June 13th, 2014

Hague: “I Am No Longer in the Closet”

The Foreign Secretary’s photo op with Brangelina while the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is deployed in Iraq earns him a bashing on the front page of the Mail this morning. Speaking to Woman’s Hour this week, Hague defended spending time campaigning with Hollywood A-listers:

Jenni Murray: “You’re no longer in the closet?”

William Hague: “I am no longer in the closet.”

That explains it: he is a closet feminist…


  1. 1
    Ed Miliband says:



    • 15
      táxpáyér says:

      Nigel Farage MEP
      “Delighted that Beppe Grillo’s 5 Star Movement has overwhelmingly voted to join forces with UKIP in the European Parliament. “


    • 20
      Bert says:

      I saw that Jenni Murray once in the Everglades. She was about two feet below the surface, with a few others of her kind, browsing on the waving green fronds of kelp.

      Footnote: the omniscient Wikipedia informs us that ‘the word “dugong” derives from the Tagalog term dugong which was in turn adopted from the Malay duyung, both meaning “lady of the sea”. Other common local names include “sea cow”, “sea pig” and “sea camel”.’


    • 27
      Handycock whipping it out says:

      I am out of the closet too and definitely innocent of all charges against me. I will not be standing down as an MP, if I did, who would pay for my extended holidays in my villa in Spain, bought for me by my grateful boys for planning permissions granted. Boaz.



      • 34
        Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street says:

        Are your boys paying your legal costs as usual Handy? Please don’t forget to remind them that I want a villa in Spain just like yours. Jahbulon.


      • 85
        RWG says:

        Who wouldn’t turn to Penny?


      • 93

        Voters in Portsmouth South snub Mike Hancock and turn to Penny Mordaunt

        Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock. Picture: Chris Ison/PA Wire
        Published on the
        13 June

        Print this
        Have your say!

        CITY MP Penny Mordaunt says she is feeling the strain as voters turn their back on Mike Hancock because of the scandal surrounding his alleged conduct.

        Ms Mordaunt, who represents Portsmouth North, has seen a 15 per cent rise in her workload as Mr Hancock’s constituents in the south of the city seek her support and guidance instead.

        And she says more women are visiting her Hilsea office as they refuse to deal with Mr Hancock because he is accused of sexually assaulting a female constituent.

        Some residents are confused about whether he is still an MP, as he is in a Priory clinic in Hampshire being treated for depression and recovering from heart problems.

        It again raises the question over whether Mr Hancock should stand down before next year’s General Election if he is too unwell to do his duties.

        Ms Mordaunt said: ‘It has been a strain as there has been an increase in our workload. But my team have been great and supportive and been able to come up with the goods.

        ‘We have had to tell people that we cannot take up general enquiries, but clearly if someone comes to us and is in difficulty, and has a genuine crisis, then I can’t turn those people away.

        ‘Mike has several issues – there is the matter of ill health and people feel they cannot go to him.’

        As previously reported, a High Court hearing over the civil case lodged by Mr Hancock’s alleged victim is no longer happening on Monday while discussions take place over a potential settlement and an apology by the MP. An announcement is expected to be made within days about the future of the civil proceedings.

        The Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards says that while there are no rules against an MP taking up another member’s enquiries, it is good practice to make them aware of what they are doing.

        Ms Mordaunt said she hadn’t been able to do that since Mr Hancock hadn’t been around.

        A spokesman for Mr Hancock insists he is still active.

        “He said: ‘Mike Hancock and his office team have dealt with hundreds of inquiries, problems and issues from constituents over the past few months, including over 100 in person at advice centres, and are continuing to do so.

        ‘They have also received inquiries from Havant, Gosport, Portsmouth North and Meon Valley constituencies which they have either forwarded on to the relevant MP or given out the relevant MPs’ details.’

        Mr Hancock was unavailable for comment.”


        • 94

          Sorry Handycock .Just meant to paste the relevant para but not unlike diaorrhea the whole article came out in an uncontrolled burst …


          • Handycock whipping it out says:

            It is all untrue. I am a hardworking MP, the people of Portsmouth love me and appreciate the fact that I pay close attention, especially to the younger, more attractive, female members of my constituency. Anyway what is wrong with a bit of slap and tickle on taxpayer’s money, I have been doing it for years? Boaz.


