June 25th, 2014

PMQs SKETCH: Labour’s Criminals in Downing Street

Ed Miliband achieved the impossible today. He finished his J’Accuse an even more diminished leader than when he began.

Weak, weak, weak! The Tories chanted. “I’ll tell you what’s weak,” Ed said weakly, “it’s failing to stand up for the right thing.”

Cameron’s definition of weak was more detailed: “Attacking Rupert Murdoch, posing with a copy of the Sun and then apologising for it! That’s weak!”

And then, of course, Alastair Campbell, Jo Moore and Damian McBride.

Ed’s lead-line, his headline, his top line was: “You brought a criminal into Downing Street.”

It’s not a bad line, in fact. It’s nasty. It resonates at a childhood level of right and wrong. And it’s sinister.

But then, but then . . . Criminals in Downing Street.

Ed himself has an adviser publicly accused of Class A drug use. His predecessors, as Cameron pointed out, have a variety of real victims to their account. From David Kelly to the Paddington rail crash survivors to Conservative MPs to half a million Iraqis…

Was it an open goal? Hard to know how to score on this pitch. Lot of attention. High expectations. Big moment for beleaguered Labour leader competing with Michael Foot for top comic spot.

And Cameron had a single defence to every accusation: Leveson’s Inquiry had exonerated him at every level, of every charge.

A judge who took eight months and spent £5m taking evidence on oath had comprehensively cleared him.

It was the only defence he needed and Ed kept running into it.

The killer question (Miliband waited mulishly for quiet in the Chamber) asked whether Gus O’Donnell had raised hacking concerns with the PM.

Er, Leveson! All covered by Leveson. O’Donnell’s evidence to Leveson rebuts, rejects, refutes these accusations.

Miliband came back with a promising line: “Gus O’Donnell wasn’t asked that question at Leveson!”

Oo, hang on, wasn’t he? Was he not asked that, was the PM making that up? A series of persistent follow-ups might have yielded the result Miliband wanted, but the duffer doesn’t play in that league. That was the end, not the beginning.

Chris Bryant, thrilling with indignation, said the “second chance” Cameron had given Coulson presupposed “a first offence”. “You’re such a little twerp, aren’t you?” Cameron replied, “No wonder you couldn’t get elected to the Shadow Cabinet.” I think that’s what he said. The second chance was after he’d resigned as editor.

Ronnie Campbell and Yasmin Qureshi read out Whips’ questions with very little relish, especially as both question had been asked and answered more than once already (“Leveson.”).

Philip Davies, member of the Culture committee who looked into hacking told the House that the Guardian had said in 2009 there was no piece of paper connecting Coulson to hacking, the committee never came up with any evidence that Coulson knew hacking was taking place, and that Labour were using this to “deflect attention from their own chronic leadership shortfall.” Tory delight.

“I think he put it rather better than I did,” Cameron said. “Thank you.” And sat down.

Does anybody care? Outside our over-oxygenated bubble do people know who Brooks and Coulson are? Any more than we know who’s standing in Labour’s imminent NEC election?


  1. 1
    The British media are cunts says:

    Labour gave us the biggest criminals of all time in Bliar and Campbell.

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    • 8
      John Major says:

      Without Murdoch you would not have had Blair, Campbell or Duncan Smith.

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      • 30

        Only wonga is more of a rip off than Labour! They lie, cheat and steal.

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        • 113
          Anonymous says:

          Any twat that’s stupid enough to take out a payday loan deserves what they get.

          Why have you got sand up your fanny about them? Is it because:

          A) you’re a thick labour voting twat that can’t manage their finances so had to take out a loan with them and thus got stung


          B) you’re a bed wetting Labour voting twat whom ignores the fact that wonga started under labour and has sand up their fanny because other mouth breathing labour mongs who can’t manage their finances are getting stung by wonga?

          You could even be a twat that refuses to face the fact that people might have to take out loans because the last bunch of fucking mongs to form a labour government fucked up the economy.

          Now fuck off and take your pathetic bed wetting shite comments to CIF.


          • Deaf Pensioner says:

            A. What is CIF

            B. Labour nanny their window licker electorate and don’t even trust them to manage their OWN annuity funds, in case they spend it all and throw themselves on the mercy of the benefit system along with all the deserving muslims and asylum “seekers”.


          • Mycroft says:

            You win my prize for the post most likely to indicate the writer is an idiot.


            We as a Country are in the hands of an International form of Wonga.

            The Worlds Markets.

            We have been for decades and our situation has gotten worse over the years.

            You have heard of the National Debt haven’t you?

            So by your own words, you’re a twat, I of course, won’t comment on that.

            The reality of poverty is that it damages almost as much as those beyond it’s grasp as those within it.

            I’d explain but as the recipient of my ‘special’ prize, I would be wasting my effort.

