June 23rd, 2014

Tory MEP Troughers Try to Shut Down Dubrovnik Junket Story

Fourteen Tory MEPs took the gravy train to Croatia last week, recovering from the gruelling Euro election campaign by spending £30,000 on a taxpayer-funded “study day” at Dubrovnik’s luxury 5-star Imperial hotel, enjoying posh nosh and being entertained by world-renowned, and often lingerie-clad cellist, Ana Rucner. Though this time Ana managed to keep her mini-skirt on for her performance. As Guido revealed in the Sun on Sunday, Syed Kamall, the new leader of Tory MEPs in Brussels, only dashed back to London a day early from his “studies” so as not to miss seeing the England-Uruguay match in London. Now the MEPs who went on the jolly have been told to stonewall hacks investigating them living it up on the taxpayer, sending this email to the junketeers:

From: HOLTUM James
Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2014 11:23 AM
To: CALLANAN Martin; ANDREASEN Marta; ATKINS Robert; KIRKHOPE Timothy; VAN ORDEN Geoffrey; FOX Ashley; MCINTYRE Anthea; CAMPBELL BANNERMAN David; FOSTER Jacqueline; ASHWORTH Richard; MCCLARKIN Emma; DUNCAN Ian; FORD Victoria Grace
Subject: Study days

Dear Members, you may have seen that you are mentioned as one of the attendees at ECR study days this week.

Our advice is to avoid any unknown numbers for a day or two, but in case you are caught off guard or doorstepped, here is the line that we gave the Mail…

Shutting down stories about wasting taxpayer cash, clearly Brussels has taught them well…


  1. 1
    Neil Hamilton, UKIP spokesman says:

    Fucking Amateurs


    • 3
      THE EU IS says:



      • 25
        Toxic Labour for Spongers, Parasites, Criminals, Layabouts & other Wasters says:

        Troughing bastards, hang them from the nearest lamp post.


        • 39
          A Londoner says:

          But 30,000 pounds (why not euros?) divided by 14 is only about 2 grand each. That is not excessive for a working weekend away. Green eyes Geedo at it again?


          • GET REAL and live vin the world outside of London says:

            Two grand may not be much money to you Londoner but to the rest of us that is a LOT OF MONEY! A lot of money indeed

            Fuck off you Rich TWAT


          • A (not excessively rich) Londoner says:

            JHFC you really are fucking dim aren’t you?

            Away days are invariably funded by employers not the staff attending the jamboree. If you actually had a job you might have known how this all works. Maybe one day you luck will change. Meanwhile better get your voting forms ready for your pet Labourite mayor of London candidate.


        • 58
          Mrs MEP says:

          Well, I can tell you, I really wish I hadn’t bothered to go! It rained nearly all the time. Hubby and I got dicky tummies from the food and he was in a total grump the whole time as he obviously would have preferred his floozy to be there rather than boring little me!


    • 10
      David Cameron? says:


    • 11
      Jasmine Alibaba-Bollocks says:

      my throat hurts


    • 14
      A leetle Surprise eh? says:


    • 46
      The Growler says:

      They really are bunch of basket cases and they haven’t learned form their Westminster counterparts, they may not stand for the next Euro elections if the UK decides to leave the EU, if they are starting as they they mean to go on they may not get a lookin for GEs in the future. Well done Geedes for highlighting the troughing, back to doing what you should be doing.


      • 49
        Dougie says:

        To be fair, this money was already in the EU’s coffers and if ECR didn’t spend it, some other group would.
        I look forward to the howls of outrage when Guido reports on UKIP’s EFD Group’s next junket.

        Liked by 1 person

        • 51
          Stuff the EU says:

          Just because the EU had already collected the dosh does not make it OK to waste it.

          There are far too many if not all Europhiles with your cavalier it’s only taxpayer’s money attitude,


    • 57
      Handycock, Trougher in Chief says:

      Troughing B*stards! Boaz.


  2. 2
    • 15
      Jasmine Alibaba-Bollocks says:


      I’m going to vote Labour of course – by post ;)



    • 60
      Someone Who Read UKIP's Manifesto says:

      What, the same UKIP who are also massively overclaiming on their expenses, despite publicly arguing that MPs from other parties claim too much? As if it’s not enough that they want to privatise the NHS, scrap all UK equality laws, get rid of paid maternity leave and institute a whole load of other fundamentally horrible policies, they are also hypocrites. Great party you’ve chosen there mate.


  3. 4
    Persona Non Grata says:

    I thought Callanan had lost his EU job?


  4. 5
    Jack the Ripper says:

    What is he holding in that pic? Doesn’t look like a cello.


    • 13
      A perv says:

      It’s a see-through cello. You will understand the reason for it in the twitter pic (see Guido’s link) as she is holding it between her thighs wearing a mini-skirt.


