June 17th, 2014

Miliband’s Key Aide: Predistribution is ‘Ugly’

Ed Miliband’s most senior and trusted adviser Stewart Wood has described the Labour leader’s key policy plank as “ugly”. While interviewing the violent French number-cooker Thomas Piketty yesterday, Lord Wood asked “how can you get people who don’t have access to wealth – in the ugly word ‘predistribution’ – to get access to wealth, to get access to those assets?” Which makes you wonder why, as one of Ed’s main speech-writers, he let the Labour leader drone on with the “ugly word” so much.

Here are Wood’s words, as read out by Ed, at the ‘New Agenda’ speech, in late 2012:

“We need to care about predistribution as well as redistribution.

Predistribution is about saying: We cannot allow ourselves to be stuck with permanently being a low-wage economy. It is neither just, nor does it enable us to pay our way in the world. 

Our aim must be to transform our economy so it is a much higher skill, higher wage economy. Think about somebody working in a call centre, a supermarket, or in an old peoples’ home. 

Redistribution offers a top-up to their wages. 

Predistribution seeks to offer them more.”

Lord Wood tells Guido that it was a “self-deprecating remark about the word. Nothing more.”  While the word itself is ugly, apparently the idea behind remains important. Something lots of people were saying at the time. Onwards towards the process of redistributing wealth, formerly known as predistribution….


  1. 1
    Chairman Meow says:

    “get access to wealth”


    “get access to someone else’s wealth”

  2. 2
    Sir Ed De-void of Credibility says:

    WTF I am doing?

  3. 3
    Parliament is a Gay Disco says:

    Please Scotland vote yes and we need never worry about another Labour Government.

  4. 4
    táxpáyér says:

    “Everyone must be on an above average wage” Socialist maths.

  5. 5
    táxpáyér says:

    destroy wealth morelike

  6. 6
    Love Europe. Hate the EU says:

    The LibLabCon are fucked anyway.

    BBC radio 4 took a look at the new generation coming through 18 – 30 year olds….It is way to the right of the LibLabCon.

    The Tories are just realising that they have a Golden opportunity but Dave is much too far to the left and Labour mired in leftist ideology.

  7. 7
    Tony Blair says:

    I love bombs.

  8. 8
    The Labour Party says:

    All your money is ours to burn.

  9. 9
    section3 New Europe district126 says:

    You have money, therefore we need your money to help the poor, our money is our money, we only need your money.

  10. 10
    The Revd. Phoney (£rd Fucking Way) B£iar, Sanctimonious Git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

    Hi !!!!!!! – it’s me – a cool straightkindaguy!!!!!!

    I got access to lotsa lotsa welf – thanks to NuLieBore – and thanks to all you who voted for me – 3 TIMES!!!

    Bye!!!! – must fly!! Gotta cupla noo very very welfy dudes to join my Bank!!!

  11. 11
    MOFA FOOKER says:

  12. 12
    Socialists are full of shit says:

    The burden of proving your ‘caring’ credentials should fall heaviest on Socialists who claim to ‘care’.
    Talk is cheap so put YOUR money where your mouth is you socialist wankers.
    I nominate Polly Toynbee to downsize to an average home and to accept only an average income.
    Any surplus she should contribute towards a redistribution fund to help the poor in the UK.
    Feel free to make your own nominations.
    How about starting a ‘put up or shut up’ campaign Guido?

  13. 13
    Harriet Harman says:

    He was right to use the word predistribution and he was right to apoligise for using the word predistribution

  14. 14
    Vichy 'Dave' says:

    Actually – er – um – a correction! I think you’ll I’m too much up my own or Angela’s arse

  15. 15
    The Public says:

    You can’t blame the young to coming to these conclusions. They have all been to schools steeped in muti-culturalism and progressive claptrap. They have seen it close up and don’t want any part of it. The young know that what the left has to offer – basically the baby-boomer socialistic wanking fantasy – is utter bilge.