            Knee-jerk foamy-mouthed self-righteousness makes me feel only pity for the writer.

            You have my sympathies for your incapacity.


          • Poet Laureate says:

            He who uses Wonga is a Plonka!


          • He Who Wong's Last Wongs The Longest says:

            I use them all the time for the very favorable interest rates that they have…Plop.


        • 178
          Stafano says:

          So do Wonga


    • 19
      Socialism is theft says:

      Westminster is full of Liblabcon criminals who have defrauded the British taxpayer with their expenses.

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      • 45
        Harry Shipman says:

        Have you forgotten to take your pills again Mr Campbell.


      • 51
        EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

        Funny that … The Labour Government used to get FTAC (A completely discredited bunch of quacks and bullies) and the Bent MET cops to ‘silence’ dissenters …

        Of course McBride and the MET have their own little secrets … but not for too much longer.


      • 157
        Colonel Mustard says:

        Why was Sir Jeremy Heywood initially so reluctant to vet Coulson?

        Answer: because of the track record of Campbell and co in perverting and misusing the material to which they were given access.

        Will that come out, hopefully with examples, when he is put under pressure?

        Or will Milliband back off as soon as he realises what could come out if he does so?

        Or should Heywood give a fuller explanation of his reasons anyway?

        Can we have an investigation by the Public Administration Select Committee?


    • 27
      Anonymous says:

      Ask the average Sun reader who Guy Fawkes aka P S is they would say “who’s that is he a footballer, which team does he play for”


    • 73
      Err says:

      Just wondering if Coulson was a criminal by the start of PMQs, or was he still
      innocent ?


    • 82
      LIE-bour Party (destroying British values). says:

      13 years of Labour


    • 83
      David Camelot says:

      The 1987 Party Political Broadcast by the Conservative party


    • 84
      Ms Oppenheimer says:

      ITV News on Margaret Hodge (Islington Children’s Homes)


    • 109
      The Growler says:

      ” Outside our over-oxygenated bubble do people know who Brooks and Coulson are?” of course they do, how many of your average Sun “readers” can say what who or what Guy Fawkes aka P S is, I would wager not many of them, they know what page 3 is, they look at the footie and the pictures and that’s it.


      • 122
        Vicious Pensioner says:

        You are suggesting that the Murdoch press is wasting its money on Mr Guido and that the “newspaper”, if that is what it is, could benefit from sacking him.

        You really are a horrid little man-but with super ideas! Well done!


        • 159
          Can see tits on the internet says:

          We would benfit from Gheedough getting sacked as
          1) He would be able to post stories that don’t follow the cuckold’s line
          2) He would be able to post his best stories here instead of in The Sun


    • 145
      Ed Ballsl says:

      Ed Balls ?


    • 160
      Voice of reason says:

      Prick you are probably in a black depression by now.wanker.


  2. 2
    Aaron D Highside says:

    John Prescott could have done better than Ed. And it isn’t as if Dave is exactly good on his feet.


    • 24
      Tracey says:

      omfg, I’d forgotton the name of that buffoon on psychiatrists orders.

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    • 98
      WMD - Weird Milliband Disaster says:

      Ed Minibrand demonstrating once again that he can only deliver an over-worked script, as opposed to being able to think on his feet.

      Combined with the usual, nauseating monotone, you cannot help but think that a week -old corpse sitting on a cattle prod could deliver a more enlivened and engaging performance.

      He really does look and sound like a school boy arguing with his mum for an extra hour of television before bedtime, whilst knowing all along that he’s on to a loser.

      What a prick.


      • 130
        Vicious Pensioner says:

        Yes, he is strangely wooden and he cannot improvise when the argument deviates from his advisers’ script. He could never have come out with Desperate Dave’s comment about Miliband holding up the “Sun” and his subsequent apology, which was quite telling.

        He sounds weird, looks weird and the anonymous bloke is right, he is weird.


        • 143
          WMD- Weak Milliband Dismal says:


          I would dread to think of him ‘fighting’ for Britain in Europe as PM.

          As soon any discussion deviated from his script, he would be floundering.

          Before he knew what was happening, he would have agreed to us all speaking French, except on weekends. He would later win a minor concession to exclude Bank holidays, but at the expense of The general transfer of any national reserves not sold by Gordon Brown to Cash My Gold, to a holding account in Luxembourg.

          Please Save us from this imbecile.


          • Anonymous says:

            How on Earth was Ed Milliband ever elected labour party leader ? i mean did they have a collective death wish, did Unite think he had hidden depths ? what ? admittedly there isnt a great deal of choice looking at the shadow front bench but WTF ?


          • We are doomed, I tell you! says:

            Lots of people apparently love him for his wit, style and panache. Personally, I think it is for that birdshit-in-the-hair look.

            Plus of course most of these types come from the Motormouth McGuire school of thinking – and live well north of the Watford M1 Service station.


