June 10th, 2014

Efficiency Savings Total £14.3 Billion This Year


New figures released by the Cabinet Office today reveal that the government has saved £14.3 billion this year from efficiency savings alone. That’s some £5billion on procurement, £200million on digital services and almost £5billion on streamlining the civil service. Pushing ahead with the progress already made on reforms to taxpayer funded trade union employees in government departments is the next obvious step. Turns out when you start saving pennies from printer paper you get to £14billion…


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    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    …and the deficit is still…how much!


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      Anonymong says:


      Nothing more needs to be said.


      • 57

        Exactly – its the equivalent of saving pennies on a monthly wage!


        • 75
          Grammar School Boy says:

          So you would rather HMG carried on spending/wasting that £14.3 billion?


          • Spartacus says:

            It is a shame that such a big deal has been made out of this.

            It has no doubt brought it to the attention of the grasping hand of unelected you-rope.


          • The Last Conservative at the party says:

            No but I’d like to know when they plan to really reduce the size of the state and slash direct and in direct taxation. This is PR bollocks from Dave and the Heathites. Making savings whilst overall productivity is falling is not sustainable anyway and they know. And if you drill into the real data so called ‘savings’ often become nothing more than moving one figure from a spreadsheet cell to another.
            Poor show on the whole.


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      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      £14.4 billion less than it would have been.


      • 19
        Mitch says:

        These are accounting tricks. There are probably very little actual savings.


        • 30
          M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

          If you say so then it must be so.


          • Mitch says:



          • The Last Conservative at the party says:

            I can only comment on the small bit of so called ‘savings’ I’ve seen in person when I did some work for the Ministry of Justice. We had to improve ‘productivity’ of a number of regional court adminstration teams. All we did was move the reporting period to capture the flow of reciepts from court costs sooner and then change the flexi time hours of the admin team. The two changes added 15% to the overal efficency rating. Job done.
            I suspect much of the same here.


      • 186

        Sorry bit simple me .

        5 bill plus 5 bill plus 200 MILL. Is ball park 10 billion ( duscount the few millions as a bagatelle )

        So where was the difference between that figure and “14.3 BILLION” i e roughly an extra 4 BILLION saved on ?

        Have they perchance reined back the Troughing Project ?……. or far more probably just made the usual kindergarden school ” adding up ” mistake ? .

        Back to the Drawing …..Book !! boys and girls then afterwards teacher will tell you a rainy Friday afternoon story before going home time .


      • 196

        Henry Ford once said,

        “It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”


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      Gerry Mandering says:

      Efficiency savings explained.

      I intend to spend £100mn but I will only spend £99mn. I need only spend £50mn but I am showing a cost saving….


    • 20
      dai objectively says:

      yes – why accept these figures uncritically when they are ‘in ouse’?

      3rd party verification please if they are to mean anything – and the cost of that verification to be included


    • 27
      Maximus says:

      How’s Maud Frankie’s Pilgrim hunting going? He seeks them here… he seeks them there… oh sod it, we’re all Common Purpose – let’s just go for a drink and pretend nothing ever happened.


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      Gary Elsby Stoke says:

      All Countries have a deficit, even those that haven’t seen a recession.
      It’s where about that figure that makes Tory eyes light up as they sniff power and council house benefit thieves in the same moment as they snort cocaine and bonuses.

      There is no deficit in the UK as of today.
      Anything else is a lie.


      • 49
        jgm2 says:

        Go to bed Gary. It’s morning and you’ve obviously been on an all night bender.


        • 91
          Gary Elsby Stoke says:

          When George receives his pre-arranged applause soon at the pre-election despatch box of good news, your little Tory shorted legs will shudder in glee at how successful he was at bouncing benefit cheats and spendthrift councils hanging on to dementia homes and libraries.

          There is no deficit.


          • jgm2 says:

            <i.There is no deficit.

            Oh yes there is.


          • M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

            Gary mate, what’s your opinion on Santa Claus?

            Is there one?


          • Deluded, lying or mentalist says:

            You are Gordon Brown and I claim my 5 months in a small dark room, rocking to and fro, chanting “but nurse, I saved the world”.


          • Gary Elsby Stoke says:

            Ask any child if there really is a Santa Claus (or Michael ‘Taliban’ Gove).

            Name your Council and I’ll look into unnecessary closures.
            George Osborne should be outed.
            The deficit is gone weeks ago.


    • 46
      Tom Catesby says:

      I had a purge on the use of printer paper at chez Catesby. In 6 months I saved £5.80p!


    • 67
      The BBC says:

      Tory cuts…tory cuts…tory cuts


      • 97
        Vinse Kabal says:

        Tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, tax, . . .


      • 141
        BBC Kontroller says:

        Don’t mention the 5 million immigrants that detract from the services and budgets of the NHS, GPs, schools, councils etc., etc.


