June 15th, 2014

SKETCH: Tony Blair: Peace Envoy

Some progress was visible in our ex-PM’s pathology towards the end of his interview with Andrew Marr this morning (watch in full above), but generally he still gives the impression of a man spoiling for an Armageddon.

He regretted the deaths he has caused but not that he was the cause of them.

He realised he had no idea of the consequences of toppling Saddam Hussein but he would do it all again.

He said Iraq needs a government representing all of its factions and to be endorsed by that famous democrat the Grand Ayatollah Sustani.

In the name of tolerance, he said he wanted to impose open tolerant societies on the Middle East and something called “properly-run economies”. Were we to say, “Good luck with that,” he would reply, “It’s what the majority want.”

As for what the well-armed, Book-bashing, death-loving, multi-minorities want? That is covered in his concluding remark wherein lies a seed of sanity, waiting to germinate.

“What we constantly underestimated about Iraq about Afghanistan about the whole of the region is that once you remove the dictatorship, then out comes this tribal ethnic and above all religious tension and . . . “

But he still wants “engagement” up to and including, he says, air strikes. Or, as he doesn’t say, up to and including World War III.


  1. 1
    Keitho says:

    Hating Blair is the fashion de jour but he is right and was right.

    This hateful, militant Islam is going to consume the planet if it is not confronted. Backing away saying it is none of our business will only postpone the inevitable blood bath.

    Islam is not indifferent to us, it wishes us gone.

  2. 2
    a non says:

    Watched Blair’s video.
    He seemed to avoid looking into the camera- more intent on reading the per-arranged teleprompt- goof boards above and to the right of the camera.
    And people used to say that Ronny Raygun was just an actor reading a script.

  3. 3
    J P Gruntfuttock says:

    “The first is there was no WMD risk from Saddam and therefore the casus belli was wrong.” he wrote. Will Chilcot also say this?

  4. 4
    MB. says:

    Almost felt sorry for him, he must know that very few people believe a word of what he says.

  5. 5
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Why didn’t Marr or one of the cameramen make a citizen’s arrest today? Now all he’ll do is get the first plane out again.

  6. 6
    Well, maybe not the gun. says:

    Someone hand Tony the Peace Envoy, a parachute and a gun and let’s send him in.

  7. 7
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    As I recall from the dim and distant past, militant Islam was firmly under control under the patronage of eg Mubarak, Bashir and Saddam etc – before Bush and Blair stomped all over the place and let the genies out of the jar. It used to be a very safe area to visit or live in until the mid/late 1980s.

  8. 8
    I claim my £5 says:

    Hi Euan.

  9. 9
    Hoots! It's Clown says:

    He left my in the shoite!

  10. 10
    Chilcot 'imself says:

    If Tony and Alistair and Scarlett and Straw agrees, then I will.

  11. 11
    Ann, the poverty stricken accounts clerk says:

    You have clearly never been allowed out further than Surbiton. Better get back to your X-box before mummy catches you playing with her computer again.

  12. 12
    The Court of Public Opinion says:

    Guilty on all counts

  13. 13
    Holly says:

    ‘Properly run economies’….Coming from this @rse is hilarious.

  14. 14
  15. 15

    Tony Blair has also today published 2844 words on the current problems in Iraq and Syria. He considers the counterfactual possibilities and concludes that they would in all likelihood have turned out just as bleakly.

    All routes are equally unsuitable unless, mysteriously, ‘we accept the nature of’ the fight.

    He states ‘…it is a bizarre reading of the cauldron that is the Middle East today, to claim that but for the removal of Saddam, we would not have a crisis.’

    There is one significant question he fails to address though:

    If the exercise were all going to be to no avail, what was the point in sacrificing all the men, women and matériel in the first place?

    Taking your country to war is the most serious act of commitment which a political leader can ever make. If your own country’s survival is not at stake (in which opposite case all bets are off and one must fight), then you not only need to have a good reason for committing the country but the clear vision that not only can the war be won but also the following peace.

    The events which unfolded themselves showed that this last criterion was not even considered, let alone evaluated as a likelihood. It was “shoot from the hip” and he jolly well knows that.

    We have, in this article, seen that Tony Blair’s self-deconstruction of his own rationale actually leads to exposing its very poverty. Behind the faux bonhomie of the man, there was nothing of any value.