  3. 3
    Replace IDS with Brown says:

    Put Brown in charge of DWP. Get rid of Duncan Shite. NOW.


  4. 4
    Mike Wilkinson says:

    I think Ed broke his Suarez like teeth biting down on the Leveson report!


    • 162
      We are doomed, I tell you! says:

      Serves him right, but Cameron should have stood up to him and told him to fuck off with his authoritarian press clampdown tosh.


  5. 5
    Mornington Crescent says:

    “Does anybody care? Outside our over-oxygenated bubble do people know who Brooks and Coulson are?”

    No. And no.

    And it’s over-sexed and over-alcoholised – most of it at our expense.


  6. 6
    That is some pledge. What does it mean? If anything says:


    • 13
      Labour's industrial strategy in a nutshell says:

      “Decline in manufacturing greater under Labour than with Thatcher”

      “The importance of manufacturing to the economy declined more rapidly under Labour administrations since 1997 than it did during the Margaret Thatcher era, according to a Financial Times study.”



    • 37
      An industrial strategy that would actually work says:

      1. Stop deliberately making electricity much more expensive than it needs to be.

      2. Slash the Jobs Tax, employer’s national insurance, and stop using employers as an instrument of social policy.

      3. Leave the EU and abolish pointless restrictions on industry.

      4. Refuse to subsidise any business activity, ever.

      5. Abolish the minimum wage.

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      • 52
        MrNedward says:

        Large corporation tax breaks for companies which export most of their products or services.

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      • 96
        Mycroft says:

        Some good, some bad…

        Too naive in my opinion.

        1/. Is good and quite correct, but the real issue is ‘renewables’… they are worhtless at the moment and add to bills, we should have waited, not wasted.

        2/. This is a good idea but on it’s own no help at all, such a relief from a wrongful tax should only go hand-in-hand with the wages of all workers in that Business beng paid sufficiently that they don’t have any state hand-out, in other words, no-one in full time work should be getting tax credits. kills an unwanted tax, puts more money in the live economy and cuts down on the bureaucracy.

        3/. Yep, vote UKIP.

        4/. No, the greatest responsibility of politics is to give a multi-decade direction of travel, this needs investment incentives and tax tolerances.

        5/. Yes, see my 2/. above. Minimum wage employers pay huge taxes, Cost Of Living employers don’t pay the same level of taxation and on the bottom line benefit from doing so.

        Job done.


    • 57
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      Umunna The DM “His Irish mother is the daughter of one of the prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials. …”

      Now that does explain lots – wonder if he’s ever read Anne Appelbaums Gulag a history – wherein the judges and prosecutors were of dubious backgrounds themselves.

      Umm … and so a berger connection lies in there too.


      • 163
        Fred the Pensioner says:

        That must be why his minders are keeping him standing so far from the seething mass of his audience.


  7. 7
    Anonymous says:

    dont worry hatty will on the bbc later


    • 9
      jgm2 says:

      Why? Just to prove that no matter how bad Miliband is that Labour have even bigger fuckwits on their front-bench?

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    • 164
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      She appeared on Sky – and made an even bigger fuckdim of herself than she usually does. However does that woman dare to show her face in public, given her P I E background?


  8. 11
    "Toilets" Farage says:

    Same absurd excuse given for not replacing Prime Minister David Cameron: ‘There’s nobody else!’ What utter nonsensical piffle.


    • 15
      Vote Tory for unlimited immigration says:

      UKIP are going to take millions of votes from your favourite party (whatever it is). Get over it.

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      • 124
        The Growler says:

        They sure are, Fawksey and the windowlickers still don’t get it, ALL parties are going to loose voters to the advance of UKip because the powers that be just do not listen to those who formerly voted for them, folks are out to give the party machines a real good kicking to bring them down a peg. When the ordinary Joe gets laid off and has to grovel for benefits is the one who pays “the price worth paying” the great ones in the HoC keep their jobs and start wars and preen themselves, folks are sick of it.


  9. 12
    Mycroft says:

    “Does anybody care? Outside our over-oxygenated bubble do people know who Brooks and Coulson are?”

    Yeah, a lot do care, but not in the way politicians think it would show itself.

    People will find those two, their associations with Tories, their lack of a moral compass to be further confirmation that voting Labour, Tory or Libdem is encouragement for more of the same.

    The left leaning Bastard Broadcasting Corp. will drag Cameron down in this matter no matter what.

    So we have an idiot taunting a moron and the press that supports each one filling in the gaps, Cameron is a crap PM, he also has crap friends and crap cohorts, he’s as much a liability as the man-child Miliband in the run up to the election, crafty lying worked in the past was hidden but in the modern age Camerons deceits and lies will damn him in the run up.


    • 17
      #88 says:

      Just posted this on the B-BBC site:

      Just catching up with things on the BBC News Chanel at 2:00pm. and watched the most appalling one-sided report from Carol Walker. One of the most partial that I can ever remember.

