June 22nd, 2014

Read Guido’s Column in the Sun on Sunday Online

In today’s Sun on Sunday column Guido exclusively reveals that Ed Miliband’s former speechwriter has defected to the government to work for LibDem justice minister Simon Hughes. Pick up your copy of the Sun on Sunday to read Phil Taylor’s damning assessment of Miliband, including his warning that it would be “a disaster” if Labour wins a majority. Don’t miss out on:

  • Tired out after losing to UKIP, Tory MEPs take all expenses paid luxury break by the Adriatic
  • As Downing Street aides put away their flags and flip flops one minister still has to go to Brazil
  • Salmond might not enjoy the PM’s visit to the site of the Battle of Bannockburn where the Scots thumped the English
  • Rik Mayall’s politics were more B’stard than the Young Ones

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  1. 1
    Hard Man Dave says:

    Europe? Sorted!


    • 5
      The Lost Chord says:

      BBC Radio 4 and the N word.

      It was an hour long program that finally answered a question that I had long puzzled about.

      Why did the establishment react so violently to Enoch Powell, when he was only speaking the truth ?

      The answer is, is that the educated elite believed that he had let them down. He was one of their own and had no business telling the uneducated masses the truth about the dangers of mass immigration being stored up. They the elite could deal with it in an educated way while the plebs would not.

      And of Course because Powell was an intelligent and educated person the elite feared (rightly) that his words would hold more sway.


      • 12
        Diane Abbott says:







        • 40
          Orwell that ends well says:

          Strength through diversity.
          Freedom is slavery.


          • Sef says:

            George Orwell went off and fought in the Spanish Civil war. He didn’t come back radicalised.


          • Orwell that ends well says:

            Sef – you are clueless :-)


          • Colonel Mustard says:

            Why do we assume that young Muslims are so much more likely to become radicalised after going to fight what they see as inhumanity and injustice that were young socialists in the 1930s?

            Or is it that they are radicalised (with dreams of bloody revolution) before they go? – perhaps because MI5 is not as good at inflitrating hardline groups as it was with the Communists before WW2.


      • 16
        Gay Dave says:

        Stevie G needs to remain England’s leader. He makes me look effing brilliant.


      • 19
        SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

        Enoch Powell was merely stating the obvious , that is why he was hated !


      • 35
        The Lone Ranger says:

        I thought the N-word was NUCLEAR.


      • 66
        tabblenabble03 says:

        The reason why successive governments encouraged third world fast breeders into the country was to obviously boost the population. Liberal democracy has the effect of reducing TFRs hence causing shrinkage of populations (TFRs in countries such as Italy and Japan are well below the minimum replacement level of 2.1). This is not good for tax takes or big business. This coupled with an aging population and rising pension and healthcare costs places a much larger burden on the shrinking work-force.

        Another factor for targeting immigrants from third world countries was because of their lower than mean UK average IQ. It is an idisputable point that populations with a lower IQ correlates highly with higher TFRs/birth rates. It is a function of the less intelligent being able to delay personal gratification.

        Those with low cognitive ability are also more prone to open bank accounts i.e. take on loans (except M’uslims?) and consume more with less discrimination. Discrimination is a measure of intelligence.

        The peddlers of equalitarianism are libertarian anarchists who worship the god that mammon at the detriment to social well being.


        • 85
          Rab C Nesbitt says:

          “…being [un]able to delay personal gratification.” That’s me!

          “…more prone to open bank accounts…” I’ve done that!

          “…consume more with less discrimination.” Me again!

          Idisputably I’m stupid!

          Did ye hear that, Mary?

          Oh Rab, I’m that pleased for ye!


        • 86
          Mine d'Boggles says:

          Wasn’t it a bit simpler than this? Newly-nationalised British Rail was unable to recruit station staff (used to be known as porters) and other labouring jobs. The Empire Windrush was the answer.

          At the time, the idea of increasing pay to incentivise employees was not known, or fell on deaf ears.

          It all rolled on from there.


          • Buzz Frazer says:

            I’d never even heard of The Windrush until last year when it suddenly became something we all should know of.


          • ... a thing of rags and patches... says:

            One or two boatloads we could have coped with, but who invited the whole fucking fleet?


          • Socialism is theft says:

            Even so it must be acknowledged, if one is to be even remotely honest, that it was the Tories not Labour, who did most to increase immigrant numbers for much of the second half of the 20th Century.

            And the reason for that was to keep low skilled wages down, so the less intelligent plebs knew their right place in society.


          • Anonymous says:

            I wonder if any of the Tory scum mill owners responsible for importing muslims in the 50s and 60s , would give a shit about the long term damage to the country of their actions?

            Probably not, is the sad truth.

            When the interests of the money worshipping right and the anti-white left coincide, ordinary native Britons had better starting worrying.