      • 158
        A1 says:

        Yes, never mind that they pay VAT just like everyone else.


        • 165
          Gary Elsby Stoke says:

          5 million immigrants?

          Before or after the watershed, you know the script to read 500m immigrants.

          Tories, please keep up.


    • 129
      Hadley "Screaming Banshee" Freemann says:

      I am now a sports writer, yes, smash the patriarchy and I get a holiday in Brazil.

      My next piece – which team strip has the nicest colours? Also why we need to modernise football to give #equalgoals to women players – it’s sexist patriarchy that all of the goals in the last world cup were scored by men and even worse a lot of them were white men too. Intersectionality. Abortion rights.

      Trigger warning. Trigger warning.

      Sexist. Some men are saying the young Brazilian women are attractive. That is part of r.a.p.e culture – it is wrong and sexist for a man to admit to preferring a young or beautiful women. Men and women are always identical (except the areas women are better in) and anything being made for women such as toys for girls or “3” having a “wag area” in their stores – outrageously implying that women aren’t exactly as interested as football as all men (this is a #hatefact and must be challenged) – is sexist and we will campaigning on twitter until we get our way.

      You’re all racists.


    • 145
      The two muppets . says:

      It just shows you what an incompetent shower Labour were in their time
      in office .


    • 160
      Mycroft says:

      Too huge to comprehend.

      The reality is that we are waiting, but no-one dares tell the UK public this stark truth.

      We are, for the next few years, just trying to keep the lid on the boiling pot of debt.

      The debt is literally of little concern.

      So… what are we all waiting for?

      Let me first tell you that ‘saving’ (real or imagined) 14bn is not going to save our economy, any savings from Depts, no matter how large they may or may not be, is just window dressing to fool the public into believing the Gov is doing something.

      The real saviour of the economy is our energy resource, the public has been and is continuing to be duped about it’s extent.

      It is truly enormous, so enormous and available that if we were to have progressed with it in the last 3 years we would have upset the World (and by ‘world’ I mean largely the US) economy and destroyed the US’s own ‘repatriation’ scheme.

      There it is, in a few simple words the reason why we are waiting.

      The wait makes it seem that getting the energy is more difficult and the drip of lies making people believe that there is not as much as there actually is is beneficial, so that we learn to expect to still pay highly for the energy.

      The reality is that the real cost is less than marginal and extraordinary abundance of Gas yielding Shale in the UK is immense, the revenue dwarfs the current and any future debt (in comparison the current debt with look like those savings announced today in paying the debt back) it dwarfs the North Sea Oil bonanza by a factor of 100+.

      Due simply to a quirk of the geology of our resource we can retrieve almost as much gas as the entire US can.

      Our debt is minute compared to the US debt and we are obliged to let them go first, straighten their economy and then it will be our turn.

      This is also why the EU wants us in and tolerates our less than easy stance, they want us in so as to get our gas cheap, we have made some obligations on that front I would guess and they will take any sh’t going to keep us in the Union.

      1 cubic metre of our Shale will yield (at domestic pressure) just over 8 cubic metre of gas, that is 130 cubic feet.

      We have just about 750 Trillion Cubic metres of accessible shale, that is 6 Quadrillion Cubic metres.

      6,000,000,000,000 cu m.

      We use 100,000,000,000 a year.

      Knock off enough noughts and you get 60 years.

      We can’t just dump this on the Market, only idiots like Gordon brown would do such a thing, so we have to do it carefully, stealthily.

      So the sheep (that’s you and me) are told to not expect too much, in fact due to our deep-grained acceptance of high energy costs the plan is to not drop the domestic price at all if that can be done.

      We are not going for ‘repatriation’ as the American s have, we’re going for something else, I’m not sure any here would really want to know what that is.

      It would make you furious.

      So 200 years of skilful exploitation is a reality.

      By keeping the prices highish, we’ll be a bit like Romania in the last years of Caucescu when he sold everything the country produced whilst it’s people went hungry.

      The little ‘Thin man’ statue in Bucharest is not a testament to the Country’s poverty at the time, just the way the wealth and resource was manipulated.

      The more people who become aware of our real situation, the better.

      The Greens are doing the Capitalists the greatest service they could ever have hoped for, beyond anything they could have dreamed.

      The National Debt is chump change to real wealth that will come out of the ground for the first 10 years from 2020 to 2030.

      14bn… literally a few weeks production.

      Revenue will be slightly <1bn a day…

      So 1tn every 3 years.

      Our debt by then will be 1,6Tn, so 5-6 years all gone, but the plan will be to do it over 10+…
      Then we are into that old routine…
      Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…
      PEAK GAS…
      Like peak oil…

      But even more cynical.

      It is no wonder the 'elite' think the 'people' are stupid, the evidence does tend to support that point of view.


