June 26th, 2014

Envy of the World Update

The findings of the investigations into sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile at NHS hospitals has been released this morning. At Leeds Infirmary:

  • Savile reported to have committed sex acts on dead bodies at Leeds hospital, actions in mortuary are described as “harrowing”
  • The first case of abuse occurred in 1962 when Savile was 36 with the most recent in 2009 when he was 82
  • Savile’s victims ranged from five to 75 years of age
  • 19 of those who came forward were under 16 with the majority of his victims teenagers
  • 19 victims were female hospital staff
  • 43 of the encounters took place in public areas such as wards, corridors and offices
  • One witness said Savile wore rings made from the glass eyes of dead bodies in the infirmary’s mortuary

At Broadmoor hospital:

  • Close associate of Savile was given a job at Broadmoor
  • 11 allegations were made
  • The allegations involved three minors, six patients and two staff at the hospital.
  • Nine of the victims were female and two were male
  • Two patients were subjected to “repeated assaults”

You can read the reports in full here.

Una O’Brien, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health, says “we are deeply sorry that inadequate processes” enabled Jimmy Savile to carry out abuse.

Via ITV.


  1. 1
    Ronnie Kray says:

    Hanging would have been too good for him


    • 4
      Diane Abbotopotamus says:

      It’s all the Tories fault!


    • 13
      Maximus says:

      Do you not know your history, Ronnie? That satisfaction was gained posthumously in the case of Cromwell. There would seem to be enough claims emerging from the woodwork to argue the same for Savile. Let’s dig him up – it would do wonders for the general morale, social cohesion, whatnot, not to mention the Bumboys Bullshit Cabal. It’s lucky that dead men still can’t talk these days.


      • 51
        There's nothing to beat just hanging about says:

        Apparently, the wily bastard had the Undertaker have his coffin secured into its position with a couple of tons of re-bar and concrete. Savile had a clue that there would be a strong probability that his bones may well be hung in chains from the City of York Walls.
        As for the return to the old verities like exhuming villains like Cromwell, he had his head spiked after exhumation. I suggest we attend to the same treatment for Heath. We should also reserve our position on Heseltine, Hurd and Howe. Clark and Cameron will make a pleasant array on Traitors’ Gate.

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        • 58
          Ghost of Clegg says:

          I have just had harsh words with Savile on the ethereal plane.


          • Village Idiot says:

            …..Saville is dead, but, the educated elites who turned a blind eye, could still be alive, and, it is they who should face questions and consequences for their failure to protect vulnerable people, dead and alive, who were in their care!

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          • Dave says:

            It’s a witch hunt!


      • 57
        jgm2 says:

        Amazing. Cameron is getting pilloried for his ‘judgement’ employing Coulson for crimes committed in full view of the then ruling Labour Party and yet the BBC seems to have Teflon shoulders about the decades of abuse Saville was committing on their premises and in full view (presumably) of dozens of technicians, cameramen, editors etc etc.

        It certainly helps to be the one deciding what gets reported and what doesn’t.

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        • 75
          Mr Outraged says:

          Yeeeeesss editors: just who oversees the activities of editors, the people who decide what the public need to know and just how truthful that account should be.

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        • 107
          Mike Oxenfire says:

          As ever “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”


        • 168
          The BBC are true Bigots and Hypocrites says:

          Unbelievable hypocrisy from the BBC all day today on Savile and the NHS while conveniently forgetting that it was the BBC who made and pushed his infamy, protected him within their organization, and totally ignored or repudiated all complaints about him.
          I would like Thompson and Peter Hall to publicly grovel and apologise to Westminster and the British Public for the behaviour past and present of the BBC with this serial molester of children and young people.
          At the same time they can mention Stuart Hall.


    • 14
      department of health & early retirement says:

      we are deeply sorry that this story got out and have invested heavily in pr resources in order that the public won’t find out in future

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    • 32
      Mr Sum says:



      • 80
        Django. says:

        The sex acts on cadavers presumably was witnessed?


      • 90
        Spartacus says:

        ‘ . . . vigorously encouraged not to report actions . . . ‘


      • 110
        Village Idiot says:

        ….The thing that saddens me, is that these people who run these institutions, are supposedly educated to degree level, from Universities, in this land, but, it seems , morality,empathy and common sense, along with a sense of what is right and wrong, are educated out of these people in high places!