      Seemingly desperate to make up for Miliband’s failure in the House today (one that left the opposition benches in despair), Walker opened up a new front regarding the comments made by Cameron yesterday and the Judges criticism. Doing Miliband’s work for him and implying poor judgement Walker was careful to report in detail the Judge’s displeasure and disagreement… she even enlisted the help of Ken Clarke to add weight to the story.

      But how Walker could file a report without even mentioning that Cameron had received advice on what to say from the country’s chief law officer, the Attorney General is beyond me.

      And how could she file a report without mentioning that the Judge had said he was ‘not singling out the PM but other politicians also’, or that Miliband was even more prejudicial in his comments about Coulson yesterday and again today in the Commons when he breached privilege and the instructions of the Speaker by wildly made further accusations against Coulson.

      Did Walker and the BBC seek a statement from Miliband on his contempt of court? Did they challenge HIM on what advice he took?


      The BBC, which has a dog in this fight, prove once again that they cannot be trusted to deliver the news impartially, fully, honestly and with balance.

      The BBC are a dishonest, corrupt organisation without a shred of integrity.

      If that’s what Walker and the BBC considers journalism, she should hang her head in shame

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      • 26
        Mycroft says:

        Rightly or wrongly the BBC is set against the Murdoch Empire and all it’s machinations.

        There is a good reason for this, the old remit was to be unbiased, but as the Murdoch Empire started fingering Brittania and asking her to get her tits out the remit was changed to balancing the overall UK News content, not just their own.

        Whether this is a good thing I’m not sure, if the other media was as left wing as Murdoch to the right would the BBC start taking the side of the right? The evidence is No.

        But what they are doing at the moment is partially doing the right thing and it is just enough for me to encourage them in so doing.


        • 28
          jgm2 says:

          The bedwetters have the Mirror, The Grauniad and The Independent for their version of the news.

          The BBC shouldn’t be taking taxpayers money to present a Grauniad version of the news.


          • Mycroft says:

            Correct but they don’t have the spread of the Murdoch influence so to maintain a balance they add the counter-weight, quite subtly for the most part, but bits fall though the curtain.

            I’m happy to watch this and quite content, it allows us at UKIP to quietly build a good manifesto as the two warring factions tear chunks out of each other.

            Normal service will resume soon and we will be a target and I relish the challenges ahead, I do so in the full knowledge that any support given by the Murdoch Empire to the further diminished Tories will only help us and any support from the BBC and fellow travellers toward the Left will do pretty much the same.

            Lovely weather, the two main parties looking more and more useless and working on a manifesto in the peace and quiet of the English Countryside… I have no complaints.


          • Cwissy Bwyant says:

            Their spread is significantly greater than anything Murdoch could / has achieved.


          • Mycroft says:

            In reply to cwissy bwyant…

            Then it’s a good job they don’t all out for him then!

            They have to do what they can and stay within a strict regime.


          • Eh? says:

            “don’t have the spread of the Murdoch influence”?

            Have a look at Ofcom’s own figures for “News consumption in the UK”


          • Mycroft says:

            To Eh!

            I have, and the Sun is top of the list and many of his publications are high on the list too.

            Plus there is Sky.

            I am ambivalent as to whether what the BBC does is right or wrong, but they do act as a counter-weight.

            Moan, complain and bitch all you want, it ain’t changing soon.

            I suspect that the BBC’s tack in the coming days will be that as Cameron relied on the Leveson report (despite false attributions) to save his ahse why hasn’t he installed all his recommendations.

            That is the tack that can kill him and hurt Murdoch.

            It’s coming I’m sure and if well orchestrated will gain a momentum all of it’s own.

            I sent them an email pointing out this tack earlier this afternoon… I live in hope that the two ferrets in bag bite each other… more votes for UKIP.


          • EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

            @ eh? – ‘Ofcom’ – have a look at the timeline of how they came into being and how easy the ‘placemen’ at ofcom went on Murdoch – while Labour were in power …

            All the the ‘names’ of the Ofcom men are out there as are their track records … oh and emails.


        • 42
          Barnehurst bob says:

          Mycroft, That’s the first I’ve heard of the BBC trying to balance a perceived bias from Murdock in the UKs media. I always assumed it was because they were a bunch of state funded socialists trying to open our eyes to the obvious.

          Do you have any links to further reading on this?

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          • Mycroft says:

            You have the evidence every day, it’s right across the media.

            You’ve seen it today, you have seen it every time there has been a Murdoch campaign to support the right, most especially when Murdoch switched to the Cons after they realised the humourless wanker-king of the scots was a dead ticket.

            If Murdoch comes our way (UKIP) we’ll be hammered, his support for us is our Kryptonite.