      • 187

        If your projections are accurate mycroft or even half way pukka we can presumably all sleep soundly safe in the knowledge that we can safely rack up US , Japanese or Italian debt to GDP levels for the next ten years safe in the knowledge they will dissappear with the ease of snow in warm sunshine over the 2020 to 2035 (say ) period .

        Great !! I truly hope your sums stand scrutiny .

        Personally armed with this data I am now off to buy a yacht and a Learjet followed by my own private island next to the one purchased by Sir Richard Branson safe in the knowledge …etc etc .
        Thznk you !!


        • 194
          Mycroft says:

          They are accurate… but don’t buy that yacht!

          The important matter is the price we pay, our bills won’t cascade into oblivion.

          The reality that we can and will pay off a staggering percentage of our debt, but not all, if we do that the cat is out of the bag, so the debt will be killed off to about 10/15% of it’s present sum.

          The rest of the wealth will be part of the sweet-heart gifting of it to the EU.

          In 10 years time the ‘buzzword’ will convey the following idea, we are letting Europe have the gas to help them with gaining independence from Russian/Chinese energy imports, it will be ‘in the UK’s interest’ to promote this, I don’t know what the ‘word’ will be but a meme will be found and flogged for all it’s worth.

          It is why the EU lead states are terrified of us leaving, trust me on this, they are terrified.

          If we vote ‘No’ by getting UKIP in or the dipstick Dave actually gives us an ‘In-Out’ referendum (we won’t get anything like that in my opinion, far too risky) then the sh’t will hit the fan, we will in the former case be threatened with Law suits for contractual failure and if we do vote out, we’ll have re-runs until we agree to stay.

          The energy we have, it’s staggering availability and the quantity, is craved by the EU, regarded with envious, deep green eyes.

          Just go back a few years when Shale gas first crept into the MSM, there was ‘almost 200′ years of energy… there still is but that message has been slapped down and smothered, it remains the truth.

          if you want to really understand manipulation of figures to manage expectations, then any page you read should be accompanied by reference to ‘Wayback’, this allows you to see snap shots of the original articles taken by webcrawlers, on this subject alone there has a been a root and branch ‘Revising of Texts’ on the net.

          Wayback can be found here :- http://archive.org/web/

          Safe for work link.

          But don’t travel this road if you wish to stay in blissful ignorance, you’ll feel dirty by the end of the experience.

          Wayback is your way to enlightenment on many issues.

          I have connection or affiliation with Wayback, but I am deeply grateful for it’s presence.


        • 195
          Mycroft says:

          I have NO connection or affiliation with Wayback, but I am deeply grateful for it’s presence.

          The plain fact is that this technology improves every week, wells that were left for dead 3 years ago are being revisited and a further amount equal to the amount that was taken in the first grab is taken again.

          This is in large part due to Geology as well as Technology.

          As the immense overburden of land pushes the strata around there is geological heave and this causes further opportunity to recover gas we know this can happen at least once (we been there) but many Geologists consider that we may be able go back 3 or maybe 4 times.

          As I expect you know, Poland has even more Shale bearing strata than us, but they have a problem, it’s a geological problem, the shale is in a zone of serious syncline and anticline… you can look it up but effectively the band of shale looks like a sine-wave in sectional view.

          So although the raw quantity is far greater the recovery is fraught with difficulties and the result is that it is two or three times as expensive to retrieve and only a fraction of it can therefore be taken.

          Ours is just plain flat


    • 177
      Pants on fire? says:

      Cutting personnel isn’t an “efficiency” saving. And it depends how much you then par Crapita to do the job of the personnel you’ve pushed out.


    • 193
      maryjf says:

      ..and the Trade Unions what govt to starting taxing the 80% of UK gdp coming from banks way out into Singapore territory. (Trading banks have no need to be ‘on shore’ I’m sure that adds up somewhere for somebody (looking for a final salary pension) no doubt


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    Old English Proverb...Never heard by a Socialist says:

    look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves


    • 29
      gideon's awake says:

      you look after the pennies – i’ll look after the pounds


    • 45
      The Growler says:

      I say you chaps, Dave and chums have hit a wizard way to bring even more money into the exchequer, inclding a offence level, which includes motorway speeding, could increase from £2,500 to £10,000, other speeding, driving without insurance and selling alcohol to a child could also see increases. Proposals could also see magistrates having unlimited fining powers for offences where there is currently a maximum of £5,000 or more. The proposed changes would see:

      • The Level 1 fine maximum increase from £200 to £800. Offences which may be dealt with by a Level 1 fine include unauthorised cycle racing on public ways

      • Level 2 increases from £500 to £2,000. Offences include driving a motor cycle without a protective helmet

      • Level 3 increases from £1,000 to £4,000. Offences include the sale of alcohol to a drunk person or being drunk and disorderly in a public place

      • Level 4 increases from £2,500 to £10,000. Offences include speeding on the motorway

      Details from the Beeb news website, I am sure Geedes you would approve of Dave’s absolutely spiffing idea. It could only come from a Conner government, they have to get the dosh in somehow.