        • 125
          The Lone Ranger says:

          True. It would be interesting though to know what they read at the University. It was probably PEP – plenty earnings and pension.


        • 169
          Just Saying. says:

          Every day our politicians and civic leaders reveal to us the fact that higher education does not give wisdom.


      • 136
        BBC Denial Unit says:

        We have never heard of Jimmy Savile. It’s still our policy.

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    • 130
      Eels says:

      Do you think part of the problem with Savile was that we were all trying not to judge a book by it’s cover?

      Trying not to stereotype is all very well and good, but I wonder if most people thought, “Bloody hell there is something wrong with that man, just look at him.” then repressed it for fear of appearing judgemental?


      • 161
        The BBC says:

        We’d just like to apologise to the licence payers and ask them to believe us when we reiterate that we honesly thought they would never find out.


  2. 2
    Andy Burn'them says:



  3. 3
    Baron Hon says:

    Incompetence Incompetence.


  4. 5
    Gaye Mann (Mrs) says:

    If he’s secretly converted to Is lam, these wouldn’t be crimes!


  5. 7
    The Lone Ranger says:

    Have lessons been learnt going forward?

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    • 15
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      Lessons learn’t will be reported on in the autumn, should give them plenty of time to get the lawyers to dampen enthusiasm in going for a live subject.


    • 16
      tonto says:

      masked cowboy talk heap impenetrable bullshit


    • 122
      Roy Hodgson - nice man says:

      I fucking hope not! Who else is going to pay me £3.5m/yr for this shit?


  6. 8

    Let me guess – there will need to be another enquiry so that lessons can be learned.


  7. 12
    peter sharp says:

    Sound advice. Never trust anyone over the age of 35 that still lives with his mother!


  8. 18
    Albert Pierpoint says:

    I’d love to have done this fucker!

    …and Vince Cable


    • 68
      Albert's Assistant says:

      Aye oop, Albert, tha’s been missed. Ecky thump! Orl them killers wanderin round. It ain’t right.
      Mind thee; them Muslims have tekken orl fun art of hangings. Used to ave ter get t’ drop right or yer pulled his fuckin ‘ed off. T’ome Office went crackers!
      Now yon rag ‘eds just string you up with a mobile crane. I ask you….no respect fer ‘t art. It were a skill, yer know. Aye. Sithee.


  9. 19
    Isla Mist says:

    We are immune from your laws, only Shar’ia applies. You know the rest…..infidels.


  10. 20
    The left says:

    Just like the Iraq war this was all Fatchers fault.


    • 26
      ThisPlaceIsJustAnotherMurdochMouthPiece says:

      Good thing Mrs Thatcher never had this childraping animal to stay at Chequers for Christmas. Repeatedly.

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      • 41
        The left says:

        Quite right. It’s also a good job that Gordon the mong never had Rebekka Brooks to stay at chequers.


      • 133
        Brian Cant says:

        Why bring politics into it, the pa’edo buggering twat of a sodomist, felcher and munging* specialist was employed by the BBC – therefore he is a luvvie/leftie.

        *see urban dictionary


        • 167
          ThisPlaceIsJustAnotherMurdochMouthPiece says:

          Yes, Maggie was always making sure that she spent xmas with rampant lefties


        • 170
          Just Saying. says:

          I have had four emails generated to BBC bias reporting, that the Radio Times report that Robert Peston states that the story that the BBC is left wing is “bollocks”.
          Strange they do not mention he is the son of a Labour Lord.


  11. 21
    Ed Miliband says:

    Labour support the BBC, we support the licence fee and we support Jimmy Savile. Stop besmirching his good name.


  12. 22
    England is becumin a ferd world cess-pit innit says:

    Well the NHS is the envy of the third world…that’s why ospital waiting areas so often look like the populations of Mogadishu, Lahore and Lagos are paying a visit


  13. 23
    ThisPlaceIsJustAnotherMurdochMouthPiece says:

    Wonder if MrFawkes has the same amount of outrage at the institutional and repeatedly covered up child abuse within his chosen faith?

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  14. 24
    Jimmy says:

    The bizzies in the Lodge fixed it for me!

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  15. 27
    Anonymous says:

    “we are deeply sorry that inadequate processes” enabled Jimmy Savile to carry out abuse.”
    None so blind as those who choose not to see? None so deaf, as those who choose not to hear? Blanking what is open to the perceptive process, is not the same as discrediting it. Though it may help to perpetuate and preserve a mental self-delusion. Until reality finally catches up.


