June 20th, 2014

WATCH: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown v Rod Liddle

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Rod Liddle had to be “torn apart” on the way out of the studio at the end of this interview on Channel 4 News last night:

Feel the love.

UPDATE: Those who make it their business to be outraged are outraged about Micky Fabricant’s tweet on the subject:


They seem to miss the “I could never” preface to his point.  Predictable…


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    Ed Milliplonker says:

    We’re they fighting over an Owl…there’s one for everyone you know

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    • 3
      Joss Taskin says:

      Isn’t that Dustbin Alibi Brown Owl ?

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      • 8
        Ging Gang goolley says:

        I get it now. The Labour Party are structuring themselves like the Girl Guides where Ed is “Brown Owl” and Hettie is “snowy owl”. The rest of them form the packs led by “Red princes” probably under pack names such as bust, scroungers, layabout and hypocrite.


        • 18
          Diane Fatbott says:

          Snowy Owl ??? Why should Brown Owls get treated like second class citizens ??


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          • Socialism is theft says:

            In a fight between them my money would be on the bigot with the moustache. Though Liddle might get a few good slaps in.

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          • A1 says:

            I think they should all punch each other in the throats and then hang themselves with piano wire.


        • 144
          Yazza Alibaba says:

          The media has to be, kind of … controlled.

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          • The two Muppets says:

            What a nasty despicable woman she is, spewing her hatred and
            bigotry . She is a disgrace to the hard working Ugandan Asians
            that came to this country after being expelled from Uganda .

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          • Sunni day with Shias predicted says:

            Quick bruvvers….I need a Alibi



            When me and my little masked friend free Gotham City from the Joker and other n er do wells we will finally triumph by controlling every aspect if the Gotham media to cater for SOLELY our own point of view !!!


          • Freedom! (For Us Liberals To Talk Our Bollocks And Not Anyone Else) says:

            “Is that the Media has to be ‘Kind of’ Controlled in terms of how often Farage gets to rule the Airwaves, I think we should be very, very worried” – so the ONLY Publicity UKIP gets, as far as she’s concerned, is BAD Publicity? Anything else is wrong! BTW, Dear, Martin Schulz is the Managing Director of Mcdonald’s. He’s very good with money don’t you know! A ‘token’ Political Aficionado, who actually knows the “√fuck-all” about the EU, and how it operates. But speaking as a Bigot, and a Drooling Racist, what would I know?

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          • Poor Bloody Taxpayer says:

            I’m sorry we let this bitter woman into our country. I utterly detest her.


          • BREITBART says:

            There is a whole bunch of pages berating this apology for a journalist over at Breitbart’s London Office, with Ringmaster Delingpole conducting the performance. The comments are practically universally panning.

            Click Name “BREITBART”


    • 50
      HP says:

      some Labour friendly corporate stooge will be feathering their own nest over this policy, overcharging the wizard in the street no doubt.


    • 55
      absolutelypassionate says:

      Anna Racoon wrote an interesting article about Farah Damji the niece of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown here:

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      • 134
        White man come in peace. says:

        ….Dear Yasmin,
        “Africa, and particularly Uganda, ….is nice at this time of year”,..perhaps you could go there as you dislike us whiteys’ here…..Help build your own Hunt..ry

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    • 70

      Right, first off I was expecting him to be kicking her in her baggy fucking cabbage by the way you wrote that headline Guido. “Torn apart” my fucking arse. Secondly, a bunch of luvvie middle class types discuss the “white working class” as if we are some kind of quaint fucking museum piece, vaguely controversial and in some circles sadly lamented. The white working class still fucking live, we get on with our lives while you middle class fuckers run back to your Islington semis to whack out another 1500 words of absolute bollocks for whatever fucker is looking for a slightly controversial page hit generator this week.
      We need more riots and a fuckload more burglaries around the N5 postcode just to even the score out here.

