June 27th, 2014

Doughty Dave Does Battle With Dastardly Continentals


Dave isn’t backing down over Jean-Claude Juncker. Craig Oliver will be pleased that in the news clips being played this morning, he’s in full on plucky Englander mode, sticking it to Johnny Foreigner even if  he was outnumbered all along. It all sounds good, but Labour have been left with what they think is an open goal:

[Cameron has] turned a Europe divided over Jean-Claude Juncker into a Europe apparently united against David Cameron”.

Opportunistic from Wee Dougie as both Labour and even the LibDems quietly support the principle that Dave is fighting for, namely that national governments determine who is to be president of the European Commission, rather than the corrupt overgrown student union that is the European Parliament putting one of their own in charge.

Juncker is the past. As Fraser Nelson says this morning:

“The idea that the correct response to last month’s Euro elections is the enstoolment of a technocratic federalist is, of course, preposterous – but Cameron is the only leader with the courage to say so openly.”

Europe is moaning because the Prime Minister is not playing ball with them – no bad thing. The implication of their attack is that Labour are siding with the EU. Something they must realise is voter repellent right now, whatever misty-eyed ideological commitment to the project Miliband holds.

Meanwhile, “fears over Juncker’s drinking” have finally cut through to the front pages, with the Telegraph reporting his “drinking habits have been discussed at the highest levels by European leaders who privately have concerns over the lifestyle of the continent’s president-in-waiting“. Guido sees Juncker’s penchant for breakfast wine as his one redeeming quality…


  1. 1
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    After Daily Telegraph allegations on Juncker’s drinking, one hack,Guido”Six Bottle Lunch” Fawkes asks “does this mean there’ll be cognac at the press bar?”


    • 2
      Socialism is theft says:

      Enstoolment is a good word to describe this piece of shit.


      • 6
        Mark Oaten (LibDem) says:

        Hand over that piece of shit NOW !


        • 29
          Sunni Spells with Shias Forecast says:

          This mans drinking will not go down with the bruvvers or the Turkish caliphate


          • Anonymous says:

            If dozy Dave had used his brain earlier he’d be in a position to realistically stop Junket.

            Unfortunately for Britain he didn’t have the intellectual wherewithall to do this so now we’re stuck with Junket.

            That’s another fine mess you’ve got us into Dave, you witless prat.


          • Does Druncker take a Scotch “livener ” to wake him from the snoozes tbese people have to take during those ludicrous EUSSR “summit negotiating sessions ” which start about 11 pm after a five course five wines silver service dinner ( after which the bidy is genetically ready for prolonged slumber ) and carry on until 6 am the following day or whenever everybody is too tired to even simulate logical discussion –whichever is the sooner ?

            I think we shoukd be gold —– Nigel !! — get on here and spill the beans !


    • 9
      Tom Catesby says:

      ‘Enstoolment’? Assume it means, being placed upon a chair, what other kind of ‘stool’ can Nelson be talking about?


      • 144

        It s a bit like estoppel .

        If you try to estoppel l enstoolment for long enough you end up with severe intestinal blockage possibly requiring surgery .


    • 14
      Enstoolments R Us. says:

      We want Juncker, hic!… Best recruiting sergeant, vote UKIP!!!!!!


    • 38
      Sam the Skull says:

      Buckfast should be made available. Scottish MP’s are tired of having to bring it along with them in brown paper bags.


    • 108
      euro-turd says:

      ‘enstoolment’ (in Fraser Nelson’s comments) – that’s a nice word


  2. 3
    Rory Keelan says:

    I’m with you on the breakfast jar point Guido.


    • 28
      Victorian says:

      In my day, when we ruled the waves and most of the world it was usual practice to have a whisky and soda whilst breakfasting!


  3. 4
    Diane Fatbott says:

    More immigrunts = more Labour votes. :)


    • 12
      Cameron's incompetent Cuntservative Party says:

      But we’re letting in at least as many immigrants as you did! They should be voting for us!


  4. 5
    Weak and weedy Dave, soon to be Jean Claude Juncker's little slave, says:



    • 13
      Jean Claude Drunkard says:

      Shaddup, Hic !