          • Anonymous says:

            Decent Pub near Witney, Ox. I seem to remember.


          • Anonymous says:

            Not important who invited them in, who let them stay when the Mills closed ? Germany seemed to have the right idea with the Turkish immigrant labour. Didn’t they send them home?


    • 7
      Diane Abbott says:



      • 123
        ... a thing of rags and patches... says:

        We all agree 100% – we are all dyed in the wool racists and we freely acknowledge the fact. Now, does that make you happy? Kindly fuck off back to your kindergarten.


    • 8
      Gay Dave says:

      Come on Andy! Leave the closet!


    • 105
      Thick Northerner says:


  2. 2
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Just what the Tories need – Milliband’s speech writer !


    • 11
      Where is our Referendum? says:

      Polish bloke invited by the BBC to appear with Marr and tell Britain how to run itself.


      • 52
        a Con says:

        Sky have just shown the same interview but it was given to their Beeboid Murnaghan. He and Marr must have sat together and voiced over the questions afterwards.


      • 60


        They won the Battle of Britain for us .

        And now their keeping Bazalgette s sewerage and Crapper s plumbing systems from falling apart !!


      • 71
        Mr Nobody says:

        Britain is actually making a decent job of running itself at present, far better than mainland Europe, most likely because the socialists were kicked out in 2010. As for asking a Pole how to run Britain – if Poland had made a better job of running itself they wouldn’t have migrated over here in their millions, would they now?


        • 108
          1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 says:



        • 120
          non taxable pikey says:

          Similarly with Romanians. I would not have taken 37 years to put a bullet into Ceaușescu’s head. Come to think of it not his head, better to gut shoot the bastard.


        • 236
          The Growler says:

          Yes but the UK went into a deep recession at least 2 years before mainlandd Europe, they weree laughing at us but they soon found out they had banksters of their own who had large operations in London and New York, no regulation


  3. 3

    Will anybody notice or even care ?


  4. 4
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    Watch it, Cleggy, Slyman Huge is on manoeuvres !


  5. 6
    The British media are cunts says:

    So I’ve just seen Liam Fox on the BBC demanding more state powers to combat the ‘extremist threat’

    Hmm.I wonder if those powers might include preventing reporting of MP’s who have dodgy male friends by chance? or the covering up of MP’s expenses?

    The political elite simply want more powers to attack the white majority if they really wanted to protect us from Muslims terrorism they’d just deport them all.

    Funny, that they can stop white English males from going to Brazil, but it appears not Muslim males to Syria or Iraq.


  6. 13
    Peter Tapsell says:

    Police drawing no conclusions.

    A cartoonist found dead at his home this morning.

    At the moment details are sketchy.


  7. 15
    Step up,down backwards or sideways says:

    Leaving Miliband I can understand but to go work for Simon Hughes?


  8. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Or is he just working with Hughes on the bones of a Lab/Lib coalition?


    • 34
      Simon Hughes says:

      I’ll bring my bone who in the Labour party is willing to bring theirs?
      Together we will form a great union…after we might even discuss forming a coalition.


  9. 18
    The Growler says:

    That one in the middle looks like a younger Simon Hughes, are they somehow related


  10. 22
    ED MILIMONG says:





  11. 24
    Larry Robertson says:

    The one in the middle is a robot. USR will sue for copyright infringement.


  12. 25

    The first recorded case of a rat joining a sinking ship?


    • 33
      Captain Pugwash says:

      Very good! But the LimpDims are not so much ‘sinking’ as ‘two and a half miles down and covered in barnacles’.


    • 89

      Replied to you yesterday – Rousseau.

      NB: On O’bama not trying to defend him / make partisan points etc. But it is worth reflecting on where expectations and assumptions about certain things have been set or originated, and if they are not accurate – why.

      Aspects of responsibility surrounding !raq / Syr!a / !ran speak directly to that point.

      Many of the criticisms raised outside the US are really partisan in nature. Irrational in many respects, but as devices for undermining authority and humiliating quite effective. A key objective of R’uss!a at present is humiliation of the West.

      UK is also subject to EU propaganda / pressure as well.

      Note the three key propaganda messages which pan-Europa use to advance their agenda for federalization:

      i) A non United States of Europe will not be economically successful, and will descend into total war.

      ii) Russ!a is an existential hostile military threat which only a United Europe can counter.

      iii) Pan-America seeks to enslave weak European’s as means of production for its own industries.

      A broad overview of what has been going on there:

      Def. check the links on the uTube page – the European Movement is worth looking at.

      This blog post – particularly the links – worth a read also:


      The key point is the involvement of R’uss!a – particularly in W’ikileaks / S’nowden – and in forming certain narratives: SVR seems to have sat in between NSA-GCHQ / BND for example attempting to divide – But BND etc. are outside the core loop, but very much inside the pan-Europa one.

