June 19th, 2014

Telegraph Lifestyle to go 100% Digital

Dan Hickey, the Utahn Head of Lifesytle at the Telegraph, who previously ran a walking magazine, has told hacks at the bruised paper that they are planning to take all lifestyle content “100 percent digital”, including magazines and supplements. Needless to say this has gone down like a (designer) mug of cold sick.


  1. 1

    I am just going for a nap after lunch.

    Please keep quiet.


  2. 2
    Mitch says:

    The last thing I want to do is read magazines on my phone. Why?


  3. 3
    Market research says:

    What is “siding” one’s shopping?



  4. 4

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 10
      LibDem perv and pedo party says:

      Crossed the panty line into the furry region.


      • 22
        The Growler says:

        Cocky liked his bit of fluff, trouble is they didn’t seem over awed with Cocky


        • 46
          Fred the pensioner says:

          He seems just the chap to send into exile in Outer Mongolia – especially as he is so fond of Russky bints. Can someone have a word with Vlad to see what can be arranged?


  5. 5
    Bracli Bros says:

    That should cut the circulation down nicely.


  6. 6
    Web Guru says:

    Time to change the name. Nobody sends telegraphs these days and an online newspaper doesn’t appear once a day.

    I’d call it “Hourly i-Zine #2.0″


  7. 8
    Izal Fetishist says:

    Bloody hell, i’m going to have to buy bog paper now – you can’t wipe your bum with an ipad.


  8. 13
    The Growler says:

    Tell us Geedes, when is the Sun going totally digital or for that matter the Times


    • 20
      Bert says:

      When is o’rder-o’rder going totally digital, that’s what I want to know.


      • 33
        The Growler says:

        Geedes a few years ago, took the blog private, but for some reason he went public, maybe having to sign in with your email addy.


        • 48
          Fred the pensioner says:

          If he reverts to that his readership will reduce to something under 100 – and I’ll lead the way out.


  9. 17
    Coming soon. A beheading near you. says:

    ‘I call upon any brother to take up a knife and kill as they did (in) colchester': Sickening tweets of British ISIS fighter urging UK Muslims to avenge killing of Saudi woman student in Essex



    • 26
      jgm2 says:

      More likely to have been killed by one of her own family for talking to white boys or showing a bit of ankle or nape of the neck.


    • 27
      Lord Trumpington says:

      What a plonker. Half these British geehaddies are losers who flunked school and can’t get a job. They seek refuge in religion because they’ve failed in life.


      • 31
        Apthorpe says:

        I hope Dave will ensure they are pursued with the full vigour of the law.


        • 38
          Dhimmi Dave says:

          Ha ha ha ha ha…..

          Listen, you ghastly English oiks have got to do more to integrate.


      • 34
        jgm2 says:

        Aye. ‘Hardened fighters’ my arse.

        Posing with AK47s is all they’re good for.

        They’ll be good for fuck all except executing unarmed men, women and children.


        • 49
          Fred the pensioner says:

          So we had better start demanding that Dave repeals Bliar’s gun laws and let’s us arm ourselves again while there is still time.


      • 56
        It's a bummer says:

        “They seek refuge in religion because they’ve failed in life.”
        Doesn’t every religious do that?


  10. 25
    Stick em all up your arse says:

    More than half a newspaper and all its supplements stuffed with women’s gossip, shit and shoes.
    Oooh look at Kim Kardashians arse hasn’t it got bigger since we saw it yesterday.
    Great an article written by a Journo on maternity leave telling us about her poxy kids and ‘useless’ husband Zzzzzzz.


  11. 30
    Trimperley says:

    I only buy the weekend Telegraphs for Jeff Howell and Honest John. If their columns are no longer printed I won’t be buying.


  12. 60
    Steve P says:

    What does “entirely digital MEAN please?

    Surely production is already?

    And they will need it on paper to sell?


  13. 61
    Steve says:

    Maybe the Telegraph could get round to making sure its iPad version actually downloads, today is the 2nd day it will not work on the iPad.


  14. 62

    The last good use of the papers was at chip shops but even they have moved on


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