June 27th, 2014

LibDems Won’t Comment as Labour Slam “Appalling” Slur

The LibDems are treating yesterday’s latest race row with their usual high standards of competence and professionalism. Guido gave a party spokesperson two separate opportunities to express regret for an an anti-Semitic article published by LibDem Friends of Palestine, only to be told “it is not for us to apologise”. LibDem Friends of Palestine, who posted the attack on Ed Miliband, are also refusing to say sorry. Fair to say Labour are not impressed, they tell Guido:

“These appalling comments are beneath contempt.”

This really shouldn’t be a tough decision for the LibDems…

UPDATE: A spokesperson for the LibDems says:

“That article was not, and is not the view of the party in any way. It was clearly inappropriate and offensive. We’re of course sorry if there was any offence caused.”

LibDem Friends of Palestine say:

“On 22 June, we posted a link to an article by Gilad Atzmon. This has now been removed and we apologise for any offence caused.”


  1. 1
    Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

    Not only are LimpDumbs sexually perverted but they are also racially perverted.

  2. 2
    Nick Clegg says:

    I’m sorry of course.

    For being a certified pathological liar.

  3. 3
    The truth wont set you free says:

    Great to see the LibDums hung on their own PC hook for telling the truth. Long may it continue!

  4. 4
    The Thick of It says:

    The Lib Dems are the truly NASTY party.

    No wonder no one wants them. Perhaps they can form a Coalition with Respect next time round. Or with that creepy woman Lucas.

  5. 5
    Lib Dem Machine says:

    Viva EU !

  6. 6
    Hugh Janus says:

    Every decision for the Limp Dumbs is a tough one, such is their inherent unsuitability for high office. A pity they don’t display the same caution when it comes to getting their trousers off.

  7. 7
    David Cameron says:

    Peter Bone said, “Imagine Scarlett Johansson sucking your cock, squeezing your balls with one hand and sticking a couple of fingers up your arse with the other hand. How long do you think you could last?”

    I said, “Pass me some tissues, would you Peter.”

  8. 8
    Mr Woy says:

    Maybe the limpdums can go to Israel and have a chance of being shot…not bothered by which side.

  9. 9
    Run! They've become self-aware! says:

    “article that was posted by an official LibDem Facebook page”

    The Facebook page posted an article?

  10. 10
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    Whenever you try to mix economic efficiency with religion it always end in tears.

  11. 11
    Sunni Spells with Shias Forecast says:

    Isn’t this man Atzmon loathed by many pro Palestinians as an extremist whom they wish to disown?

  12. 12
    A 2015 Voter says:


  13. 13
    Ax1 says:

    Nothing “anti-semitic” about telling the truth about the ZIoLoons
    and their sordid ra cist supremacism.
    They are not nice people, sorry to burst your bubble Geedoug, you ignoranus.

  14. 14
  15. 15
    Vote Tory for unlimited immigration says:

    I take it a LibLab coalition next year is off the agenda?

  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Weird how the Anti-Nazi League and Campaign Against Fascism are nowhere to be seen… surely this is exactly what they were set up to campaign against?

    Or is it only right-of-centre politicians they object to?

  17. 17
    The two Muppets says:

    I cannot stand the Libdems and they are completely wrong with their
    bigoted views but Milibands faux outrage makes me sick .Just another
    bandwagon to jump on .

  18. 18
    Breakfast News says:

    Rennard, Cyril Smith, Thorpe, Oaten, Hancock, Tonge……the list grows as they fall into disgrace

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Buy a dictionary, and use it.

  20. 20
    Vince Cable says:

    I have the results of a recent poll for Portsmouth. Which of course I am not aware that it ever took place.

  21. 21
    The two Muppets says:

    Go back to Iraq .

  22. 22
    William Hague says:

    I can never ignore anus.

  23. 23
    NERMAL says:

    Thats all we need a religion of piss lover this early in the morning.

  24. 24
    Bin bag says:

    Inshallah brother

  25. 25
    UAF says:

    We are awaiting orders from Tehran.

  26. 26
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Seems these so called British politicians have brought the Middle East temperament to Britain, shame they are incapable of working for the British temperament and helping the people of this country who pay their fkin over the top wages, if they want to argue bog off to the Middle East and go and live there, and take their handbags with them, leave your arguments at your port of entry.