      Europe has not quite managed to justify setting up its own security agency to compete with NSA / GCHQ, but is chewing through the more public intel tools such as G’oogle and F’acebook. That appears to be more for revisionist purpose than to act in the interests of Europeans.

      It is unclear if TTIP deal has been improved. IMHO, the pan-Europa lobby wants a bum-deal there in order to manufacture credibility for propaganda point 3 – above which advances their cause.

      To make credible point 2, the push into R’uss!a’s geopolitical back yard – especially U’kraine – must have been done for hostile reasons as R’uss!a has claimed. However, that R’uss!a were ready and waiting is kind of glossed over and should not be ignored. R’uss!a has a stronger geopolitical reason for wanting U’kraine in the R-Fed / EEU than EU does for U’kraine being in its Union. Hence what is happening right now.

      Final intrigue: If you read about the outing of UK’s Oman SEEB surveillance base – recall also this interesting article involving back-room deals involving !ran last year:


      !ran is of key strategic interest for R’ussia, US and EU at present. When the card is played the balloon will go up.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 173

        Thanks for your responses on previous page, above and below. I have read all but not had time to follow up the links as the sea is my pleasant environment for today and the sun is actually shining, so need to make hay, if only proverbially. Will come back with considered view later, possibly even tomorrow.


        • 194

          Worth taking time – and to def. read through the links linked to in those posted above.

          The active measures stuff is convoluted and despite being attributed to R’uss!a predominantly (they are undeniable masters of the craft though…) the techniques are employed by all sides.

          Keeping an eye on rational final objectives and understanding that the strategy typically uses at least three double-cross steps to get the desired outcome helps. The objectives themselves are obvious but obfuscated.

          To adjust the frame – seeing precisely how this infamous question of S’nowden handed a propaganda victory lock stock and barrel to P’utin is instructive:

          He apparently did not ask that question with K’remlin prompting, and it was painted as S’nowden’s shark jump.

          Could be a mistake, but given that in the game he is playing ‘mistakes’ are usually calculated strategy, there are many other credible reasons. His R’ussian visa is due up soon – will be interesting to see if they renew.

          Vote UKIP :-D


        • 197
          Blowhard watch says:

          You really are a pompous arsehole.


          • Riiight. Let’s get this clear.

            Someone takes the time and care to respond to your post and responds with three lengthy and detailed pieces, carefully crafted and informative, complete with multiple links.

            In reply, one says that one will read them carefully, study the responses and come back with a considered view at a later time. One does this because one holds the interlocutor in high esteem, not necessarily because one agrees with him all the time but because you respect his argument.

            That, in your world, makes one a pompous arsehole. What a mentally impoverished world you must live in.


        • 243
          The Growler says:

          Are you the duty ship’s cat today puss? Still it is better than stuffed a shoe box.


    • 130
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …or, indeed, a sinking shit.


    • 134

      You may want to compare what I wrote above on Europe ( – sounds a bit Tinfoil eh ? – :-) ) – with the analysis in this article:


      The article discusses in part the active measures strategy which P’utin has and still is deploying against G’ermany / EU.

      Suspect his focus now has shifted more to F’rance as splitting the original F’ranco-G’erman Union set up under the ECSC would satisfy his geopolitical needs of neutralizing EU competition to his EEU. He has been broadly successful in G’ermany if only in confounding the political lead of M’erkel which will impede G’ermany’s pursuit of national objectives a little.

      Note that an already receptive audience, such as one which has a preference for pushing propaganda as indicated above, makes the active measures more effective and easier to deploy: His enemy will do a lot of the leg work for him, and be more receptive. Sun Tzu redux.

      This will further explain Cameron’s reckless approach in objecting to Juncker.

      However, those in Europe should have figured this out now, and their priority is preservation and strengthening of the Union. Recall my point the other day about a possible mid-term switch to Schulz.

      Unlike Nixon, Cameron’s ‘crazy man’ approach has damaged his own credibility which is testament to the reality that not all can pull off that approach.

      Vote UKIP :-D


    • 228
      Seeing the light says:

      Not the first. In the last Parliament some prissy MP crossed the floor remarking to all and sundry that he would be much better off there – and his new party were beaten at the subsequent GE. Can’t recall his name, but I think it was Quentin or something similar.


  13. 26
    IDF says:

    UK Nazi from SS unit that killed hundreds lives in Lancashire cul-de-sac http://dailym.ai/TikvZs


    • 44

      He was probably a conscripted teenager ,the real bastards would by now be long dead. Strange how no communists have ever been hunted down to answer for their own brand of atrocities which were on a par with anything the Nazis were capable of, and got away with it for far longer .


      • 112
        +1000 says:



      • 125
        non taxable pikey says:

        Katyn springs to mind immediately.