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    • 85
      A1 says:

      Don’t really have any sympathy for any of the Idiots in that “interview”. They are all as bigoted as each other.


    • 95
      Tom Catesby says:

      I am no particular supporter generally of Rob Liddle’s views, but his views expressed on BBC4 news, which that appalling, bigot, racist, professional whinger, sexist and anglophobe, Alibai-Brown, condemned as,’bigoted’ sounded perfectly reasonable to me. I also notice that the interview was conducted, with the usual ‘Beeboid’, ‘balance and even handedness’. Why doesn’t that dreadful and tedious gobshite, just leave the bloody country she clearly hates so much?

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    • 115
      Ed Miliband says:

      What I object to is the way that our policies are being misrepresented by the Tory press. At no point have we promised anyone a “free owl.” What we are saying is that “everyone should have their own owl.” This is along precisely the same lines as Margaret Thatcher’s view that everyone should have their own house or Marshall Tito’s view that everyone should have their own nuclear weapons. It’s not saying anything about anyone getting an owl for free. Everyone has the human right to own an owl – it gives them a stake in the country and something to take pride in. But owls have to be earned. We are not, repeat not, going to offer anyone an owl for free.

      (We might offer advantageous loan assistance to some disadvantaged groups but we will account for those loans as though they will be repaid).


    • 124
      Yazza Alibaba says:

      The media should be controlled!


    • 175

      your videos are not showing guido



    • 177
      Anonymous says:

      Be careful – Owls don’t grow in trees you know.


  2. 2
    Bob Crow says:

    Rod done well. Exposed both bints as faux-lefties! Up The Workers!

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    • 17

      Brown does not need any alibhai anyway.

      He is never fucking there…


      • 59
        Aardvark says:

        What struck me about the interview was Yasmins hate hate hate hate and more hate.

        He was calm, well humoured, clear, passionate in his belief, and his criticisms of this Leftist idol were actually quite respectful.

        He simply stated his disagreement with her.

        She was the typical Leftie screaming – Racist, Biggot, Islamophobe loundly again and again.

        It goes down well at the BBC, but I think most people are tired of her kind.

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        • 77

          Channel 4 was established with a remit of public service obligations which it must fulfil. Essentially, it must act competitively against the BBC to see which organisation can present the dogma of the Labour party to its best.

          Anyone who is white, male or is employed in the private sector is the new underclass.


          • Aardvark says:

            Channel 4 is just the poor man’s BBC.

            Metropolitan, Leftist, elitist, White, Guardianistas who hate Tories and think N Korea is a goal rather than a mistake.

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          • I like that line! I am going to steal it and use it offensively later today. :-)


          • Just FYI: N’orth K’orea is about ultra rac!al purity. I do not see the lefties promoting that – somewhat the opposite.

            Rob described UK as previously being communitarian: That is a subtle lie as communitarian is what the UK has drifted into and that centrist ideology is really what the faux lefties are pushing.

            If he wasn’t trying to push that agenda, then he mis-spoke and should have said that previously UK society had a stronger sense of community : A very different situation.

            In order to restore that sense of community, civic nationalism is needed, and indeed is being demanded.

            Vote UKIP :-D


          • Kickballist says:

            Who’s Rob?

            Is he the new silly mid off sweeper for Englanistan, taking over from Gerrard?


          • Aardvark says:

            Its called sarcasm.


        • 123
          rollo57 says:

          Yes, she even condemned him for speaking facts! Lee Rigby’s killers were described as ‘black savages’! She said this was ‘racist’? They were black – fact and they were savages – fact, where’s the racism?

          Apparently we can’t win with this ‘racism’ issue! It’s designed to close everything down!

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          • It's insanity and not in a good way says:

            Imagine you were attacked by a one-armed man but were not legally permitted to mention to the police that he was short in the ulna department to the tune of one.

            It’s akin.


          • What you never say is.... says:

            There is no problem with those descriptions just as long as you yourself describe jimmy savile as a white English pa***phile or Fred West as a White English Rapist and Murderer there is no inconsistency.