  16. 16
    Lord Oakshit says:

    Many of us loyal, cuddly, fluffy LibDems would like to park our eco-friendly tanks on Nick Clegg’s front lawn to topple him and Danny Alexander.

  17. 17

    Blair is a classic psychopath. He has the classic traits of compulsive lying, an inability to show embarrassment let alone shame when he is caught behaving badly and a compulsion to represent himself as being tremendously moral (“The more he talked of his honour, the faster we counted the spoons”)

    See http://livinginamadhouse.wordpress.com/2010/09/01/22/


  18. 18
    Werity says:


  19. 19
    Eddy Balls says:

    Watching Blair on Marr after Broon’s little intervention on Scorchland last week, it came to me that we were ruled for 13 years by two complete fucking nutters and the cnuts are still trying to screw us. Would someone please put this twat out of our misery?

  20. 20
    the gand ayatollah of acton trussell hisself says:

    blair is still i the sand-pit

  21. 21
    T.B£iar - the People's Messiah says:

    At 13m 15sec: “…is that in part a response to your old friend, Robert Harris, saying that while you were in office you developed a Messiah complex, that you’re a narcissist who went mad….”

  22. 22
    Jake says:

    With world war two Churchill became known as a great statesman, the same applies to Maggie after the Falklands.
    Nowadays none of our Prime ministers are happy being just Prime minister, they all want to be seen as worlds statesmen.
    Why are the letters between Bliar and Bush being with held? After all if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide, or do you?

  23. 23
    Tom Catesby says:

    Delusional, in deep denial of his guilt, crazy, crazy, dangerous individual.
    Release the report, let us hear the truth. He and his co-conspirator, Bush, Haliburton and the rest should stand rightly condemned before the court of history if not the I.C.T.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Anyone will be better than toerag Vince Cable.

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    The biggest oxymoron ever- Blair and peace.

  26. 26
    Bert says:

    Don’t talk about Ed Miliband like that, please. He can’t help it.

  27. 27
    Aida Nuff says:

    What, both of them ?

  28. 28
    Kulak betrayed by Marxists says:

    Wrong…… There were WMDs.
    I despise the man as you do. But the fact remains They had chemical wrapons.
    Google Iran Iraq wsr.

  29. 29
    Tom Catesby says:

    This does not mean I deny the dangers of the Islamic threat to world peace, freedom and democracy, any who have read my comments in the past on this site will know that. It is without doubt the world threat in the 21st century that many believed communism to be in the 20th. But by his actions, lies and deceptions, in league with his co-conspirators, he has been a recruiting sergeant to the very organisations, he now seeks to condemn.

  30. 30
    Ghee Dough says:

    Easy to mock him Guido, but what is the implication of what you are saying?

    That you are prepared to see a restored Caliphate controlling half the world’s oil and gas reserves and access to nuclear weapons, courtesy Pakistan or Iran?

    Because that would be the likely result of a declaration by the democracies of the world that they will not intervene in the region.

    Equally, you cannot know what would have been teh result of allowing Saddam Hussein to escape the consequences of the invasion Kuwait. Can anyone doubt that he would have invaded a second time, given the chance and that he would have taken the war to Saudi Arabia as well.

  31. 31
    So, getting back to the subject... says:

    You like Tony Blair, then?

  32. 32
    Dr Death says:

    Military Intelligence…is much bigger…

  33. 33
    Vote Tory, get Sharia. says:

    “he said he wanted to impose .. “properly-run economies””

    He couldn’t manage it here, how the f*ck would he manage it there?

  34. 34
    Aida Nuff says:

    So Blair admits to regime change in Iraq which is not protected by or agreed by the U.N. He’s a war criminal and he knows that his days are numbered.

  35. 35
    Vote Tory, get Sharia. says:

    “Islam”, “peace” and “tolerance”.

  36. 36
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Blair is in denial.

  37. 37
    Vote Tory, get Sharia. says:

    They’re being withheld to spare Bush and Blair’s blushes.

    Bush’s letters are written in crayon with crude match-stick tanks and planes firing matchstick bullets at people, Blair’s are covered in “XXX”s and little hearts.

  38. 38
    Trofim says:

    Around a billion muslims on the planet. 2 or 3 million in the UK. What exactly is “confronting” Islam? Start at home by insisting on muscular liberalism, without concessions or deviations. Some might find the kitchen too hot for them, then, and decide to up sticks and live somewhere more comfortable.