    • 103
      The Ministery of Enrichment says:

      We prefer looking after the bennies thank you please.


    • 188


      Thus is a heinous and despicable saying to recall from long oast times.
      Apart from being politically ncorrect in the new socialist paradigm of today it is also quite simply ……”poorist” !!


  3. 3
    • 12
      Ed Miliband says:

      Yeth! YETH!!


    • 14
      still walking into darkness says:

      how about getting out of the EU, £20bn a year in contributions saved for a start, and who knows how much in benefits in EU immigrants, £10bn, £20bn, who can say

      better still we wouldn’t have to borrow as much to give it away

      Liked by 1 person

      • 25
        dai sceptically says:

        so you’d get rid of the great farming swindle? good!

        strange how many tories/ UKIPpers wouldn’t – only the column headings in the books would change – the corruption would continue

        70p a litre diesel anyone?


        • 105
          still walking into darkness says:

          Are you saying most UKIP voters are farmers?, actually they’d be engineers, architects, middle class professionals, builders, construction workers. Very soon it’ll be ex labour core voters if it isn’t already, miners, bus drivers and so on. In other words UKIP voters per all the categories I’ve mentioned are those that really do stuff in this country and make it tick.

          They are not generally speaking to my knowledge city fraudsters or those on the state payroll who tend to vote liblabcon.


          • Jack Ketch. says:

            Commercial fishermen in Margate, Ramsgate and Folkstone are UKIP to a man.


          • ed milliband peoples representitive of somewhere up north i have to visit every now and again says:

            i’m a white northern working class(although confused since i own my own property) skilled engineer from donny and i was absolutely delighted and proud to have put my big purple and yellow boot up millibands arse at the euro elections and will do so again at the general election


      • 69
        Tom Catesby says:

        On the subject of the EUSSR. Strange how Cameroon and his guttersnipe sidekick Cleggie,where banging the drum about how ‘anti democratic'(Cameron’s words) the process of selecting the new EU boss was and railing against Juncker. Does anybody think, like me, that the recent election results, may have been the cause of Cameroon’s and Clegg’s, ‘bowel difficulties’ and their damascene conversion to democratic processes?


        • 173
          inside out says:

          Prehaps the thought that they might have to get a proper job in the real world has focused the mind of both Clegg and Cameron.Would anybody employ either of these clowns,what are they qualified to do.Answer NOTHING.


          • An employment agency says:

            Clogg makes a cracking house-husband. Does all the domestic work, runs the kids around. Does all those little things that keeps his Goose producing the golden eggs.
            No use to anyone else.
            At least he’ll be readily available to pack up their home in good time to move to some sinecure that Baronness Ashton can arrange in anticipation of the next car-crash his Party is going to be involved in on the 15th May 2015.
            Dniester looks like a nice, sleepy place that he can wind down, his wife can open a small branch office for her London firm of solicitors. Kids can learn to speak Russian, use an AK47; all the sorts of things that are useful in a multi-cultural place.


        • 189

          Well regardless of any diaorrhea verbal or otherwise from the top two UK nomenklatura democracy has nothing to do with the “appointment ” of the next EUSSR head honchos .

          They are “elected(!!!!!?) ” by qualified majority voting at Council of Ministers at end June to take formal Office in Sept/Oct .

          As ( probably clubmed )euro politico said on the wireless the other day .
          ” Well it is irrelevant thst two or three countries (read UK SWEDEN AND HOLLAND ) object as they will not be able to overturn the settled voting procedure under current rules and STAND IN THE WAY of the PLANNED DEVELOPMENT OF THE EUROPEAN PROJECT(!!!)”

          In ither word —- Cammo eat your heart out –accept ajuncker r and the other placemen or keave !!


    • 55
      The Growler says:

      I did to give the self satisfied main parties a kick where it hurts them the most, in the ballot box


    • 70
      Anonymous says:

      Sorry chum, like most voters I’d rater contract Ebola than vote Ukip.


  4. 4
    A working white bloke says:

    Just imagine how much money could be saved if the Politically Correct BBC propaganda unit could be scrapped!


    • 34
      Steve Miliband says:

      But they need 300 to go to Glastonbury.

      Why have expert analysis from a studio in Salford when you can have a team in Brazil in 5 star hotels.


    • 190


      There is NO Politically Correct Propaganda Unit at the BBC!

      Like the mafia — it does not exist .


  5. 5
    Everything about Labour is False says:


    • 35
      anonymouse says:

      Fit me like a dream.


      • 191

        If they re made by NEET apprentices in Lambeth Chukka I d drop them like a hot potato and go straight for the Harley Street implants .

        They may cost you £1500 a tooth but you ll hopefully be abke to masticate with them without the teeth melting from the heat if a chiken vindaloo .