          • MrNedward says:

            In reply to Mycroft, Firstly, consuming any of the Murdoch content is entirely voluntary. Secondly the BBC has over 60% of the media market on screen, radio and online to itself and we are forced to pay for it, even if we never consume any of it. Add the Mirror, Gruaniad, Independent, and London Evening Standard into the mix and the left have way more media propaganda than does the right.

            Back in the days when the hacking was actually happening, and being actively covered up by a labour supporting Met Police chief, and labour supporting head of the CPS, the entire print press were pro labour and labour were in power. None of this was even considered newsworthy until News International stopped supporting labour.

            Then all hell broke loose and labour, the BBC and the other left wing media engaged in a “get Murdoch” vendetta.

            I have no problem with the press being left wing, but I pay good money every year for the BBC to be impartial, and they are nowhere near impartial. They are the propaganda wing of the labour party.

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          • Mycroft says:

            Mr. Ned.

            I would suggest that consumption of all media is voluntary.

            I suspect that many, including may be you, pay for a licence fee to appease both wife and kids, it’s a soap opera provider and nanny with CBBC.

            If you don’t like the NEWS or Panorama or similar… switch the f’cking thing off or ignore it.

            Or stop paying the licence fee and live without it, there are plenty of options, it’s big world.

            Like it or not the BBC are doing what I say every day of the week.

            Overall it’s not a bad balancing act.

            before anybody asks, no connection here with them, I don’t own a TV and don’t give them a penny.


        • 67
          visibly shaken says:

          i remember the bbc getting behind the right when murdoch was in bed with new labour – your dead right on them just being a counter balance


          • UKIP: Hacking at the roots with the truth says:

            And I remember the bbc going by the name of “The Blair Broadcasting Company” when Blair was up the arse of Murdoch, so how do you square that?


        • 101
          Jen The Blue says:

          This would be the same “right wing”Murdoch who supported Blair?


        • 128
          The Growler says:

          Mycroft, do you remember the old scrote wanted to buy the Beeb and Maggie more or less told him to get lost.


      • 62
        visibly shaken says:


        and they do not mention milibland cried on leaving the chamber


  10. 16
    Come back Black-all is forgiven says:

    If you want a laugh have a read of the alternative take on this Blog section) by the Telegraph’s resident left wing idiot Mary Riddell. One of two pieces by her today-the shape of things to come at this once great newspaper?


    • 22
      Life is too short says:

      So you’re the one who reads Mary Riddell’s articles? ;-)

      Seriously, I got my free Telegraph from Waitrose today, saw the Riddell article and skipped straight to the Letters page opposite, wondering if anyone has ever read more than one of her ‘articles’.


  11. 20
    Chris Huhne says:

    Say what you like about Louis Suarez, but he’s just secured a lucrative ad campaign, he’s replacing Daniel Sturridge in the Subway campaigns biting into a hearty Italian.


    • 129
      The Growler says:

      Is he going to start his own football team and call them “cannibals are us”


    • 165
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      A Subway campaign? So that Italian bloke must be halal then?

      Now I understand…


  12. 21
    Ed sunk because is moral high ground is an illusion says:

    I know left wingers think we are thick but we saw the 13 year Labour/Murdoch relationship blossom and die.
    The timing of the hacking revelations and the organ which would break the story were so predictable you could have written it on the back of Ed Balls fag packet.

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    • 31
      jgm2 says:


      Nobody who has paid any attention to what has been going on is under any illusions as to what happened here. While Murdoch was facilitating Blair in his Iraq war and the Maximum Imbecile running up massive deficits then Murdoch could do no wrong.

      Little trouble over phone-hacking? No problem – we’ll just have a word with the MET and get it all squared away.

      The second Murdoch turned his back on Labour once the Maximum Imbecile staged his coup and suddenly it was ‘Oooooh, perhapos there was something to those hacking rumours after all…

      Of course the BBC isn’t going to bring that fact to anybodies attention because their main fear is that SKY will usurp them and voters will begin to wonder why they’re paying all this money for the BBC whether they watch it or not.

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      • 69
        EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

        Murdoch – CANNOT ever escape the FACT that he facilitated Blairs war in !raq with his propaganda sheets. Therea are too many unanswered questions surrounding the back door chats between Blair and Murdoch – both of them should be in the dock for multiple crimes against humanity, fruad, et cetera

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    • 127
      Vacuous Pensioner says:

      Of course because Murdoch supports whoever is in government and if they look like loosing the GE, he supports the opposition. Labour failed to deliver BSky B, but so have the Tories, by mischance.

      It’s not personal, Sonny, it’s business.


      • 131
        The Growler says:

        Very true, Murdoch always wants to be the “one that won it” for his own advantage, he doesn’t like it if they don’t dance to his tune, Maggie did as did B’Liar (Murdoch’s windowlicker in chief) Major and Broon didn’t.