    • 104
      Dave - call me loser - Cameron says:

      This has shown conclusively that I’ve got superb negotiating skills. Just wait until I start to renegotiate our terms of membership: these foreigners are like putty in my hands.

      They really are.


  5. 7
    Socialism is theft says:

    Even the most loyal Tory lapdog must acknowledge that the chance of reforming the EU is as high as England winning the 2014 World cup. The straitjacket is just being tightened another notch.


    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      Does not matter, if Europe reforms we stay in, if Europe does not we leave. The choice is Europe’s not Dave’s! Dave is just stating what Europe must do to keep the UK in.

      Dave clearly wants to stay in, but knows the UK public will only vote in support of this stance if there is major reform.

      If the UK leaves that will be the end of Europe, there are a number of other countries without our courage, but once they see there is life outside of the EU they will follow our example.

      Labour stance is to stay in, but their actions clearly indicate they are in the Leave camp. Labour need to start getting honest with the Public.


      • 88
        Spartacus says:

        my understanding is the country ministers put forward candidates.

        so why has cast iron not put forward and then voted for a different candidate?

        or does the fuhrer not allow such things?


      • 99
        inside out says:

        Meanwhile it has been reported that Dave has withdrawn his objection to Albania joining the EU.Thanks Dave,Albania is poorer and more corrupt with more organised crime than Romania.


      • 120
        Stand Up for Britain. says:

        What I find interesting is that none of the UK media, including of course the BBC; have made the obvious analogy of Britain being alone in 1942 when the rest of Europe succumbed (again) to Germany.
        I wonder why?


  6. 8
    Silent Majority says:

    It’s a win for Cameron. He’s stood up for reform and everyone else ran scared. The whole world can see what a cosy club the EU is with the appointment of Juncker.


    • 16
      Socialism is theft says:

      Whingeing about the EU and doing something about it are two entirely different matters. Only UKIP will stand up for British interests. Talk is cheap. Action is what is needed.


      • 37
        Kipper tumbleweed says:

        And what is UKIP doing about Juncker exactly? Why isn’t Nigel “media tart” Farage on tv giving us his views on all this? Or is Saint Nige just waiting for Juncker to be installed and then he’ll made one of those very funny yet highly devastating YouTube videos where he says Juncker looks like a drunken provincial train driver or somesuch – because that’s all the use Farage is in a situation like this.


        • 65
          Colonel Mustard says:

          Good point. At the very least Farage should be calling for a vote in the European Parliament to test how much support Juncker has from the members of the new, as opposed to the old, European Parliament.


        • 69
          Ma­­qb­oul says:

          Obviously because UKIP want this guy to be Commission President and so hasten UK’s exit.

          It’s not rocket science, dear.


          • A teapot says:

            Nah, it’s because UKIP don’t care. Their MEPs don’t vote, don’t debate, don’t do very much at all actually other than the odd bit of grandstanding from Nige and lobbying in the UK media for British exit. That’s fine as far as it goes, but in situations like this I would expect UKIP’s MEPs to get off their backsides and make a few points.

            But as I say, I suspect they either don’t care or simply can’t be bothered. Choo! Choo!


          • Spartacus says:

            i see from the bbbc last night and the post above, that the ‘running scared of UKIP’ groups have moved from their ‘bunch of racists’ mantra to ‘never turn up’ mantra.


          • Tea Cozy says:

            So, to some of you undemocratic douchbags, we have to ‘debate’ our way of of an institution we were never asked to be in in the first place? I do enjoy your logic. Here’s one for you – Name me one piece of Brussels’s legislation that’s saved UK businesses money or has helped increase their exports.


        • 96
          SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          Farage will get no coverage whatever he might say, the BBC will ensure that.
          Cameron was only going through the motions for home consumption , just grandstanding, unlike Farage it is within his power to actually do something NOW,not just at some time in the future ,if he may ,or may not hold a referendum IF he wins the next election.
          Farage on the other hand knows it makes no difference if it’s Juncker or one of Barrosso’s other playmates gets the top job ,ultimately they are all the same ,with the same federalist agenda , Cameron is fooling himself if he thinks otherwise.


          • In all this lengthy charade has Cameron or his erstwhile coterie of like minded member states ( who this morning promptly fell into line after having been verbally pussywhipped by Smerkel ) ever –EVER!!– put forward an alternative candidate to Juncker ?