        • 156
          rick says:

          It was established at Nuremberg that only the Germans and Japanese committed war crimes. The victors were pure as snow. Not a single crime recorded against the other participants. The thousands of children fried in Nagasaki/Hiroshima probably had it coming – ask our Tone about Iraq – he’ll tell you.


        • 286
          Loosing It says:

          No Katyn-the one in Poland, where hundreds of Polish officers were shot was ordered by Stalin not the Schutzstaffel. This was confirmed by post-Soviet inspection of hitherto secret Russian files. It could also have been made earlier by examining the cartridge cases left in the ground but it was politically better to blame the SS.


      • 166
        Z# says:

        That’s because the commies were largely of the cosen one’s origin. They killed far more in the holodo mor than allegedly died in the holo caust


      • 210

        In 1945 he was in UK Rimini camp: That was 69 years ago.

        His current age is quoted as being 88.

        He would have been at age 19 when in Rimini, and younger when in P’oland. So he was definitely a conscripted teenager when in service.

        His story may be confirmed by other records yet to be uncovered.

        If he has inclination to provide an affidavit accounting his war time experiences that would be of value to the historical record. There are not many first hand witnesses of that conflict left now – all eyewitness / first hand accounts are of value.

        Vote UKIP :-D


    • 45
      Lanacashire Neighbour says:

      He was such a quite man,spent most of his time polishing his tank.
      When I had a problem with Moles he even offered to gas them for me.


      • 82

        Yeah ” British naturalisation certificate says he was a miner
        from Accrington ..” —- via the Gestapo.

        I l bet the CPS will refuse to bring to trial because
        – all too long ago

        — difficult to disprove oncoming dementia

        –whole thing will cost too much money

        — public interest will not be served

        — -all basically too much trouble and gets in the way of
        watching Wimbledon Fortnight .

        There . Sorted .


        • 251
          The Growler says:

          Most likely, unless the promised ones demand with threats and Dave and his chums will just rubber stamp the extradition, they cann’t be bothered either


    • 49
      A liberal and self-righteous person says:

      Let’s go hit on the old man. He speaks ungrammatical English with a strong Ukrainian accent and lives alone in a Council House – he’s a push over.


      • 77
        Genghiz the kahn says:

        How many Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death by Stalin, how many others were sent to the labour camps, how many were shot by the NKVD? It would be difficult not to take up arms against the Soviets when the opportunity arose.

        When the Nazis attacked the USSR, they were greeted as liberators in some areas of Central Europe, which might suggest that all was not well with the great Soviet system. It was hated so much that even the Nazis could rely on support from oppressed peoples in 1941.

        Thankfully few of us have had to face up to the realities of rule by Stalin and Hitler.


        • 83

          still no reason to continue living peacefully in a council house in Lancashire immune from all past crimes though is it .

          Do atrocities have a Statute of Limitations ?


          • SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

            As I mentioned earlier he was probably a teenage conscript ,probably one who saw his countrymen starved to death by the soviet SOCIALISTS .
            The communist butchers seem to have a statute of limitations working in their favour, as none of them have been called to account.


          • Anonymous says:

            You are assuming he’s guilty. He’s not been even charged with anything.


          • Cinna says:

            Tony B*lair seems to be getting away with a lot worse. We know what he did, it was all over the TV. As I understand it there is no case (as yet) against this guy, other than he was a sometime member of an SS unit.


        • 126
          non taxable pikey says:

          An awful lot of people escaped to Germany and then into DP camps in 1944 from the Baltic states due to the imminent arrival of Stalin’s NKVD killers.


        • 252
          The Growler says:

          Strangely enough the Germans had a Muzzie regiment, not many people know than


    • 218
      Yorkie says:

      Lancashire as a whole is a cul-de-sac.


      • 253
        The Growler says:

        A who is the the Chancellor of Lancaster, it could be Dave Boy, the Chancellor of a cul-de-sac


  14. 30
    Anonymous says:

    A very queer move and no mistake.


  15. 46
    Enoch says:

    …The reason their is an Islamic problem in this country is because the educated elites allowed, welcomed muslims to settle here and build mosques, in pursuit of multiculturistic utopia!
    They, once again, have created a problem and they do not know how to deal with it…..They are preparing us for returning jihaddiis to cause mayhem, in our country..Had we not sown the seeds, we would not need to reap the whirlwind that they are predicting!
    Cressida Dick is wrong to say Syria is the reason for a generation of Islamic threats in this country, the educated elite of the past are responsible for their settlement of muslims in this country, that are the problem!


    • 51

      If you consider Blair ,Brown ,and Mandelson to be either educated or elite then may god help you!


      • 64
        Diane Abbott says:





        • 88


          Thank you ms Abbot .. I trust we can also count on your undiluted support once the public start t criticising our operatic prowess and the Neronian practice of violin playing while our capital city burns ..


