June 17th, 2014

London Live Sole Viewer Revealed

Localised TV stations were one of the few things that Jeremy Hunt managed not to screw up during his spell as Culture Secretary, so it’s not surprise to see him still drinking the Kool Aid:

We’ve finally found the one person who was watching London Live


  1. 1
    Son of Leon says:



    • 5
      The Growler says:

      What have you given him Geedes, or is that his normal pose


      • 11
        Palm Olive says:

        Typical public school twits on here rubbishing a new channel just because it is not news night nor dispatches etc like what they watch


        • 18
          London is crap! says:

          The only thing worth watching are the repeats of Peep Show and Smack the pony!

          Peep show is also on 4 Music!
          Nice little earner for Mitchell & Webb.


      • 20

        That s just Hunt flexing up for a five fingered hand shandy.


        • 21

          ….” pressed further “The News ” ….

          But Jeremy there IS NO news on London Live …
          at leadt not on their published programme timetable — which is probsbly why no one watches it .

          Which begs the question : Will Lebvedev shut it down before or after The Independent ?


    • 24

      Another tory arsehole monkey!


  2. 2
    average joe says:

    whats london live

    is it like the bbc asian network?


  3. 3
    Vince Cable says:


  4. 4
    the mystical mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    the trouble with getting the Chinese to build a railway is 2 hours later you want to build another one.


    • 7
      The Growler says:

      Maybe they might use a Chinese construction company with Chinese workers to keep the costs down


  5. 6

    Fuck me,,,does anyone remember the hey day of this site?
    mental mcdoom and so on and so forth?

    Fawkes needs some juicy shit on the mad Marxist rats in the LABOUR PARTEH/Unions/BBC or his pages hits are gonna fall away sharpish

    Update from the front: The heroes of ISIL are making good progress securing the militay base outside Tal Afar, have liquidated numerous ISF die-hards in Tikrit, and have forced the closure of Baiji refinery.
    Western rats/contractors have been air-lifted from the refinery.

    malikis rats have lost three rotory winged assets over Al-Anbar in as many days

    Cmon ISIL!!


    • 9

      ISIS have swung into Brent today and taken it without resistance. Tomorrow they will take their tanks straight up the M1 and Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds will fall to them.

      Then it will be over the M62 to pick up Manchester and Liverpool. Straight up the M6 for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

      Then pick up the minnows on the way back: Derby, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Reading, Southampton, Portsmouth.

      They will avoid Milton Keynes as that is just to alien, even for them.



    • 13
      The Greatest Mystery of The 20th Century says:

      Speaking of mad Marxists, I really do not understand why no one is interested in a meaningful investigation in how Miliband senior went from arriving in England from a boat with wet trousers and no paperwork to senior Marxist guest academic with money power and influence!

      Did Moscow fund this, did Wilson’s government help, where is the truth and what is the truth behind Red Ed, what is being hidden, surely MI5 must have a file as thick as the greater Oxford Dictionary!


  6. 16

    Is Jeremy Hunt cockney rhyming slang?


  7. 23

    So — Wee Wiily and the full weight of HMG have sanctioned the resumptionof IMMEDIATE Diplomatic relations with Tehran even though our Embassy was burned to hell a short time ago . This change if heart obviously because the Iranians are the only ones with any clout whatsoever when it comes to at least delaying the onward bloodthirsty push of ISIL /ISIS through Iraq , Syrua . Turkey , The Lavant . Europe and onwards to then establish their world Caliphate with head office at Waterloo Place SW1.

    What a difference to 1979 when we were egging on one Saddam Hussein to sweep across the Bandar Abbass divide line and end his eight year Irzn/iraq war by quashing the imams !!


    • 25
      Nonbeliever says:

      For ‘clout’, read ‘ruthlessness’ – that can’t be blamed on us (directly)


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