June 13th, 2014

Labour NEC Round on Ed’s Set Piece Slogan

Labour NEC member Ann Black has published her minutes of the last meeting:

“Before the meeting I asked members if “Hardworking Britain Better Off” was an effective slogan, and circulated more than 200 replies, anonymised, to the NEC.  To summarise:  98% of you hated it, because it is divisive; it suggests that Labour only supports those in paid work and does not value the old, the young, the sick, the carers, the disabled, the jobless; it is dog-whistle code for scroungers and skivers; it sounds like a Tory slogan; it is a Tory slogan; it is ungrammatical; and it is meaningless. Parliamentary candidates avoid using it.”

Not even a comma can save it! 


  1. 1
    Remove the LIBLABCONUKIPGREENS says:

    Hardworking Families Up and Down the Vountry love Ed, Dave, Mick or Caroline.


  2. 2
    Ctesibius says:

    I find it very strange that a party which consists of scroungers, subsidised by trade unionists, seeks to appeal only to the ‘hard-working’.



    • 18
      Rickytshirt says:

      Trying to understand the mentality of the Labour Party is hard work.


    • 32
      Slogan Rejigger says:

      Better Off Hardworking, Britiain.

      That Includes You, Tracey From Manchester.


    • 45
      Cinna says:

      I said this once before in response to this crap, but I’m quite happy to repeat it:

      Whose benefits? They’re not your benefits you idle b*iatch. They are the benefits of the hard working taxpayer, paid out to you so you can sit on your fat a*rse watching daytime tv on your 50″ plasma, smoking fags and swilling lager whilst Joe Public has to go to work every day in order that you can live the life of Riley. F* off!

      Just shows the mentality of the average Labour voter.


      • 88
        Bob cuntface Crow says:

        Well said,give them food vouchers unless they have made a reasonable tax contribution.


    • 51
      Mark Oaten says:

      I would eat a mile of its shit just to kiss its arsehole.


    • 74
      Jabba The Hutt's Palace spokesman says:

      I was wondering where she’d got to! We had to get in another singer after she escaped…


    • 78

      I like watchin ‘ the telly wiv my nightcap still on …coz then I don t need to put it back on again when it s time for bed .

      Mind you … actually gettin ‘ up from the armchair during the day to go toilet is always a struggke but when yah goddah go ……


  3. 3
    Subprime Imbecile says:

    Ith a cotht of thlogan cwithith.


  4. 6
    Alfred Beerbarrel says:

    Given that Labour is the only party that commands strong and broad-based support across Great Britain – in Scotland, Wales and the cities of England – and are the leading force in the campaign to save the United Kingdom from break-up, they should go with:



    • 12
      FIFY says:

      Labour | The Party of Iraq


    • 14
      Steve Miliband says:

      Thanks to Labour incompetence The Union will be broken up


      • 19
        Bill Quango MP says:

        As will Iraq.


        • 30
          Steve Miliband says:

          One a Lawless, factionalised, sectarian ungovernable region, the other in The Middle East

          Liked by 1 person

          • Tom Catesby says:

            It will probably be a very useful educational exercise to watch what develops in the near mid east in the next six to twelve months, particularly the development of the militia factions, I predict, the way things are going, in the next ten to fifteen years, people in this country are going to have to choose what side they are on and which one serves their best interests and security as the UK disintegrates.


    • 21
      Tory Shires says:

      Look at an election map of britain, the majority is blue.


    • 31
      Mr Nobody says:

      No, Labour gets slaughtered in England at every election. Labour is the party of Scotland. It doesn’t own Wales and doesn’t even stand in Northern Ireland.


    • 36
      Progressive wanker says:

      Think Labour, think LICE


    • 40
      Dirty bastards says:

      Yes, Labour have no right to use United Kingdom, given they refuse to acknowledge the existence of one nation within it.
      …and colluded with the IRA to set its terrorists free.