          • Anonymous says:

            @what you never say

            White English is still the majority by a long way, so not mentioning the default situation is perfectly reasonable.


    • 69
      (That's enough Eds, Ed!) says:

      Liddle should have torn her fucking tongue out. Done us all a favour! Who’s the “Brown” part of Alibhai-Brown? Don’t tell me that some poor English fucker is manacled to that racist bitch?

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    Starter for 10 says:

    Paxo … missing you already.


    • 39
      Jack Ketch says:

      But the delectable Mizz Kuenssberg managed to gut, trim, kebab and frazzle the odious poseur, Umana without any tortured facial expressions. Recalling her overture interview with Harriet Harman over her PIE preferences, I think that she will be a worthy successor.


    • 161
      olden1936 says:

      Oh God Forbid! With Paxman departing surely this doesn’t mean that the creepy Ms Winkleman will be hosting Strictly DC, Newsnight, and University Challenge? At such a daunting prospect I think I prefer the Freeview version of entertainment; Each constantly repeated programme interrupted by hypnotic, boring and stupid repetitive TV ad breaks every 5 or 10 minutes.


  4. 5
    Alibi Brown Owl says:

    It was all Fatcher’s fault !!!


    • 40
      Witty Moniker says:

      And Murrrrrdoch. Don’t forget that bastard Murrrrrrdoch!


      • 81
        Jassie Alibi Broon. says:

        I am a proud loony lefty without any redeeming features except a big mouth.
        I loath Rod Liddle and Rupert Murdoch for no other reason that it makes my pals in the BBC smile.
        I will also mention I am very proud of my name Brown after the last great UK PM.


  5. 6
    The 21st Century says:

    We’re sorry, but Firefox can’t play Flash on this device.


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Why do they invite two people who represent everything wrong with Britain to debate British values?

    Two self-regarding plonkers.

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    • 9
      Fartbot says:

      Its diversity innit.

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    • 16
      olde ffarte says:

      they may not be very representative – their talk of a world many of us left a generation ago


    • 96
      Joe Public says:

      Three bigots took part actually.
      Where I agree with Rod Liddle was over the role of the BBC “intermediary” who proved she is a true bigot, as you have to be to work securely for that organization.
      This morning an Iraqi in Britain stated on the Today Programme that the BBC should apologize for its coverage of Iraq. The parting words from the BBC Justin (Time) was “I think we have heard enough” -says it all really.
      We need more people to take on the entrenched one-dimensional denial mentality of the BBC. Cameron take note.


  7. 11
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    TAX AND SPEND !!!!


  8. 12
    She and her ilk should be gassed says:

    Does Yasmin Alibhai-Brown agree with Birmingham’s state schools when they teach children that white British women are “whores”?

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  9. 14
    Blank says:



  10. 15

    He gave it to Cathy Newman, didn’t he?


  11. 20
    Paul Bristow says:

    I can not stand that awful ethnic woman. She came to Hammersmith 5 years ago and we pelted her car with gravel


  12. 27
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Look over there !! Look at the England game !


    • 29
      Kim Jong-Un says:

      couldn’t the journo work that out for himself?
      I would have asked him to look after my dogs


    • 35
      The problem is says:

      It didn’t beggar belief at all.


    • 36
      Socialism is theft says:

      Why does it beggar belief? Most of the Westminster MPs are criminals.


      • 98
        Joe Public says:

        Especially in the Limp Dims. More criminals per MP than even Labour.
        That takes true dedication to a lack of moral values and weak leadership.


    • 37
      Mental Mike from Portsmouth South says:

      You can’t touch me. I’m officially bonkers. Fact


  13. 33
    nell says:

    OK England is out of the World Cup so the beeb can bring their hundreds of staff home from Brazil now and save us all some money – and please can we not have anymore football on the telly I’m bored with it!!