            No .

            Man s a plank .


      • 122
        Stupid Tribal Labour Voter says:

        Absolute rubbish. My party have assured the British people through the media and our friends in the BBC that the Labour Party is the only party that has the diplomatic nous and influence to reform the EU.
        Our wee Dougie will roll up all those sharp EU bureaucrats, and forge a better and lasting contract for Britain, just like our Gordon Brown did with the doctors.
        Or so I am constantly informed.


    • 17
      Weak and weedy Dave, soon to be Jean Claude Juncker's little slave, says:

      Quite so, old bean! My defeat is actually my victory. By losing, I am winning. War is peace, truth is lies, and all that!


      • 124
        Just Asking says:

        Its similar to what some in the USA have said on hearing that the USA lost to Germany but still got through to the next round.
        They said “perhaps if we lose some more games we can win the World Cup”


    • 23
      Tom Catesby. says:

      Without Juncker it would have been easier for Cameroon to try and scam the British people into believing he could achieve a ‘reform’ of the EU, sufficient to tell the British electorate that an in/out referendum was no longer necessary.
      Unfortunately, friend Juncker is such a crass and unrepentent ‘federalist’,i.e. wants to create a single, european super state. It will be next to impossible to hide this from the British people. Frau Merkel has shown her true colour, if anyone was still in doubt, by backing the ‘election’ of Juncker.


      • 101
        SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Frau Merkel must be aware that the whole stinking mess is dependent on the German taxpayers continuing to fall for the same three card trick , that British, and other taxpayers are seeing through.


      • 125
        Just Saying. says:

        Merkel is a realist. She was forced into this by political machinations some of which she propagates.


    • 27
      Baldrick says:

      Don’t worry, we have a cunning plan.


    • 137
      Jean-Claude Juncker says:

      Cosy? Of course it is. We need the right man to protect the interests of the elite. I am that man,as my good friend Neil Kinnock will confirm.

      This is not a pitch for your vote because I have the job already. It is mere sticking plaster to placate the masses. Nothing to see here. Time to draw a line under this matter.

      Your name is on the list.



  7. 10
    Political Meddling says:

    Why has OFSTED taken on a political role and now sees it as their remit to police society?

    School with just 13 pupils – all white – is accused by Ofsted of racist bullying: Governor attacks report after village primary is put in special measures over incident



    • 25
      Wackford Squeers says:

      Has OFSTED suffered a major psychotic episode?


      • 30
        Wackford Squeers says:

        Report to me after assembly modi form six of the best….On second thoughts don’t, it’s not meant to be a treat.


  8. 11
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Funny that, like Dave’s pic the last time I stood up with a piece of paper of paper in my hand was this very morning. Immediately after I had enstooled.


  9. 15
    SackMikeHancock says:

    I thought that the French had agreed not to put the EU Flag at the forefront of everything at Ypres? Hard to avoid seeing it on TV yesterday. Tossers and what is it with French Presidents being absurdly short?


    • 19
      Evolution in action says:

      All tall Frenchmen were shot in WW1 because their heads poked over the top of the trenches. Only shorties survived.


      • 36
        A Symbol of EVIL says:

        I’d spit and shit on the bloody communist rag. No Brit should stand before it.


  10. 18
    A Done Deal says:

    I couldn’t give a shit about his drinking and the recent reports in the papers seem to indicate a dirty tricks department in play somewhere.

    What we should ALL be concerned about is keeping out of a Federated states of Europe.

    Having said that. I believe it has already been decided that the EU will now consist of Full Federated members or associate members and the public are being buttered up for this. Britain will be an associate member.


    • 24
      Nothing will change says:

      Britain will be an associate member the piggy bank to be raided at will.


      • 44
        Socialism is theft says:

        It isn’t as if we can’t afford it. As Dave says ‘we are a rich country’.

        Current national debt = £1.298 trillion.



        • 153
          Bank Manager says:

          Yes, as you keep telling us. The idea about being ‘rich’ is that you have some spare to be able to pay back what you’ve borrowed. The Conservatives haven’t cracked this nut yet, and Labour are like idiots with amnesia. They cannot even remember that they knew fuck-all in the first place.