    • 75
      Necrophiliac Dating Agency-Just Where Do They Dig These People Up From? says:

      Are you high? Labour STARTED the breakup of the UK with the introduction of the Scotish Parliament, Stormont and the Welsh Assembly! Talk about typical Socialist amnesia. UKIP-Wacist biggots, fucking Labour-War Criminals who are also guilty of British Cultural Genocide. In fact, you’re so fucking stupid I ain’t wasting any more breath on you. MORONIC TIT.


  5. 7
    Farage is are Hero says:

    More spin from the LIBLABCON.

    Join UKIP if you love Hard Work and St George.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 16
      Ctesibius says:

      I would have thought that UKippers would oppose St. George – considering he’s Turkish


      • 22
        Farage is are Hero says:

        St George is patron saint of ENGLAND.

        It probably isn’t your fault that you are a victim of Labour’s education policies.

        Liked by 1 person

        • 57
          A Man From Slough says:

          Yes, St. George is the patron saint of England. But he was a Roman citizen, born in Palestine to a family that came from Anatolia, i.e. modern Turkey. It wasn’t until the 14th century that he came to be associated strongly with England.

          In short, Mr. Ctesibius has his facts right.


      • 25
        Bill Quango MP says:

        Anyone seen any car flags yet?


      • 39
        Migration watch says:

        St George was Cappadocian Greek. At the time he lived, the Turks still lived in central Asia.


    • 23
      Peon says:

      don’t *love* hard work, but it’s better than living off the state


    • 33
      Mr Nobody says:

      St George was introduced by the Normans, England’s true patron saint is St Edmund. Forget the red cross on a white background too. England’s original flag was a white dragon on a red background.

      As for Ukip, anyone who would let Twelvety Balls in as chancellor through the back door is no patriot.


      • 59
        A Man From Slough says:

        And Britain’s (not England’s, note) first known saint is of course Saint Alban, our protomartyr.


      • 68
        Mr Green says:

        Those who vote Labour would let in miliballs.

        Vote UKIP – Cameron has already lost.


      • 76
        UKIP's Cillit Bang-Cleaning Up Shit Wherever I Find It. says:

        Vote Labour, get the EU
        Vote Liberal, get the EU (and get your fucking head examined while you’re at it)
        Vote Conservative, get the EU
        Vote UKIP, get out the EU and a Federal UK

        Nice little wacist gibe about UKIP though. Really, you Socialist trolls need to try harder. Wanting out the EU isn’t Wacist, it’s a right of ANY and ALL Country’s to be able to Govern themselves, the only problem is, you Socialist pigs don’t like it. BTW, why do you support a Scotish, Welsh and NI Parliament, yet would deny England one? You’re nothing short of a self-loathing, Guardian-reading Hypocrite.


  6. 8
    Howdy do dere honey says:

    “Black Friday” in the City indeed.

    FTSE 100 6766.13
    -76.98 -1.12%


  7. 10
    Steve Miliband says:

    Miliband Ed Minister Prime material is not


  8. 11
    Fred says:

    A face that could be smacked a million times.


  9. 13
    Bill Quango MP says:

    “Labour` Hardworking Britain Better Off”

    Just random words put in a sentence.

    “Hard Labour Working Britain Off Better” makes about as much sense.

    Still it beats the previous
    Onenashionhardworkinglabourbetteroffcostoflivingcrisis that the lobby fodder mumble at every interview on any subject.


  10. 20
    Derek Chatham says:

    It’s because Labour are the party of welfare spongers and union shirkers so they try a label to fool the public. Marketing 101


    • 50
      Cinna says:

      That’s the reason they are so popular in Scotland. Still, less than 100 days now and with any luck we’ll be shot of them.


  11. 24
    anon says:

    Slogan Suggestion Time. (Grammar optional)

    ‘Trust us. We are Marxists.’

    ‘Vote for us. We only spend other peoples money.’

    ‘Labour: The Alternative To Prosperity.’

    ‘Labour: Destroying Fascist Britain Slice By Slice.’


    • 43
      Vlad the Loudhailer says:

      Vote Labour “Poverty for All”


    • 61
      A Man From Slough says:

      Churchill put it best:

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”


  12. 27
    Farage is are Hero says:

    You know what you need to do…

    …vote UKIP in May and see greatness return to this formerly magnificent scepteted isle of ours.

