June 23rd, 2014

Former Miliband Insider Defects to the Government

In yesterday’s Sun on Sunday column Guido exclusively revealed that Ed Miliband’s former speechwriter Phil Taylor has sensationally defected to the government, becoming a political adviser to LibDem justice minister Simon Hughes. Taylor, who worked at the heart of Miliband’s leadership campaign in 2010, tells Guido he believes it would be “a disaster” if his old boss Ed wins a majority in 2015, because Labour’s economic policy is “nonsense”. Lifting the lid on the divisions at the top of the party, Taylor says Labour is still blighted by “Gordon Brown type leadership”, warning that “Miliband­-Balls is just as bad as the Blair-­Brown era, everything has to be agreed by both of them and signed off by both of them. Miliband is too weak to stand up for himself.” Taylor is an experienced Westminster operator having advised ministers in the last Labour government and serving in opposition as a spin­doctor for shadow cabinet minister Maria Eagle until earlier this year. He blames the Shadow Chancellor for Labour’s woes: “I fell out with Ed Balls because Labour’s economic policy is nonsense. I tried to push through policies on cuts but Balls blocked them.


Elsewhere, it’s a Code Red Save Ed situation in the rest of the weekend papers. The Sunday Times is particularly brutal, quoting one of Miliband’s inner circle, when asked what they would do if he became PM, as replying: “I’d get the hell out of there as fast as I could“. A Labour frontbencher twists the knife: “We communicate in a language most people neither speak nor understand“. Meanwhile in the Express a Labour MP reports “It is back to the Michael Foot era, if not worse, in terms of capability and the ability to lead” while in the Guardian a frontbencher warns “We are at the mercy of Brown people who lost it for us last time“. Labour spinners like John McTernan are insisting in a panglossian way that Miliband is the victim of “bullying” from his enemies in the press, despite the most damaging quotes coming from Labour insiders…


  1. 1
    Aye ! Aye ! says:

    NEW → UKIP’s ex-National Front councillor charged with drink driving after Nigel Farage fundraiser http://read.ps/Uz3QBZ

  2. 2
    Uncle Mac says:

    I see the Blair-Tory alliance continues to function.

  3. 3
    You only get the polititians you deserve says:

    Cameron:-Immigration, GP surgeries, A &E, Schools admission, Postal Votes, Crime, Terrorism, et al. Do something!

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    The thought of Labour taking control of the economy again is worse than a nightmare

  5. 5
  6. 6
    Marais Erasmus is the world's greatest umpire says:

    First TV indy ref debate odds:

    1/2 Salmond v
    6/4 Darling.
    (Settled on 1st YouGov debate poll)

  7. 7
    bergen says:

    I listened to McTernen being interviewed by Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News yesterday about this and he seemed utterly delusional. They must be betting the farm on saying as little as possible and scraping through on 35% on a split vote.

  8. 8
    Gosh says:

    Well, that’s UKIP totally fucked. Let’s vote Tory or Labour instead.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Do you mean the way the Government forced Unite to push through the election of the more stupid Brother ? yes real feckers arent they ? By the way what are you on ?

  10. 10
    Weak and weedy Dave, the EU's slave, says:

    Do something? I legalised bumsex marriage! Wasn’t that enough?

  11. 11
    Revelling in the joys of buttock sex says:

    Why no mention of buttock sex ?

  12. 12
    Open the doors, let them all in....the, shit all over a 95 year old. says:

    It’s something like this which with be the tipping point.

  13. 13
    Anonymous says:

    I am genuinely amazed at how Labour havent changed any of the shadow front bench, did they think they would all suddenly become acceptable or what ?

  14. 14
    Open the doors, let them all in....the, shit all over a 95 year old. says:

    …Will be….

  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    It will fix our net emigration issue :-) So many will just leave the country….

  16. 16
    Shooty* says:

    Why have you capitalised Brown people when referring to core demographic?

  17. 17
    Weak and weedy Dave, the EU's slave, says:

    I know I promised to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands and then let millions move here, including half a million last year, but if I win the next election I will really reduce immigration! Really really! I promise! I know I lied last time, but I’m telling the truth now! Honest!

  18. 18

    vote labour get migrants, vote UKIP get freedom

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Because most people of your age are at School at this time, plus this isnt pervs united.FFS get a bloody job.

  20. 20
    A Mystery of Life in Britain says:

    Why are there seemingly unlimited funds for placing bumps on roads and hardly any funds for filling holes in roads?

  21. 21
    Jim Halpern says:

    You politicians are all alike, always preferring the brown to the pink.

  22. 22
    Anonymous says:

    Who the feck cares ?

  23. 23
    Better alive than Dead says:

    The Tories have a tight line on Ed but they must make sure they don’t land him and keep him playing in the water.