    • 41
      Footie fans are retards says:

      Some of us don’t bother paying the TV tax so I’m not too bothered how they waste their funds, but postponing the news on BBC 1 last night just so they could show 22 men kick a pig’s bladder around a field was indeed very annoying. And of course the BBC has to have some people sit around commenting on how well/badly the 22 men kicked the pig’s bladder about.


      • 167
        Soccer is important. says:

        Nine commentators/pundits in the ground for non-England games.

        Why “back to the Studio” in the stadium itself?


    • 42
      Dave in Wonderland says:

      England are not out of the world cup. I fought to stop Luis Suarez playing for Uruguay and I will fight to reform the England team. We shall win the world cup. That is a cast-iron guarantee.


      • 46
        nell says:

        well that’s a pity because I was sort of hoping that football would the same way the libdems are going.


    • 47
      BBC cracking some Brazilian nuts says:

      What! With all these d-r-u-g-s, rent boys and trannies?

      We’re here for the duration ducky.


    • 170
      JH26213-454635 says:

      Were you not impressed with the way our goalie managed to lunge out the way of the ball Suarez kicked straight at his chest?


  14. 34
    Guy News Room says:

    Nick Clegg says David Cameron”should resign” – having just sabotaged the Recall proposals that would allow local people to sack him.


    • 38
      CORRIGENDA says:


      • 43
        nell says:

        they don’t need to resign – the libdems are likely to be reduced to fourth party status at the 2015 election and cleggie will give up British politics and take himself off to the eu as a excessively well paid commissioner a la kinnochio.


        • 200
          rollo57 says:

          Clegg can’t, he’s finished. Cameron has to nominate him for the role of commission, which is not likely now. This is why he’s hanging on, he knows nothing outside politics. (come to that, he knows f-all in politics) If he stands down as leader, he fears this will promote the loss of his seat.


      • 122
        Fishy says:

        Cleggy said resign from the Liberals, not as an MP


  15. 44
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:


  16. 48
    Footie fans are retards says:

    He’s got column in the Sunday Times that’s usually worth a quick look. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s a bit dull.


  17. 51

    Actually, I have always looked upon Rod Liddle as a dangerous leftie but he appears to have mellowed, unlike those two harridans he appears with.

    Isn’t the middle one, who keeps her legs crossed like a strand of DNA sitting on a corkscrew, disgustingly white?


    • 60
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Spot on, but if you choose to appear on Channel 4 News then you get faux lefty outrage. It’s Channel 4’s niche in the dumbed down media market place.


      • 62

        It started off as dumbed down!

        I thought it had nowhere to go.

        But, against the seemingly insuperable odds, they actually succeeded.


        • 104
          BBC - Labour Says, Labour Says. says:

          There are absolutely no restrictions on the depths we can and will reach.


          • Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

            Well, if you need a few fresh ideas, you could start by organising a weekly Brains Trust type programme with JasAB, The Hippo, Motormouth McG and Chucky the Ducky on the panel.

            I bet the viewing figures would go through the roof!…. and provide Geedo with an endless supply of material to keep us all entertained!


  18. 52
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    What a waste of Co2, that was all about getting airtime selling a books, it was pure gobildy gook, throw words up into the air and first to land is the word that’s said.


  19. 53
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Liddle called Newman a faux lefty. The whole of Channel 4 News is faux lefty.

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    • 139
      Paxo's lament says:

      Hey, steady on!

      It’s not easy being a lefty when you’re a meedja wanka earning £300,000 p.a. at the very least.


  20. 56
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Why do labour think it’s o.k. to take money from people that have earnt it, and already payed tax on?


    • 63
      The Labour Party says:

      All your money belongs to us.


    • 66
      Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

      Because the people Labour know haven’t worked but want other people’s money, because they a lazy greedy b,stards and Labour want to use the money to buy their votes, as their is more of them, but Labour do know a percentage of these lazy gits will won’t be bothered to get off their ar5es to vote.