  27. 27
    albacore says:

    Dear me, racism rearing up yet again
    Old England must be such a real racist den
    Funny, though, that the principle’s selective
    When it comes to anti-British invective

  28. 28
    Lord Pantsdown of Nobrain-sub-Human says:

    I should be on that list! I was almost important once, you know.

  29. 29
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:

    The need our votes !!

  30. 30
    They're early starters says:

    They wake up at 5 to wiggle their bottoms in the air.

  31. 31
    Working class tips says:

    Tips for Ed Miliband

    When talking to working class men, the follow questions can be usefull

    1) What is your favourite eat all you can buffet
    2) Where is the best place to buy nockoff chicken
    3) What is your favourite Elvis track

  32. 32
    Sunni Spells with Shias Forecast says:


  33. 33
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    I can’t wait to meet my new bezzie mate, Jean Claude Drunkard !! Luv ‘n’ stuff.

    Toxic Nick.

  34. 34
    28 Days Later with added gore says:

    It’s like an infectious disease, and it’s spreading.

  35. 35
    Reality Dawns says:

    I think the world has finally woken up to the real loons. Everyday they butcher, kill, bully & threaten. We now sympathise with the Israelis who have learned how to deal with it and one day we will seek their help.

  36. 36
    BERCOW is Parliament's SHOneT says:

    At your suggestion :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zionism

    So, not a racial thing, more a nationalist philosophy.

  37. 37
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    Better to appease the muzzies, not oppose them, and hand over our Country to them.

    Better to appease the EU federalists, not oppose them, and hand over our money to them.

  38. 38
    J.Savile says:

    I could have fixed it for you.

  39. 39
    Weak and weedy Dave, soon to be Jean Claude Juncker's little slave, says:

    That’s the plan!

  40. 40
    Ed Miliband says:

    The Liberal Democrats are clearly in need of a wise owl.

  41. 41
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    Have you been at the urban dictionary?


  42. 42
    28 Days Later with added gore says:

    It’ll be like World War Z but without the crappy ending.

  43. 43
    albacore says:

    Oh my, now Cast Iron’s disputing der fuhrer
    Has there ever been any crap any purer?
    He’d do owt at all that the E U told him to
    Who’d believe a word he said but the Tory few?

  44. 44
    sixupman says:

    Does being anti-Zionism necessarily equate to anti-Semitism?

  45. 45
    Eric Blair says:

    In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  46. 46
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    When is Ed Miliband going to apologise to Andrew Mitchell?

  47. 47
    Working class man says:

    You forgot does your wife suck cock.

  48. 48
    jimmy the fish says:

    Slamming opponents as “racist” now? And you’re surprised that Labour join in? Who wrote this piece – the open borders, mass-immigration fanatic Tory Bear?

    When you join in their silly game of using the word “racist” to demonise opponents and start demanding public show-trial style apologies then those interested in a free society have lost.

    Attack them on the facts, look at the geo-political questions and it is fair to point out the needlessly anti-semitic slant to it… but to strt screaming “racist” makes you sound like yasmin “I want whites to be extinct” brown.

    When the next politician talks about how important it is to enrich England with outsiders can we count on Guido attacking them for their “racist” desire to ethnically cleanse the English from their homeland?

  49. 49
    Someone says:

    No, he is loathed by Zio nists like you for broadcasting the truth about them.

  50. 50
    Maximus says:

    Common metonymical use of “equate” there. No wonder you’re having trouble with the question.

  51. 51
    Someone says:

    So, it’s anti-semitic to point out that Ed Milliband is an Izraeli nationalist who wants to rule over the brits?

  52. 52
    David Axlegrease says:

    As soon as I’ve explained to this bunch of lefty losers the meaning of the word, ‘Sorry’.

    Looks like it might take quite some considerable time.

  53. 53
    Hancock should now be reinvestigated by the Police and be stripped of his CBE. says:

    Well done Guido Fawkes. You get a big pat on the back for exposing the corrupt politician, Hancock, more than any other media instrument. See comments under the article posted above by ‘Scourge.’

  54. 54
    Someone else says:

    FACT is that the Izzies do far more killing of civilians than the Pals. They also keep attacking various countries, amongst a plethora of other frequent crimes never mentioned by the shill media.

