June 13th, 2014

GUY NEWS REPORT: Victim of Bullying MP Speaks Out
Former Intern Victim of “Bullying” By Female Labour MP

Today’s Guy News special report brings you the story of a young woman who worked for a well-known female Labour MP before she became elected in 2010. The former intern, whom we are calling Sarah and whose voice we are disguising, claims that she was the victim of “bullying” by the MP, that the MP would be “aggressive” and that she made her assistant cry on several occasions:

“She used to scream at us all the time. She wouldn’t let us out of the office for a cigarette together, she made us go individually because she was paranoid we would talk about her. She didn’t even like us going out for lunch at the same time. She’d say: “you’re talking about me, you’re talking about me”. She would get shouty and aggressive.

“I worked with her at XXX. This was 2008, 2009.  We didn’t think she did any work for XXX. A lot of it was to do with XXX wanting to get selected. Going up and down the country all the time. We were surprised when she did get selected because she didn’t seem human.

One of my friends became XXX’s assistant. She said she had taken photocopies of her expenses in case XXX ever sacked her. Her office was upstairs and we would often hear her screaming at her assistant. She made her cry a few times.

She would go on trips and disappear, her boyfriend was an MP at the time, XXX. A lot of that was expensed, a lot of dinners, entertaining and travel that was not XXX related, going to Birmingham to see XXX.

If there was a briefing that went out to MPs, even if there wasn’t a mistake, she’d question why something was done a certain way. She shouted at me, she belittled me. She’d say “why did you do that, why did you do that… I can’t believe you spent two hours on this. This is terrible.”

Some of the guys had a slightly better time. I think she was tougher on female employees than the males ones. I left because it was such a horrible environment, I never thought anyone would pick her up on it. There was a conspiracy of silence not to criticise her, you don’t want to cause trouble. She did what she did and nobody said anything. I thought it was incredibly unfair she had got away with it. I know she has gone through a lot of staff. A woman called XXX was brought in to keep XXX away from the interns.  No one who worked there liked or respected her, a lot of the ex-staff at XXX feel like that.

It was a small office and she was the boss so there was nowhere to go. The snappiness, shouting, the frostiness. This sort of thing happened a couple of times a week at least. I’d put it in the bullying category because it was so continual. My opinion is she is just cold and paranoid, a lot of it is driven by paranoia. I think it is remarkable that she’s got away with it for so long.

I’ve had ambitious female bosses before and they’ve not been like that. I think ambitious people are brilliant but there’s certain ways of doing things… it wasn’t the ambition. It was about discomfort in her own skin, not having confidence. It was difficult to believe a woman can be so horrible.”

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in today’s Guy News Special Report, you can call the Guido Fawkes hotline on 0709 284 0531, anonymously and in complete confidence. You don’t need to suffer in silence…


  1. 1
    Sunny Jim says:

    Name and shame please


    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      Heidi Alexander Lewisham East, 2010-present
      Rushanara Ali Bethnal Green & Bow, 2010-present
      Luciana Berger Liverpool Wavertree, 2010-present
      Jenny Chapman Darlington, 2010-present
      Stella Creasy Walthamstow, 2010-present
      Margaret Curran Glasgow East, 2010-present
      Gemma Doyle Dunbartonshire West, 2010-present
      Julie Elliott Sunderland Central, 2010-present
      Yvonne Forvargue Makerfield, 2010-present
      Sheila Gilmour Edinburgh East, 2010-present
      Patricia Glass Durham North West, 2010-present
      Mary Glindon Tyneside North, 2010-present
      Kate Green Stretford & Urmston, 2010-present
      Lilian Greenwood Nottingham South, 2010-present
      Julie Hilling Bolton West, 2010-present
      Cathy Jamieson Kilmarnock & Loudoun, 2010-present
      Susan Elan Jones Clwyd South, 2010-present
      Liz Kendall Leicester West, 2010-present
      Shabana Mahmood Birmingham Ladywood, 2010-present
      Alison McGovern Wirral South, 2010-present
      Catherine McKinnell Newcastle upon Tyne North, 2010-present
      Lisa Nandy Wigan, 2010-present
      Pamela Nash Airdrie & Shotts, 2010-present
      Fiona O’Donnell East Lothian, 2010-present
      Chi Onwurah Newcastle upon Tyne Central, 2010-present
      Teresa Pearce Erith & Thamesmead, 2010-present
      Bridget Phillipson Houghton & Sunderland South, 2010-present
      Gloria de Piero Ashfield, 2010-present
      Yasmin Qureshi Bolton South East, 2010-present
      Rachel Reeves Leeds West, 2010-present
      Emma Reynolds Wolverhampton North East, 2010-present
      Valerie Vaz Walsall South, 2010-present


    • 19
      Stella, 37 says:

      It’s not me. I’m always much nicer to the girls than the boys. In fact I’d rather not employ any men as they have a habit of offending my good friend Caroline Cardio-Penis.