  24. 24
    Isn't says:

    Why have you put a capital S on ‘school’?

  25. 25
    Neil Hamilton, UKIP spokesman says:

    UKIP are the new face of politics, with young candidates, not sorry old has beens.

  26. 26
    Steve Miliband says:

    I’m Owling with laughter

  27. 27
    Chuka says:

    That is a digital magazine, people who vote UKIP won’t know how to see it.

  28. 28
    Queston for Chuka says:

    If Labour voters are so internet savvy why do Labour activists fill in and collect their postal votes?

  29. 29
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    The one thing that Labour do know is that 99.99% of Labour voters are mongs who would vote for a donkey if it had a red rosette stuck on it. Never underestimate just how stupid Labour voters are.

    Just read one of Jimmy’s posts and you’ll soon understand just how dumb leftards are.

  30. 30
    Old Nick Heavenly says:

    Hi there Ralph!

    Bel Gi um

    Bel Gi um

    Bel Gi um

  31. 31
    Mornington Crescent says:

    How on earth did that get through the m0db0t?? :-)

  32. 32
    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    Anybody from Haverstock Comprehensive must be a winner – keep out these Etonians

  33. 33
    Red Dinosaur says:

    Michael Foot was a leg-end.

  34. 34
    Tower Hamlets resident says:

    Many many votes, I can vote hundreds of times for my labour friends

  35. 35
    The truth may out one of these days says:

    Do keep up! Any posting denigrating UKIP is waved through on the nod.

  36. 36
    David Axlegrease says:

    Phew, just managed to stop Red Ed from going outside wearing Michael Foot’s donkey jacket

  37. 37
    Wood Chucky says:

    I’m on the train. WTF did you think I was on?

  38. 38
    Really? says:

  39. 39
    Jiminy says:

    That’s a noodle scratcher. Near me the council has spent money refurbing the bumps and left the road full of pot holes.

  40. 40
    Winston says:

    You cannot defect when you are part of the same side: LibLabCon. There’s a constant merry-go-round between the 3 old parties, as Tory boy Guido knows.

  41. 41
    Socialism is theft says:

    The same is also true of Tory voters and blue rosettes.

  42. 42
    Jiminy says:

    That is true.

  43. 43
    We're ALRIGHT! says:

  44. 44
    Ed Balls says:

    I’m got some old batteries you can have, free of charge.

  45. 45
    Persona Non Grata says:

    What odds can I get on recent arrival being in charge of the surgery. And that the 1500 removals are all British?

  46. 46
    UKIP Honkey says:

    Is it coz I’ze white?

  47. 47
    Socialism is theft says:

    Another bloody good reason not have mass immigration then.

    And what must the health service be like in all those countries deprived of all those nurses/doctors? Does she care? Does she fuck.

  48. 48
    Wood Chucky says:

    Some fukkin jobsworth at that clinic needs her P45 today. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

    Surely if the bloody clinic was full they should have refused any further registrations months ago when they first noticed it.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid…

  49. 49
    A Rat says:

    Squeeeek! Scuttle scuttle scuttle!

  50. 50
    Wood Chucky says:

    Silly boy. Stop wasting your electricity – it costs a fortune these days.

  51. 51
    Eeyore says:

    Please, I ran a vigorous campaign on the theme of free carrots for all. Polling was strong with a good turnout. One Nation vegcraft.

    Ed believes in pre-distribution of carrots and job guarantees for wildlife. He has already employed a few owls on zero- flight contracts.

    Laxk of the internet really holds the donkey community back -Ed has promised real help to get us connected and a Minister for Donkeys will be appointed when he gallops to power next year. I bray he wins.

  52. 52
    The Medical slave trade says:

    Tis an odd one. Here logical response should be that the whites have taken away all the black doctors and nurses from their own countries.

  53. 53
    Socialism is theft says:

    Why did so many people not vote UKIP before most people had PC’s then, smart-arse?

  54. 54
    Persona Non Grata says:

    The NHS was a better, cleaner, safer entity well before the likes of Abbott, filled it to the brim with unqualified immigrants. I know because I worked in it.

  55. 55
    Inquisitor says:

    Was there any follow up to that car load of Towering Hambones pre-completed voting slips which Mr Plod confiscated yesterday?

  56. 56
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Not quite. I was a Tory my whole life but have switched to Ukip.

  57. 57
    The Lone Ranger says:

    The idea that immigrants prop up the NHS is loved by Labour, liberals and the BBC It is misleading at best. The arrival of immigrants increases demand for all services – including the NHS. There would be a better chance of meeting a smaller number of service-demands than a larger number. Conclusion: it would be better if the population were smaller i.e. reduce, or stop all immigration.

  58. 58
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    My whole life up to the last local and Eu elections.