  39. 39
    Maimed Codger says:

    The Arab World is steeped in history of a thousand of years, The then administrations ignored everything that is an Arab and tried to inflict what they consider to be, the right way. A Child Like Reasoning of the situation has lead us to this state of terrorism or the likelihood of it affecting us, here in the UK directly. History dictates that under Communism / Socialism life is cheap if the Ideological wish to destroy the establishment is pursued. Despite the denials, it is the ultimate Socialist Ideal, by any means.
    It is their stated aim to destroy the establishment.
    Like Hitler, the Communists have stated their aims and how they will proceed, in obtaining their final solution…A Communist / Socialist State… will be interesting to see what happens if Europe goes Right Wing…
    will New Laborious want out.. Dave’s excuse for staying IN… perhaps.

  40. 40
    Fog says:

    When Marr asked him about UK, Blair said it’s all about tolerance of other religions.

    Why don’t the politicians understand that it isn’t only about extremists; it isn’t only about religious tolerance; it is totally about integration?

    Blair and all the other politicians, with their constant platitudes are either bubble-wrapped ignorant or lying.

  41. 41
    Shlomo says:

    Yes, let’s all fight Muslims for Izzrael.

  42. 42
    Hang Bliar says:

    So what? Most countries have “chemical weapons”.

  43. 43
    Vote Tory, get Sharia. says:

    “what was the point in sacrificing all the men, women and matériel in the first place?”

    To get very, very, very rich? And judging by his vast fortune, it must be said it worked.

    The dead were all just collateral. As a psychopath, Blair wouldn’t care.

  44. 44
    Death by Bongo says:

    Too right, but how long could Mubarak, Bashir, Saddam et all have kept the genie in the bottle?

    Not for ever, in my opinion, so we in the West would have had to confront Militant Islam at some point or other. It is two fundamentally different viewpoints of the world – each trying for the ascendent position. One seems to wish to exist in the Stone Age. The other is trying to consume itself in an orgy of decadence and shameful west of the Earth’s scare resources.

    Neither are perfect, but I, for one know which I fit into better.

  45. 45
    Hang Bliar says:

    Bliar is a particularly grotesque puppet of the ZioLoons.

  46. 46
    why be british, be great. cameron the turkey says:

    I. as a ms lim believe in religion?
    my money is my god. so royalty is intact.

    outside singapore:

    i am a muslim.
    i am loaded.

    outside islam:
    i own fh”
    the rest is mam, may i help you on to the horse.

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Not as good an actor as he used to be .Acting or second hand car sales would have allowed him to shine.

  48. 48
    Starve them out. says:


    Everyone can do their bit by boycotting companies run by or employing Muzzies.

  49. 49
    Squaddie says:

    Of course, why not. They are our friends. They don’t hate us, want to kill us, behead us. They are not unspeakable, vicious, criminals that rape white children, infect our schools, impose their dietary or religious values on us or impose the Sharia or bigoted views on their hosts. They do not have a history of homophobia, the repression of women. They were there supporting Martin Luther King & Mandela. They have brought great culture & science to the world. They have been enduring the noxious, backward violence of Islam for decades in the Middle East. We Brits will need their help, survival tactics & support. So bring it on racist.

  50. 50
    non taxable pikey says:

    Even better, use companies that actively recruit ex Army personnel.

  51. 51
    Anonymous says:

    In the film Titanic, Old Rose said, 1500 people went into the sea when Titanic sank. There were 20 boats floating nearby and only one came back. One. Six were saved from the water. Six out of 1500. “Afterwards, the 700 people in the boats had nothing to do but wait. Wait to die, wait to live, wait for an absolution that would never come.”

    And yet, even if he never faces a court hearing, ‘God fearing’ Tony Blair will wait forever for his absolution.

  52. 52
    Anonymous says:

    You are a fucking tw@ Jimmy. A sad and pathetic Hunt of the highest order.

    How can spoon face be worse than Blair or the one eyed scotch disaster??

  53. 53
    David says:

    Then why are we funding them?

  54. 54
    David says:

    Blair is evil.

  55. 55

    I didn’t say he was worse.

    He is of course, but your defensive reaction speaks for itself.