        • 198
          British Labour Broadcasting Corporation says:

          Brown is the reason this country has sunk so low with most of our customs destroyed.


    • 54
      Red Ken Lyingscum says:

      Celebrate the rich multicultural diversity !!


    • 67
      Diane Abbott says:





      • 94

        Yeh well done Ken ..what about the suicide bombers and the machete wielding bodycutters on London s streets .

        Are they imbued with the virtue of Love for All , Hatred for None ?

        BTW –tell your shirt tailor to do something about your sleeve length.


        • 258
          The Growler says:

          I thought they were supposed to be roughy-toughy guys in Londonistan all those gangsters and things, easily accessable guns, folks disappear, string up those that offend them under bridges


    • 169
      Z# says:

      They also allow ZI oLoons here whose religion makes them loyal to a despot foreign colony above all else.


  16. 47
    The Flying nurse says:

    Good on Prince William for becoming an Air ambulance pilot.

    But what is stopping nay do wells staging an accident and hi-jacking the the Royal Chopper?


  17. 56


    Failure confirmed to complete requisite number of press ups and to complete run within stated time limit

    methinks perchance not unconnected with current menu options burgers , pizza, cheesecake and profiterokes — as confirmed today by MOD !!!!

    Give em a tin of mash and bully beef !!!

    That s s what won the two world wars
    Ohhh … and a bit if roughage like Processed cabbage and swedes !!!


    • 63
      An Old Chestnut re-visited says:

      It’s not new. I remember the same happening in the late 70s and as a we all had to pass an anual fitness test. But it wasn’t quite the problem made out in the press. Essentially those considered unfit were the desk jockeys and SNCOs which came as no surprise but it didn’t stop the press making a meal of it.


    • 99
      No wonder their unfit says:

      In the Navy 30% of the personnel are rear Admirals.


    • 127
      non taxable pikey says:

      We get them at the local gym all the time. Kids who want to join the Armed Services but cannot achieve even the basic level of fitness required. Frightening.


    • 288
      Loosing It says:

      Tinned lettuce perhaps?


  18. 57
    Strange folk them Bermondsey boys says:

    Not a bad move when you consider working for Hughes would be a job for life.
    For some reason the people of Bermondsey keep voting LibDem whatever the weather.


  19. 61
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps he hailed a late night cab and got a tip from the driver.


    • 73
      BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

      I was worried when I hailed a cab in Bermondsey it would be Simon Hughes driving it much to my relief when I opened the door there was a knife wielding rapist at the wheel.


  20. 65
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    ONLY 66% of LibDems would vote to remain a member of the European Union ? Where have I gone wrong ? Why is that figure so low ?


  21. 68
    Boot out the Conservative led coalition in 2015 says:

    The Tory wrecking continues : our public safety at risk as Probation Service split up – and now new IT systems fail http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/probation-service-in-chaos-as-systems-wipe-offenders-data-9554444.html


    • 75
      Mr Nobody says:

      If you’re so fond of socialism, go and live in Hollande’s France. Good luck finding a job.


    • 151
      Socialism is theft says:

      Surely this is just normal public sector competence levels? And which party loves the public sector more than the others?


  22. 74
    ahmonika says:

    MP says he will name living politician who is ‘involved in child abuse’
    EXCLUSIVESimon Danczuk: ‘If asked any question, I will feel obliged to answer that question’ ( IoS )



    • 96
      Kitty says:

      Notice how how profile “celebs”, also alleged to have visited Elm Guest House, have been allowed to move abroad, move all their assets abroad and take up foreign citizenship abroad as well.

      The political establishment have so far been protected from public scrutiny.

      Establishment cover up is the name of the game.


    • 140
      Rochdale voter says:

      Has he stopped taking the medication now?


  23. 80
    White rabbit says:

    Just what Britain wants .. Simon Hughes re-energised and ready for
    the BBC’s call. Simon Hughes, Keith Vaz, John Prescott, Diane Abbott. What great crime did Britain commit to deserve such as these. That’s it..I’m going to strangle myself.


    • 93
      White rabbit says:

      I forgot Rachel Reeves


      • 102
        Honk says:

        Forgot Rachel Reeves?
        Easily done.


        • 205
          I didn't believe an elected MP could be so very thick says:

          Having watched Ms reeves on the Politics Show today, I despair at the standard of intelligence that seemed to be on display.
          The woman’s abilities would be stretched in having to refill the shelves of laxatives at Tesco.


    • 201
      Diane Abbott says:

      WHITE RABBIT?????