  13. 23
    Wonga says:

    It transpires there are two Acts dealing with pretending to be a solicitor. s.21 of Solicitors Act 1974 and s.17 of Legal Services Act 2007.


    • 112
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      Is there one covering “Pretending to represent the people”?


      • 134
        The Growler says:

        Ellie-Mae, those in the HoC have pretended to represent the people ie in theory yes but in practice NO


  14. 25
    Fishy says:

    While Miliband wrings his hands on behalf of the victims of hacking (or on behalf of himself), the odious, sinister Hacked Off leaders are using the sister of the dead Millie Dowler for their own ends

    According to the BBC, she is speaking for the first time. The BBC didn’t though mention on Five live that it was part of Hacked Off’s campaign. In reality Hacked Off have written her a script and put her in front of a camera to do their leaders bidding and ensure that we no longer have a free press that will challenge their hypocrisy, drug taking, sexual misconduct, tax avoidance, dishonesty and criminality.

    What a cynical bunch of tossers Hacked Off are.



    • 32
      Wankers says:

      The Hacked off crowd are the sort of limp wristed twats that will be happy to see Millie Dowlers killer put in an open prison after serving only ten years.
      In fact if the Hacked off crowd hadn’t got all their own way when it came to crime and punishment in this country Millie Dowler may never have been murdered in the first place.

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    • 99
      Jack Ketch says:

      Apparently The Guardian may much hay from accusing Mrs Brooks and her staff of deleting messages from Millie Dowler’s mobile phone voicemail. This has been proved not to be true although the claim seems to have been the cause of a £100 million court case and much pain and expense for the Brooks family, not least loss of employment and a many a secret tumble. How much can she sue for? Will she end owning Exchange and Mart?


      • 114
        Kim Jong-un says:

        Exchange & Mart, probably the only vaguely useful bit of GMG


      • 126
        Pure Irony says:

        With a bit of luck she will end up with Guardian as compo; and then she can force it to show topless totty, lurch to the right and trouser all that cash from advertising government jobs (not a bad idea, clear the deck of incompetents). And all those lefty twats can cry into their free trade coffee.


        • 141
          Love To See It says:

          Yes, it’s like Kevin Mackenzie said, “Any fool can write for the Guardian but it takes talent to write for the Sun.


    • 144
      Incensed Pensioner says:

      Do you believe then, the press should have special licence to hack your emails, telephone, letters etc. all in the public interest? Most of what the NoW did was unedifying prying into “celebrity love rats” and such trivia and not to expose great crimes. The press knows it can never underestimate the Great British Public and their sordid objective is not to make the World a better place but to make money for their owners.

      You are hard on ordinary defenceless people such as the Dowlers. The are entitled to the same privacy as hypocrite Brooks requested, and got, for herself concerning her surrogate baby issue.


    • 151
      Anonymous says:

      Im not interested in hearing from Millie Dowlers sister or her parents quite frankly.We all know what happened. How what could easily have been blip on their daughters mobile when she went missing (for all anybody knew)could have caused all this hysteria i dont know. Lets not forget the Dowlers got £3,000,000 from Murdoch.Yet still they are on the hacked off bandwagon.


  15. 29
    England is becummin a ferd world cess-pit, innit says:

    Fuck me, is this level of top level politics in this third world cess-pit nation these days?

    A wet behind the ears millionaire son of a marxist rat squealing sixth form insults.

    It’s pitiful

    Liked by 1 person

    • 89
      Gooey Blob says:

      This time next year Miliband will have resigned and Labour will be engaged in a navel-gazing exercise as it chooses the next LOTO. They’ll be arguing about whether or not the party should lurch even further to the left if is to win again, the BBC will be obsessing about every detail of the leadership race and the rest of the country will be doing its level best to ignore the whole shambolic affair.


  16. 33
    Bosun Higgs says:

    I should call Westminster under-oxygenated. It’s a damp, enclosed, swampy environment where old ideas decay very, very slowly and bubbles of corruption ooze lazily to the surface.


  17. 35
    White Dee says:

    I don’t know who either of them are, did the red head get her norks out in the news of the worlds?


  18. 36
    Owen Jones QC says:

    Speaking in court, Mr Justice Saunders said the prime minister’s action had been regrettable.

    “I consider that what has happened is fucking well unsatisfactory so far as justice and the rule of law are concerned.

    “The press in court have been extremely responsible in their reporting of this case but when arsehole politicians regard it as open season, one cannot expect the press to remain silent.”

    A lawyer for Coulson said the fuckwit of a prime minister’s intervention was “ill-advised and premature” given the jury had to reach verdicts on other outstanding charges.


    • 43
      A small country in the Third World says:

      If you’ve got another £100 million to waste on a retrial, could we have it instead, please? We could feed ourselves for a year.


      • 115
        President of a small country in the Third World says:

        Or I could build a new palace and buy a new Rolls Royce and a Lear Jet.


