June 17th, 2014

Rouhani is a Good Sport
Iranian President Recreates Famous ‘Dave of the People’ Shot

In a further sign of diplomatic warming between Iran and the West, Hassan Rouhani has recreated the famous “David Cameron watching the sports like a real man” photograph. A far more significant move than opening any embassy.



  1. 1
    Gerry Mandering says:

    Educated in Scotland so he’s used to crap football


    • 6
      U View if U want 2 says:

      And the Iranian’s settee is facing the telly, unlike Dave’s chair which is situated sideways on.

      Does Dave really dress up like that at home?


      • 63
        Farage N. says:

        Look – he has switched over from Downton Abbey by mistake


      • 65

        Well let s be fair . At lesst Dave only wears a prudent Union Flag on his polo shirt .

        Did not Robin Mellor wear a much louder one covering the whole if his underpants when frolicking with his Spanish Paramour all those
        years ago ??


        • 66

          Gosh can Dave actually operate a remote ?
          Or is that telephone by the telly a give away admission that he phones downstairs every time he wants to change channels ?


          • ?…and Rouhani i has the good grace to stock up on a drink and nibbles whereas Dave limits himself to one out of reach cup of
            tea in case he were to spill it a la MilkyBrand and the foto go viral .

            Not very good at multitasking ( watching telly , nibbling peanuts and taking a drink simultaneously ) our UK pols …


        • 68

          My word is that a Three Lions badge on Rouhani s polo shirt !!??

          Not very loyal to Iran then is he ? … or perhapd he s just giving the West a dogwhistle …..come and get us , let bygones be bygones ………… we re ready to fleece you to clear up your little ISIS problem in Iraq !


    • 8
      Ma­­qb­oul says:

      At least he’s got a job.


      • 58
        Colonel Mustard says:

        Distinguishes the civilised Persian Ja’Fari (mainstream Shia) from the uncivilised Somali Shafi’i (subset of Sunni) who attacked Kenyan towns while everyone was watching the world cup.


    • 13
      Tennents says:

      Educated in Scotland, which explains his beer belly then.


    • 15
      jgm2 says:

      If he was really brought up in Fucking Scotland he’d be wearing an Argentina or Brazil top.


    • 34
      dai frustrated says:

      remember that we were approaching this point years ago and then DUBYA opened his gob and equated iran and al qaeda

      lets hope for something more sensible this time

      it may even be that israel finds it time to make a positive contribution


    • 59
      reits says:

      One-term’s gaff looks a lot posher.


    • 70
      Diddley says:

      The fucking state of the wiring at Dave’s place…..


  2. 2
    flagofinconvenience says:

    Loving Rouhani’s Coldstream Guards pyjama trousers…

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  3. 3

    Vote UKIP :-D


  4. 4
    BooBoo says:

    Bless ‘email all.


  5. 5
    PC 99 says:

    He appears to be wearing a ‘three lions’ England shirt. Funny old world. My enemy’s enemy is my friend.


  6. 7
    Sarah Millington says:

    It is a good job Dave & Nick have got rid of the Armed Forces – un-needed now as we obviously do not have a Foreign Policy to enforce anymore.

    When is the EU closing all the regional talking shops & running Foreign Policy from Brussels?


  7. 9
    Chuka attracted by Bains says:


    • 16
      Miz Bains says:

      He’s dressed like trash.

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    • 17
      jgm2 says:

      He wears his medallions on his wrist.


    • 18
      joolz says:

      is he gay?

      We see loads of pictures posing with lots of women and men, but no picture with a nice lady on his arm?


      • 25
        JH26213-454635 says:

        The obsession with grooming and trinkets would suggest a touch of the lavender.


        • 38
          Bill Quango MP says:

          I went to that DKNY party a few years back.
          Let’s just say Iain a Dale would have felt very much at home.


          • Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

            Whatever it is that that woman is imbibing, she needs to take more water with it.


    • 74
      Banned says:

      “Fashion and politics – a very powerful combination”
      About from this being a vacuous statement it shows a misunderstanding of what politics is – a means by which those who have been elected by the people serve those people. Being an MP isn’t meant to be “fashionable” or cool. This posing little ponce should spend more time with his constituents and earning the money he gets.


  8. 11
    Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

    Is there a dance move called Dave of the people move, because that’s all he has left, follow the leader and join in the next move on November 1st and give away what laws and rules that are made in this country to the unelected EU and remember that also means rules on referendums.