  16. 16
    jgm2 says:

    I know a lawyer. She tells me that the last thing you want on a jury (if you’re the defendant) is 18 – 25 year olds. They’re much more ‘hang ‘em and flog ‘em’ than 55 year old women with kids the defendant’s age.

    So while they say ‘If you’re not a socialist when you’re young you have no heart and if you’re not a Tory when you’re older then you have no brains’ it seems that ‘hang ‘em and flog ‘em is, perhaps counter-intuitively, the other way around. Although it is entirely consistent with socialists, when they get into power, being such keen proponents of mass murder.

  17. 17
    Good Ideas Person says:

    Can’t she be gifted to the starving North as a food parcel?

  18. 18
    I don't beleeve it says:

    $20 million from Nigeria, is Gordon taking the piss?

  19. 19
    The Public says:

    I vote for Tony Blair and his son to be given a taser each and few days’ comp rations and told to go and fight for their vision of international muticulturalism in Iraq.

  20. 20
  21. 21
    A North Korean says:

    I’d rather eat a dog

  22. 22
    Sitting in his £2.5m mansion paid for by the taxpayer, Ed Miliband says:

    Unlike the Tories, we in Labour are in touch with ordinary hardworking British people, and we know how hard it is for them to find the £30 £60 £100 money they need to buy their weekly groceries.

    PS: cost of living crisis.

  23. 23

    Predistribution was only used as it sounded like redistribution but with a different beginning.

    In fact, it means nothing when you examine it.

    To what does the “pre” attach? Perhaps the distribution as the term suggests? If so, then we are talking of just another distribution.

    The ‘New Agenda’ speech refers to a low-wage economy. Wages are distribution. Therefore it means an increase in wages (or distribution.)

    There is nothing “pre” about it at all.

    This ignores the validity of any merit in the argument over whether such increase is deserved or not. It is simply a matter of appallingly bad use of terminology.

    It is also ugly and useless. Rather like the whole Labour movement.

  24. 24
    Community this, community that. says:

    “$10 million from the Nigerian business community”

    That’ll be Nigerian businesses, then.

  25. 25
  26. 26
    Anon says:

    It’s not even the 18s to 25s.

    Get a group of magistrates in a room and you will find that the ‘forgive a hoodie’ merchants are all in their late 60s and coming up to retirement. The younger ones, who are not generally chairing the benches are itching to throw away the current over-lenient sentencing guidelines and actually start applying some justice.

  27. 27
    Ma­­qb­oul says:

    Aye attach her to a few helium filled weather balloons and let her float over the military demarcation line. With luck they’ll keep her.

  28. 28
    nell says:

    Why does he use such weird language? Doesn’t he know that a large percentage of the electorate that were educated by labour during their 13 years of terror can barely read or write? how does he expect them to understand obscure words like predistribution?

  29. 29
    Baroness Ashton says:

    I’m not ugly and useless.

  30. 30
    Benny Fitz-Clements says:

    I thought predistribution was all about earlier payments of bennies.

    Vote Labour.

  31. 31
    jimmy says:

    Predistribution is about saying: We cannot allow ourselves to be stuck with permanently being a low-wage economy. It is neither just, nor does it enable us to pay our way in the world.

    Where does Miliband get the fucking cheek? It was new labour who brought in millions of immigrants that made us a low-wage economy.

  32. 32
    nell says:


  33. 33
    John Simpson (BBC Fatty) says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can get any slightly further up my own arse? I’ve run out of ideas.

    Thank-you scum.

  34. 34
    Will says:

    In legal news phil shiner of public interest lawyers whose firm and others have trousered thousands of pounds of taxpayer money is being looked At by the legal aid agency for not disclosing a document that might have resulted in legal aid being granted. Leigh day is in the frame as well. This could get messy for defenders of legal aid .

  35. 35
    R. Youshore says:

    Course not.

    Vote Labour.