  19. 40
    Mycroft says:

    The real reason Ed can’t “get it right” is because he is too earnest, he has no common sense of humour.

    He might (perhaps) laugh uproariously at an intellectual joke but the English sense of humour is not in him and it can’t be feigned.

    That is why he fails, John Smith would have had the house roaring with laughter whilst spiking the arrogant prig Cameron with every sentence.

    We don’t like people who have none of our sense of humour.

    The Cameron twit hasn’t got that GSOH either, that is why PMQs is as dull as decorating shit with brown paint.

    Nigel laughs, has GSOH and can get across frustration and anger far better as a result.

    The Importance of not being too Earnest… you might say.


    • 48
      Pam Fritter says:

      Ed makes our kids at the day care centre laugh.
      They love him and the funny faces he pulls.Oh and the silly voice.
      Well worth the licence fee.


      • 53
        Mycroft says:

        Oh yes… he is great to laugh at.

        But the man is a dead-neck in any other way.

        Watch the fool act his way through the day… he looks slightly mental because if you can’t laugh and hold the smile that laughing occasionally brings to your face then you look like a serial-killer, rapist or some other sociopath.

        He tries bless him, but there is a GIF of him in ‘Vine’ where a camera zooms in whilst the piss-taker is asking him to ‘look normal’… it’s faked up a bit but it holds a deeper and shattering truth, he should never be in charge of anything that might go wrong with serious consequences on real people.

        He’s a huge liability.


        • 155
          Tim Yeo-Yo says:

          The left and real humour don’t mix. It’s something to do with their black hearts and soulless need to tell others what to think and do.


    • 152
      Anonymous says:

      Nigel is a bore and is half cut most of the time.


  20. 44
    Hacked Off can Fuck Off says:

    Celebs and politicians are a product they have to sell themselves and for those that are chosen there are great rewards.
    However the public (from where these great rewards come) do have a right to know if ‘the product’ is genuine or not.
    Hugh Grant made his name by selling himself as this nice guy bit of an absent minded romanticist fop.
    Turns out he’s a complete C*nt.Totally NOT what it says on the side of his tin.
    If you want privacy don’t put yourself up for sale.
    If you do put yourself up for sale then expect people to look under the wrapper.


    • 70
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      Grant was involved with a photographer / journo a few years ago. Grant screamed at the journo words to effect your die children cancer of hope.

      The journo – was paid off by Grant. They all live in bubbles of their own recitudedness.


    • 168
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      So when are the kvnts who inhabit the Privy (how apt!) Council going to get their come-uppance for foisting their authoritarian leftist shit upon us?

      EIIR should be ashamed of herself for letting this pass through her elderly fingers so easily.


  21. 47
    Lord Voldemort says:

    Hmmm, Criminals…

    Didn’t Ed Bollocks receive a court summons the other day?



  22. 50
    When is Piers Morgan & DerrIn Brown being charged? says:

    Labour hypocrites can fuck off to Iran?


  23. 55
    When is Piers Morgan & DerrIn Brown being charged? says:

    Tony B.liar and Campbell are mass murderers. Labour have blood on their hands.


  24. 56
    BBC Presenter says:

    Will nobody think of the Children?


  25. 58
    When is Piers Morgan & DerrIn Brown being charged? says:

    ” Does anybody care? Outside our over-oxygenated bubble do people know who Brooksand Coulsonare?” It is being reported in the land of Oz and the Yankee doodle media.


    • 63
      The British Public in the "real world" outside the media bubble says:

      Never heard of them and we care even less


  26. 61
    It's the sun pic apology wot' did for 'im says:

    Even when Cameron is down and his “goolies” wide open to a kick useless Miliband aims and only manages to kick himself in the goolies….this man is so incompetent as to longer be an embarassment…God help us if he ever gets to be PM…he’ll make Brown look competent

    Liked by 1 person

    • 170
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      .. and the rest of the world will once again set about pissing themselves laughing at us.


  27. 65
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    This is all very interesting but what does any of this have to do with better public services and lower taxes.


    • 75
      nell says:

      Well since labour’s idea of better public services is based on it’s performance of the NHS death camps and their idea of lower taxes is based on gordon’s attempts to introduce a couple hundred hidden taxes that he thought the electorate would never realise they were paying – nothing – because labour don’t deliver better public services or lower taxes !!

      Liked by 1 person

  28. 68
    nell says:

    What’s an NEC election?


    • 76
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      It’s he shortened form for “Necrophilia” = The sexual attraction for having sexual intercourse with dead Bodies.

