June 12th, 2014

Private Members’ Bill Ballot Results in Full

“The Chairman of Ways and Means, Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle MP, drew the names of twenty MPs in reverse order, with the last Member drawn having the first choice of a Private Members’ Bill Friday for their chosen bill.”

1. Andrew George
2. Michael Moore
3. Robert Neill
4. Richard Bacon
5. Jeremy Lefroy
6. Clive Efford
7. Sarah Teather
8. Julian Sturdy
9. Mr Mark Spencer
10. Jonathan Evans
11. Ian Mearns
12. Dan Jarvis
13. Jake Berry
14. Andrew Bingham
15. Yvonne Fovargue
16. John Hemming
17. Mr Christopher Chope
18. Mark Lazarowicz
19. David Davis
20. Martin Horwood

Andrew George, who he? The most rebellious LibDem MP and a strong opponent of the spare room subsidy…


  1. 1
    NN says:

    My private member is not there thank goodness


  2. 2
    House of Condoms says:

    Mr Christopher Chode – who he?

    Is he short and stout?


    • 10
      ed milliband peoples representitive of somewhere up north i have to visit every now and again says:

      it’s known as a max clifford now


  3. 3
    ancientpopeye says:

    All Labour votes if they can win.
    Personally I’m fed up with “giving” of my largesse tax payments by proxy.


  4. 4
    Denis Cooper says:

    I take it that Andrew George will not be picking up the Wharton Bill.

    And nor will Michael Moore, another LibDem.

    So it would have to be the Tory Robert Neill at No 3, and even if he agrees to do it he will be given little time.


  5. 5
    Da'vid I'cke says:

    Andrew George is just another Liz’ard.


  6. 6
    Missing_Butter says:

    I think Richard Bacon should be nominated to approach Cameron in confidentiality to tell him that he’s Toast


  7. 7
    A Clumsy Man with a special kind of ineptness says:



  8. 8
    Lord Pantsdown says:

    Andrew George is probably one of the few MPs with a stiff backbone!


  9. 9
    De_Lesseps says:

    Is Andrew George’s motion to construct a canal between Devon and Cornwall by any chance as a method of siphoning loads of public money away from HS2?


  10. 11
    Libdem MP says:

    I present the house my bill for,

    A weekend away to Amsterdam studying the effect drugs have on a middle aged man of average heights ability to maintain an erection.


  11. 12
    ? says:

    Talking of Rik Andrew George looks a bit of a B’stard in that photo


  12. 13
    Anonymous says:

    “Private Members’ Bill Ballot Results in Full”
    Bills for the Boys, 1.
    Policy selection by people’s majority, irrespective of party affiliation, 0.
    Seems Team Democracy has effectively been eliminated from, and by, the competition.


  13. 14
    Bob from Baghdad says:

    May your balls drop off and you live to see Cherie’s arse grow to fill all your houses infidel.


  14. 15
    A LibDum showing common sense? This cannot be! says:

    “a strong opponent of the spare room subsidy”

    Just to clarify, he’s aginst the spare room subsidy, or he’s against the removal of the spare room subsidy?


    • 47
      Nick Leg says:



    • 84
      Steve P says:

      To be fair to Guido the man himself is confused. From his website:-


      The Liberal Democrat MP for the West Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Constituency of St Ives, Andrew George, will today describe the Government’s “bedroom tax” policy as “immoral” and will (again) vote against the Government in the Commons. He has consistently opposed and voted against the Government’s so called “spare room subsidy”.

      Mr George said, “If Government Ministers are so confident that this is the right policy then they should come down to meet some of my constituents who are affected by it and look them in the eye as they attempt to justify it.


  15. 16
    Owen Jones says:

    I’ll be on the Daily Politics in a couple of hours. With Godfrey Bloom. So…wish me luck..

    Believe that and you’ll believe anything.


    • 20
      Owen Jones's teacher says:

      Well make sure you’re back sharpish after lunch, you’ve got double geography this afternoon.


    • 21
      nell says:

      Should you not be at school?


      • 23
        Owen Jones's teacher says:

        It’s lunch break in a couple of hours. We allow his off the school’s premises at lunchtime (more for his own protection than anything else).


    • 25
      Owen Jones says:

      Yeh but no but yeh….er 25% or something are suffering 15% of the majority of 100% of things like.
      So there.


  16. 17
    St Andrew or St George? says:

    Why has this man got two Christian names and no Surname?


