June 24th, 2014

WATCH: Celebrities Have No Idea Who Ed Balls Is


  1. 1
    Ed Balls says:

    I have no idea who Ed Balls is


  2. 4
    Ed Balls says:

    Ed Balls


  3. 6
    Chris Pants says:

    Ed’s balls I do know.


  4. 7
    Ed Balls says:

    When we’re back in power I’ll make bloody sure all you bastards wont forget me in a hurry.


  5. 8
    Alex Salmond says:

    LOL, I bet if you asked the Bay City Rollers who I was they’d know.


  6. 10
    Ohthisbloodypc says:

    What’s the difference between Chewbacca and Chewbacon?

    One is the gentle, non english speaking co-pilot

    The other is in Star Wars


  7. 11
    Anonymous says:

    But nobody knows who these “celebrities” are either .


    • 19
      Vote Tory for unlimited immigration says:


      “Little Mix and X Factor’s Union J”. Uhm..


    • 21
      darren day says:

      Fair point. Who the fuck is supposed to be celebrating the mere existence of these dipstick attention seekers?


    • 32
      Bosun Higgs says:

      Union J’s first single ‘Neo-endogenous Growth Theory (Megabucks mix)’ spent ten years in the album charts. Millions of UK households virtually bankrupted themselves to take part in this massive craze.


  8. 13
    Stu says:

    Ed balls is a useless twat. But all this shows is that most so called celebs are thick


  9. 14
    Guy News Room says:

    Now if the Celebs had asked about Owen Jones ?


  10. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Ed Balls looks like a middle aged Hitler after a clean shave.

    To0 bad, that this Hunt could be unleashed on the British economy again providing there are enough thick Labour voters hiding in the stinking slums in the North.

    Not that these celeb fucktards give a toss, the moment the UK slips down the pan and becomes a stinking third world cess pit run by Diane ‘hate the whitey’ Abbott, they will have all fucked off to Monaco and the USA with all their money.

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  11. 16
    Yasmine & Diane (the new Hale & Pace but definitely not white because white people are racist) says:

    The BBC haven’t asked us if we’ve heard of Ed Balls. This is waycism pure and simple!


  12. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Nice game … Jeremy Hunt or Berkshire Hunt?


  13. 18
    Silent Majority says:

    Ignore him at your peril. He’s bankrupted Britain once and Ed Miliband wants to give him another go.


  14. 20
    Guy News Room says:

    And just what views do the Celebs hold on bumsex ?


  15. 22
    Yasmine & Diane (the new Hale & Pace but definitely not white because white people are racist) says:

    It is completely unacceptable that Tower Hamlets contains the word “Ham” as this is deeply offensive to everyone except white people. We are going to have to insist that it is renamed Tower Beeflets or you’re all waycist.


  16. 24
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    This entire great country of ours along with Samantha and myself wish our cricketers the very best of luck in the Test Match against Sri Lanka.

    God Bless The Queen


  17. 25
    It's not fair says:

    It’s an unfair question really. Liebour have kept Balls hidden away so much that it is unrealistic to expect da yoof to have heard of him.


  18. 27
    Dianne Obesebutt says:

    White socialists are o.k., well just.


  19. 29

    Hardly a representative survey, and couched in a way to further prove that 10 out of 10 politically illiterate self-obsessed media industry types don’t know about politics.


  20. 30
    Fingers n Toes +Two says:

    They should have asked Twelvety.


  21. 31
    Mr Nutall of the UKIPs says:

    What an utterly ridiciluious clip. Lets ask those same Celebs who I am or even who you are Guido.

    Says more about we more and more glorify idiocy.

    Vote UKIP and we’ll force immigrants to accept British Values, and Celebrities have to take an intelligence test before being allowed in the public eye.


  22. 34
    Rachel Reevezzzzzzz says:



  23. 35
    The 1922 Committee says:

    Iain Duncan Smith: “A decent wage would give people dignity, cut the benefit bill and boost the economy.”


    • 45
      Mr Nutall of the UKIPs says:

      So they support Liebours Living wages do they?

      I know Boris does.


    • 63
      Just A Point-Absolute Zero says:

      “We’ll give people a living wage!” – but then we’ll still tax them and those who are on National Minimum Wage…

      Only ONE PARTY want to STOP taxing people who are on NMW (guess who?). What’s the point of Taxing them and then giving them back monies in ‘In Work’ benefits?


  24. 36
    Screaming Hack says:

    Ahhhhh ahhhhhh Coulson guilty!!!!


  25. 37
    Bevvied-up Ellie says:


    *innocent face*


  26. 38
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Who last kicked the can , why Coulson kicked the can, then he’s it.


  27. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Ed Balls is a cretinous spastic.


  28. 41
    Anonymous says:

    In the small print…….”Ex-News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks has been cleared of all charges.”


  29. 42
    Kevin Cuttlefish says:

    I believe some lefties want to lower the voting age to 16. I suggest we put it back to 21, preferably for freeholders only.


  30. 43
    whats the point of all these politician scroungers says:

    Ed has had his 15 mins of SHAME now FO.

    Politicians what the FU*K do they know or for that matter DO other than sponge off the tax payers like White Dee


  31. 47
    'Ave yeu a lacence for that minkey says:

    It’s a Beamer. Delivered at about 100mph straight between the eyes. If you’re a parked and unattended car in the environs of Morley, near Leeds it’s a smack in the panels delivered by an unguided missile piloted by the eponymous driver. Usually captured on CCTV and if it is correct that there was a summons served recently, then the occurrence was of sufficient severity to deny the ubiquitous Balls the defence of reasonable ignorance of the circumstances.


  32. 49
    Ed Balls says:

    I can those brain-dead zombie celebrities to further my career and bring Labour back into power, along with boats full of illegal immigrants.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


    • 50
      Is this your car, Sir? says:

      Scuse me little boy, but is that your pedal car?


    • 55
      Ed Balls says:

      Correction: I can USE those brain-dead zombie celebrities to further my career and bring Labour back into power, along with boats full of illegal immigrants.

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


  33. 51

    Do me a favour Union J. MUST know who Balls is, know what I mean Union. To be honest never heard of Little Mix or Union J.


  34. 53

    They must be warned about this terrible man that is trying to ruin the economy.


  35. 57
    Sir Barrington Minge says:

    Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and his nasty scrawny little wife are the reasons that the Liebour Party are in such a mess.
    They are the dried out, useless left-overs of the Bliar/ Brown era and we should never forget that it was that crowd of clowns who screwed this country


  36. 62
    Who? says:

    Never heard of little mix or j. Don’t listen 2 crap!


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