  56. 56
  57. 57
    David says:

    He supposedly is a religious man. I actually doubt it, but let us suppose for a moment that he really does believe in God, Heaven and Hell. Under such circumstances he surely knows that he will burn in Hell for eternity.

  58. 58
    David says:

    Not in denial. He is truly evil.

  59. 59
    William Hague the tit says:

    Hi just dropping by to remind everyone that I wanted to arm these people in their fight against Assad. Have to go now got a date with Brad and Angelina.

  60. 60
    St Peter says:

    It’ll take me an eternity to read his CV.

  61. 61
    Anonymous says:

    BLIAR seems to be making a lot of noise lately. Has Britain’s only PM to be interviewed under caution been told that a certain report will be released in full in the near future?

  62. 62
    Athlete's foot says:

    Tow-rag, from “tow” a low grade cloth used for pulling-through firearms to clean them of propellant residues. Discarded after use.
    Not Toe-rag.

  63. 63
    Anonymous says:

    YOU underestimated them, Tony.

    Plenty of us told you at the time what would happen, and you told us that WE just didn’t understand and you just needed to explain it better, so you would just go ahead and do it anyway.

  64. 64

    he is a sniveling little one isnt he

  65. 65

    Now now Annie don t be too bitchy , not on a Sunday !

    Save tbe venom for tbe weekdays !!

  66. 66
    David says:

    St Peter, I am sure that the dead brown babes have already made their case….

  67. 67
    Anonymous says:

    He’s lying about that, too.

    Apart from the Camel / Eye of needle problem he would face, how would he explain to his deity at judgement that he lied about not being religious for years and years for his own personal benefit?

  68. 68


    as it was his monicker during all his years as PM it must mean he now earns enough money to afford a Harley Street dentist .

  69. 69

    Re your last sentence Schroddy.

    And you arrived at this conclusion this morning ?

  70. 70
    charlies aunt says:

    Ah but our Tone can always be relied upon for a fu#k up. No matter whether it is Iraq the UK economy the UK schools the NHS, immigration and so on. No matter what the geezer is saying, bet the other way; you are bound to be right.

    As someone in his chambers said when he was barristering ” he is the nearest star to Uranus” \mind you the heir to Bliar is showing most of the same traits.

  71. 71
    Bob Jones says:

    Blair needs a Nuremberg. Since when has a premier 6years out of office had to repeatedly reappear to defend their record? Even Johnson and Nixon got more respect after Vietnam and Watergate. He has the bare arse temerity to say that parliament was wrong to vote against intervention in Syria – so presumably Nato, the UN, the US and EC were also all wrong? The inverted inference is everybody is wrong except me – the rhetoric of somebody soon to find themselves widely condemned. Even past members of the Labour cabinet are backtracking and admitting mistakes. I believe the Bush/Blair letters will come out and have practically no impact on Bush who after all just said he wanted Saddam out and was cleaning house post 9/11.

    Blair will face no justice, he will just become the political equivalent of Fred the shred Goodwin. The real idiots re the British people who voted for this vacuous twat 3 times including in 2005 post-Iraq. We are saddled with a retarded electorate.

  72. 72

    Leave Danny Alexander the Great alone!

    Woy Wodgeson is going to call him up next week for Costa Rica …..

    He needs the inclusion if a big bustling , go -getter ginger hustler in the forward line to replace a small past it , bustling , go -getter hustler in that same forward line called Rooney .

  73. 73

    So it promises to be an encore as from May 2015 then —- Ed(s) ….

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    In a rush to blame all of this on the left-wing, you seem to have over-looked a few points. While Tony (Tory Lite) Blair led the nation to war on a lie – it was the fully right-wing Bush that wanted the war. And was it not the Tory Party that voted for this illegal war?

    P.S: Hitler, Final Solution and Right Wing. Was it wise to use these words within the space of three lines?

  75. 75
    Nat says:

    He goes on at length about the grave risks of the Jihadists returning to UK and visiting their own particular brand of ‘The Religion of Peace’ on the natives.

    Remind me Tone …… who gave them all passports?
    Who opened the floodgates to all this enrichment that we were so obviously lacking in years gone by?

    Speak up Tone … can’t hear you very well.

  76. 76

    Why are the letters between Bliar and Bush being with held? After all if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide, or do you?”

    Yeah but be careful … that s what was said sbout identity cards and is still being said about the National DNA database .

    Although I accept they are not directly comparable to the Blair/Bush snowjob.

