June 16th, 2014

Quote of the Day

Former Gove SpAd Dom Cummings, on David Cameron:

“As Bismarck said about Napoleon III, Cameron is a sphinx without a riddle. Everyone is trying to find the secret of David Cameron but he is exactly what he appears to be. There’s no mystery to him. He had a picture of Macmillan on his wall — that’s all you need to know.”

On Dave’s chief of staff Ed Llewellyn:

“a classic third-rate suck-up-kick-down sycophant presiding over a shambolic court”

On the No.10 comms chief Craig Oliver:

“He’s just clueless.”


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    “He had a picture of Macmillan on his wall — that’s all you need to know.””

    That he’s a fan of a war hero, all round decent man and an excellent PM?



    • 6
      101 uses for Lot's wife says:

      Macmillan knew when to resign.
      Cameron, on the other hand, is more like Brown – a leech.


    • 7
      Witty Moniker says:

      All the statist Macmillan did was to marginally slow down the advance of the Left. Comparing Dave to ‘Super’Mac is just a less cruel put-down than comparing him to Heath.

      Either way, he/they ain’t proper conservatives.


    • 8
      Events Dear boy, Events says:

      Macmillan’s photo is not a good sign that his “Admirer” is following either a “war hero, decent man or excellent PM”. Can’t take it away that Macmillan was a subaltern in the Great War and was injured but it doesn’t make him a “hero”..they all were!
      As for a decent man, he was a closet homosexual and tolerated his wife carrying on a well-known relationship with the scandalous Robert Boothby, a notorious Bi-sexual, who fathered Macmillan’s second daughter. Decent? Man?
      As for his political career, consider this. Churchill was, for much of the war, actually unfit through alcoholism, heart disease or paranoid depression unfit or unable to discharge his role as both MP and Minister of War. Eden as Foreign Secretary discharged much of Churchill’s role, with Bracken at home. But behind Eden was A rather we’ll-hidden Macmillan. Also an Anglo-American like Churchill. Eden almost certainly acquired his amphetamine habit during the war, the drug was plentiful, as it still is. Almost certainly, Macmillan had a hand in the assassination of Sikorsky to “help” our Russian Ally, and may have lent Eden moral support in the assassination of Darlan who threatened to block De Gaulle whom we (especially Eden) was grooming for post-war power in France. Macmillan’s most appalling act, though, was responsibility for “Operation Keelhaul” the utterly duplicitous and deliberate sacrifice of millions of Russians into the hands of Stalin’s communists after the end of the War.
      Almost certainly, although it was painted as being Eden’s judgment that was faulty, Suez was Macmillan’s “baby”. Eden’s drug habit almost certainly rendered him a “loose cannon”. With Macmillan’s urging Eden embarked upon the most ill-considered, military fiasco which destroyed England’s international standing. Eden stood down and Macmillan ascended to “the throne”.
      I’d say that Cameron’s approval of Macmillan as his role-model is a most telling indication of the character and proclivities of our present PM.


  2. 2
    dai selling his grandmother says:

    presumably the ‘opinions’ were paid for in some way?

    lucky these guys don’t have proper jobs


  3. 5
    Pat Roberts says:

    God help us all, don’t we deserve better governance than any of these sharp-elbowed clowns?


  4. 9

    With this level of leadership can we expect a caliphate to form in the UK soon?


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Damian McBride writes in the epilogue to his memoir…

“At the time of writing, nine months from the election, I’ve concluded that Labour currently has no positive messages to communicate to anyone about why they should vote for the party, no policies which will persuade them, and is being run in a totally dysfunctional way.”

Rob Wilson says:

Without Predujice


What time will dinner be ready this evening?


Rob Wilson MP

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