      • 37
        Sir Thomas Beecham Bart Dec'd says:

        During a rehearsal, conductor Sir Thomas Beecham, thought that a lady cellist was playing poorly. He stopped the orchestra: “Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands, and all you can do is scratch it!


  5. 6
    Why are the workers always taken to the cleaners by these bastards says:

    “Study Days” can I have a few of these each year paid for by the taxpayer, please?


  6. 7
    Junkers says:

    I’m not as think as you pissed I am.


  7. 8
    The EU says:

    Who is this David Cameron?


  8. 9
    A member of the public says:

    So where is the UKIP slur?


    • 16

      Bannerman and Andreasen are both ex UKIP ,they are well rid of them!!


    • 21
      Mycroft says:

      It is there!

      The Mail article relies on the ‘Moron in a hurry’ tactic…

      First, the fact it’s MEPs taking the p’ss.

      Second show a pic of Farage holding the arm up of the woman who defected from us to the Tories.

      Quick glance and a confirmatory link is established.

      If you read it , no problem, scan read it and you’ll get the wrong impression.

      People think that ‘subliminal association’ is a busted flush, it isn’t… we are subject to masses of it and it really does have an effect.


      • 28
        Chukka Umunna says:

        Put it al in an email.

        Oh wait you can’t.



        • 36
          workers vote UKIP. .And email Chucky. says:

          So I emailed him yesterday and got an auto reply… fair enough, apart from the bit where it says (and I paraphrase) “Chucky can only deal with concerns of his constituents” now I realise he’s a shadow something or other.. (though I suspect just a shadow) but surely judging by his photo calls.. his constituents get very little look in?


          • A Londoner says:

            You will find that most of them are quite happy to keep well away from him and his pompous preening. He is worse that that Robin Cook fellow who also never stopped preening.


          • RWG says:

            He stopped preening once he was offed.


        • 45
          Mycroft says:

          Moron in a hurry… sounds about right for our ‘Wiki Umunna’… :)


  9. 12

    BBC P’anorama tonight could stir the pot a little…

    ‘Homeless figures treble among private rental tenants’


    Vote UKIP :-D


  10. 18
    Ed "twelvety" Balls says:

    I rather like unknown numbers.


  11. 23
    Fred says:

    Where was Hannan?

    Or has he defected to UKIP already?


  12. 24
    Dave "doubled the debt" Cameron says:

    Wasting taxpayers’ money is a core Conervative value.

    What? You thought we’d be different to Labour? Mwa-ha ha ha ha ha haaa!


  13. 26
    Waiter says:

    Mr Tory trougher have this mint. It is waffer thin.


  14. 27
    Handycock says:

    I’m on the Council of Europe representing the UK despite my poorly health. I like to study in Europe.


  15. 30
    Anonymous says:


  16. 31
  17. 32
    Anonymous says:


  18. 34
    What a choice says:

    If there was a sudden sink hole there, would they be missed?


  19. 35
    Spot the Dog says:

    You could have a daily blog on the ridiculous and vain activities of MEP’s and still not get the public stirred on them. You would make a lot of enemies though, so I presume that Guido is only going to pick on soft targets.?


  20. 47
    Dont you hate the lot of them says:

    Vicky Ford.
    A noisy lightweight dick head who was the know as the gob when she was a councillor in Camnridgeshire .
    They would have heard her coming down the corridors of the hotel.


  21. 48
    Lets get rid of the loons says:

    Wow this sites hypocrisy never ceases to amaze.

    So when UKIP abuse tax payers money in 101 ways, not a word on this site.

    When Farage goes on a jolly to Malta, not a peep beyond a smutty teenage boy admiration for the fact Farage is a bit of an old lech.

    If any other leader had set foot in Malta the eve of an election, well we know how “outraged” Guido be.

    At least try to show some restraint to your UKIP fanboy attitude!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 55

      Farage went to Malta without the taxpayer paying a penny of the costs.


  22. 50
    madnumismatist says:

    why are the surnames all in CAPS? is that anything to do with the FREEMAN/ strawman stuff i keep hearing about?


  23. 52
    Morning Glory says:

    Euro MPs have meeting in Europe, spend accommodation allowance on Hotel and have dinner costing less than 20 pounds hardly sounds like a great story compared with lots of real abuses that go on! OK they did lay on a sexy cellist…

    Liked by 1 person

  24. 54
    harrythebastard says:

    That’s the whole point of the EU go to exotic places stuff your faces get pissed and shag the local whores then get the tax payers to pay for it. That’s what they have all been doing for years.
    I want to become an MEP


  25. 56
    a bystander says:

    I see some of them took their wives. Their mistresses must be livid!


  26. 59
    Expat Geordie says:

    The last time that I was in Dubrovnik it certainly didn’t look like that.

    Liked by 1 person

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