  77. 77

    I arrived at this conclusion at some point in the early 1990s when I first became aware of him. To my mind, he had all the sincerity of Hughie Green.

  78. 78
    Let them get on with it says:

    If you think bombing innocent people will improve Western/Islamic relations you must be living in the Stoned Age.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    It’s what you implied you useless twunt. I wish you’d just fuck off and take your Blair worshipping with you.

  80. 80
    Let them get on with it says:

    Portland Down. ^^^^^^

  81. 81
    Anonymous says:

    That’s probably the most stupid comment I’ve ever read on here. Only a labour supporting c’unt of the highest order could possibly blame Blair on the Tories. Take a jump off a fuking cliff you fuking retarded afterbirth.

  82. 82
    Vlad the Loudhailer says:

    What’s more who has made a fortune from letting in the enemy. Step forward human rights lawyers of which Cherie Blair is one.

  83. 83
    Let them get on with it says:

    Tone’s safe, he’s got machine gunners protecting him on the street and The Pope protecting his afterlife.

  84. 84
    Pissed again, Prime Minister? says:

    For the same reason that your “Great Statesman” Churchill’s letters and telephone conversations with Roosevelt, both pre-War and during it, are sealed “for ever” by the Americans as World War 2 was a stitch -up at our expense. And the letters and calls bear that out. When, that is, Churchill was coherent and not completely inebriated.
    Wind that forward and Blair sold us out again. Slightly different game-plan by the Americans to joining in the European fracas, which they didn’t want but had to as they’re only remaining customers, us and Russia, were going to go down the tubes without them. The Japs weren’t a moment too soon to resort to Force against America and Hitler’s Axis Declaration when Roosevelt made his “Day of Infamy speech meant that Churchill’s hopeless position of “withering on the vine” became a little better in terms of the final outcome but only at a price of 50 years of indebtedness and the loss of our Empire. Eden and Macmillan fucked whatever credibility we had when they embarked on Suez, with France and Israel.

  85. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Yes we are. Jimmy and mossa are prime examples of the fukwits who vote labour. Brain dead mongs the lot of them.

  86. 86
    Truth hurts says:

    Hitler was a left wing National Socialist.

  87. 87

    Just because our arguments lack your wit and erudition there’s no need to discard them entirely.

  88. 88
    Satan. says:

    Not long to wait now.
    I’ve got some special new eternal torments lined up to recompense the lying war criminal Bliar. I think I’ll start by kebabing his bollux with a red hot rod every five minutes for the first 10,000 years, then I’ll probably get bored and move on to another entertainment.
    Suitable suggestions welcomed.

  89. 89
    Truth hurts says:

    Let’s be honest, the Conservatives were a ridiculous bunch of Establishment inbreds. Blair and Labour seemed the slightly better of two ridiculous political parties.
    Now we have UKIP so sod the pair of you.

  90. 90
  91. 91
    Anonymous says:

    Is there any country in the world where muslims and christians live in harmony together? Why do our politicians allow more and more muslims into this country?They must know it is stoking up trouble but they seem not to care. They all have a large stash of our money to take off at the first sign of real trouble.What are the politicians going to do when the muslims want islamic rule in Bradford,Manchester,Sheffield, Leeds,Birmingham etc.,as,after all, they will be in the majority and their wishes must be granted.

  92. 92
    Anonymous says:

    Relevant word being HAD.

  93. 93
    Nat says:

    Good point, Vlad.
    But she isn’t just ‘one of them’ …. she’s a prime mover in all this crap.
    Watch Tone carefully on the clip ….. he knows the net is tightening.

    “Forget Bendi, let’s hang together Cherie or ……..”

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Being trapped in a lift with a c’unt like Jimmy would be torture…even for an überc’unt like Blair.

  95. 95
    Pissed again, Winston? says:

    You’re quite correct..nearly said “right”. The Fuhrer was a National Socialist. Dead giveaway really. WW2 (our bit of it) was a fraternal bloodletting between the Left.
    As an aside, even Yad Vashem ( the “Keeper of the Flame” of the Extermination of European Jewry) have never found a single scrap of Third Reich paper or even a quoted Order attributable to Hitler that he was implicated in the Wannsee “Final Solution” ( he did suggest that it was desirable in “Mein Kampf”. Herr Himmler and the SS clearly took the lead, and whoever did order the “Final Solution” as effected is, today, entirely academic, unless you’re in Germany where it might get you 18 months in the slammer! Obviously as the Leader/Fuhrer he was up to his neck in plenty of the Allies’ “Winners’ War Crimes” and I don’t want to upset anybody by suggesting that Hitler was essentially “a straight kinda guy” who was simply misunderstood. Now who else said that?