    • 38
      chop chop says:

      Well! How fraitfully fascinating.


    • 66
      The Growler says:

      Be careful with those false teeth Chucks they just might have a little motor in them which suddenly start snapping and bit you in a delicate place


    • 76
      Tom Catesby says:

      His he having them fitted in his arse? He may as well, as he’s been talking out of it for long enough and he seems to sh^t through his mouth, so he’ll need somewhere to chew.


      • 192

        Now Now Mr Catesby

        I know today is not the Sabbath and verbal licence is allowed but as Matron would say on Newsnight to a confirmed fuckwit ;
        ” And we ll stop that right now !


  6. 6
    Watcher says:

    The figures are generated within the Civil Service, by the Civil Service. Thus they are meaningless.


    • 18
      Mitch says:

      Services outsourced to the private sector at twice the cost, but not ‘civil service’ costs so nominally a saving.

      Complete and utter bullsh*t. Lies, lies, and more lies.


      • 80
        The Growler says:

        The trouble Mitch is that the rabid Conners believe them and cheer them on, there are lies, damn lies, and the garbage the the government spews out to make them look good. The Conners are not the only ones, Liebore was extremely good in the B-S stakes.


  7. 7
    UK wealth warning says:

    Don’t let Clegg near the public purse. He’s planning a mega-spend.


    • 86
      The Growler says:

      There is nothing left for Cleggy, Dave and chums have huge spending plans with money they haven’t got, HS2, Cross Rail, extra runways.


  8. 8
    Winning for Britain says:

    George Osborne is winning for Britain


  9. 9
    What could possibly go wrong? says:


  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Is this a sponsored ad from CCHQ?


  11. 13

    The only reason Daves lot have saved anything is by not spending the tax take on anything
    One example ,
    most of our motorways are now begining to resemble pot hole riddled farm tracks

    Vote UKIP so we can spend our £55 million a day on something for the people who actually pay it out


    • 26
      Guffaws says:

      We get back £40 million a day from the EU. Of course we’re a still a big net contributor but your numbers are hilariously wrong!

      Keep up the good comedy, I like the farm track comparison too, a hoot!


      • 37
        The Madness of the EU club says:

        That’s really nice of them to give us some of our money back less 50% handling charges.

        What sort of a fool would send his housekeeping money abroad only to get less than half back and be told how it must be spent?


        • 51
          Guffaws says:

          I know. It’s just Mad Frankie was hilariously wrong with his numbers!!!


          • It's my bloody rowing-boat says:

            It’s all make believe. Pointless expenditure on pointless projects in places that don’t need them. We buy Euro materials to stimulate demand there whilst making work here. Just as HS2 will put more money into Euro-pockets.
            Why don’t we keep our own money and spend it on our own infra-structure using our materials. Result = full employment.


      • 44

        I agree with Nick ! and claim my £5


      • 48
        Anonymous says:

        Can I have a chunk of your salary ? I promise to give ~70% of it back (admin fees are such a pain) just so long as you spend it on what I deem allowable.


      • 56

        How can my numbers be “Hilariously wrong” , when by your own admission we get £40 million back ? LoL


        • 71
          Guffaws says:

          If we get back £40m then the actual cost is £15 million a day.

          You were out by £40 million! No big deal, you’re the son of a cod so your numbers are always going to be as fishy as a Labour budget.



            So it’s like a big European supermarket , where you hand over a £55 million pound note and get £40 million pounds change and no goods ?


          • jgm2 says:

            That’s right Frankie. Every day. 15 x 365 = approximately 5.5bn quid a year of fuck all.



            If we ever get a referendum , and we vote for out , we we see all these Europhiles desperately trying to get back across the channel to the Fatherland ?

            Guess not !


          • Anonymous says:

            You do get to spend your own money on goods, they’re just goods that the supermarket says you can. So if you need meat and veg to feed your family the EU supermarket only allows you to buy washing powder!


      • 153
        Watch out for liars spouting lies says:

        “We get back £40 million a day from the EU”



  12. 17
    Father Jack says:

    I’m a happy camper!


  13. 21
    Casual Observer 2 says:

    It’s a start, but still less than one sixth of the Deficit.

    Make some proper cuts into the bloated public sector and bennies Dave.

    Sorry, of course you can’t. You are a weak Prime Minister restrained by the LibDumps. You failed to win a majority in 2010, and you won’t in 2015 either. Fuck off, you useless tosser.


  14. 22
    Owen Jones says:

    I have no comment to make on anything to do with islamic extremism. But I will talk all day about the bedroom tax.


    • 179
      ed milliband peoples representitive of somewhere up north i have to visit every now and again says:

      not to be mistaken for the living room tax,which seeing as i take lots of the bbc’s lovely shilling i won’t talk about either


  15. 23
    what a gay dave says:

    Would dave send his kids to a school which was 90% muslim ?