  36. 36
    Norman Smith (BBC Political Sound Effects Dept) says:

    Doosh! Powwww! Bifff! Kerpowwww! Booooom! Basssh! Phutttt! Hisss! etc

  37. 37
    retardEd Miliband says:

    I will bring in more immigwants to enwich thitht countwy – there will be at leasth 3 million more who will all be going for low wage jobsth. Then I will pasth a law sthaying that evewyone musth have a high paid job. Oh yeth.

  38. 38
    Red Ed's non-predator union bosses says:

    Predistribution = buying votes.

  39. 39
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Ohhhhhh yeeeeeessssssss you are.

    You’ve got a face like a bulldogs arse chewing a wasp whilst licking p!ss off a nettle.

    You’re crap at your made up job too.

  40. 40
    Rick Nobinson says:

    Drop into my office. I’ll demonstrate.

  41. 41
    The Dimbleby Dynasty says:

    Have a look at Question Time.

  42. 42
    Bumservative Partaaaay says:

    Get dowwwwn!

  43. 43
    Analyst says:

    100% of socialist governments run out of other peoples’ money between elections.

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    So you’d prefer Harriet Harpic sending over.

  45. 45
    A DfE spokesman says:

    Don’t locate them in the North of England. Book Haram have already got a franchise arrangement with the DfE and they might get oissed off with competition.
    With that sort of money, you could open loads of schools in Scotland.

  46. 46
    Socialism is theft says:

    Predistribution is theft.

  47. 47
    One-term Dave says:

    I’m adding Albania to the EU.

    Make sure your car is well insured.

  48. 48
    Maimed Codger says:

    Come on, let’s have a list of British things now made in other countries because it was too expensive to make here… like HP Sauce, you can’t get more British than that…. now made in Holland…Ford Vans, some Twinings Tea in Poland…

  49. 49

    Woods words or is it words woods, Exactly they hit the head on the nail. Boosting our core competences to become a high income economy. Total voter fulfilment of human resources in call centres, supermarkets, reresidential homes for senior citizens or even in Parliament. Establishing operational excellence by expanding voter confidence in our political elite. Innit?

  50. 50
  51. 51
    Apthorpe says:

    Indeed. The low skill/no skill jobs are all part of the problem of low productivity that is caused by a number of strategic problems
    1. Poor investment both in terms of quantity and type (the HS2 is a prime example of wasting vast amounts of public funds on the wrong kind of infrastructure projects) PFI is also very poor value for money
    2. Big state, big governement. Spending and therefore tax has not been reduced any way nor are there any plans to do so.
    3. Immigration of large numbers of economic migrants who take up low skill/no skill jobs. The resulting impact on the infrastucture and welfare bill is clear to see.
    4. Failure to have clear plans to encourage advanced manufacturing (next gerneration chemical/genetic/electronics/it sectors) rather than rely on the old formual of asset bubbles, high imports of manufactured goods and printing money. Our elite think the City is the economy.

    There are many other factors, but the simple overriding one is that our elite have no answers but the old ones. Time to change them.

  52. 52
    The Critic says:

    Of course, once Ed has pre-distributed this waelth into non-jobs, he will then tax the job holders back to poverty. Genius,pure genius

  53. 53
    dirty balls says:

    how dare the british public think being british requires speaking english.

    i went tunisia for 2 weeks and they didn’t call me an arab?

  54. 54
    jeff from accounts says:

    predistribution is a way of misallocating resources and eroding aggregate wealth in the same way as redistribution but without the irritating drawbacks of raising taxes.

    do it in the same way as we have done it in energy. turn companies into tax collectors then call them predators.

  55. 55
    Waynetta says:

    Predistribution means that I’m going to get access to more money, sooner. That means that I won’t have to work hard…actually it means that I won’t have to work at all.

    Goody…I’m voting Labour. And when Wayne sticks me up the duff again, he won’t have to go down to the Jobcentre for a month ’cause Labour says that he can have a month’s paternity leave on you mugs.