  96. 96
    Anonymous says:

    Is not some of that ‘reasoning’ more fitting of TB? For the fact remains that, before it was bombed into the Stone Age, Iraq was a reasonably modern nation – with almost no danger of failing apart or being undermined. Far from saving the world from “Militant Islam”, was it not the war (along with an almost total lack of post war planning) that let the terrorist genie out of the bottle? Yes, Saddam was a nasty bit of work, but he used to be “our” nasty bit of work. And, while his means were not petty – he did keep the nation together. Just-look-at-it-now!

  97. 97
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Blair never served the best interests nor the national interest of the British Public – he served his own personal and financial interests above all else.

    He is an international war criminal and much as i detest Bush; Bush did not sign up to the ICC while blair did; and he was encouraged to do so by his power hungry wife.

    There is nowhere for Blair to hide any longer – AND ‘all’ who have sung his praises and failed to stand up to the bastard should feel a considerable amount of guilt for what “they have allowed to happen” too.

    Blair ‘played’ the whole of the msm including its major cheerleader for war Murdoch and they willingly went along with him. And as for the lies and lies and lies by the whole legal fraternity – they too cannot hide.

    Oh the irony of it all.

  98. 98
    The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

    The Lie we went to war on was that he could use them against us, the Al Hussain missile at the time did not have the range to hit us IE A SBA in Cyprus

  99. 99
    Anonymous says:

    And what about Hitler? At least his trains ran on time and his troops looked very smart.

  100. 100
    Blair, face the music says:

    The bastard won’t appear in front of the NI select committee investing the ‘on the runs’ scandal, where Blair and shits like Hain contrived to give IRA terrorists freedom from justice.
    He should be summonsed and forced to appear.

  101. 101
    Mr Quelch says:

    Presumably, he delivered his a&*e puckering discourse from the terrace of some Palace/ 7 * hotel in a sunny part of the world . Our good old RAF have some drones have they not – target of opportunity for you there boys. The guys who “flew” the drones would leap above The Dambusters in the pantheon of aviation admiration .

  102. 102
    FubarSaunders says:

    “What we constantly underestimated about Iraq about Afghanistan about the whole of the region is that once you remove the dictatorship, then out comes this tribal ethnic and above all religious tension and . . . “

    Hmm. Plainly didnt pay an awful lot of attention as to what started the Yugoslavian conflict then… removal of the overarching Communist dictatorship, then……

  103. 103
    Anonymous says:

    While it is hard to believe, there really are people attempting to maintain the fiction that Iraq had chemical weapons. Are you Tony or one of his mates?

    P.S: Just Google David Kelly or Weapons Inspectors – it should take less than 45 mins.

  104. 104
    The only Country in Europe not to have a Parliament is England says:

    Surely most of them will still be shagging virgins, won’t have time to give evidence yet

  105. 105
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Anyone in this day and age – who still ‘believes’ the word of a lawyer – needs a good legalese interpreter.

    i am not going to repost the classic Mark Twain saying about lawyers again – i have repeatedly posted it up on here in the past. Some read it and perhaps understand it others just don’t get it and won’t ever because they are just too thick to be helped from their slumber.

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Rudeness, early evening (a few drinks?), are you Tory Boy?

  107. 107
    Anonymous says:

    But how can anyone question Hughie (I meant that most sincerely folks!) Green?

  108. 108
    RWG says:

    Does an Iraq! guitarist have a sustani pedal?

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    Nice Call! Shame about it being off-topic?

  110. 110
    Anonymous says:

    Go right to Jail – do not pass ‘GO’. If only?

  111. 111
    RWG says:

    “Microsoft Works”.

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    What about “Peace” and “Envoy”?

  113. 113

    Adolf was a veggie and an ecoloon. He would have fitted right in with Greenpeace and Foes of the Earth.

  114. 114
    Frederick says:

    No taxis for you then.