      • 55
        A viscious lying cheating two-faced bully, econonicaaly illiterate sanctimonious shitbag says:

        No-one ever complained about me! – and in any case, I prefer MEN!


    • 50

      If you promised the intern you’d anonymise the story she’ll be thrilled with this.


    • 83
      Famished says:

      I could murder a burger


    • 120

      No wonder she was bullied …. she NEVER stops talking ….


    • 146
      Joe Soap. says:

      Bet she does not put burgers on her food expenses.


  2. 2

    They are all either perves, thieves, conmen or a combination


  3. 3
    Spartacus says:

    where is the ukip smear in all this?

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  4. 4
    Jack says:

    This must be LB

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 5
    BrindleFlyer says:

    So who is it?
    It cannot be too difficult to identify with the clue of Birmingham and the boyfriend who was an MP too. Then lets get the expenses.


  6. 6
    One of Labour's beloved Muzzies says:

    See? See? Western women are white whores.


  7. 8
    Ed Moribund says:

    Gloria in excelsis Deo!


  8. 9
    semolina pilchard says:

    Not naming names Guido?


  9. 10
    Idon'tneednodoctor says:

    Are her initials L.B.?


  10. 13
    Charlie says:

    This is interesting and disturbing, clearly, but with all the XXXs, it is essentially meaningless. Legal requirements prevent publication, I understand that, but have you put this to the person in question, or the Parliamentary authorities. What are the next steps?


    • 21
      anon says:

      You think the person in question or any sort of parliamentary authority is going to give the public something approaching the truth?
      Better to just contact an employment lawyer and proceed with the bullying charges, sell the story to the meeja and generally fuck her career -sounds like she shouldn’t be representing anyone in the House anyway.


      • 112
        Frgsbl says:

        But… if she were a “special” one from a shyster people who also control meeja and banking then obviously such persecution would be anti-hermetic.


    • 32
      No coffee spilled today - so far says:

      I demand a judge-led enquiry into women.


    • 44
      jgm2 says:

      All the clues are there. The ‘defence’ when the Maximum Imbecile was blaming every other fucker for his own incompetence and throwing office furniture around was that ‘He gets frustrated when others fail to live up to his own high standards’.

      That’ll be the story here too.

      ‘Work harder, do more, do better, so I can steal the plaudits for your hard work to make me look good.’

      She sounds like a nasty piece of work.


    • 155
      Proud to pay for some fat slob to go watch the footie in Brasil says:

      Trouble is getting someone to go on record. If one of her advisors decided to give up on Westminster and go be a housewife, and therefore have nothing to lose, she would have trouble getting anyone in a similar position to corroborate.
      If its not on film, it didn’t happen.


  11. 15
    Granny says:

    Yes, but is this newly elected Labour lady MP pretty? That excuses a lot, in my book!


  12. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Not the biggest story you could ‘uncover’ is it?


  13. 18
    Gordon McBreath says:

    if the interns got too uppity I threw a Nokia 3210 at them.


  14. 22
    Burl_esque says:

    I once knew a woman who swallowed a horse.
    She was Labour of course!


  15. 23
    Hamish says:

    Description fits most of the 2010 intake.


  16. 24
    Mr angry says:

    So it has taken her four years to open her gob.

    If people had been told this prior to the last Election we could have had a Tory landslide.

    The intern has a lot to answer for .


  17. 27
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Looks like a few lefties have had big mouthful of Furburger.

    Not really difficult to work out who this is.


  18. 29
    nastyparty says:

    ‘It was difficult to believe a woman can be so horrible.’
    She’s Labour for God’s sake, what else do you expect?!!!!


    • 34
      Lets short the Euro says:

      I always thought Labour blokes were Hunts.


      • 52
        Sod UKIP says:

        Or Tristram Hand-Shandys….


        • 66
          still walking into darkness says:

          Good old Tristram, there’s a bloke who knows what it means to be working class


          • Unthinking Labour-voting morlocks says:

            We voted for him anyway.

            An effete metropolitan wanker parachuted in by Mandelson and we shortlisted him, selected him as our PPC and then we voted him in.