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    The NHS medical team around my dying father did not have English as a first language or even third. It was a disgrace that he should die not even able to converse with the medics.

  60. 60
    WTF are we going to do about this thick coloured Hippo? says:

    If Bliar and Mandypandy had not imported 4 million f**** unwanted foreigners the NHS would be working perfectly, adequately managing the load for which it had been designed and funded.

  61. 61
    Where's my fuckin owl says:

    If Libeur Mps have better things to do then they would resign now for family reasons and start coining it.

    The truth is they want to stay on the gravy train for as long as possible.

    One of the hidden benefits of fixed term Parliaments no doubt.

  62. 62
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    You will recall that it was the last Labour govt that about 5-6 years ago declared a surplus of medics and told the whole newly qualified cadre that their services were not needed. So they said ok mate and promptly fucked off to Oz, NZ and Canada where they were all welcomed with open arms.

    When is Blair and his gang of traitors going to be strung up on the nearest lamp posts?

  63. 63
    Little Ed's Words of Wisdom #2 says:

    Capitalism is about the survival of the fittest. Socialism is about the survival of the unfittest.

  64. 64
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Slow down George. A spot of punctuation would help us discern what it is you are trying to convey.

  65. 65
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    … or indeed, the survival of the fattest – on both sides of the aisle. Di and Eric would approve.

  66. 66
    UKIP Voters are Thick...Chuka says:

  67. 67
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Not quite true. I seem to recall that the Hippo was demoted from the front to back bench status not long ago. Still as you say, one owl does not a summer make.

  68. 68
    Matchtatsic says:

    The England team visited an orphanage in Brazil today. “It’s heartbreaking to see their sad little faces with no hope” said Jose, aged 6

  69. 69
    Victoria Nuland & Ann Applebaum says:

    Send ‘em all back to Talinn.

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Because they serve the same purpose of discouraging drivers which is policy.

    Near here there is a village which has the full set of humps and bollards, but all the signposting directs drivers through it despite the fact that there is a perfectly good alternative road which doesn’t go through the village at all.

  71. 71
    Jezza says:

    Stupid, stupid bitch

  72. 72
    Anonymous says:

    You misspelled “bell”.

  73. 73
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    If Ukip voters are thick what does that make the people of Streatham?

    They must be very, very, very, very thick to vote for a twat like Chukkles.

  74. 74


    This is aaaaawwwwfffuuullll!

    Ed Miliband is a victim!

    We must not allow our prejudice to stand in the way!

    He needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vote UKIP :-D

  75. 75
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Oh oh! Whoever took that pic is in deep shit for failing to show Chucky’s latest watch in it.

  76. 76
    R. Acist says:

    “the Guardian a frontbencher warns “We are at the mercy of Brown people who lost it for us last time“

    yeah well you let them all come here in the first place!

    oh you mean Gordon’s people – same difference

  77. 77
    Anon. says:

  78. 78
    Abolish the licence fee says:

    ““If you pursue this you will never work for the BBC again.”” http://dailym.ai/1mbTdPH via @MailOnline

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Suspect it will be quietly swept under the carpet. For some reason very few politicians want the voting process to be put under close scrutiny. Now why could that be?

  80. 80
    Chuk out some smug says:

    I think you’ll find, nobody quite chucks out smugness and arrogance like me

  81. 81
    White Dee says:

    oi what’s your beef with fat people??? actually hold that thought, the dole office opens in ten minutes and lidl is doing 2 for 1 on donuts

  82. 82
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Councils of every stripe find hundreds of ways of wasting their money (our money really). That is of course of what remains once the pension pots and holiday allowances have been front end loaded.

  83. 83
    Ah! Bastards says:

    Obama bungs Egypt $Millions yesterday
    Al Jazeera Journalists Jailed For Seven Years ( Sky News )

  84. 84
    Cardinal Biggles says:

    Very true – witness the way Buckingham vote loyally for the homunculus Bercow, who still flies under the “Conservative” (don’t laugh) banner.

    @T Y-Y. Like you, I used to vote Conservative but ceased after Major forced through the Maastricht treaty vote. Since then it has always been any party promising to get out of the EC/EU – firstly Sir Jammy Goldshitty’s Referendum party and whenever available UKIP. Failing that it is NOTA.

    I would implore to to vote UKIP, but I see you already are, good man. :D

  85. 85
    Woy says:

    Nonsense! We will slaughter Costa Coffee 1-1.

  86. 86
    Optional says:

    Not always true, I was a Labour voter, then I grew up.

  87. 87
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    Suggest we all email Chucky asking him to make a fuss about the dozy common purpose quango woman in charge at the Electoral Commission and demanding her immediate dismissal – with no pension or other pay off perks.