  55. 55
    Tim Barron says:

    The Lib Dems have a strategy to deal with these sort of scandals.

    If you ignore them and fail to give the facts any credence, then hopefully they will go away.

    Unfortunately, they tend to come back and bite you on the testicles.

  56. 56
    Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street and Chief Constable, Hampshire Police says:


  57. 57
    LordHard says:

    LimpDems will cease to exist come GE2015

  58. 58

    I dont see what the big issue is. They were telling the truth for a change! Maybe all politicians should think about that.

  59. 59
    Cyril Smith MP (Molesting Paedo) says:

    Did someone say testicles?

  60. 60
    Quickie Mart says:

    Conspiracy theories exposed $1.95

  61. 61
    The People of Portsmouth says:

    Well done Guido Fawkes for exposing this vile, corrupt, sexual abuser and predator, apology for a politician, Hancock. We now need a campaign to have the police arrest him and charge him, as they should, with sexual abuse of a vulnerable constituent, abuse of power, perverting the course of justice (as he clearly lied to the police when he made his statement to them). He should also be stripped of his CBE. How he came by his villa in Spain also needs to be investigated by the police. What is the Home Secretary now doing about this evil politician?

  62. 62

    Those are questions to be asked of UNDERCLASS men not working class men.

  63. 63
    Bosun Higgs says:

    Guido must, of curse feel ashamed of the Catholic Church’s appalling record of anti-semistism in Ireland, such as the ‘Limerick Pogrom’ organised by Fr. Patrick Creagh in 1904.

  64. 64

    LibDems published an apology on facebook page by the look of it after taking story down.

    It is G’ilad A’tzmon who should be gone after: The ‘tribal’ refs are rac!st, but perhaps not in law. You cannot be rac!st towards a religion or cult (eg. J’udaism + follows / Z’ionism)

    G’ilad still has published on his site.

    Kind of irrelevant anyway as R’uss!a negotiates hydrocarbon deal with A’bbas and the !ran nuke deal nears. The of State recognition reckoning beckons.

    ISIS de-facto protecting Syr!an lands close to G’olan which may have had illegal prospecting rights sold on them by !srael with IDF cover. Now – that could be a much more interesting story…

    Vote UKIP :-D

  65. 65
    Life confuses me says:

    Atzmon is a rather odd individual and holocaust denier:
    “Despite being Je wish himself, Atzmon has promoted Holocaus t deniers and claims that the established history of the Holocaus t is misleading. He attacks Je wish identity in a way that would clearly be recognised as racis t if it were about any other minority identity and claims that people might think that Hitle r was right about the Je ws because of their behaviour today. He tells crude antisemitic jokes and mocks any concerns about antisemitism.” Nick Lowles, Rewriting History: Holocaus t Revisionism Today

    And the LibDems allow this??? Very odd???

  66. 66
    F*ck off racist says:

    ISIS propaganda

  67. 67
    F*ck off racist says:

    Wrong site racist

    Try the KKK or ISIS. You’ll feel better amongst the haters

  68. 68
    F*ck off racist says:

    Someone might be a Muzzie!

    Sharia all round! Halal in your supermarket! Hate preachers welcome! Segregation in our schools & universities! Kidnapped Nigerian Christian girls etc etc etc

  69. 69
    Observer says:

    I don’t know whether or not you are posting from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Lebanon, Iran, or Turkey but wherever you are….and these places are where the REAL butchers reside….you are surely in LaLaLand

    No one believes you anymore. Fact.

  70. 70
    Theresa May says:

    I always thought Handy was a likeable enough chap until we found out that he was a Russian Agent. As for a police investigation, I do not have the power to order one, and, as we all know, as the Freemasons are involved, it is highly likely that there will be another police cover up.

  71. 71
    Ivor Biggun says:

    They’re sorry if it caused offence (“if”!) but not that one of theirs said it. Scum.