  115. 115
    The Office of Tony Blair says:

    “The first is there was no WMD risk from Saddam and therefore the casus belli was wrong”

  116. 116
    Corby says:

    Exactly. and the Russians did a good job keeping it in check in Afghanistan, but we went and armed the rebels and Russia left. Then some incredibly stupid westerners decided to invade to try and redo what the Russians had done so well!

  117. 117
    The Office of Tony Blair says:

    It’s nothing to with freedom or democracy or any of the other western bullshit.

    These Muzzies (Sunnis and Shits) have been going at one another since The Battle of Siffin in 657 except now they’ve got Kalashikovs instead of spears. It’s pure and simple sectarianism and this Hunt is too thick to it.

    Or he’s in total and utter denial.

  118. 118
    gildedtumbril says:

    All he needs is re-education with a rope, or the traditional axe, for traitors.

  119. 119
    A Miles better idea says:

    Open the box, (never mind the money), throw Blair in, weld the box closed.

  120. 120
    The Office of Tony Blair says:

    Publish Chillcot – NOW!

  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    I watched it play out at the time.
    The yanks insisted there was WMD, the inspectors said there wasn’t.
    The yanks said the inspectors weren’t looking in the right place.
    OK, said the inspectors, tell us where they are and we’ll go and look.
    The inspectors found various things like empty truck trailers where the yanks told them to look. They found no WMD.

    Blair and his cohorts KNEW at the time there was no WMD.

  122. 122
    Gertcha says:

    Sadam was not a muslim you utter fucking cretin.

  123. 123
    Boarding flight 666 now says:

    Go to Iraq and say that.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    Anon @79 is right.

  125. 125
    Anonymous says:

    And yours is probably the rudest and most needless comment on this site – for at least an hour. For I did not say that the Tories were DIRECTLY to blame for Tone. Then again, only hard-right Tory cheer-leaders could maintain the fiction that Blair (or even Hitler?) was a “Socialist”. Claims from the fully aware – aimed at the unaware?

    P.S: Clearly, while Tories were not directly to blame for Blair, voting conditions at the time (just as with Dave and the UKIP scare today) led the Labour Party to falsely believe they needed to turn right.

  126. 126

    Why? Are they big Harold Wilson fans?

  127. 127
    Joe Public says:

    Wonderful to hear the BBC today and yesterday running for cover with weasel words in calling Blair a “Middle East Envoy” conveniently forgetting the word “Peace” in the title. I wonder why?

  128. 128
    George Bush Jnr. says:

    Hey guys, your Tony Blair only did what I told him to do, and he was very willing to do this. I was only following what ALL other US Presidents have done to your PM’s with the exception of Maggie Thatcher, God bless her.
    Tony and I are not such buddies now as I am retired, as he should be.

  129. 129
    Bill Clinton. says:

    Absolutely right. I taught him a lot about coping with lies when caught out and of being paranoid.

  130. 130
    Jack Ketch. says:

    An interesting point. More girls attended school under Najibullah than do today. The burkah, while not banned was rarely seen. The production of opium was tiny and confined to remote areas. Then the West stuck its nose in.

  131. 131
    Be honest, it's "James" really isn't it? says:

    So tell us, what do you consider to be his greatest acheivements? This is an entirely serious question.

  132. 132
    If He's Left Something's Not Right says:

    So left wing he never expropriated a single hectare of Junker land, advised women to devote themselves to kitchen, church and children, and wiped out the trade union movement. So far, so right wing.

    There was a left wing, anti-capitalist strand in N ational So cialism but he was not part of it. In fact he won over Goebbels to his right wing version of the movement.

  133. 133
    Jack Ketch. says:

    Because the cnut was interviewed by video link from his bolt hole in Jerusalem.

  134. 134
    Jack Ketch. says:

    Blimey! THAT’S who he reminds me of. Thanks for scratching that itch.

  135. 135
    Anonymous is a Moron says:

    At least it’s literate, unlike most of your inconsistent rants.

  136. 136
    Jack Ketch. says:

    No, toe-rag. Rags wrapped around the toes by tramps who had no socks under their boots. Kentish/Cockney 19thC. Refer Geo. Orwell “Down and out in London and Paris.

  137. 137
    Barbara Spectre says:

    Perhaps you should be looking at which group plays a prominent role in pushing multiculturalism onto Europe.

    Moose limbs didn’t fall out of the sky one day, nor did they barge their way into Europe as in previous centuries.

