June 16th, 2014

Cable and Munt Face Inquiry Over Clegg Plot Polls

A spokesperson for the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has confirmed that they have launched an investigation into whether Vince Cable broke Commons rules by failing to declare the Oakeshott poll in his constituency. The BBC reports that an inquiry has also begun looking at whether Tessa Munt, Cable’s PPS, should have declared a poll by Oakeshott in her own constituency as a gift in her register of interests. Won’t be an easy one for either of them to explain…


  1. 1

    Not invincible after all.


  2. 2
    Jayne Lykes, The Cockwell Inn, Tillet, Herts says:

    They are LibDems, they don’t need to explain.


  3. 3
    Von Staffenberg's Ghost. says:

    Cable and the Munter will discover, just like General Fromm, all plotters eventually get hunted down and face justice.


  4. 5
    Lucky Luchiana says:

    I will be sending Sue, Grabbit and Run to see you Guido

    We can’t have bums like you telling the truth


  5. 7
    Miriam says:

    Don’t fire on an ambulance

    My Nikki is TKO…


  6. 9
    Witty Moniker says:


    Rhymes with ….

    hunt, runt, punt … yep, that’s all of ‘em.


  7. 10
    Says says:

    Going to tune in early for the Iran/Nigeria game tonight.

    Dying to know what Phil Neville thinks.


    • 21
      Grammar School Boy says:

      Switch to the RED button. You can lose all commentry and only have the crowd noise!



    • 59
      Ward Bond says:

      Boko Haram meets Hamas. Spiffing do, what. They won’t need goal-line technology as much as a wholesale undertaker. They could share schoolgirl cheer-leaders, if there are any left, that is.


      • 67

        Get back to your “Wagon Train” Ward , together with your chief scout Robert Horton .

        ( and if none of that rings a bell you re obviously far too young for this blog and should have been in bed — having sex– hours ago !


  8. 11
    Vince Cable says:

    What poll? I have no recollection of such a thing.


  9. 11
    Jessica Valenti, professional twitterer says:



  10. 13
    Ed Llewllyn says:

    If you go on talking about me, Dave will slap a D Notice on you


  11. 14
    Ellie-Mae (9) says:

    Ooh 2 number 12s, Ed Balls is guest modbot


  12. 15
    jgm2 says:

    That is surely his teenage daughter struggling with her hormones.


  13. 18
    Wee Willie Hague says:

    I have just asked the Iranians for help in Iraq

    We, of course, are powerless and guilty for creating the clusterfuck

    But the Iranians are still our mortal enemies…


  14. 20
    Private investigator says:

    And who pays Oakshit to do all of these favours?


  15. 22
    Jeremy Thorpe's dog says:

    Can the Libbdems do nothing which is normal and above board?

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  16. 25
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    I have never heard of Nick Clegg.


  17. 28
    St Vincent de Cable says:

    Oakeshott always was a bit catty. My blink rate is now 43 per minute…and rising!


  18. 29
    Sophie Tit-Wank says:

    Does anyone have a pic of Berger with a whip?


  19. 31
    BBC 24hr rolling bollocks says:

    In the real house of cards Vince see’s himself as the wily character Urquhart.
    Everyone else see’s no character just an old fart.


  20. 34
    Paddy Pantsdown says:

    Is it a LibDem with Tourettes ??


    • 62
      Ward Bond says:

      Nah, it was Maria Miller getting her marching orders from Cameron on the new chauffeur-driven limo provided for Ministers under a cloud.


  21. 35
    Ginger Rodent says:


  22. 36
    Chuka says we CAN says:


  23. 38
    grotblik says:

    Cable and Munt

    Are you sure that’s not a Spoonerism?

    If so – who is Mable?


  24. 39
    Mable & Cunt says:

    I’d just like to point out that henceforth I think we should refer to Vince as “Mabel”.


  25. 42
    Herr Uber says:

    An Uber Taxi for David Cameron?

    But of course.

    Today’s Ashcroft phone poll
    CON 29%+1, LAB 35%+3, LDEM 8%=, UKIP 15%-2


  26. 43

    Like this appears to be dying a death…


  27. 49
    Bonar Law says:

    No, not “a spokesperson” for the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner. You mean, “a spokesman” – the grammatically correct generic term. “Spokesperson” is achingly right-on and politically correct. Something we expect from Labour and the LibDrems, not from you.


  28. 50
    Nigel Evans says:

    Like this comment if you want a massage.


  29. 53
    Village Idiot says:

    …post 39…not me!


  30. 57
    da Inquirer says:

    Who is the big fat fucker sitting behind Danny A. with her left toe in his right ear??

    Does he find it distracting as he LieBores on??

    And on live TV too?


  31. 61
    VonCabal says:

    We have Satan Inside


  32. 66

    It says an error occurred please try again later.

    So I click “Learn More”

    and I get a full explanation ….in German.


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