  16. 28
    Where is my fucking owl says:

    Is this the end of the NHS as we know it, Jim ?


  17. 29
    Deeply suspicious says:

    So, about that murder close to his flat…..anything further?


  18. 34
  19. 35

    fuck you all


  20. 36
    The BBC are cunts says:


  21. 37
    Dick Scratcher says:

    It all happened at the Leeds General Infirmary in the 90s….

    This shot of Damien Hirst was taken when one of his mates who worked there, let him in to play with body parts. Doubt the dead man’s relatives would find it so amusing.



  22. 38
    A lawyer trying to be helpful says:

    When it comes to the compensation claims what I suggest is this

    50% from the NHS Pension Fund

    50% from a special levy to be charged for all GP visits and hospital attendances.

    It would be unfair and unjust to saddle the burden on Uk taxpayers .


    • 53
      Dick Scratcher says:

      Just make the twatting GPs take a pay cut. £112k+ for being a glorified part time social worker!

      “Computer says Fucithalmic, innit.”

      Fucking public sector parasites.


    • 141
      BiasedBolshieCorporations useful idiot says:

      I think his employer’s pension pot ought to pick up the bill.


  23. 39
    Travel Agent says:

    I recall Jimmy was employed by Thomas Cook as ‘brand ambassador’ or some such nonsense in the 1990s. Then rather suddenly he ceased to be ‘brand ambassador’ and his name was Never Mentioned Again inside the company. Funny that…


  24. 40
    ThisPlaceIsJustAnotherMurdochMouthPiece says:

    Revealed: Lady Thatcher’s FIVE attempts to secure knighthood for Jimmy Savile while her aides warned of his ‘strange and complex’ life
    Tory PM first asked he be made ‘Sir’ Jimmy in 1984, secret documents show
    Civil servants warned her off because of his boasts about his ‘lurid’ sex life
    He was finally knighted in 1990, Lady Thatcher’s final year in office

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2366576/Revealed-Lady-Thatchers-FIVE-attempts-secure-knighthood-Jimmy-Savile.html#ixzz35jiaMajm
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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    • 64
      The left are all hypocrites says:

      Most of us don’t care about who the owner of this site works for.

      If you do then please kindly fuck off to Labour List or the guarndiad where you can circle jerk with other leftards.


    • 69
      jgm2 says:

      ‘while her aides warned of his ‘strange and complex’ life’

      If her aides – informed by who exactly? – knew that his strange and complex life then why the fuck did nobody blow the whistle at the time?

      ‘S’cuse me Mrs T, we really don’t think you should give Saville a Knighthood – you see the problem is he’s an no*nce and a necrophiliac….’


      If the establishment knew this was going on – informed by who? – then why the fuck was he allowed to persist?

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  25. 42
    A crafty Pope says:


    Just dish out a few Hail Marys and warn of eternal damnation.

    Works every time.


  26. 43
    Parker says:

    Vote Liblabcon get EU.

    Vote UKIP get UKIP.


  27. 44
    Life confuses me says:

    Looking forward when are propper audits of NHS and council IT systems to catch improper access and use of private data.
    I have seen several instances where confidential data and patient records have been accessed and used inappropriately. In two cases this was by staff looking for ‘dirt’ on a neighbour they didn’t like.

    I have also overheard conversations where police officers told of trawling police systems looking up the records of celebrities and politicians, as a means of relieving boredom during night shifts. Much joking about certain people who would be horrified if they knew they were being secretly discussed.

    The casual access to private data and the abuse, harm or financial gain involved will be the next scandal. It’s simply not compatible with the right to private life.


  28. 46
    Jimmy at the BBC says:


    Presenter Dave Lee Travis told Sky News: “We are all going to be worse off without him around.”


    • 85
      NE Frontiersman says:

      ‘Broadcaster Tony Blackburn said Sir Jimmy was embraced by everybody..’

      or rather the reverse.


  29. 50
    Louis Theroux says:

    I got closest. To revealing the truth.


    • 144
      A viewer says:

      Yes and your programme on Max Clifford was also very enlightning. Simon Cowell appeared in that one didn’t he and if I recall correctly old Max told you that Cowell pays him over a quarter of a million a year to ‘manage’ the news about him.


    • 153
      Captain Birds Eye says:

      …that you shagged Christine Hamilton?