    The trouble is that those in power never have to suffer the effects of their policies. They just call those that do racists


    • 79
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      Would Diane Fatbot send her kid to a school that was 90% effnik?

      No no no!

      But of course, she isn’t wascist is she?


  16. 28
    David Cameron says:

    We will naturally pass the savings on to the eu and various other rogue terror states.


  17. 31
    Mike Hunt says:

    BBC: Wicked Tory cuts


  18. 33

    After watching the Socceraid match the other night it was reveald that Dave had promised to match pound for pound all money raised for charity

    which means that on top of the 11 billion he gives away in foreign aid every year , and the shed loads of cash he throws around the world at every little opportunity that arises
    His latest promise to spunk away our cash to sports aid cost us another 5 million

    Well Dave you know what they say ! , You cant take it with you !
    and come next year you will be house hunting


  19. 40
    Jack Cade says:

    That’s only about 6 weeks worth of borrowing then the National debt starts rising again.


  20. 42
  21. 49
    Pusher says:

    What’s with all this anti plain packaging on cancer sticks sh!t that this site is pushing?


    • 88
      Wah wah pedal says:

      Because it’s a stupid plan that is proven not to work where implemented, namely Australia.


  22. 52
    Evil in our midst says:

    Apparently a child at one of these schools who was listening to music on earphones was told to stop by a teacher who said it was a sin. This is Britain in 2014, folks. The result of decades of left wing political correctness. Of course, the leftie Guardian set live comfortably in their Hampstead homes and send their kids to secular private schools. It’s the working class parents in the north whom these lefties profess to care about who are forced to send their children to schools that have majority non-english pupils who barely speak a word of english and that are run by demented muslim psychopaths. The left are the biggest fucking frauds on earth. They make a living by pretending to care about ordinary people, whilst themselves living affluent, upper middle class capitalist lifestyles, leaving the very people they claim to represent to suffer from the toxic effects of decades of politically correct groupthink.

    If it was up to me, I’d force Owen Jones and Polly Toynbee and all the other left wing gobshites who scream “islamaphobia” to live in Tower Hamlets for six months. Jones would have to openly walk around with his boyfriend and Polly would have to openly declare she’s an atheist and feminist. Then they can both experience first hand the religion of peace.

    My blood is absolutely fucking boiling over this. Is this what millions died for in World War II? Is this what one of the greatest civilisations on earth has been reduced to? I’m not a royalist but how must the Queen feel when she sees what’s become of her country? There’s only one word to sum up the left who have caused this: traitors. A pity we no longer have the traditional punishment for treason. Oh, yes, I remember, that nice Mr Blair abolished it.


    • 62
      Head Teacher with bells on Academy Enhanced Job Title says:

      Dear Parent/Carer,
      Your son/daughter will be enjoying an educational half day tour of out local mosque this week. Please send us £10 and provide them with a packed lunch (no ham sandwiches).
      Don’t forget Diwali on 23rd October this year.


      • 87
        Evil in our midst says:

        Diwali is Hindu, not muslim. For the most part, indians have integrated and contribute in professions like medicine etc. This is the problem with the leftie news media. Instead of referring to the grooming gangs as muslim, they call them asian, which is ironically racist, as it smears all asians across the board, many of whom are not muslims. Islam is a toxic, poisonous ideology that has caused nothing but death, destruction and misery across the world since it was invented by a psychotic illiterate p*edophile in the 7th century.


      • 118
        Ram_Down_Gobbodan says:

        Any lunch you give your children will be thrown away because we are celebrating the Holy month.


      • 128
        Rickytshirt says:

        It’s child abuse. Plain and simple. This is how little we care about children in this country.


    • 77
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      This is a brilliant post – I had this type of argument a couple of weeks ago from a lefty who lives in leafy Surrey and when I suggested he should live in Bolton or Blackburn etc. for a few months to test his progressive views for himself he went berserk effing and blinding in a restaurant.

      Any lefty reading this post please can you detail exactly what you have done for the white working classes other than

      1. Take away their self respect
      2. Provide them with enough money for their cheap larger


      • 98
        Evil in our midst says:

        That’s what all lefties do when they have no answer. They just scream and shout and they think they’ve won. I’ve tried having proper debates with lefties. It doesn’t work. They can’t be reasoned with. It’s like that old saying: Don’t wrestle with a pig in the mud. You’re only going to get covered in dirt. And besides, the pig likes it.


        • 154
          Bill Quango. says:

          My leftie cousin and partner has just fled London for the coast of Sussex.
          Big time leftie. Big time state educationist.

          Now their children are old enough for school and they find that the house prices for the decent catchment starts at £2 million. So they sold their £1 million house, fled the ghetto schools and put their children into a normal, mostly white, mostly Christian school in the countryside.