  17. 19
    Jack Dromey says:

    I want Bill and his big black gay cock in private.


  18. 24

    Oh the irony of Daves passport situation !
    Anybody from any part of the world can walk into this country with ease
    Yet the people who live here , cant get out


    • 28
      I chose all three says:

      You know I didn’t know whether to laugh cry or ball me eyes out when I heard that complete clusterfuck solution on the news.
      The country is a loony bin.


    • 29

      My passport runs out next year.

      Wonder if I have left it too late to apply for a renewal! :-D


    • 34
      Vote Tory for unlimited incompetence says:

      Give the poor man a break! Summer holidays are nearly upon us, he’s been handing out citizenship to the world and its dog, how was he to know there’d be a surge in demand? I suppose the passport office could have calculated the number of upcoming renewals based on how many passports were issued ten years ago, less the official mortality rate, but that’s far beyond the ability of the passport office’s staff, what with their GCSE maths.


      • 57
        Socialism is theft says:

        Ed’s cost of living crisis does not quite tally with the mad rush of UK workers seeking foreign holidays.


      • 75
        why oh why oh why says:

        How many are for new arrivals that have been given citizenship? There must be a reason that no-one is reporting why there is an increase of 300,000.


        • 78
          Hex Pat from Hexham says:

          Since you obviously missed it earlier, I’ll repeat:

          Hex Pat from Hexham says:
          June 12, 2014 at 11:37 am

          It could also be that some 300,000 Brits who live abroad and who could previously pop down to the local embassy to get their passports renewed in a few hours, now have to send them all to one small office in the UK to issue a replacement.

          Wotta fuckin cokup.


  19. 26
    Anonymous says:

    Didn`t Andrew George have `spare room ` issues in the expenses scandal?


    • 31
      Grand_Prixs says:

      He must be multicultural because he waves a black flag.


      • 33
        do you mean? says:

        He claimed over £300,000 on a mortgage plus thousands on furnishings for a London flat used as ‘a bolt hole’ by his daughter.


  20. 35
    Dafties says:

    I see turkey neck Cooper is crying about it being ‘really unfair’ for those who have delays in getting their passports….really really unfair.
    Who books a trip without having their passport in order?


    • 51
      Fed Up says:

      They’ve got May on the ropes and they will destroy what’s left of the publics confidence in the home office to get her.
      The pissant politicians win their little battles while the country as a whole loses the war.


  21. 36
    táxpáyér says:

    “Iraq Falls Into Hands of Terrorists | Telegraph”

    Doesn’t mention saudi arabia once. Best journalists money can buy…


    • 41
      Cameron's terrorists says:

      By the way these ISIS terrorists are the same group fighting in Syria, the same group that Dave and Hague are posting arms and money to.


      • 54
        The Tosser in No. 10 says:

        Trust me! – It’s the Right Thing To Do! – I give you my word – and you know me well enough by now!

        And I’m still trying to get a war – just for me!


    • 42
      There are others who dare not speak says:

      nor do the BBC.


  22. 37
    socialist Chridee Outed says:


    • 46
      The witless mong in Number 10 says:

      Oxfam gets lots of taxpayers’ money because I just love pissing-away your cash! I know how to spend it better than you do, you see!

      By the way, I’m shutting your nearest hospital.


    • 48
      OXFAM should be struck off says:

      And how much did that advertising campaign cost the “charity”?


  23. 40
    ████ 'changed my tune ' Hoon says:



    • 49
      Lord Pantsdown of Nobrain-sub-Human says:

      Well they’re clearly discussing two entirely different things, a housing “boom” and a housing “bubble”.

      Quite simply, the best solution to either a bubble or a boom is to bring in more immigrants to build houses to house immigrants. It is sensible, brave, progressive and inclusive policies such as this that put the LibDems at the forefront of British politics today.


  24. 50
    The SAME terrorists that Cameron and Hague are supporting in Syria with OUR money says:


    • 53
      táxpáyér says:

      don’t forget those loverly saudis.


      • 63
        Cameron blinded by hatred for Asad says:

        It begins at home mate and our Parlianment should be made accountable for arming this lot.

        Old Basher said a year ago that Cameron was wrong and these terrorists were trying to not only take Syria but the whole region. But Cameron and Hague were blinded by their hatred for him and went ahead and supported the Islamic terrorists

        They will lock up the odd young lad from Bradford wh goes over to fight yet THEY (Cameron Hague) are the ones who are providing the money and the hard support for Isis


        • 79
          Hex Pat from Hexham says:

          Does our PM have a penchant for sunny muzzies rather than shitty ones?