          • Chief Constable, Hampshire Police says:

            By rights, Hampshire Police should now be cahrging Handy for perverting the course of justice and abuse of power, as he denied these allegations when he gave a statement to the police. However, Hampshire police are the most masonic police force after the Yorkshire police in the country and Handy visits many of our Lodges as a guest. So I guess we will be turning a blind eye as usual. Jachin.


  2. 2
    Dodgy D. Laws says:

    Come out and pay your rent !


  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Palestine never had a problem with a little bit of immigration


    • 16
      táxpáyér says:

      Until it got filled with those kicked out of Jordan by the Jordanians.


    • 63
      Shlomo says:

      Oy Vey! That’s an anti semi tic remark! You are a neo nasty!
      As the chosen vones we have a right to take land and money in any way ve vant.
      Anyway, 80% of MPs support it by being our friends.


  4. 4
    nell says:

    I don’t know why hague should be bashed over i r a q.

    Where is bliar? – it’s his i r a q war that has led to this situation – he is now the middle e a s t p e a c e envoy, for which he’s paid loadsamoney so why isn’t he out there bringing p e a c e? And where is he anyway? Because he app e a r s to be in hiding.


    • 6
      Anonymous says:

      They pay him to stay away,he’s caused nothing but trouble


    • 24
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      On QT last night Chris Brant said he and IDS voted for the war in Iraq. This looks like labour’s tactic to confront Chilcot. Labour ” it’s not our fault because the tories voted to go into Iraq”. You can see labour’s game a mile off.
      No mention that Blair lied!
      The media are just as bad, where is their attack on Blair?


      • 30
        The Labour Party says:

        The Tories are guilty of believing us! Stupid evil Tories!


      • 49
        Al Campbell says:






        • 65
          Give him the needle, nurse says:

          Oh Dear, Nurse. Such a shame to see regression in what had been promising case. I think we need to increase his sedatives and we’ll add a large dose of lithium. And I think we’ll put him back in the ‘jacket. No point letting him near anything sharp, he’s clearly a danger. Keep his door locked and exclude visitors. Oh yes, and have the ward cat kept in Sister’s room, don’t want it ending up as another victim of his attempts to prove he’s the Messiah with the power to bring stuff back from the dead. Talking of which, did I see Blair looking to make a come back?


        • 106
          Anonymous says:

          Off is the general direction in which I wish YOU would fuck.


      • 57
        bergen says:

        Very stupidly IDS did not believe Blair was would lie to Parliament. If the “dodgy dossier” looked weak it was because there was intelligence that could not be made public to protect the source. Big mistake. Blair was a lying narcissist who would do anything to avoid losing face with America.


      • 67
        The Growler says:

        There weren’t many Tories who did not vote for war in Iraq, those in the Tory parliamentary party MUST have known after 3/4 years how B’Liar operated, or they were they as bedazzled in the same way as the Lieborites, or was it that Fawkesy wasn’t there to advise them?


        • 83
          Village Idiot says:

          …When a Prime Minister of the United Kingdom stands up at the despatch box and tells the listening country about the threat from Iraqs WMD, the tendency has been to believe what our then PM said!…Turns out, he fibbed to us, worse, he knew it was a fib, or at least an exaggeration !…For this, and what followed, I shall never trust anything that comes out of politicians mouths!


          • Twozin Portside says:

            There are white lies, fibs, whoppers, bare faced lies and so on up the scale. What Blair did was an evil act of deception, previously unthinkable in the holder of such high office, aimed purely to elevate his standing as an international statesman and born again Messiah. The man is pure evil, as I have said since the first moment I saw him. He is also a traitor to his country, to NATO, to Christianity. He has no moral commitment to anything other than seeking recognition of his own greatness.

            That this country, nor the international community, has taken reasonable steps to have him brought to book is probably down to blackmail collateral that he holds on many people in power. If he continues to get away with his crimes, the ordinary people of all the countries to which he has done harm will suffer more.

            You already see the seeds of a new national socialism in the UK and in other countries. Whilst we continue to allow the self appointed, pseudo intellectual ‘elites’ of the political classes to rule over us, we are doomed forever to be victims of their wickedness and stupidity. History will keep repeating until we stop obeying idiots and lunatics.


          • AliBaba and Others says:

            I blame Blair for Global Warming, the Floods, Wind Turbines, solar panels, the weather, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, the Isle of Wight and, oh so much more.
            Is that right he’s collared some £70 Million? Wow, what a geezer, makes Del Boy look useless.