  21. 58
    Gordon Brown's Mental Pet Owl says:

    It’s the right thing towoo!


  22. 61
    The British media are cunts says:

    Note Newman never denied being a lefty.


    • 155
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      It is a sine qua non for the position, but the cvntish British media never ever seem to be able to comprehend that little factoid.


  23. 64
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Isn’t Newman’s job to ask questions and not to voice her own views. It is just like Dimbleby on QT, he interrupts with his own opinions.

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    • 109
      Dumbleby of the BBC says:

      Just because I am a faux champagne lefty, rig the questions and the audience, does not mean to say I do not have the RIGHT to totally control proceedings.


  24. 65
    Fact is Stranger than Fiction. says:

    So the goalkeeper who was dressed as a Guantanamo Bay escapee, kicked the ball all the way up the field to a Scouser, the Scouser passed the ball to a Freddy Mercury look-a-like who was stood in front of the Scouser’s goal keeper, Freddy tapped the ball past the goalkeeper into the back of the net and Engerland were out of yet another World cup championship.


    • 73
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      Let’s be honest England were out before they even stepped foot in Brazil. I love football but cannot stand the hype around England. To me it’s all just a money making racket.


      • 153
        Fat shaven-headed lager drinker says:

        I luv too watch milionairs kik a bag of air around. Ingerlaaaaand !!


  25. 68
    Hope Not Hate says:

    Why is a racist woman allowed on shows like Channel 4 news and treated respectfully?

    Oh wait, she’s Asian? Never mind.


    • 74
      The Muslim communiteh says:

      And she is a Muslim, as opposed to a filthy white British whore.. Muslims must always be treated with respect, no matter what we say or do.


      • 157
        Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

        What I want to know is why Geedo chose to rebroadcast this shyte to the world? Would have been better just to ignore it and let them squabble in the dark. Then the three people that actually watched it live could have had a three way love in down the pub.


    • 89
      Jack Ketch says:

      A year or so ago that woman was on an early morning Sky newspaper review. She appeared to have either just awoken from a deep sleep or be on medication–she was incoherent and rambling, commenting on things well beyond her comprehension. However, when an item about UKIP came up, she entered into a rant about the BNP and how the “British are the worst racists in the world” (this from a woman who lived in Amin’s Uganda!). I actually complained to Sky by e-mail and received such a snotty reply that I deduce that she is employed either because the pimps in the media agree with her or she is there to fulfil equality quotas for race, sex and mental incapacity.


      • 112
        Idi Amin's Ghost. says:

        I am so sorry to have missed this woman. I am so sure we would have had a lot in common.


      • 125
        Fishy says:

        ‘…she was incoherent and rambling…’

        It’s because she is as thick as pig shit.


        • 159
          Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

          … and Ugandan. Now, who on earth would want to enter into Ugandan discussions with such a fat black female?


        • 196
          Voice of reason says:

          Pig shit is very un-Islamic she could find offence in anything I would bet ! Sorry isaid bet, she would find that offensive I could bank on that ,sorry bank is offensive as well,but cash in hand is OK for mussies


      • 194
        Damian 'gis a job' Thompson says:

        She’s the TV equivalent of ‘click-bait’. Producers love to hire controversial gob-shites to drive up the ratings. Seems to have worked if this thread is anything to go by.


    • 90
      I see what you did there says:

      That’s one way to avoid answering the question.


  26. 71
    Tetrax_Tetrax says:

    The pseudo-lefties have already blazed their trail for social advancement, thanks to “professional leftism”, practised now by all up-and-coming people. Surely those who hold alternative views should learn to play along with the system, in doing so to reach their own ends? Never write a book – Urgh!
    I remember the bigoted remark that Alibhai-Brown made about Osbourne on The Wright Stuff (about 2-3 years back) for his “ultra-white” complexion. Anybody got that ‘take’?
    Surprised that she was not reprimanded for saying such things on live TV.
    Presumably it is OK to be bigoted if you are not white?