  11. 20
    Eurograph says:

    I don’t care if he drinks, I care that he’s a federalist committed to turning Europe into a superstate without the peoples’ consent.


    • 126
      Just Saying. says:

      Superstate? It is already a beast without claws.
      So it will only become a bigger and more socially controlled beast without teeth or claws.


      • 134
        Bob cuntface Crow says:

        After years of moaning about this country finally sold flat,got job and visa ready for new life in Dallas.Fuck this once great country,fuck every politician except UKIP,fuck the gays fuck the stinking mossies,fuck the BBC,fuck the left, fuck the Right for turning left,fuck the unions[esp Bob} and fuck the EU.Goodnight.


      • 154
        Chet, The New EU Vision says:


  12. 21
    The Slog Blog says:

    Now that all the Old Bailey verdicts are in, myriad slippery vipers are wriggling out of the shadows in relation to the Hackgate trial. Among these are the deletion of ALL emails from Rebekah Brooks’ time at the NotW – a staggering 41 million of them – the removal of her pc’s hard-drive (which was then “lost”), the questionable nature of her Dubai holiday “ignorance” of the Milly Dowler affair (she emailed, texted and rang the office several times during her absence), crucial evidence of previous use of blagging experts and hackers withheld from the jury – being ruled not relevant to the charges Brooks faced…and further to my point in yesterday’s Slogpost, no, the jury did not see the tape of her admitting paying money to police officers for information.
    It seems to me increasingly here that Rebekah Brooks faced exactly the charges she wanted to face; what observers and commentators need to decide now is how and why that situation arose.


    • 35
      Don't Shoot the Messenger says:

      The Hacking trial is a smoke screen to protect the police who never enforced the laws of the land and the politicians who were happy to go along with that. The press was merely their messenger whom they were very happy to use and manipulate until the shit hit the fan


      • 79
        Vacuous Pensioner says:

        +many. As long as the benefit was mutual and only the powerless were hacked.
        Cameron was even on the brink of rewarding Murdoch with the chance to buy all of BSkyB. Juries, eh?


      • 102
        inside out says:

        No mention of the plod investigating the Law firms that also hacked and blagged information for their clients.


    • 55
      Ma­­qb­oul says:

      Yeah, that’s about thirty seven and a half thousand emails a day she must have sent. Quite incredible.


    • 127
      Man on a corner. says:

      Bit like the IRS Director Lois Lerner’s emails going missing and her computer crashing beyond redemption just as it was disclosed that Obama ordered the tea party and patriotic institutions to be attacked by the IRS.
      Nothing at all on this in BBC or British media.
      In fact out of 6 fiasco’s this year by the Obama administration not one was reported by the BBC.


  13. 22
    NERMAL says:

    Now if Hattie Harperson is not ratarsed at Wombledon yesterday, I’m a Limpdem.


  14. 31
    Admiral Donuts says:

    Captain Dave on his little ship is about to be blown out of the water by one of our u-boats.

    Won the War. Lost the Peace. Gay Dave and the ConLibLabbers legacy.


  15. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Dave is in full Blairite theatre mould. Do we believe him or is it all about the G/E? In pushing for a vote those who said they were in support will be flushed out in a near Quisling show of Frau Sauer grovelling. Shares in Cognac are on the up.


  16. 34
    where's my fucking owl says:

    How can I get to inspect all of Mr Junker’s EU expenses for the last three years?


  17. 39
    Lord Lamont of Norman says:

    Is Mark Carney a banker or Mystic Meg?

    Anyone who thinks they can predict interest rates into the future is a complete twat.


  18. 41
    Winston Churchill says:

    I have taken more good from alcohol than alcohol has taken from me.

    Go on give Kim-Jong Juncker the job


    • 46
      Socialism is theft says:

      He also said ‘we shall fight them on the beaches’. What is Dave doing? He will never fight for British interests. He just moans from the sidelines.


  19. 45
    Long John Silver's says:

    I hear that all your Leaders have met up at Ypres.

    Directly outside the Townhall there there is an excellent pizzeria which does tip top take away pizzas at 6.99 € a head.

    I hope they took advantage and have not saddled you all with excessive bills in one of those highly rated over priced restaurants they have over there.


  20. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Shares in Junkers will neither dive nor bomb. Trebles all round.