  88. 88
    nell says:

    LOL! One does rather feel for his pain. Losing the next election could be the best thing to happen to him , at least it would set him free and he could look to a happier life in another career whilst he is still young enough!!

  89. 89
    nell says:

    I heard that that speech he was due to give last week was trailed as being the most important speech of his political life. Whatever happened to it? I don’t even know what he spoke about other than offering us all free owls – and I’m still waiting for mine.

  90. 90

    Save Dave Cameron
    ……………..KEEP ED MILIBAND.

  91. 91

    Ed is actually older than his father, Ralph, who would have been 90 in January, had he lived.

    That is socialism in a nutshell for you. Impossible.

    Vote UKIP :-D

  92. 92
    jgm2 says:

    An incoherent fuckwit given the free rein enjoyed by all Labour politicians on the Andrew Marr show.

  93. 93
    What's on the telly mum? says:

    That’ll learn them to indulge in honest unbiased reporting for a change (pour encourager les autres).

    High time some of these self important pricks were taken down a peg or two. Not sure who the h*ll they think they are. Can the Gyppos now please look at the BBC and CNN correspondents who all seem to think they are God’s gift to journalism.

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    This must not be forgotten.

  95. 95
    Suzie says:

    I live in a north east pit village and yes, they would vote a dead duck in if it was standing for Labour. Oh our MP is Helen Goodman, she doesn’t even know which Ingleton is in her constituency, says it all really!

  96. 96
    One of Alan Johnson's former colleagues ruptured my owl says:

    The postie rammed mine though the letterbox, severely injuring it. Had the to put the poor thing out of its misery. Someone should do the same for Ed really.

  97. 97
    Village Idiot says:

    ……I would vote for a donkey if it had a purple and gold rosette on!

  98. 98
    Village Idiot says:

    …Is it foreigners who have been put in responsible positions’, and, are now Lording it over the whitey, as is happening throughout our country that has been invaded and infiltrated at every level, making the indigenous 2nd class, unwanted subjects in their own country?…..or am I being paranoid?

  99. 99
    webh2014 says:

    True, but at least Ed might have mastered the bacon sandwich by the time he’s ruined the economy. Funny advice on randomsfromnat.com for Ed

  100. 100
    peterthepainter says:

    Just broken ankle whilst in Denmark. There was only 1 person that did not speak very good English that I met whilst in hospital – compare and contrast with NHS.

  101. 101
    They can't say that, can they? says:

    “in the Guardian a frontbencher warns “We are at the mercy of Brown people …”

  102. 102
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    This is the other thing that is so tragic about labour voters. They seem blissfully happy to have people represent them even if they represent nothing that approaches the values of the Labour Party.

    This is why shitholes that have always voted labour continue to remain shitholes.

    Just look at that utterly vain twat chuckkles or his equally twattish ex bird she-hulk. How on earth could anyone who claims to be working class think that these cnuts have any interest in anyone other than themselves?

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    Not to mention also the NHS had hospitals IT owned. Now most of those hospitals (all lovely looking buildings) belong to private companies who cane the pants off patients and visitors for anything from parking to listening to the radio or watching TV. That’s on top of the rent being received from the NHS.

    As for cleanliness – cheap subcontracted labour = poor cleanliness. No wonder you go into hospital with a minor ailment and are lucky to come out without an infection particularly if you are old.

    Yeah good old Labour spent a lot of money on the NHS. All in the wrong places.

  104. 104

    …or indeed from oreventing oeopke from dying when entering hospital for a “procedure” or leaving it too soon thereafter ??

  105. 105



  106. 106

    Personally i like a bit of pink .

    I don t go for the brown at all .

    Mummy always told me that brown was ” dirty” !!!

  107. 107

    I would give my blank postal l vote form to any one deranged fanatic or otherwise if he gave me £100,000……..

  108. 108
    gildedtumbril says:

    Deadhead millipede employed a speechwriter? Wow!
    Who the hell would want to employ such?

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Mind altering substances, judging by your inane comment.

  110. 110
    Colin Shepherd says:

    Tim Yeo-Yo says:
    June 23, 2014 at 10:02 am

    >The one thing that Labour do know is that 99.99% of Labour voters are mongs >who would vote for a donkey if it had a red rosette stuck on it. Never >underestimate just how stupid Labour voters are.

    When I lived in Thurrock in the late 70s this is what everyone always said. Now they’ve got a Tory MP so all is not lost.

  111. 111
    harrythebastard says:

    you have to be a fuckwit to be part of Eds cabinet

  112. 112
  113. 113
  114. 114
  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Back when he was Phil Jones, he was a Lib Dem, so he’s returning where he came from.

  116. 116
    Voice of reason says:

    Chukka is a pompous,over educated ,tailors dummy. A fevered EGO the best example of a Champagne Socialist.could you imagine going for a pint with him .no me neither

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