    • 40
      Tom Catesby . says:

      Blair should be being pursued by press and media over this, I haven’t heard a word.


  5. 5
    inside out says:

    Politics is showbiz for ugly people,but you can dream as you run shoulders with the beautiful people.Shallow twat.


    • 73
      The Growler says:

      As soon as I saw that “out of the closet” bit I though yeeesssss as hinted in the photo reminding us of Little Willie with his good friend. Maybe Willie wants to become a “luvie” move into show business, as a “screen god” there are not too many baldy film stars about nowadays, star maybe as a Yul Brynner type character (his accent is getting better as it should after 30 years of speach training)


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not tempted, personally.


  7. 8
    Mark Menzies,Moderator says:

    Better late than never !


  8. 9
    Vote Tory for unlimited immigration says:

    “Hexthorpe has a population of 3,300 and 500 Roma residents, most of whom are said to have arrived since January when entry rules to the UK were relaxed.
    Villagers claim Roma groups are fly-tipping and leaving litter in the streets. They say they make so much noise at night that elderly residents have to sleep with ear plugs, while others are scared to go outside.”



    • 22
      Terrified of another Labour government says:

      It was Labour’s doing in the main-remember Home Secretary Blunkett (a Sheffield MP) who said he saw ‘no upper limit on immigration’. Funny how the BBC etc don’t ever call him to account, or even report on the issue. Has it featured on their regional news?


    • 76
      The Growler says:

      Hexthorpe, there is a large asian population in Hexthorpe, an area divided by a railway line


    • 101
      Rose Lee (gypsy) says:

      That’s just prejudice. The council should issue them each with a new caravan, and space to park. After all, we ARE in the EU.

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    • 110
      Tony & Gordon says:

      Why don’t the villagers sod off to Romania and stop moaning. These people are our new friends.

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  9. 10
    Neil Hamilton, UKIP spokesman says:

    A Prime Minister is not allowed out in any circumstance. He is expected to work all hours.


  10. 11
    MB. says:

    One of the Mail’s more stupid front pages. Presumably they oppose Angelina Jolie’s campaign on violence against women and believe the PM and all Ministers should remain in their offices 24/7?


    • 19
      táxpáyér says:

      Er more female victimology. The conference is a load of crap. I’m betting taxpayers are funding this display of preening narcissism!

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      • 32
        Socialism = Starvation says:

        There were adverts on London Underground trains inviting people to go to the conference. It’s all one agitprop tax-funded scam.

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      • 102
        Rupert........ says:

        Of course we must stop rape. Very unhealthy – you could catch anything.
        Willie is doing a fine job. Coming out of the closet was a brave move.

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    • 32
      Jock Strapp says:

      Utter crap written by a Polly Filler type called Jan Moir, who also has a piece on ‘venomous tartan trolls’ who make her ashamed to be Scottish!


    • 81
      What a fucking mess, take a bow you pricks !. says:

      The luvies are stating the bleeding obvious. Rape is a crime and has been for centuries. Rape in war is a war crime and has been for centuries. Nobody tolerates it except for the perpetrators. WTF are they hoping to achieve ?


  11. 12
    Sebwell Coe says:

    What’s all this?


  12. 14

    So is he a poof, or not?

    I think we should be told.


    • 21
      Mr Logic says:

      If he looks like a poof, walks like a poof, and shares a hotel bedroom with a young man, then he’s probably a poof.

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    • 23
      David Cameron says:

      You have to be bent to be in the bumsex and windmill party.

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      • 75
        Anon & not a friend of Dave's Bum Sex Party says:

        With all of this large number of people coming out of the closet,

        are the stock levels for Vasilene adequate….????

        nothing like easing this into thrust of the discussion

        rather than just shuving it straight in via the back door

        which could be very raw & painfull. And of course all of these

        fornication extra’s for there pleasure of buggery will be

        charged to the public purse as toiletries but what else

        do you expect from these parasites, pimps & perverts

        aka MPs who’s debauched luxury lifestyle must be of

        no interest to Joe Public but who will continue to pick

        up all of the costs & No questions must be asked !!

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    • 80
      Bunny says:

      Oh yes!