    They were deliberately let in en masse because it serves the interests of various powerful groups.

  138. 138
    Atilla the Hun says:

    Why would jihadist fighters be returning from Syria while there is still a fight ongoing? We should steer well clear of this and let the 2 branches of Islam fight each other.

  139. 139
    Balkanised Britain says:

    And here we are in Britain busily recreating Yugoslavia by importing hostile foreigners by the million.

    It’s as if the British establishment has learned nothing from 400 years of ethnic and religious trouble in Ireland they largely created.

  140. 140
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Neutron weapons please, and soon.

  141. 141
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Make it so hot they fuck off soon.

  142. 142
    The Grim Reaper says:


  143. 143
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Oh you are a bitch!.

  144. 144
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Please give them some serious weapons so the can commit genocide on themselves. Islam is a shit cult not a religion.

  145. 145
    Bob Jones says:

    Anyway you cut it socialism is about running amok with somebody else’s credit card. Blair / Brown did that and then some – worst recession since the 20s and got us involved in a string of middle east messes. We’d have been saved a lot if those magistrates in 1983 had convicted Bliar of importuning in that Marylebone lavvy. He’s so obviously a botter – the yanks must have a 4 inch file on his proclivities.

  146. 146
    John Tandy says:

    This man is insane……

  147. 147
    jgm2 says:

    Can anyone doubt that he would have invaded a second time, given the chance and that he would have taken the war to Saudi Arabia as well.

    And that would be bad why?

    It’s the fucking Saudis who have been funding all this Islamic unpleasantness. I’d like to see the fuckers wiped out. And Saddam was just the man to do it. And all we had to do was turn a blind eye.

  148. 148
    Fred the pensioner says:

    Ah, thanks.. Did not see it live so that explains why I was unaware of the fact. Cheers mate.

  149. 149
    Anonymous says:

    OK, enlighten my simple mind. What has the comment in question to do with the Killings of Tony Blair?

    And, since there happens to be more than one Anonymous here, would not some comments appear to be ‘inconsistent’?

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    “I have come to the conclusion that Tony Blair has finally gone mad. He wrote an essay on his website on Sunday (reproduced in the Telegraph) that struck me as unhinged in its refusal to face facts. In discussing the disaster of modern Iraq he made assertions that are so jaw-droppingly and breathtakingly at variance with reality that he surely needs professional psychiatric help.” Boris Johnson in the The Daily Telegraph

    Despite being a little late, and having voted for war, at least Boris has finally seen the light – unlike Tony or some of this mates.

  151. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Blair’s Iraq invasion was a tragic error, and he’s mad to deny it

    “…The truth is that we destroyed the institutions of authority in Iraq without having the foggiest idea what would come next. As one senior British general has put it to me, “we snipped the spinal cord” without any plan to replace it. There are more than 100,000 dead Iraqis who would be alive today if we had not gone in and created the conditions for such a conflict, to say nothing of the troops from America, Britain and other countries who have lost their lives in the shambles…” Boris Johnson in the Daily Telegraph

    Despite having voting for the war, and then waited ten years to comment, at least Boris does make some good very points – at last. (Or is he just covering his a***?)

  152. 152
    Norma Stitz says:

    “Honour killing” is a good one.

  153. 153
    Barnsley Bill says:

    Blair being called a Peace Envoy is worse than Jummy Saville being called a baby sitter.
    How is he not in a dark damp cell?

  154. 154
    NE Frontiersman says:

    The reason Saddam was so cagy with weapons inspectors was he didn’t want his biggest enemy Iran to know that he DIDN’T have the doom-laden arsenal everyone suspected.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    You’re not Dan Hodges are you.

  156. 156
    NE Frontiersman says:

    An interesting if rather sweeping book called ‘The Psychology of Military Incompetence’ has a Freudian take on why certain people cannot cap their ambitions, until they push themselves and those around them to catastrophe.

    Both Blair and Brown could be plausibly characterised as having a father fixation; the first of adoration, the secondof loathing.

  157. 157
    NE Frontiersman says:

    ‘What we constantly underestimated about Iraq about Afghanistan about the whole of the region is that once you remove the dictatorship, then out comes this tribal ethnic and above all religious tension and . . . “

    The Shah fell in 1979, to most peoples’ initial relief, until the rude awakening. Everyone who made these mad decisions was old enough to remember.

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