  24. 84
    Cinna says:

    New Islamic bonds could raise £200m for Treasury in first issue ever by Western country
    Sharia forbids Muslims earning or paying interest
    Officials from the Treasury and Britain’s Debt Management Office toured Islamic cities last week
    Bonds – properly know as Sukuk – could be sold to Islamic investors
    Key date for launch is before Ramadan begins on June 29
    George Osborne wants Britain to be hub for Islamic and Chinese finance



    • 90
      Wankers says:

      My savings aren’t earning any interest so British Banks have already embraced that Sharia Idea by the fucking look of it.


    • 91
      Back to the futures says:

      Islamic Bonds ? Osborne should be clapped in irons. (He’d probably enjoy that.)


      • 261
        The Growler says:

        Yup, it’s that public school sort of thing they a fortune out to whipped by a dominatrix


    • 147
      Acting Lord High Executioner says:

      Not earning interest – that’s what it says in the book, but just about every muzzy country has some sort of account for muzzys which pays decent annual interest/dividends/commissions etc. Hypocritical bastards all of them.


    • 276
      Allah says:

      “The money raised will be repayable in five years. But instead of interest, bond-buyers will earn rental income from three Government office”

      FFS! Why didn’t that fucking peedo idiot Mohammed make provision to avoid this loophole?


      • 283
        Anonymous says:

        Yeah, because if you really believe in a god, he’s going to be so impressed when you stand in front of him for judgment, that you managed to find a loophole to get round the precise wording of his commands. Good luck with that.


        • 290
          Too Old To Get It Up says:

          If he is the God of the Israelites he will indeed. “Good thinking my son-you are a diamond geezer!


  25. 87
    ukip.I.am says:



  26. 97
    Christ says:

    Milibands speeches are shit because Ed is too shit to write them himself.


    • 148
      Acting Lord High Executioner says:

      … but even if he did write them himself, I seriously doubt if much or anything would change.


  27. 100
    Portugese News says:

    Three kids die after falling down holes left by the Met Police


  28. 101
    Minger says:

    Nick Clegg is not a man of principle.


    • 177
      Nick Clegg, homœopathic wannabe prime minister says:

      I am a fine example of the Peter Principle.


    • 207
      Miriam's hubby says:

      I am a man of principle actually.
      And if you don’t like the ones that I show today then I can change them as you wish.


  29. 102
    Lord Oakshit says:


    • 211
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      Typical Libdum. If you recall, in the days of the Light Brigade those in charge watched from the top of a hill some considerable distance away from anywhere near the Russian guns. Clegg will be based on Hampstead Heath.


  30. 109
    Mad,mozzie Medievalist says:


    • 121
      Gerry Mandering says:

      Fuck me!

      there’s more that one Rahman from Tower Hamlets and he’s on Sunday politics now!


      • 154
        ... eye patch says:

        Now, perhaps somebody will tell us what exactly it was that drew the attention of Mr Plod to that vehicle.


    • 135
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      The electoral commission should got off their arses for once do something about it and declare the results null and void, bloody banana republic!.


      • 152
        ... a thing of rags and patches... says:

        That will only happen when Cameron drums up enough courage to just fire the fucking lot of them and start again with decent unbiased and trustworthy human beings.

        Why is that daft cow Watson still in her job?


      • 262
        The Growler says:

        1 can’t be bothered
        2 costs too much to investigate
        3 Dave’s chillaxing and doesn’t want disturbing
        4 if we ignore it, it will go away


  31. 110
    Marais Erasmus is the world's greatest umpire says:

    Tens of thousands march in London against coalition’s austerity measures http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/jun/21/protest-march-austerity-london-russell-brand-peoples-assembly


  32. 113
    To Be Hacked is the New "I made a Cock up" says:


  33. 128
    Cinna says:

    WTF? Public cash to tackle the “harmful effects of welfare reform”.

    “Citizens Advice Scotland (Scottish charity SC016637)

    Last financial year [2012/13] Citizens Advice Scotland had an annual income of just over £10 million.

    70 per cent of this funding came in the form of grants from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to run our business, including supporting local citizens advice bureaux, helping people know their rights and campaigning to change things for the better.

    28 per cent of our income came from funders like the Scottish Government, the Big Lottery and the Money Advice Service to deliver projects on specific issues such as tackling the harmful effects of welfare reform, giving money advice and helping veterans and people serving in the armed forces.

    Two per cent of our income came from subscriptions from member Citizens Advice Bureaux, and small amounts of revenue from external sales of e-learning solutions”.


    • 280
      Anonymous says:

      My experience is they are completely useless. I went to them for help with a problem I was having with the local council over council tax they wrongly claimed I owed.

      CAB staff suggested I write to the council! I already had a thick file of correspondence which made it obvious the council was simply stonewalling, which was why I went to CAB. They had no other suggestions whatsoever. Total waste of space.


  34. 129
    This does nor apply to the Hackney Hipp or Yasmin Alibaba-Brown says:


  35. 131
    Please you fucking mental nutters... says:

    Now that we are on good terms with Iran again, can we have our boat back?