  30. 52
  31. 55
    Louis Theroux says:

    Just the local R of P beggar was he?

    This is not our GB, it’s now a third world shithole due to people like you. So just fuck off.


    • 67
      Socialism is theft says:

      Yep this your Great Britain, Yasser. The one which imports mass poverty from all the seedy and savage corners of the world.


    • 70
      do me a favour says:

      Are there many beggars in Uganda?
      I’m sure they could do with your help.


  32. 61
    Jimmy Sovile says:

    I blame the sexy patients


  33. 62
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Today’s song is Oh! Happy Day’s for all the Lawyers on the Saville inquiry and all the Lawyers who will waiting for that telephone call.

    This is a chance for all that money they want to print, instead of going to the banks use it in the courts to be freely distributed when someone claims they were a victim of Saville.


  34. 65
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    If you don’t like Britain, jump on a plane to any other EU country, no one is stopping you.


    • 172
      President Uhuru of Kenya. says:

      I would love to invite Alibi Brown back to Africa and my country – we need a lot more hypocrisy with and hysterical laughter.


  35. 71
    Timmy 'Tim'll Fix It' Savile says:

    Cassetteboy vs The News


  36. 73
    Jizzminge Allwhine Brown says:

    Perhaps he’d heard that there was another bleeding heart who beggars belief who is surrounded by f lies, living there.


  37. 74
    jgm2 says:


    When was the last time anybody had a beggar come knocking at the door?

    They sit around on cardboard boxes with a polystyrene cup. Or they go to a church or a Sikh temple or a mosque or a seaman’s mission or whatever. They don’t go begging door to door.



    • 82
      in the real world says:

      Show us the evidence YAB.

      What was his name?
      Did you invite him in?
      Feed,water and wash him?
      Clean his sores or get medical help?
      Interview or photograph him?


    • 86
      Stinking hypocrite cow says:

      Did she bring him in, offer him a shower and some food…or did the hateful cow close the door on his face and tweet about it?


  38. 76
    The British public says:

    We don’t need an inquiry.
    We need a proper police investigation that
    finds, prosecutes,convicts and jails all those
    at the BBC, NHS etc who covered up Savile’s
    sick crimes against children and the disabled
    for so long.


  39. 77
    joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on Floating-voter and commented:
    The Knight of Malta, OBE, Sir James Savile, freemason


  40. 78
    Anonymous says:

    “One witness said Savile wore rings made from the glass eyes of dead bodies in the infirmary’s mortuary”



  41. 81
    NHS Doctor says:

    Jimmy Savile is still dead !


  42. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Looking in the mirror again Yasmin?


  43. 87
    Here you are Yasmin- says:

    This is Great Britain.


    • 121
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …and Banbury, FFS – not exactly a model of inner-city deprivation.

      The fuckers are everywhere.


      • 154
        Mary Poppouts says:

        Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross. Think we will need to reverse that rhyme asap.


  44. 95
    Mr Outraged says:

    Just had a holiday in Florence. We were up early and noticed the beggars arrive, lay down cardboard, roll bandages over non existent wounds, put on dirty clothes and then flop down in a hopeless heap for the start of the day. They need a break for lunch just like you and me. This is when they move fastest. Dashing for a nearby alleyway when few people are looking.
    I pity the fools who put money in paper cups.


  45. 96
    Nick Legg says:


  46. 99
    lojolondon says:

    Yesterday the Biased BBC managed to spend over 2 hours talking about hacking, on a Panorama special and Newsnight, focusing on Brooks, Cameron and Coulson, with a special mention for Tony Bliar. The whole situation was investigated by a judicial review, even though it wasn’t technically hacking at all, it was just putting in a standard password, nothing clever there.

    Now I hope they will spend at least as long on the Saville spree, decades long, multiple rape of adolescents, aided and abetted by the NHS and the BBC. The BBC was allowed to do their own internal investigation, so of course no real information came out of that one.


    • 174
      Mark Thompson of the BBC says:

      Dream on. We have not intention of telling the truth about the BBC and Savile.


  47. 102
    Sir Cyril Smiffie says:

    Thanks Savile. Everyone’s forgetting about me and all the other political peedos and concentrating on you.

    Also the mozzie bastards who are abusing girls NOW aren’t getting their fair share of publicity.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. 103
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    So you took him in, washed and fed him and gave him a bed for as long as needed as any true Christian would.