  21. 50
    FACT says:

    Most car accidents are caused be sober drivers.


  22. 51
    Junky_Pumpy says:

    Dave: You’ll appoint that man over my dead body!
    EU Cabal: Good idea!


  23. 52
    Fact says:

    Vote Dave. Get failure.


  24. 54
    Black & White says:


  25. 57
    Anonymous says:

    The problem with Vichy Dave is that he was a committed Europhile before 2010, he was a committed Europhile at the GE in 2010, and he remains a committed Europhile today despite the growing dislike of the EUSSR, and the overwhelming message from the voters last month. The fact is that Dodgy Dave never has, and never will, fight our corner – all he can manage is some transparently shallow gesture politics, by standing on the white cliffs of Dover pretending to shout through a megaphone at our EUSSR ‘partners’.

    His negotiating skills have been shown to be non-existent, and no amount of huffing and puffing will alter this sad fact. The next GE is hurtling down the track, which is why he is in headless chicken mode. Untying the ropes with which he has been lashed to the track is too late; the train is still going to get him.


    • 62

      Shovel some more coal into the firebox.


    • 128
      Gordon Broon - Mentor to Miliband says:

      Absolutely right. If you want negotiating skills I am your man as I proved in Europe and the UK.


  26. 66
    Vacuous Pensioner says:

    It is deeper than it looks. The Conservative Party gets 80% of its funding from the City of London investors and bankers. The City, who nowadays own the Tories, wish to be free of EU legislation to pursue their global business. They want out. Cameron has obliged by picking a fight he KNOWS he cannot win so that he can recommend an exit vote in an EU referendum. For manufacturing and we “ordinaries” exit will be a leap in the dark!

    He is a oily bugger, is Dave.


  27. 73
    tigerowl says:

    It is another non event. Anti EU have little argument other than personal attacks. They call Juncker all sorts but it is the usual British anti foreigner crap.
    He will get the position and it will all fade into history. Cameron will once again be seen as just a touchline viewer. UKIP will tell everyone how undemocratic the system of electing Juncker is. Not really as there has just been an election all over Europe and those who support Juncker won the elections. UKIP and the Tories will swap insults with each other and the other European nations. Britain will be isolated as the rest of the EU make the rules and we sit outside having to obey the rules. What a stupid position to be in.
    The EU will continue, even if by some accident UKIP won the general election. Because being little England sat outside hoping to trade with someone and seeking friends in a world that sees trading blocks as important, makes British anti EU politics the politics of stupidity.
    Cameron and his brother Farage, two peas in a pod, will sell Britain down the road to isolationism. Politics eh???


    • 78
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      “Isolationism” doesn’t seem to bother Switzerland. They don’t even have access to their own sea port.

      “Isolationism” doesn’t prevent Germany exporting their cars to Switzerland nor importing their watches.

      I think you’re talking bollocks.


      • 112
        SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Germany does not export cars the cars are exported by BMW ,Volkeswagen , neither are they imported by the Swiss Government ,they are imported by Swiss customers .


    • 159
      I was born studid, and then someone dropped me on my head at birth says:

      Fucktards! You need to understand ONE thing, NOTHING is FREE. NOTHING. If you want to give to charity, fine. If you want to support Foreign Socialist Regime’s, fine. If you want to ‘share’ whatever piddly input into the NHS with 200K+ people/year, then fine, but YOU FUCKING PAY FOR IT(not the rest of us). Every week someone is delayed for heart surgery is YOUR FAULT, Every time money is diverted to ‘Translator’s’ – it’s your fucking fault. Every time some British Family cannot get their kids into their local school – it’s YOUR FUCKING FAULT. I do like Socialists, it’s always because ‘we don’t have enough money’ as to why they cannot actually do shit right. The fact that they’re fucktards seems to escape them…


  28. 80
    olden1936 says:

    Start each day with a smile! Cut down on sugar, instead have brandy on your cornflakes the EU way.


  29. 83
    Tom Watson says:

    Everyone should apologise except me. I’m a fat twat you know.


  30. 85
    Labour says:

    We are the party of opportunism.


  31. 89
    Stu says:

    Wee Dougie really is thick as pig shit. Open goal, what a laugh. Wasn’t the voters message loud enough last month.