  56. 56
    Dennis Moore says:

    Like the Monty Python sketch.

  57. 57
    Labour Rebuttal Unit says:

    Actually his 2.5 million house was paid for by whoever gave it to his father, his london flat was given to him by his mother and the taxpayer entirely finded his third, constituency home, now worth 1/4 million.
    Corrections welcome.

  58. 58
    Owen's Remedial English teacher says:

    “Predistribution” was correctly used by Mr Millibrain to mean distribution of wealth before it has been created: IE borrowing.

  59. 59
    Plastic-flag waver says:

    London Souvenirs, Politicians and their wifes, riot-equipment to deal with the baity plebs, cadbury’s chocolates and marmite.

  60. 60
    Maybe says:

    Cadbury’s chocs?

  61. 61
    http://bit.ly/1lNRrEi says:

    Baroness Ashton is a good example of inner ugliness bursting forth as outer ugliness – so typical of socialists the world over.

  62. 62
    Maybe says:


  63. 63
    bit.ly/1lNRrEi says:

    Baroness Ashton is a good example of inner ugliness bursting forth as outer ugliness – so typical of socialists the world over.

  64. 64
    Mr Tata says:

    Haha! Yes, my next step is to take over your entire British tea-producing industry and bring it over to Darjeeling and Assam.

  65. 65
    Reginald says:

    What a lot of utter and complete rubbish.
    The people who are trying to control “wealth” are totally ignorant of what money really is.
    The following seems like a good explanation to me.


  66. 66

    I like his hairstyle … …

    Knocks Boris ‘s into a ” cocked hat “

  67. 67

    …yes….. and nobody has yet explained to me the rationale behind
    Cameron ‘s wanting the Scots to vote No.


  68. 68

    “Kneel” Kinnock says

    With the horlicks this boy s makiing of leading the Labour Party he s even worse than I was !

    So watch your wallets ..


    ( BTW are we still New Labour these days or has that withered on the Blairite vine ??)

  69. 69

    Either way the smell won t be of roses.

  70. 70
    harrythebastard says:

    I wish isis could infiltrate the labour party and shoot some scum

  71. 71
    soft or what says:

    Just home from a visit to Almeria Spain was asked by a so called vagrant can i give ,god better dressed than the Mrs and phone in hand for F&&K S**K and across the road she went and a group of Brits feeling all compassionate giving her money talk about being thick.

  72. 72
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Now, who else tried something like this? Several people… Hitler? Yeah, he was one. Pol Pot, too, along with Mao, Stalin and now little Ed Milliband.

    Wow, Ed! What illustrious cohorts you have! Must make you so proud, huh?

  73. 73
    Anonymous says:

    No it wasn’t it was the lack of post war investment that made the low wage economy.

    Whislst the US was exploitung defeated Germans and making Japan nothing like it’s own economic image a great deal of Captital was invested in the two nations.

    Meanwhile the schmucks ( that’s Americanese for the British people ) were busy paying of Lend lease to the Yanks and the rest they say is history.

    The blessed Margaret gave up relying on British Capitalists to invest in Britain when letting the same Yanks take over the City of London and here we all are blaming everything on European immigrants when the ball is in the US Court.

    Trouble now though is the deceptive Chinese.

    Are they Communists or Capitalists who are prepared to ‘ pre-distribute ‘ when they take over the running of the capitalist world.

    Ask Picketty and his naive chums the answer to that.

  74. 74
    Penfold says:

    redistributing wealth

    Isn’t that leftspeak for sequestration and expropriation.

  75. 75
    Penfold says:


    …..doesn’t that mean nicking the goods before they leave the warehouse, so you cannot be accused of being a shoplifter and retailers cannot then claim for stock shrinkage.

  76. 76
    NE Frontiersman says:

    48: Branston Pickle…Policies… Legislation…

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