June 17th, 2014

Ed Smashes His Negative Polling Record, Slumps Below Clegg
Osborne’s Shock Positive Approval Rating Grows

Ed Miliband has hit his lowest ever personal rating by gold-standard pollsters ICM for the Guardian. The Labour leader has dropped 14 points in the last month to -39, below even Nick Clegg, who has a rating of -37. Cameron has lost last month’s positive rating of +2, dropping to -5, though Osborne has seen an increase in his own rating from +5 to +6.

The force is strong in that one.


  1. 1
    Sarah Millington says:

    And what about that other chap – you know, whatissname?

    That UKIP chap who likes a pint & talks straight?


  2. 2
    generic taxi driver says:

    gonna need to stick a stake in that ones chest ! … never gonna die!


    • 45
      Mycroft says:

      “One thing about the HoC I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.”

      Apols “Lost boys”.

      Video snip:- In my opinion that is the ‘snort’ of a Coke head, it’s a dead give-away.


    • 62
      The Growler says:

      “The force is strong in that one.” seems more like a case of benign essential tremor, poor chap.


  3. 3
    TJ says:

    All the Labour members who voted for Ed will soon be looking to scrape him off the underside of their shoes.


  4. 6

    The Marxist rat will be our Commissar in eleven mumffs times

    Get your liquid assets out of the country before his dark tyranny turns the nation’s economy into a shit-storm of state ownership and nationalisation


    • 18
      Demographics says:

      With new self governing (sharia) English Caliphate in the north of what was once England.


    • 39
      Socialism is theft says:

      Not if those racist Scots get their way.


    • 57
      John Browns Body says:

      I think that Red-Ed has been seriously misunderstood. Ask Ed Ball – his mate.

      Can’t you just see Hilary and Red-Ed cosying up together. Brings tears to your eyes.


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    How do you fuck up so much you are disliked more than Nick Clegg?


    • 12

      Its all irrelevant to anyone outside the Westminster gay village

      The Marxist rat is utterly focused upon his core vote: professional benefits scroungers, public sector malingerers, and third world postal vote fraudsters.

      That mass of wretches will elevate the rat to the position of Prime Minister, where he will set about destroying commerce, self reliance, and initiative.


      • 21
        Albert's chainsaw sharpeners says:

        Can’t wait, it’s expected and will be the braindeads wakeup call, vote UKIP.


    • 27
      neitherdeadnoralive says:

      He’s an idiot who listens to idiot advisors, hence the Sun photo op ! There goes the Liverpool vote !!! Well maybe not, those stupid scousers would vote for anything with a red rosette !!!


      • 66
        Tom Catesby. says:

        They did have the limpdicks running scouseland for quite some time, how stupid was that?


  6. 8
    CON GAIN says:

    Save Ed Miliband.

    Labour thought Gordon Brown was a good idea, let’s hope they continue to back the hapless Miliband.


    • 11
      Mornington Crescent says:

      …until next year, then they bring back his equally useless banana-bearing brother.


    • 34
      Gooey Blob says:

      Is there time for Labour to switch leader now? It’s 11 months to the election and a caretaker leader might do even worse than unelectable Ed.


      • 64
        The Growler says:

        They haven’t got many alternatives, Alister Darling probably, he was Geedes choice as the best person for the jobbie (Scottish jobbie), not a fruitcake type, of the old school of Liebore one of the last, but I guess he would turn it down. If the Scots vote for independence a who slew of Liebore MPs would be gone, including Broon. The biggest known unknown is UKip, will they whoop the hides off the LibLabConners, they will if a majority of the electorate say to the LibLabConners we’re voting UKip. Certain commentators will also get their bums kicked if the Conners don’t win handsomely, no longer a forgone conclusion.


  7. 10
    Maimed Codger says:

    Is Ed suffering because of the Blair backlash, I wonder ?


    • 43
      The two Muppets says:

      I detest Blair , but Miliband is a gutless coward who is manipulated
      by Len McClusky .


    • 58
      John Browns Body says:

      Bring Back Blair – we need him – like a hole in the head.


      • 67
        The Growler says:

        Funny that, Geedes actually wrote he could not understand why Liebore wanted rid of B’Liar as he had won 3 elections by wide margins, the longest term in office Liebore ever had.