      Rather apt i’d say …


    • 171
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      It represents Labour hopes of assuming high office = Not Even Close


  29. 71
    nell says:

    And as for militwit this morning – if he thinks his performance at PMQ’s is what passes for grown up politics in labour circles, I can only say the founders of the labour party must be turning in their graves – his pitiful performance didn’t even do a Year 9 child, learning debating skills, any credit.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. 78
    Robinson Crusoe.. says:

    Hi everybody been away for a while..Hows that Arab Spring going…


    • 81
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      Can you please remove your man friday from the HoC now – we are all rather bored of his trashy comments, wiki5hit and assssssp…irations.


  31. 80
    Err says:

    Who was the ” Criminal at the heart of Downing Street? ” Innocent until etc.


  32. 87

    “Ed himself has an adviser publicly accused of Class A drug use.”

    Whereas in this government he would have been made Chancellor?

    Is that the spin?


    • 140
      The Growler says:

      Provided Gideon is not doing snow now, that’s alright, he has to grow up sometime


    • 156
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Was the maximum imbecile mental the whole time he was fucking this country up first as chancellor and then as PM?

      Does it grip your shit that the economic indicators for the country are looking better thanks to Gideon?

      You must try harder Jimmy. One day you might make a point that someone thinks is right but if you carry on at this rate everyone’s just going to think you’re a dumb Labour Party HQ troll….and a pretty fucking shit one too.


  33. 90
    Ed Balls says:

    And the award to quite possibly the most ‘stupidest’ person in the world goes to…… L Mensch.


    • 93
      La Mensch says:

      Sorry I’ll reply to that once I stage a cynical stunt to pick up my children from School.


      • 108
        EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

        Your new paymaster relocated his hq to Delaware a few years ago – i wonder why and wonder if L De Mentia turns a blind eye to that?


  34. 92
    non taxable pikey says:

    Sham marriages by immigrants to gain access to Britain are happening at an “industrial” rate. Marriage registrars reported more than 9,100 bogus weddings last year – a rate of over one an hour – yet only 90 people were removed.


    • 119
      Her Majesty's Police Farce says:

      Its much easier to arrest people for tweeting offensive comment.
      We know where they live. We have the evidence on record. They are not usually armed or dangerous.

      Anyway if we did just target illegal sham marriages by foreigners that would undoubtedly be racist.

      But if it makes you feel better we’ll nick some motorists for doing 23 in a 20 mph zone, ok?


    • 121
      Your Friendly Solution Provider says:

      Just make it a capital offence.. sorted.


  35. 95
    R.I.P pre-1997 UK says:

    UK Labour Party – Do it 1997


  36. 100
    Fruitcake, swivel eyed loon, closet racist, crank and gadfly says:

    ‘You did’ ‘No I didn’t’ ‘Yes you double did’ ‘No I didn’t to infinity so there ner ner ner ner ner’.

    And they wonder why people are turning to UKIP.

    For the last time, we don’t fukcing care.


  37. 104
    Peter"I can tell them" Tapsell says:

    The waiter asked, “Would you like to hear today’s special?”

    “Yes please,” I smiled.

    “Today is special,” he replied, then walked off.


  38. 107
    Dudley Moore says:

    Ed Milliband. What a cu*t, eh?


    • 111
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      Derek and Clive – had the correct phrase and moore… you effin effin …


  39. 110
    Anonymous says:

    07966 966309 geoff’s number. ask him if he has ever accepted any payments for himself or on behalf of others from gordon brown and/or tony blair or agents of those two former prime ministers.


  40. 116
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Ed Moribund. The true heir to Blair.
    Lionel Blair.

    If only he was more like Lionel Messi.


  41. 120
    Westminster stadium groundskeepers. says:

    These days we don’t even bother putting the nets on the open goals.


  42. 125
    Bob Crow says:

    I see they only know about the £100,000.


  43. 142
    Cameron Is A CUNT says:

    I maybe speaking out of court here but it’s fine for the conservatives to have criminals in their midst but not for anyone else – after all IDS & McVile have been killing people for years – keep up the good works chaps and upwards with the economy


  44. 146
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls?


  45. 166
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    We all most sincerely promise, hand on hearts etc etc etc, that none of us will ever, no not once more, be nasty to you if you and your entire family return to Uganda (permanently) before the end of this month,

    Now is that deal or not? If you refuse… well, it is your look out ducky.

    Oh and please take that bloody roast chicken off your head. :-)


  46. 175
    SimonT says:

    The question I would like answered is this:

    David Cameron, now that we know that Coulson is a criminal and his crime relates specifically to the use of illegal means to gather information that was then traded for personal gain are there any assurances that you can possibly offer to reassure the public that Coulson has not and will not sell, trade or otherwise use the Top Secret and other national security material that you, Mr Cameron, allowed him untrammelled access to?

    Is there an investigation into: what information he had access to in his time in Government, whether sensitive information was shared by Coulson and how that information will now be secured such that Coulson cannot share it in the future? As a proven criminal who traded in information we have to assume that Coulson provides a real risk to the national interest and security of this nation.


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