          They both still work in London so the move was purely for schools.
          At least they are both decent enough to admit this. Some of their other leftie friends refuse to admit the truth and say it’s all about “finding some peace and experiencing the countryside whilst the children are young.”

          Yeah…that’s ….just…bollocks. It’s because the Ofstead “needs improvement” rating actually means Ghetto School for gangs and chavs.


      • 180
        ed milliband peoples representitive of somewhere up north i have to visit every now and again says:

        did you say”check your privilege”to the afore mentioned yoghurt knitter?


    • 96
      All socialists are hypocrites says:

      Have you only just realised who has done more to destroy this country and its values over the past 40 years…….? The left are now even mounting a fight back against “British Values” which they view as “racist”. It’s all an anti-Muslim plot by Gove after all….isn’t it ?


    • 161
      Anonymous says:

      Why is a kid in school listening to music? In the good ol’ days he’d have had his ipod confiscated and a good clip round the ear.


      • 184
        Mycroft says:


        In class OK, in the playground?

        I played marbles, wall-football and ‘it’ and generally ran myself into exhaustion every day… times change.


  23. 53
    David Cameron says:

    Good eh plebs? Add in all that lovely tax I’m getting from the ludicrous marginal tax rates on success ( God I hate that word!) and it’s all rosy for me! Toodlepip…


  24. 54
    Maria Miller says:

    More for me to claim then. Happy days.
    When do I get my 11% pay rise, I need some new shoes?


    • 133
      a Smackhead from Benefits Street says:

      I thought you were in jail.


      • 135
        A Welsh Nationalist says:

        If take money off the taxpayer for “expenses” provided you went to a comprehensive school in Wales you are alright.


  25. 58
    Gerbil 7 says:

    And how much has spending increased over the same period?
    Utter bollocks.


  26. 60
    Accountancy for Dummies says:

    Stroke of a Pen, and voila


  27. 61
    Evil in our midst says:

    How I wish for one of these gobby lefties to be at the receiving end of islamic extremism. These traitors live comfortably sheltered from islamofascists and it’s long overdue that they got a taste of the culture they love to defend.


  28. 68
    ONS Captain Stats says:

    Margin of error 42%.
    Entire announcement may be entirely bollox.


  29. 85
    Ed Balls - Shallow Chancer says:

    This vicious Coalition is cutting too far, too fast.

    No wonder the economy is flat-lining.


  30. 92
    Bob Crows Ghost says:

    I went on holiday to Brazil and now the Brazilian tube drivers are on strike. I could have saved the world from another football world cup, but events overtook me.


  31. 94
    The charlattans in the alternative media says:

    I’ve just been blocked by a well known ‘alternative media’ website simply because I asked for some actual evidence for some of the claims it was making. It seems that simply repeating something you read somewhere passess as evidence these days. The other bizare and devious thing they did was before blocking me they posted up my comments after adding a few lines of their own to what I actually said making me look as if I was saying stuff which I never actually said. Talk about fitting up ! Any credibility this site has has now gone. And you thought Owen Jones was bad dontcha know.


    • 167
      Go on, follow through says:

      So do us all a favour and fucking name and shame then. Won’t matter as you have been blocked anyway.


  32. 98
    Anonymous says:

    “Turns out when you start saving pennies from printer paper you”
    end up writing off (evidenced by the ingnored growing dependency on food banks), those very entities the system was devised to sustain?


    • 107
      Banned says:

      It isn’t the job of “the system” to sustain people who don’t want to work for a living.


    • 109
      jgm2 says:

      Handing out free food creates demand for free food SHOCKER!

      Same with free houses.

      And free ‘mobility’ cars.


      • 115
        long John Silver' s parrot says:

        A lot of our esteemed MPS were on a nice little earner a couple of years back claiming toner cartridges as expenses.

        Now that we have ipads and a paperless society things can no longer be shredded.

        Let the Prosecutions begin.


  33. 100
    tomfiglio says:

    There are much bigger savings to be made in the EU. For one thing, it costs between 80 and 130 million pounds to pay for that ridiculous shuttle between Brussels and Starsbourg. And how about stopping subsidies to tobacco farmers while also paying for anti-smoking initiatives against cigarette smoking??
    And why are we paying for this kind of thing?


    The EU always seems to get a free pass in the British media – perhaps because they speak foreign over there, or it’s too far away from the watering holes of Westminster to bother about. Whatever the case, there’s plenty of money to be saved.


    • 101
      tomfiglio says:



      • 136
        Bill Quango says:

        I think we are going about the EU all wrong. Trying to point out their foolishness just pisses them off.

        We would be better to embrace the European project fully. That way we could destroy it from within.

        For instance, encourage the EU parliament to think bigger! Why not a travelling parliament to all the countries of the EU? A parliament in Turin. One in Munchen-gladbach. Another in Norwich. And all moving every two weeks.

        We should encourage the formation of a ‘national honour!” The nation that does the most for its fellow EU citizens would receive the title of “premier nation of Europe!”