  72. 72
    Maimed Codger says:

    Talk about not doing anything about something seemingly, very wrong…. without punishment, in fact FIFA by allowing Algeria to progress to the next round, have signaled their acceptance of and with, the use of LASERS on the Faces & EYES of players at football matches… what fun can be had now…the LASER used as a Military Weapon in Egypt and the Ukraine, is now OK at Football matches… & that is Officially Confirmed by FIFA actions, or lack of them… very clearly just before going up for and missing a cross which resulted in the Algerian Winning Goal, a Green Laser was used on the face of the Russian Goal Keeper, now for any who have had this done to them, one is left with a big round white ball of light and temporary loss of sight… well hey… it is fine with FIFA to do this at all Football Matches… when taking a Penalty… perhaps the Goal Keeper or any one who stands still long enough will become a target…England can blame their disastrous campaign and waste of money, on Lasers.. not wrong tactics, wrong team… all is OK and more of the same will be served up by the FA to long suffering and inconsequential supporters. So Boys & Girls, in taking your Lasers to Football Matches, to have some fun… is it Acceptable to FIFA. well so it would appear, that it is allowed without punishment and might cause serious damage to some people is seemingly OK with Mr Blatter. Just for once the Russians have been Hard Done By.

  73. 73
    Truth is says:

    In most cases, yes. Anti-Zionism is just cover for their anti-Semitism.

  74. 74
    Victoria Nuland and Ann Applebaum says:

    The reality of Islamofashism does not excuse the neocon / AIPAC war-mongering currently going on in Ukraine, but mirrors it. De-stabilisation of the Arabic Middle East has been long enabled by my kinsmen. Nothing wrong with Israylis, everything wrong with their deep state.

  75. 75

    Wadda expect The LibDems are & have always been the REAL nasty party

  76. 76
    Someone says:

    @ F*ck off racist.
    LOL, another Z ioLoon proving that the they are the biggest hypocrites ever. You are the stin king ra cist, matey. The core of Zi onism is rac ism. Izzrael was established on rac ist principles by terr orists. The Tal mud is ra cist
    We are seen by you as “donkeys to serve Israel”.
    You undermine the West with your coercive lobbies to further your ra cist cause.

  77. 77
    Someone says:

    @ F*ck off racist
    Pizz off “back” to Tel Aviv, Hasbara goon.
    You whine about two “kidnapped” squatter sc um while you are busy kidnapping Palls by the truckload, you hypocrite slime. Shot any kids lately?

  78. 78
    Someone says:

    @F*ck off racist and Observer
    I’m white atheist european, slimebags.
    You however are faux “Semites” (probably of Russian descent) who want to use Brits for your ra cist colon y squatting on the Arabian peninsula.

  79. 79
    F*ck off racists says:

    It’s anti-semitic to criticise Ed Milliband. It’s anti-semitic to vote against him.

  80. 80
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i will sit this one out – but have noted all the comments.

  81. 81
    Bonar Law says:

    No, Guido, NOT “a party spokesperson …” That’s politically correct tosh. You mean “a party spokesman”, the grammatically correct generic term.

  82. 82

    Accepted of course that ethnic slurs of this nature are beyond the pale / beneath contempt when made against any race colour or creed and possibly grounds for race hatred legal action .

    But as a stand-alone observation : does not Milliband in the above snap convey the eyes of an assassin and the sneer of a dictator ?

    Similar to the description given to Portillo in his day I recall.

    Shame. they re not in the same Party ….

  83. 83


    So was I !!!

  84. 84
    Trevor McDonald says:

    “And tonight: EeeYepBlowing Whistles in ‘I’ll sit this one out’ shocker – more at eleven”

  85. 85
    Blundering Boris says:

    Need to get your spa ce key f ixe d m8.

  86. 86
    harrythebastard says:

    well who do you support a country that is founded by people who have been oppressed for years or the people they are oppressing what do you think I should?

    I know I don’t give a fuck about either side. I just want to live my life

  87. 87
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    i will be in bed by eleven. And its goodnight to you.

  88. 88
    After A Long Racist Rant I Like To Settle Down With A Nice Cup Of Tea says:

    Did anyone mention UKIP? I’m feeling rather left out of this conversation!

  89. 89
    Ministry Of Unaccountable Handshakes-Doing What We Do Because 'We Know Best' says:

    Seen any State-Funded (pensioned up to the eyeball’s), teat-fed, middle aged fucktards outside of our Lodge? No? – it could be because they’re all inside.

  90. 90

    With all the big, highly sensitive issues, all the parties seem to be competent at telling whatever the audience is what they want to hear – the same Libdems will probably say the opposite to Libdems friends of Israel the next week….

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