  8. 12
    ed milliband peoples representitive of somewhere up north i have to visit every now and again says:

    where is farage in this line up?oh i see,the guardian comissioned it


  9. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron will not hold a referendum in 2017, he won’t be in power.

    All the old tory voters that he has pissed off and told that they aren’t wanted will never vote for him again, FACT!

    Even if it was held and we voted no, there is nothing to force cameron to take us out of europe. It just won’t happen. Cameron is a spiv an out and out europhile who is just buying time for the creation of a united states of europe. Just hoping more and more of the older wartime generations die, then its full speed ahead.

    vote ukip


    • 22
      Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

      Plus wef November the EU Kommisars have declared all referenda/ums invalid – so looks like we are going to have to take matters into our own hands in the not too distant future.


    • 60
      Lady Hamilton says:

      The voters will wake up when they realise that ENGLAND is to be scrubbed out and that 9 Regions are to take its place. Check on it.


    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      The wartime generation were the ones who voted for the welfare state in 1945. That is to say they gave up their freedom and ours for a mess of pottage, they sought to live at someone else’s expense and were quite happy to abdicate their personal responsibility to government agencies. No good looking up to them for anything at all. Let’s be clear about something else, before the war they were prepared to sell out anybody at all to appease Hitler and war was forced on them, it was not undertaken courageously on a moral principle no matter what the propagandists said at the time or since.


    • 74
      Conrad says:

      The wartime generation were the ones who voted for the welfare state in 1945. They sacrificed their freedom and ours for a mess of pottage. They were quite happy to abdicate their personal responsibilities to government agencies. No good looking up to them for anything. Lets get another thing clear, before the war they were prepared to sell out anybody in order to appease Hitler and war was forced upon them. It was not entered into courageously on a moral principle no matter what the propagandists said, then or since.


      • 75
        Conrad says:

        Thought I’d failed to post it correctly the first time, wouldn’t want to post under anonymous anyway.


  10. 15
    Magnum says:

    Is this BoJo at the recent WNBR in London?

    On one of his bikes.



  11. 20
    Kryton the Chancellor says:

    *Engaging smug mode*

    Liked by 1 person

  12. 23
    still walking into darkness says:

    I think you’ll see that ukip has by far and away the fastest growing youth wing both in percentage and absolute terms


  13. 25
  14. 26
    Anonymous says:



    • 28
      Owen halal sailor Jones says:

      Yes lets have some peace loving medievalists on the board of JCB
      Strictly no women!


      • 35
        Chukup Magic says:

        I am reminded of a friend in South Africa where his large insurance company were obliged for the sake of diversity etc etc to put a black chap on their Board and give him a slice of shares in said company for free!

        Lo the shares were sold and and said black chap was never seen again.


        • 88
          Rhody Dendron says:

          Probably the usual fate for some uppity w*g – fed to the crocs in a sealed sack (while “they” snitched his bank account).


    • 40
      non taxable pikey says:

      Legislate to increase boardroom diversity, he’ll be advocating taking over farms for de bruvvas soon. Where’s my shotgun?


  15. 31
    Gideon George Osborne says:

    You’ll be apologising for this tomorrow. Wobbling like a jelly.


    • 83
      Noble Savage says:

      Once in the Bullingdon, always in the Bullingdon.

      He’s running the economy like it’s an out of town branch of the Bullingdon Club –

      All spivs and oligarchs, catamites and concubines welcome…! And bulgar the consequences as far as housing ordinary (aka “little”) people in London goes. Why should I care? I’m rich.


  16. 33
    P. ERV says:

    Bring back that Argie bint with the sublime hangers…


  17. 36
  18. 41
    Officer Dibble says:

    What’s surprising? Clegg’s a loser, Miliband’s a weirdo; the economy is recovering nicely and Osborne is chancellor. This is what the Tories have always understood: people may not like them, and people may often enjoy voting against them in minor elections (Euros, locals, by-elections), but if the job they’re doing in office is demonstrably better than the job Labour did when they were in office, people will grudgingly vote for them in reasonable numbers at the general. Right now, the Eds don’t stand a chance in 2015.


    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      This is utterly true.

      Cameron and Osborne are slimey gits who I detest. But that doesn’t change the fact that I trust them to look after my taxes better than anyone else.