  36. 138
    Lord Flashheart says:

    Rik Mayall was a proud Englishman who did commercials mocking the EU and championing England. A talented, funny man unlike the Mark Steels of the world. RIP


  37. 143
    David Axlegrease says:


  38. 144
    A sensible Question says:


  39. 145
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Apparently, Cressida’s Dick – another fat, overpaid rozzer – thinks that we are going to have problems from extremists when they “return home”:


    Home, eh?

    Listen Dave, Ed, Nick, Teresa, Cressida et al: these filth are as British as I’m a fucking Chinaman. The problem doesn’t start “in our schools”; it starts at our fucking borders.

    They have no right to live here; they should have no right to a British Passport which they have rampantly abused. Strip them of their British passports and send the fuckers back to their country of origin.

    Got it?


    • 158
      I am everso sightly annoyed says:




    • 179
      Cressida Dick says:

      The more I fuck up the higher the career ladder I climb.
      It’s as if I have a common purpose Guardian Angle watching my back.


    • 206
      Liblabcon's responsibility says:

      Liblabcon, you brought these people here against the English people’s wishes.

      You will be as much responsible as the jihadist scum if there is any attacks.


    • 217

      Cressida Dick is Common Purpose.

      Didn’t she give the nod to shoot the Braz!lian guy a few years back ?

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 230
        Seeing the light says:

        Yup – and was promptly promoted to even further above her capabilities. Must be the token female thing at work in Scotland Yard. Is there a female equivalent of the “Peter principle”?


        • 234


          Word is the Braz!lian guy may have been involved in a domestic terrorism plot. Doesn’t really make sense to have Braz!lian electrician’s in L’ondon on reflection.

          That was pre-Miranda / Greenwald. Braz!l is a key part of the Snowden stuff and is hostile to UK interests.

          Vote UKIP :-D


  40. 146
    Retweeted by William Hague says:


  41. 150
    Gordon Brown says:

    I wish everyone in the universe well.


  42. 153
    Marais Erasmus is the world's greatest umpire says:

    Hello? Barack, can you hear me now? Cameron reveals his struggle to get a phone signal while on holiday in Cornwall http://dailym.ai/1j03Ss2


  43. 157
    The B Word says:


  44. 172
    You only get the polititians you deserve says:

    Christ, I must be a thicko.


  45. 176
    koba says:

    No doubt about it, the labourites have twigged that the ways of the extreme left is not a ticket to office, that just leaves the electorate with a left of centre political outlook or to vote ukip. There is no way of escaping socialist policies without leaving the EU, a conservative government cannot govern as conservatives.


  46. 181
    ♫ There are more answers than questions ♫ says:

    If you don’t want to know the solution to yesterday’s Minnie Lividword just yet then look away now.


    Across :
    2. Infest
    5. Cinemas
    7. Stripe
    9. Poll
    10. Armistice
    11. Delusionary
    14. Spoonface
    17. Vote
    18. Broads
    19. Recycle
    20. Thieve
    Down :
    1. Enslave
    3. First
    4. Tee
    5. Cops
    6. Alarms
    8. Picky
    11. Duper
    12. Oscine
    13. Rejoice
    15. Ovate
    16. Meme
    18. Bit


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Vote UKIP :D


  47. 183
    Anonymous says:

    The muzzies in this country should be left in no doubt that the first terrorist attack by these extremist will signal the an end to our tolerance of these vermin and they will be dealt with.
    If they cannot live in a civilised manner then God help them.


    • 199
      Britain has always been a place people run to not away from I wonder why? says:

      In the face of the most extreme provocation by Irish and Islamic terrorism the British haven’t and probably wont start to grab pitchforks and torches.
      It is to our credit this doesn’t happen not that you will hear Alibaba Brown say as much the bitter and twisted old C*nt that she is.


      • 222
        Flaming Torches R Us says:

        Then stop wondering why. There is always a first time and believe me our patience is now hanging by the proverbial gossamer thread. It will not take very much more to make it all kick off – and as there is no longer an army to come to the assistance of the police, you may rest assured that general countrywide mayhem will ensue.

        The Irish were only pretending anyway, which is why they usually gave a long enough warning on the mainland to clear the area. What they did in Ireland is their own business and was for the local community to deal with.

        The muzzies have already started with three or four trial runs. Their practice runs are now over and they have shown themselves to be not only wrong in their heads, but also deadly serious. They will be dealt with accordingly. It will not be pretty.

        Get your essential supplies in now while there is still time – and don’t say you have not been warned.


      • 231
        The Wild Colonial Boy says:

        Go for the easy loot.


    • 238
      Diane Abbott says:



  48. 186

    Well done to the lib lab cons for their open door policies and sham immigration controls
    We now face slaughter in our own country as muslim terrorists bring their venom back to this country
    and why do we have to let them back in ?