            Because he’s Labour.


          • Don't blame anyone in Stoke. says:

            No one in Stoke-on-Trent short listed anyone on any Labour long or short list in 2010.


  19. 33
    Lard Everard - Giant Cockroach says:

    At least we LibDems don’t bully women.

    We ‘inadvertently invade their space’.


    • 157
      Proud to pay for some fat slob to go watch the footie in Brasil says:

      And then “inadvertently let our hand slip down their dress.”


  20. 35
    Steve Miliband says:

    perhaps she should take out an advert to apologise in The Sun? That would do the trick


  21. 37
    Lucy Burger says:

    I knowz.


  22. 43
    Somewhat of a trend says:

    We were surprised when she did get selected because she didn’t seem human.

    Labour should promote her and provide the electorate with a Weird Ed and XXX dream ticket


  23. 51
    Pleb who must get on with my masters wishes says:

    If you do not kowtow to your leaders ever whim and promote their propaganda you know what will happen to you



  24. 54
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    I’m in danger of agreeing with Owen Jones about something. There is a place I go for help, yes?


    • 60
      Nick Clegg says:

      Was it this reported comment?

      Take up arms against insurgents, Owen Jone surges Iraqis as more towns fall.


      • 65
        Peter Hitchens says:

        Fundamentalists love pooves

        Welcome to Basra Owen , your crucifix is on the left

        We are equal opportunity barbarians


    • 62
      Peter Hitchens says:

      Does it involve a mutual desire for hot sweaty man love?


  25. 61
    Peter Hitchens says:

    I’m calling for a century’s silence as a mark of respect, plus I fucking hate listening to whiney self pitying scousers


  26. 64
  27. 68
    Luciania is not a socialist name! says:

    There was only one Labour MP in Birmingham who stood down in 2010 in favour of of an All-Dromey shortlist!

    Sion Simon, former boyfriend of Luciana Berger and now shockingly MEP for West Mids!


  28. 69
    Restless in Godalming says:

    Guido, I’m surprised you’re being coy about the name as you ran a piece last week about Luciana Berger and her going through staff like a Kennington Tandoori curry through a Speaker…


  29. 70
    ISIS says:

    Birmingham; All that is good in Politics and management of Local Government



  30. 71
    The British media are cunts says:

    Fucking hell, Labour apologists on the Daily Politics still standing by their invasion of Iraq. These people are fucking mentals.


    • 92
      jgm2 says:

      I thought Labour had already officially apologised. I seem to remember David Miliband getting very cross at Harman for loudly applauding the apology. Probably because she was one of the people who, for the sake of her career, went along with the lie in the first place.


  31. 72
    The British media are cunts says:

    Labour calling for more war in Iraq

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    • 76
      Point Of Order says:

      Mullah Owen Jones only called for volunteering to join the armed defence, it was NOT a general call for Jihad.


    • 80
      FN SLR says:

      Relax the Army is now smaller than the Vatican’s, so if Labour want to take on the Mad Mardhi they can f_ck off over there and do a bit of close order hand to hand with them.

      This was always going to happen once you removed Hussain one nutter repelaced by lots of nutters. That we wasted the lives of our people for this is the really dsigusitng thing. Any chance that the c_nts that set this whole mess up being brought to account?

      Liked by 1 person

      • 149
        Biffo says:

        As ‘Middle East Peace Envoy’ shouldn’t B’Liar sent off to Iraq pronto?


        • 159
          Proud to pay for some fat slob to go watch the footie in Brasil says:

          He could stand in front of the Mad Mahdi’s army and start with “Look, I’m a reasonable sort of chap. Can’t we just all get along.”


    • 110
      T Blair says:

      Yes please,send more and more powerful weapons, but make sure each side gets an equal share, we want total war in the middle east, let the camel shaggers exterminate each other.


      • 114
        Menachem "butcher" Begin says:

        More powerful weapons yes, loads of them. But don’t give them any nukes of course. As that would risk defeating the purpose – supporting the expansion of Greater Israel (The Mediterranean to the Euphrates, or bust)


  32. 77
    Gordon the one-eyed clown says:

    This is normal behaviour, well it was in my office. What is the fuss about??


  33. 78
    bergen says:

    Too many skeletons for her to rise far in any event. High office would be a gift for the tabloids.


  34. 79
    Eric Pickles says:

    Every day would be the first day of Spring.


  35. 82
    jgm2 says:

    Do her initials begin with Luciana Berger?