  27. 76
    Nigel Farage says:

    If someone comments about wanting to punch Yasmin Alibhai-Brown they best join the back of a very long queue.

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  28. 78
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Well that was odd.
    The postman has just been and delivered me an owl ?


  29. 82
    Adam Boulton says:

    Govt borrows £13.3bn in May – almost double April’s £6.8bn. Numbers exclude govt interventions. Full pdf release: http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171778_366703.pdf


    • 84
      Vote Tory for unlimited immigration says:

      Well that’s this year’s foreign aid budget covered.


    • 88

      2010 Tory Manifesto — the bulk of the Deficit will be eliminated by 2010.


      The cnut has doubled the National Debt


      • 91

        Meant 2015 of course, but annoyance about Dave’s failure distracted me


      • 93
        Winston says:

        Shhhh… you cannot criticise the Tories on here. When did Guido last criticise Cameron?


      • 169
        Butch Dave says:

        Much as I agree with the need to kick me out, I must point out that the deficit has reduced and it is the debt which has doubled.


  30. 86
    Captain Fantastic says:

    That must have been some team talk from Gerrard and Lampard. They surely elimated the carefree exuberance of the young guns in game one and put the fear of failure up them for game two.


  31. 87

    it is like getting babboons to represent the zoo


  32. 92
    Pedantic & Irritable Sod says:

    I know it’s Friday, but your “update” needs to be checked …. “there” when it should be “their”.


  33. 94
    yaosxx says:

    Yes – and we all hate and loath you too Yasmin Alibhai-Bitch!


  34. 97
    Cameron and ask the other eurotards in Westminster says:

    “‘I think [whether] the UK stays in the EU or not will not have an impact,’ he said.”



  35. 100

    Y’asmin is a J’ihadist in denial.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  36. 103
    Brown Owl says:

    VIDEO: Chris Waddle has given an explosive rant on England’s World Cup!! He’s hit the nail on the head! Must listen!..http://bit.ly/1oNs4pw


    • 117
      Just Asking says:

      England a possible 2018 team to reach the quarter finals? – without Gerrard and Rooney but with a good defence.


      • 133
        Bob Rusk says:

        If you look at that team … a Pole (Jagielka), a few micks (Cahill, Rooney, Baines), one from Africa (Welbeck), a couple from the Caribbean (Sturridge, Sterling) … no wonder they didn’t try.


        • 147
          Village Idiot says:

          ….The powers that be have destroyed English football in pursuit of money.
          Lost interest really, so , while I am saddened by the demise of English football, it comes as no surprise at all…The seeds for failure were sown a long time ago, and football in this country needs a long ,hard look at itself, but hey, am I bovvered, no, …but will take up stamp collecting as much more entertaining…..A lifetime of hurt, thank you England!..Back to the mansions and racehorses!


        • 160
          Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

          But you must admit that the acting, diving and swimming skills have all improved tremendously. Nothing will change until the world gets decent honest unbiased referees and linespersons (yuk!) who know the rules of the game and are not afraid to implement them even when being terrooorised by a bunch of half wit millionaire thugs.


  37. 108
    david says:

    Hmmm Rod Liddle complaining about broken marriages a bit like Boris coming out against abortions.


  38. 110
    Uncle Mac says:

    I’ll never forget that Brown woman (surely no relation) suddenly realising what a terrible racial sure giving her an OBE was and returning it – after Bejamin Zephaniah had the decency to refuse on. What a hypotcritical old crone she is.


  39. 113
    George Clooney. says:

    No relation I assure you.


  40. 114
    Winston says:

    I link an article on here about the Chinese saying if the UK left the EU, nothing would change, because the media are hiding it. So, Guido deletes the post.


  41. 116
    I'm contacting my brief says:

    I can only sympathise with Fabricant. I’ve had a brain haemorrhage brought about by merely by watching the video clip. Guido, I hope you’ve got Posting Video Clips of Lefty Fuckwits insurance.


