin Archive investigators, Le Monde (KGB codename VESTNIK, “messenger”) was the KGB’s key outlet for spreading anti-American and pro-Soviet disinformation to the French media’ (Wikipedia)

    For a paper that’s apparently 26% owned by the French government, that shows a profound respect for editorial independence.


  58. 168
    Kent Brockman says:

    “A large number of his fellow Labour MPs already think he is more myth than legend.”

    Didn’t stop them choosing Kinnock, Bliar, brown, millipede…

    I for one welcome our new caliphate…


  59. 171
    Only Fourteen but Big Breaths says:

    Myth or Mithith?


  60. 172
    Bill de Burgh says:

    Will Harris be suited to Savile Row


  61. 173
    Rolf says:

    Only fourteen but big breaths?
    Listen, I may be busy from Friday but in the meantime may I initiate you in the mysteries of the wobble board.
    I was much bigger in the 1960’s but you still won’t be disappointed


  62. 178
    TC says:

    Hasn’t he already written enough new pages in British history?


  63. 180
    harrythebastard says:

    I hope the American one sues the frogs


  64. 195
    gildedtumbril says:

    One godamned O’Bummer is more than enough for planet earth.
    We have no need of another.


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