          Best to keep well away from this little inter-cult feud that has been simmering for the past 1500 years or so. Just wait until the Iranians get involved, that’s when the fun really starts.


    • 59
      The witless mong in Number 10 says:

      They are not terrorists, they are diverse members of the Islamic community which is a great and noble religion based on peaceful multiculturalism and mutual respect, especially for women’s rights and, of course, gay marriage.

      I’m sure I speak for all sensible people that we will be greatly enriched when many ISIS members return to Britain to share their diversity with us.

      Pip pip!


  25. 52

    We are having a short parliamentary session because there is not much government legislation. Why couldn’t they have used the time for more private members proposals?


    • 70
      Change often for changes sake says:

      Seriously the best thing Parliament could do is to only sit once every 5 years.
      Making themselves look busy by making new laws (often shite) all the time is not a good way to be getting on.
      Chucking in the 24hr news cycle adds to the urgency for politicians to fix things which very often aren’t broke.


  26. 55
    Long John Silver's parrot says:

    I mean to say a few middle class well to do types start complaining because they have to wait for passport controls to be carried out and what happens ?

    I will tell you what happens; within a year of the General Election the civil servants are told to waive things through.



    • 58
      An awkward bastard says:

      If you have a spare £55 you are given priority treatment.

      Whats wrong with that ?


      • 62
        A family of four says:

        Is that per passport?


      • 64
        The Loonies and Fruitcakes are in charge now says:

        If Cameron had gone along with the ID Card thing then people could travel across Europe using these and this mini “drama” could have been avoided.

        But oh no The old Etonian knows best.

        Four years into his administration and we have substandard clerical procedures yet we are paying more in taxes than ever before.


        • 68
          An old Ethiopian says:

          Bloke in the pub told me last night people in the passport office are not up to the job and are stressed out.

          If they see a stack of papers in their in tray they have a nose bleed.

          250 people are now processing application who were not processing them this time last week.


          • The Ukrainians are revolting says:

            All you have to do is whistle down the Job Centre and the problem will be solved.


  27. 56
  28. 60
    Hatty HaHaPerson says:

    Jacky will advise me what to say about all the cultural enrichment the Wimmin liberated by ISIS in the liberated areas will enjoy.


  29. 61
    Socialism is theft says:

    All those without passports can have a UK holiday using the spare bedrooms of those whingeing about the ‘bedroom tax’.

    Two birds, one stone. Sorted.


    • 66
      Social housing should be demolished with the residents still inside says:

      Surely those whinging about “bedroom tax” live in grotty little hovels that are infested with fleas, kitchens overflowing with binliners full of rotting food that’s practically walking out of the house by iteself, and bathrooms covered in piss and faeces?


  30. 67
    Anonymous says:

    There is also a long delay in registering a Lasting Power of Attorney at The Office of the Public Guardian – now extends to about 3 months.


    • 73
      Bert Jalland says:

      Never mind a Local Authority can get an appointment to see a Judge on a Children Act matter faster than a dog can drop his bollock provided of course the now privatised Court service hand over a cheque for £5K of your hard earned taxpayers’ money.


    • 74
  31. 71
    Anonymous says:

    I think you’ll find that Andrew George supports the spare room subsidy. #fawkesfail


  32. 76
    Diane Abbott says:

    Damn, my bill to remove VAT from cakes must wait another year.


  33. 80
    PC Knott-Likely says:

    I’d go for a two clause bill:

    “1. Sharia law shall have no application in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    2. It shall be illegal to attempt to apply Sharia law through courts, tribunals, assemblies, schools, orders, notices or by any other means. ”

    The Preamble would read:

    “The European Court of Human Rights having declared that Sharia law is incompatible with human rights and by diverse signs, it having been established that Sharia law is inimical to this Kingdom’s peace, democracy and freedom…”


  34. 81
    Fitbad the Tailor says:

    Andrew George comes top of the poll but doesn’t yet know what his Private Members Bill will be. It must be important then, and if its anything like his normal style, full of waffle.


  35. 82
    Devonian Dumpling says:

    Andy is a socialist tit MP for St Ives; the dozy Cornish can’t see him for what he is.


  36. 85
    esta says:

    “private” my ass haha


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