    Ukip Will bring the unions and communist LIBLABCON and EUSSR to heel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 41
      Mr Nobody says:

      How will they manage that without any MPs? All they will do is let Ed Balls in to become chancellor.


  13. 28
    Anonymous says:

    Labour : Hardworking Britain Bugger Off


  14. 29
    Rickytshirt says:

    Ed’s plan B has just been despatched:



  15. 34
    BrindleFlyer says:

    One sided view – 2% thought it was very good.


  16. 35
    eadav says:

    ‘ it is ungrammatical; and it is meaningless.’

    Well, yes, but the first won’t be noticed by a sufficient number of voters to affect the outcome and the second is an essential requirement for any slogan.


  17. 38
    Common sense says:

    Labour: Hardworking Britain better off without Labour


  18. 44
    Dan Foster says:

    It’s up there with “A Future Fair For All”.

    I still want my free tickets to the future fair.


  19. 48
    Don't Over Estimate Ed says:

    Feckless, benny scrounging, yoofs Britain better off. Vote Labour!

    Thats the payroll vote done.


  20. 49
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Why can’t we shoot the unemployable?


    • 64
      Harmless chemical warfare says:

      Did you forget about the ‘no money left’ for bullets bit?


    • 69
      Unbalanced Views says:

      We used ot, or at least get those nice Germans to do it for us – we need a war in europe to thin out the unemployable


  21. 62
    Fred says:

    “Hardworking” has had its day, sick of hearing it.

    Why can’t we just be normal?


  22. 65
    Confusrd says:

    “Hardworking Britain Better Off “??????

    I thought that there was a “Cost of living crisis” !!!!!


  23. 66
    Fred the pensioner says:

    What a good idea – you and me both!


  24. 70
    MadCritic says:

    (1) Unemployment benefit map shows party political divide (The Guardian, Thursday 26 January 2012) : “Twelve of the 15 seats with highest percentage of claimants are held by Labour, while lowest claimant areas are mostly Tory or Lib Dem seats”


    (2) Coalition v shadow cabinet: whose constituencies are worse hit by unemployment? (The Guardian, Wednesday 16 March 2011) : “New research shows Labour MPs harder hit than Coalition members when it comes to unemployment in their constituencies.”


    (3)Hard-working families forced to pay extra £528 extra on council tax bills to cover £2.4BILLION debt left by people who refuse to pay (Daily Mail, 12 January 2014) : “Nine out of the 10 worst councils for collecting council tax are Labour-run”



    • 71
      Zack Smith says:

      (1) Unemployment benefit map shows party political divide (The Guardian, Thursday 26 January 2012) : “Twelve of the 15 seats with highest percentage of claimants are held by Labour, while lowest claimant areas are mostly Tory or Lib Dem seats”.

      (2) Coalition v shadow cabinet: whose constituencies are worse hit by unemployment? (The Guardian, Wednesday 16 March 2011) : “New research shows Labour MPs harder hit than Coalition members when it comes to unemployment in their constituencies.”

      (3)Hard-working families forced to pay extra £528 extra on council tax bills to cover £2.4BILLION debt left by people who refuse to pay (Daily Mail, 12 January 2014) : “Nine out of the 10 worst councils for collecting council tax are Labour-run”.


  25. 72

    Surely they should have had:

    I’m with stupid

    And an arrow.


  26. 73

    Hard scrounging layabouts, piss off, innit?


  27. 79
    Master Yoda-earning a bit of extra cash on the side by slogan writing says:

    MMMmmmmm…..Write that I did!


  28. 80
    David Cameron says:

    Be fair plebs…Ed hates success and so do I so he’s not all bad. Vote Conservative for punitive taxes on success! Toodlepip…


  29. 82
    Wonga says:

    Scroungers deserve less is a much better slogan.


  30. 84
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Just add the word “out” and it would make for a very popular slogan.


  31. 85
    Anonymous says:

    “I asked members if “Hardworking Britain Better Off” was an effective slogan”
    How about: Ed’s Version Of Reality. You’re Welcome… to it.


  32. 89
    esta says:

    interesting ..


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