    Because it’s against THEIR Human rights to refuse them
    It’s all down to spineless bastard politicians who have never lived in the real world , lets hope most of their targets are politicians then it wont be all that bad

    Why can’t they pass a law stating that as these terrorists were fighting in an illegal war that makes them murderers ? Oh Wait !


    • 241
      Diane Abbott says:






  49. 187
    Eric Pickles says:

    EU prez favourite Juncker is ‘a drunk who has cognac for breakfast’ http://dailym.ai/TiDQtm


    • 188
      Owen Jones,Socialist turned Capitalist says:

      It doesn’t really make much difference to us. We’ll be out of this circus in 2017.


    • 216

      If he has brandy for breakfast he has risen in my estimation .


  50. 190
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    I say good luck to Ed. Better him than this Tory lot, most of whom despise the poor, half of whom back UKIP on issues of race, and enough of whom sympathise with Neocons like Gove to the extent that they would gladly sell this country to a right-wing Republican government just like Tony Warcriminal did, given the chance


  51. 193
    Fido Gawkes says:

    Most people who vote Tory have no idea what policies they are voting for.
    They are merely attempting to make a statement about their perceived social status.
    “We are Tories, you know, phnarr phnarr”


  52. 200
    Roger Helmer says:

    Farage lives off the gravy train, mops up the gravy with our bread. He’s done you up like a kipper.


    • 212
      hello kitty says:

      really? i wonder if the name lucian deville means anything to him.

      what was that about unencrypted wi-fi hey lucian you remarked about a loooooooooooong time ago? any idea how much fucking chaos you caused? course you do. not long long till you’re bagged and then i am personally going to cut your head off, and that’s a factual fact!!!!

      ps we will get our gold back, even if it means kaaba-boom.


    • 213
      Socialism is theft says:

      I see all the Tory MEPs have swanned off on an all expenses paid jolly to Croatia, paid for by British taxpayers.


      “Tory MEPs were accused of hypocrisy last night after spending tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on a week-long junket to the popular holiday destination of Croatia.
      It comes after they campaigned to cut wasteful spending by the EU in last month’s European elections.
      Fourteen Tory MEPs – some accompanied by spouses – spent an estimated £30,000 on flights, rooms at a five-star hotel and sumptuous local cuisine.
      The group even included two politicians who lost their seats in last month’s European elections.”


      • 224
        Seeing the light says:

        Oh bugger – and there was us thinking that all MEPs got their pay from Brussels and not Whitehall. What fools we have been for so long!


  53. 215
    Tony Blair says:

    Back in 2006, after the second US invasion of Iraq culminated if not with the discovery of the WMDs (which were the pretext for the invasion in the first place), but the unearthing (literally) and kangaroo court trial of Saddam Hussein, the US was quick to announce “mission accomplished.” Recent events have made a mockery of that claim, however what is truly the straw that broke the back of poetic justice, to mix metaphors, are reports from local media that as part of its blitz-campaign to take over northern Iraq, ISIS found and the promptly executed Rauf Rashid Abd al-Rahman, the judge who sentenced Saddam to death: a death which to many was the crowning moment of the second US invasion of Iraq, and the confirmation of successful US foreign policy.

    It goes without saying that if true, the murder of the man who indirectly did the US bidding in slamming the book shut on the Saddam regime (and with it US claims of Iraqi “liberation”) and was responsible for Saddam’s death, means the last “Mission Accomplished” posted can now be safely taken down.


  54. 219
  55. 220
    The Sun says:


    I said I couldn’t play golf


    Other made-up prolefeed.


  56. 235
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    Get stuffed, Cleggy.


  57. 240
    Bloomers in rain-soaked Bongo Bongo Land says:

    We can’t use emails so we use bongo drums.


    • 246
      Diane Abbott says:






    • 250
      No smoke signals until Chuka's fired says:

      Is he saying that he’s sabotaged their internet connections ?


    • 266
      What a ballsacher says:

      … and just exactly where does he get that so called information from?

      He can’t do simple things like telling the truth about the Labour Party and its years of catastrophe. Can he even tie his own shoe laces – or does he always wear loafers so he does not have to?

      Dozy Hunt should bugger off back to Nigeria.


  58. 256
    David Axlegrease says:



    • 260
      zzzzzzzzzzz says:

      I presume that Mr Wilson remained awake throughout the interview.
      She really is the thickest of short planks, the very thickest.


      • 267
        Dim is the colour of my true love's brain in the morning... says:

        … a sine qua non for being a Labour MP


  59. 265
    Little Ed's Words of Wisdom #1 says:

    Politics is the art of hoodwinking the electorate.


  60. 278
    Once a day, but twice on Sundays says:

    Chuka Umunna, a name you’ll find in the Domesday book, I’m sure


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