      • 54
        Nicked Legg says:

        Well, you’re an idiot then. Gidiot is an arrogant cokehead with a B-class degree in Geography; Dave is a flabby-faced weak coward with a mouth like a hen’s arse which emits only chickenshit.

        And they’re both dedicated to handing the country over to Brussels bureaucrats and Albanian crims.

        vOTE ukip.


      • 90
        Clint Rosonby says: Just say no to Johnny Foreigner says:

        I can’t stand any of them personally, Cam is a loudmouth blagger with a dodgy Set of friends and won’t listen to anyone’s point of view, he needs to remember what happened to his idol Maggiwitch, otherwise his own lot will vote him out.
        Once RandyPandy and his mate gets banged up, there are still questions to be asked that haven’t had proper answers to yet.

        Georgie boy is arrogant and as slimy as wallpaper paste ! Lol.

        Yelloman corporal clegg is out of touch and a real dilly daydream dopey dude,

        MrEd is too much of an old woman and an odd bod for me, he’s becoming a bit of an eeyore! it’s time for Harriet to sharpen her claws before the other Ed grows bigger cohones or someone less known comes out of the shadows. His Bro would probably have done a better job in hindsight.

        I can see why NI-gel l has gained votes by daring to use the I word, and has gained support from disgruntled Tories along the south east coast and in the villages of Kent, Suffolk, Hants, etc and will have an impact in some council areas but nationally they don’t have a serious manifesto to run what’s left of the UK.


    • 72
      Here's one for the books says:

      OK, name me ONE Policy that Osborne has instigated that’s actually contributed to the Economic Recovery (if you can call it that)? Tax Cuts? Reduction in VAT?

      I’ve always maintained that with the limited powers he actually has, Guiding the UK Economy is like trying to steer the Titanic with a spoon. IMHO, he’s done nothing to stop Offshoring/Tax Evasion, he’s not reduced VAT, he’s not reduced the Deficit Enough to make any tangible difference (although by his calculations it’ll miraculously disappear by 2017). The only spiel I ever hear is the incessant bleating of ‘Reducing Corporation Tax’-Business Rates would be a better thing to go for to stimulate Local Growth. Bottom line? The GBP themselves have turned the Economy around. They’re the ones who’ve suffered stagnant wages, high inflation, increased rents, etc. Osborne is merely an empty suit. Chuck-in HS2, increased spending on the EU, increased pressure on Housing, the NHS and Schools (which aren’t accounted for financially) and things for the GBP are hardly ‘getting better’ or ‘Recovering’.


      • 85
        Noble Savage says:

        Essentially he told the British economy to open its legs, lie back and enjoy the injection of billions of illicit currency from the United Oligarchs of the World. :)

        We are seeing the consequences: nominal growth accompanied by actual decrease in real incomes.


  19. 46

    These LEPs are really underfunded. Why doesn’t Ed raid all that’s left in pensions funds and put the lot into the LEPs? get a proper building programme going with a brand new mosque in every town and village in Britain?

    Oh, hold on, he’s not in government yet and is doing his best to avoid it.



    • 91
      Klinsmans pussy says:

      How about a brand new jobcentre with a wetherspoons built next door for every town in UK.


  20. 48

    Polly says Alexrod can help Labour’s poll jitters.

    His policies will be popular with voters. They just don’t know it yet.

    In Beijing, they talk of nothing else but pledistribution.



  21. 50
    Civil Servant says:

    Vote UKIP! It’s the only way Labour can win.


  22. 56
    Heir-peace says:

    Most people are capable of identifying a problem, few are capable of doing something about it. Those so minded need to stop pussy-footing about and take action to prevent another five years in opposition.


  23. 76
    Gordon, saviour of the world says:

    Don’t worry Ed, that’s just a growth of -14 points.


  24. 82
    Noble Savage says:

    The Great British Public has always enjoyed a joke…

    The guy is a walking, talking emetic, politically speaking…he thinks of himself as the “Great Strategist” but the recent Euro elections show just how badly misjudged have been his strategic forays…his past as social secretary to the Bullingdon Club doesn’t bear examination.


  25. 89
    D Hippobottom says says:

    Who dat sister with girly girly honkeyboy.


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