    Or, you sent the filthy fucker away because it’s someone else’s problem and rushed to twitter to shame the rest of us.


  49. 104
    Wipper In says:

    If you think uncle Jimmy was bad, just wait till Mr cowell’s closet bursts open.


  50. 105
    Socialism is theft says:

    “A former Labour Party Press Officer has announced that he has joined UKIP, Breitbart London can exclusively reveal”.

    Get in!


  51. 111
    Anonymous says:

    Appalling heads should roll…..


  52. 112
    Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

    Straight,Tory supporter and going to Pride this weekend? I wrote you some instructions. http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2014/06/how-enjoy-gay-pride-if-you-re-straight


  53. 113

    Which RACIST BASTARD informed on them ?


  54. 119
    inside out says:

    What nationality was heWas he here legallyWas your back door locked?have you checked your valuables,cos if he was Romanian you will have nothing left.


  55. 123
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:


  56. 124
    inside out says:

    Why are you surprised? all infidels are whores,according to their religion even children.


  57. 127
    Winston says:

    I suggest you actually take the time to read the reports. I did for the hospital that I know, Barnet. The whole investigation and report costing thousands for this hospital was due to one person who contacted Police. They were a patient in 1983 and they overheard nurses chatting about celebrities one night. A nurse who used to work at another hospital said he was creepy and reckoned she and other nurses at the hospital (where she once worked) saw him shagging a corpse. None of the nurses or the hospital, in this hearsay gossip, could be identified.

    So no facts, no evidence, just gossip. That’s not what you will read in the Media


  58. 128
    Michael Fabricant says:

    hope you punched the C unt in the throat yasmin, i would have.


  59. 134
    Anonymous says:

    So the quesion to asked is, since no one can get close to the Royals without being vetted are we seriously meant to believe that our security services didnt know about this ?


  60. 138
    NotQuiteBrummie says:

    Guido keeps on fixing it for Thatcher like she fixed it for Jimmy.


  61. 146
    Don't Mention the F Word says:

    Any mention of Freemasonry? No? I thought not.


  62. 149
    Abuse Corrupt Control says:

    Putting out that tribute programme was an attempt to claim they were not aware of what he was and had done. They knew fine well of course but calculated that if they didnt broadcast some kind of tribute, questions would be asked about why they didnt this would have led to them revealing that they knew .


  63. 156
    Anonymous says:

    Is Britain run by paedos or summink?


  64. 157
    Mycroft says:

    In Memorium.

    To be sung to the tune of Blackmail Man by Ian Dury & The Blockheads.

    Please, sing along…

    I screwed Irish cripples,
    and Scottish Jews,
    I’m a Blackmail Man.

    Gave’m Raspberry Ripple,
    ‘n’ something to chew,
    I’m a Blackmail Man.

    A dead fish fingerer,
    The dead can’t speak,
    I’m a Blackmail Man.

    When I shoved it in,
    They’d bubble ‘n’ squeak,
    I’m a Blackmail Man.

    Well I’m the Blackmail Man,
    You know what I do,
    Well most of you,
    I’m the Blackmail Man,
    I make you sick,
    Make you Tom & Dick,
    I’ll put my dick in you,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    I’m a paedophile,
    A hard cocked nonce,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    I fiddle with kids,
    Proper Charlie Ronce,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    A track-suit creep,
    Covered in spunk,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    A performing clown,
    With elephants trunk,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    I’m the Blackmail Man,
    You know I stink,
    I pen and ink,
    Blackmail Man.

    You hate my guts,
    Touching kids butts,
    I’ve put my black on you,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    Rancid dick,
    Rotten C’nt,
    Got a rash,
    All that crap,
    Blackmail Man.

    Up yer ‘arris, in yer mince,
    Hampton’s don’t leave finger prints,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.

    I’m the Blackmail Man,
    You know I stink,
    I pen and ink,
    Blackmail Man.

    You hate my guts,
    Touching kids butts,
    I’ve put my black on you,
    I’m the Blackmail Man.


  65. 158
    geizen gahls says:

    just as long as they put the same effort into exposing all other disgusting behaviour in hospitals.


  66. 163
    cured lefty says:

    Fucks sake a female johann hari ! What a fucking cant.


  67. 165
    RWG says:

    Try going back to Uganda, bitch.


  68. 173
    Mark Thompson of the BBC says:

    Same here, never heard of him.


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