    We don’t want any more fucking Europe thank you. In fact the more isolated Cameron becomes the more likely we are to get the Brexit at last.


  32. 90
    Anonymous says:

    Milliband isn’t mini-Kinnock, he’s far more toxic than that, he mini-Foot, he is awful in public, people think he’s strange and his “intellectualism” is just left wing dogmatism. At least Foot cared about people, in his own privileged sort of way, Milliband is a chancer with a dogma…


  33. 94
    Cheesy Peas says:

    Once again Milliband fails to make a point worth listening to and demonstrates his complete lack of consistency.

    It is a point well made that Europe is currently not fit for purpose, populated as it is by self serving bureaucrats – even more so that those of the domestic legislatures, as it aspires to take complete absolute and corrupting power over its constituent states.

    Cameron may well be making a stand which serves his own interests as much as it serves those of GB, but at least he IS making a stand, and not just rolling over to be fucked between the cheeks, as Labour would undoubtedly do (with the Lib Dems providing the petroleum jelly to ease the transfer of power from Westminster).

    So win or lose, Cameron must hold his hand up to the tide and say enough is enough.

    We have always been at the periphery of the european project since its inception.
    The real power will always lie with France and Germany whose post-war bloodless marriage continues to suck up neighbouring democracies like some Franco-Prussian political black hole.

    Someone needs to tell them that there will be no more wine at the dinner table.

    And will someone get a cab for the sozzled Luxembourger. He shouldn’t be allowed to drive in his state.


  34. 105
    Anonymous says:

    After Frau Sauer has Clod Junker in place what happens to Rumpty Tumpty and that ex commie from Spain?


    • 114

      There is no such thing as an EX commie , by the way the lisping oily little effeminate twat is from Portugal.


  35. 115
    Dumb woman says:

    ..to nod wholeheartedly in agreement despite the view expressed being the exact opposite of your own.


  36. 121

    Another one of the old boys group. Why are we still ruled by unelected beaurocrats?


  37. 123
    HenryV says:

    What I don’t understand is if we the British are such a dead loss why do the EU want us to stop in? Paris and Berlin don’t see London as an equal. If Scotland gains independence Berlin and Paris can just let them in to the club what will Spain do threaten to leave? What happens on the periphery doesn’t factor in to the decision making at the centre. All the peripheral states could fracture as long as they want in and they do. Perhaps the big fear in Paris and Berlin is that they know the UK will make a go of it and will be successful? Odd to think of the UK as a Japan or a Taiwan on the edge of socialist Europe.


  38. 133
    BBC Lawyer says:

    A high level decision has been made to starve UKIP of the oxygen of publicity and we will use the last penny of your licence fee to prevent you seeing any minutes.


  39. 136
    British democrat says:

    I am not surprised that Junker has a drinking habit. The EU has exactly the same effect on me!


  40. 141
    Anonymous says:

    I really hate to see the European union and it’s associates repeatedly being referred to as technocrats. Technocracy implies scientists and engineers. Instead the EU is being ruled by economists, which is barely a pseudo-science at best.


    • 142

      Economists my arse , their accounts have not been signed off in 20 years !


  41. 147

    Junck food, innit!


  42. 150
    Wendee Alecksander says:

    “[Cameron has] turned a Europe divided over Jean-Claude Juncker into a Europe apparently united against David Cameron”.

    -Wee Doogie is such a little Englander.
    He just cares that his ‘friends’ -who he hates, think he is clever.

    Note to self-
    Never give that miserable wretch any power, ever.


  43. 151
    Bill de Burgh says:

    Chris Bryant yearns to see Suarez bite a pillow.


  44. 160
    Free-wheeling 'Normal' Guy-legalise Weed and introduce Democracy into the UK says:

    So the next EU president is a drunk, I don’t get to vote on the UK’s Mebership of the EU or the Members who are in the House of Lords. I don’t have my own Nation’s Parliament, I have an enforced ‘Head of State’, I have a yes/no question every five years and have to accept that as ‘Democracy’, and you fucktards think I’m ‘supposed’ to be happy about the scenario? Are you fucking high? Go sit in a corner for a while and think about what YOU think are your ideals – coz they ain’t mine….


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