  42. 120
    A Very Old Man says:

    It weren’t like that in my lad, let me tell you.

    I remember when Rod Liddle were a lefty!


  43. 127
    Anonymous says:

    Interesting that the Ch 4 presenter, in her usual unbiased way, only had quotes to throw accusingly at RL and not at J A-B.


  44. 137
    Fishy says:

    GF, I’ve been trying, without success to find film of an edition of QT where this odious scumbag, racist biggot was taken apart by a female member of the QT audience.

    Brown was sounding off on the Iraq war – as usual was mouthing platitudes and displaying her arrogance and ignorance. But in the audience was a woman who had fled Iraq and knew far more than Brown (not hard). The audience member shut Brown up and showed her up for the phony that she is, much to the approval of the rest of the audience

    Can any one find that tape (or GF have a word with one of his BBC contacts)?


  45. 149
    Let's get real says:

    Vote UKIP … not for Tory throat punching racists.


  46. 151
    johnpreid says:

    All this fabricant tweet nonsense is distracting way from the fact that Y AB’s comments on channel 4 were vile bigotry.


  47. 162

    Watched the interview when it happened. She’s an appalling piece of sh1te if ever there was one. Does the Muslim cause no good whatsoever


  48. 163
    Faud Al Zappa says:

    This woman Brown (what an unfortunate moniker) is Haram.


  49. 172
    The Grand Mufti says:

    Surely more culturally appropriate to behead her rather than punch her in the throat.


  50. 178
    Leftymobbloodlust says:

    James O’Brien at it again on LBC/Pravda – a la BBC, C4 and Sky – rallying the left to attack Fabricant/Liddle with loony Ali-Brown. Thank God for all the endless property ads on LBC to keep us distracted.


  51. 184
    White northern working class kid who puts up with all this multiculural crap every day says:

    I should like to submit a comment about this Truly horrible and thick women but in doing so I will be called racist. How has it become the case that you cannot call a cun! a cun! if they are not white…now that is racist.


  52. 185
    john reid says:

    Phoney outrage,for the woman who said of rod Liddle, she has no words for how much she deeply loathes him,
    The racist woman makes me sick


  53. 187
    John says:

    Yas is as mad as a bag of cats


  54. 190
    Not an even playing field says:

    Nice to see Channel 4 News failing at providing an ‘even’ debate yet again.
    Channel 4 News = lefty mouthpiece.


  55. 191
    An observer says:

    What a sad, sad, sad life this woman would seem to lead.


  56. 195
    Immigrants can sod off says:

    yAlib spouts dirge from her gob like she’s got the run’s real bad, and all aimed at us indigenous inhabitants – is this doing Allah’s work ? So let’s do us all a favour – send yAb back to Uganda – then the Ugandans too can be amazed at her gob in action – and it may even be a hanging offence over there – one can but hope.


  57. 199
    max says:

    yasmin is one of camerons greatest assets.

    whilst she trots out her madness the guys who are struggling ,lower middle and lower classes,, because of the loony imigration policies of the last government,they will hold their noses and vote tory.they voted ukip in the euros as protest.

    the one ray of light is they just dont get it.

    almost everbody wants economic imigration.the reason that does not suit the liberal left is they,more ecomonic minded imigrants, are not going to naturally vote for them


  58. 201
    san jose says:

    Did anyone point out that Rupert Murdoch is a big supporter of illegal alien amnesty in the US?


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Have you read the last bit of Animal Farm?

You know where the animals are looking through the Farmhouse window?

My TV screen was that window at lunch-time today.

Be careful, the sudden self-congratulatory tone, the slightly pudgy outline of indulgence and you become exactly what you should despise.

The jolly face of the Quisling Cameron poses for your camera has mesmerised and deceived you, you who were once not so deceived.

You were no firebrand, you were a damp squib in my opinion, sorry.

You need a damned good kick up the ahse!

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