  13. 17
    Wee Willie Hague says:

    Good morning Mr Pitt can I call you Brad, just one question Brad have you ever seen a Home Secretary naked?


  14. 26
    Patrick O'Flynn says:

    Nigel Farage “drinks, smokes too much,and claims too much in allowances”, says his wife Kirsten – Telegraph http://ow.ly/xq2Zx

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  15. 29
    RWG says:

    “One of the Mail’s more stupid front pages.”

    Now, that takes some doing..

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    • 44
      Cameron is an insufferable PC socialist. says:

      The best one was when they condemned Ed Miliband’s dad, Adolph, for supporting Hitler, conveniently forgetting that they supported Hitler, too. Although not once war had broken out.

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      • 78
        The Growler says:

        That’s true, Churchill had him in the cabinet so any wrong move and Northcliffe would have been no more as a traitor, I wonder if Churchill ever actually really trusted him?

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      • 79
        Neville Chamberlain - I demand a recount says:

        In 1936, the whole Country were tolerant of Germany and it’s recovery of territory removed by the Treaty of Versailles. The Monarchy and Parliament saw no compelling reason to jump up and down and, apart from which neither we nor the Treaty Nations or League of Nations had any means of enforcing the Treaty terms or threats. Only some of the Press supported War and Churchill, eg Beaverbrook, bracken and others. But for Chamberlain’s terminal illness that let Churchill into power, Miliband Snr would have been detained at the Border and sent back Russia.

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        • 104
          Fred Vichy. says:

          Don’t worry, old Frau Merkel will sort it all out. If not, she will resort to their usual way of doing business.


  16. 31
    Viperous Old Vince says:



  17. 42
    jdseanjd says:

    Next, it’ll be compulsory.


  18. 47

    Looks like Cameron has either gone full retard, or native:

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 52
      Cameron is an insufferable PC socialist. says:

      Roughly translated, “Look, I’m implementing Sharia law as fast as I can and forcing everyone to respect your wonderful religion by threatening them with prison, so please don’t attack us, parts of Britain are already Islamic and the rest will follow soon, I promise you! (And that’s a real promise, not a dodgy cast-iron promise)”


    • 54
      Google translate says:

      Rise my Muslim brothers and revel in the joys of bumsex.

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    • 66
      Shlomo says:

      GB should be run according to 4x2ish law like the US!

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  19. 56
  20. 58
  21. 59
    W. Hague says:

    I used to drink fourteen pints a day, you know.

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  22. 60
    LOL says:

    Miliband claimed today that he was merely expressing his support for the England team and not the newspaper.

    “Ed Miliband was supporting England’s bid to win the world cup,” a spokesperson said.


  23. 61
    Owen Jones,champagne quaffing and cigar smoking socialist says:

    Morning my chums –

    I’m at Lords all day for the Test Match.

    Lunchbreak, nursery end, Veuve Clicquot bar anyone?


  24. 62

    Good point from Home Office, but their real problems are really just beginning:

    Current estimates are c. 3000 European Foreign Fighters currently involved in ME. US should be concerned as being European passport holders they are eligible for Visa Waiver… The numbers are not good and this is a real and growing national security problem.

    Vote UKIP :-D


    • 111
      Mollytoyboy says:

      That Blair ‘bloke and Georgie Boy, seem to be very close, and happy? Are they coming out? What’s the difference between Out and In? Where’s my drink?

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  25. 64
    Nigel"I've always wanted to be a stand up comedian" Farage says:

    I walked up to a prostitute last night, stared at her tits and said, “How much?”

    “£50.” she replied.

    “Thought so,” I said, “They’re probably the worst implants I’ve ever seen.”

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  26. 69
    albacore says:

    Is that a water closet he ain’t in?
    Well, these days, owt goes and nowt is a sin
    So, if she was wearing a nice, stout mac
    She might even invite the poor guy back

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  27. 89
    William Hague MP says:

    Brad Pitt was absolutely gorgeous in that film…what is it called again? Bareback Mountain?

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  28. 92
    ned ludd says:

    Bumboys Mounting is Hague’s favourite.

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  29. 108
    the cumbrian says:

    Talking about bumsex. Any news regarding Rory the tory Stewart.

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  30. 109
    esta says:

    you are revealeedddd


  31. 113
    Mr Ed says:

    I’ve got a horrible feeling I’m not gonna get out of this alive. Life, I mean.


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