  36. 87
    NERMAL says:

    Just a thought wonder if she beat seven shades of crap out of Chucka, at the end of that day he does appear to be bit of a wimp.


  37. 93
    Publish and be Bergered says:

    Can’t wait to see the photos (of the expense claims).


  38. 95
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Yup, Blair jnr., Sion Simon and Chuka Amona to name but two.


  39. 97
    SVR says:

    When the MPs’ expenses scandal broke, Simon found himself in the firing line after it emerged he had used his House of Commons allowance to rent a London flat from his sister, in breach of Commons rules. He made a public pledge to repay £21,000.


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  40. 98
    M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

    Let’s hope that XXX’s assistant gets in touch on the Gu­idophone as she said she had taken photocopies of her expenses in case XXX ever sacked her.

    That lot will make interesting reading and might be worth a bob or two an’ all.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. 100

    Best ever reason to SCRAP THE BBC-LAB LICENCE FEE.


  42. 103
    HenryV says:

    Is this the same XXX as on Graham Jones’ website?


  43. 106
    Luciana Liverpool Scumbag! says:

    This is why Labour must never be allowed into government again. These tossers will be all over Whitehall and this super bitch in particular!

    All linked in with Twatson and his west mids labour mafia of course!


    • 109
      West Mids Ethnic Majority says:

      Twatson really does control the west mids politics I tell you. He tried to have his mate simple sion simon installed as mayor of birmingham and when that didn’t work got his little mate a cushy non job as an MEP. No doubt that’ll also mean lovely salaried jobs for airhead young labour activists too.

      I can only hope that if there is a referendum on EU then the good people of this country vote to leave and we can remove all ME’P’s and their underlings. Also independence for scotland please so we can also remove any chance of Twatson getting a ministerial job!


  44. 117
    John Charlton says:

    Whoever it is (and I think it’s pretty clear!) then she is typical of the type of people who get into politics these days. And just look at where Cabinet Ministers from previous governments of both colours are now – it’s obvious why – power, status & wealth without any risk whatsoever.

    These con artists use the old left/right paradigm to masquerade as representatives of the people. The Left for the working class – to get a bigger share of somebody else’s money and the Right for the middle class to protect what they have.

    Meantime, the Bankers & Corporate Exec’s collude with these politicians to rob us all blind.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. 119
    RWG says:

    Poor old Guido had to delete one of the best comments I’ve ever made as well…

    This is starting to look tasty…

    Payback is a bitch, and she’s my patron saint!


  46. 122
    Labour Supporter says:

    Should sack her, the MP that is. We are done with the Gordon Browns in this party or least I hope we are.

    Surprised at the lack of comments like – she was harder on female staff than male staff. Such an allegation was made against Paul Nuttals or Nigel Farragi. You lot would be up arms calling it a smear.


  47. 125
    bitchslap says:

    she learned the shouty bullying employer stuff from working in the family business methinks you’ll find – Daddy sacked a lot of people many of whom are very willing to talk


  48. 127

    If it is L.B. it won’t make a ha’porth of difference to the tribal residents of Scouseland. They’d vote for her if she got caught cutting off the heads of newborn babies in the local Merseyside maternity unit. In fact a cardboard cut-out would be elected if it was shown wearing a red rosette. Brainless pillocks the lot of ‘em!


  49. 128
    Dodgy Looks says:

    I’ll bet ond Flinty has a temper to match that angry face!


    • 142
      Bob cuntface Crow says:

      I would rather fuck Flint than Turdberger but I wouldn’t enjoy it.


      • 161
        Proud to pay for some fat slob to go watch the footie in Brasil says:

        She would feel the length and breadth of my tongue. And I hers.


  50. 129
    John says:

    The “employer” sounds like the perfect kind of bullying, narcissistic nasty Hunt who will be quickly promoted within modern politics. Has she been fiddling expenses as well?


  51. 134
    harrythebastard says:

    why the surprise, the typical female labour mp is a grabby moody hysterical Daddy In want a pony bitch. Unless she is Harriet Harman then shes just a walking cliché machine who’s fucking useless

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  52. 137
    England is becoming a third world cess-pit says:
  53. 138
    England is becoming a third world cess-pit says:


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  54. 139
  55. 143
    Anonymous says:

    “Victim of Bullying MP Speaks Out”
    Airline pilots have a reporting system, through which they can register concerns without reprisals. If only there was a similar setup for MP’s employees. Oh, and one for Police Officers to report corruption in their ranks.

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  56. 162
    esta says:

    what just happened


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