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  9. 12
    Anonymous says:

    “A far more significant move than opening any embassy”
    would be to pose a few simple questions to these giant brains, and watch as their operating system crashes. An example of that bug infested algorithm follows: Let’s go to war over which end up to open Dodo eggs. Hold hard! There are no Dodo eggs. Never mind. Let go to war anyway, just for the searing hell of it.


    • 20
      Tony Blair, Nuremburg defendent says:

      We had to go to war because if we hadn’t gone to war there would have been a war anyway. Which is why we should go to war again. The problem was not that we went to war but that we didn’t go to war often enough and that we are not at war right now.

      And that is why I am the Middle East Peace Envoy.

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    • 50
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      Might as well close all our embassies now and save a few million pounds as half of them are staffed by immigrants.


  10. 14

    Having the government on side is a good step.

    Next up : The IRGC High Command and the Clerics – ie. those who actually run the country.

    Vote UKIP :-D


  11. 21
    Bill Quango MP says:

    I assume the box of tissues on the centre of the table means he’s partial to the ten minute freeview?


  12. 24

    Would you, could you Adam and Eve it. NO, pure bullshit PR.


  13. 26
    Socialism is theft says:

    Dave of the people – Romanians, Bulgarians, and soon Turks and Albanians.


  14. 27
    Prime Minister David Cameron says:

    Right,that’s made up my mind.

    Let’s bomb Iraq straight away.


  15. 29
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Just making sure I’ve got this straight.

    1. we invaded Iraq, because we were very worried religious fundamentalism in Iran. And we wanted to secure Iraqs oil supplies from the hands of the religious loonies.
    2. We withdrew our troops because we couldn’t win a war against an insurgency that we created by invading in the first place.
    3. So now we ask Iran to invade Iraq for us so gifting much of the Middle East oil supplies to the people that we were trying to prevent having them in the first place?


    • 31
      Bill Quango MP says:

      Oh yes… I forgot.

      That nuclear bomb the Iranians have been not so secretly building and that Obama was really, really, going to do something about..

      I bet we don’t here any more about that.


    • 32
      jgm2 says:

      I think that just about covers it. Apart from the death, destruction and disintegration of Iraqi society.

      Oh and the eternal gratitude of the Religion-of-Peacers for ‘liberating’ them from Saddam Hussein.


  16. 39
    brwims says:

    That looks suspiciously like a glass of sherry and a bowl of pork crackling to me. Special exemption for presidents?


  17. 40
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    So Mr Cameron is reopening our Embassy in Tehran.

    I wonder whether that was on the cards this time last week.


  18. 41
    Point of order please... says:

    All these enrichers on our Uk streets screaming about beheading and death to us all for being scum etc, are they Sunni or Shia?
    I’m guessing Sunni…..or doesn’t it matter when it’s us they are looking to slaughter


  19. 43
    a laughing dago says:

    Having seen that photo of David Cameron watching the boxing from the comfort of his armchair I wonder whether he is wearing Union Jack underpants.


    • 45
      Long John Silver' s parrot says:

      Looking at Cameron’s belly I ask myself when did he last get out and about on his bicycle ?

      It seems ages since we last saw him heading to PMQs with his crash helmet and high visibility jacket.


      • 47
        Bill Quango MP says:

        His fireplace is bigger than most starter homes.


        • 52
          Olwyn Jones Queen of the valleys says:

          He uses starter homes as solid fuel, recycling the materials and encouraging healthy outdoor pursuits such as camping and playing he penny whistle as a career option


  20. 44
  21. 51
    Olwyn Jones Queen of the valleys says:

    Dave is so obviouslynot a man of the people, if he were he would be wearing a loose pair of wanking track suit bottoms as worn by the rest of us whilst watching DIY programmes on the TV


  22. 54
    Owen halal sailor Jones says:

    The sunni has got his hat blown off hiphip hooray


  23. 56
    Roger says:

    When Gudio isn’t telling you how to think, 1/4 of the team are photoshopping themselves to Britney Spears Videos:



  24. 57
    Roger says:

    Why is that the President of Iran looks more at home/Man of the people than Dave ‘Tony’s Heir’ Cameron.


  25. 62
    Maimed Codger says:

    No Pint of Beer on Dave’s Table.


  26. 72
    Iran can fuck off says:

    Lets spill our own for Shias. Hunts!


  27. 73
    Iran can fuck off says:

    Lets spill our own blood for Shias!


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