        The more liberal the better. So the country that takes in the most migrant workers and has the greenest energy and the most nannying wins the prize.

        Naturally the UK enters but doesn’t try very hard. Socially liberal Sweden scoops up our excess migrants with their generous “child benefits to both child caring and childless couples” and their €100 a day grandchild bonus. This is given to anyone who is a grandchild or who has ever been a grandchild or even ever met a grandchild!

        Be great.

        Whole project self destructed within 5 years.


  34. 110
    Dave says:

    Oh, now I remember…
    Oppositions don’t win elections, governments lose them. Oops.


  35. 112
    At least says:

    Osborne’s barber is not cutting too far too fast


  36. 114
    A great big mess says:

    This Government can stop blowing its own trumpet and start sackings and arrests at Ofsted.

    One of those Birmingham schools had been going for 17 months with no monitoring by this esteemed body whatsoever notwithstanding it having had two temporary principals during this period with several key posts remaining vacant.

    The people in charge though were allowed access to our money despite the lack of control. The kids themselves were allowed internet access too without any filters whatsoever in situ.

    This is a serious level of neglect.

    Unless Gove can give us an unequivical assurances that what happened at this Birmingham school was “one off ” perhaps he should reconsider his position.


    • 116
      jgm2 says:

      You can’t have filters in place if you want to access ‘Killing Infidels makes God Happy’ videos.


  37. 119


  38. 120
    Long John Silver' s parrot says:

    14 billion pounds saved in four years !

    FFS in the grand scheme of things that is a pinprick !

    Lets hope the figure is doubled by May 2015 .


    • 125
      bleubottle says:

      Will there still be sauteed mushrooms and baked beans served on a lightly buttered slice of wholemeal bread in the staff canteen after May 2015 ?


      • 126
        Eccles from Weaste says:

        Oh yes and there will be a nice bottle of House Merlot too !


        • 140
          flying over the Westminster Village says:

          You can have the Merlot with your breakfast too because we are above the Licensing laws; we are a law unto ourselves.


  39. 122
    Bill Quango MP says:

    Not this again


  40. 131
    Hypocrite's all together says:

    Strange my living costs are shooting up, my wages are still the same, the cost of food in places like Morrison’s and Tesco are getting to be a joke, M&S you have to be joking, still if I vote LibLabCon what should I expect, I mean the government is saving money, so it tells us through the usual mouthpieces, sometimes I think their must be a General Election looming and they are after me to vote for one of the parties, so long as the politicians have long holidays and get rich at the trough, what am I supposed to do, the country is poor, jeez what a horrible dream, I thought I was braindead idiot who believes all the trash they are told, I will vote UKIP.


  41. 132
    Rickytshirt says:

    Are we supposed to be grateful for this drop in the ocean? Real progress won’t be made till we regain our sovereignty and get someone one with real cajones in number 10.


  42. 134
    Secretary to Jack The Ripper says:

    It really is very simple. Stop spending public money. Think of what could be. Could we not start charging people for things according to their ability to pay? Privatise fire brigade, police, ambulance service, bin collections, NHS, streets and parks, roads, transport ( already partially done), and everything else. Those who genuinely couldn’t pay could be given state encouraged charity perhaps with phrilanthropy encouraged. A modern version of workhouses in every town? Why not?


    • 142
      Gordon Brown. Not in the frontline of politics except on payday. says:

      I tried that. People got upset.

      You should have seen the outcry when I took the paupers 10p tax rate away.

      Went mental they did.


      • 156
        Gordon Brown, still in town says:

        I felt a bit of a fool introducing the 10p rate and then scrapping it less than a year later.

        I don’t understand why everyone went so mental though, it’s not as if they had had it for ever.


  43. 137
    Stop the war against the motorist says:

    This good news is blotted out by the announcement that Cameron and co aim to ratchet up the war against the motorist and hard working people with a new racketeering tax.

    Magistrates are to be allowed to impose unlimited, huge fines of, say, £10,000 or more for speeding, being inebriated in public, breathing, existing etc.

    This coalition becomes more and more sinister, socialist and Blairite and Brownite by the day.


    • 143
      Dave Wisteria says:

      The security of our roads is our paramount consideration.

      On that you have my word.


    • 147
      ConLibLabbers have fucked up the U.K. says:

      It’s O.K. your Human Rights will get you off.

      Oh No. Sorry, I’ve thought you were a fucking immigrant mozzie terrorist for a minute.


  44. 149
    Seriously though says:

    How PATHETIC !

    £14.3 Bn out of a total of £718.0 Bn.

    I make that 1.9%.

    Truly PATHETIC !

    When will Dave the Tosser get a grip on Public Spending now almost 50% of GDP

    LiblabCON OUT !

    Liked by 1 person

  45. 152
    Viperous Old Vince says:

    DO IT, CLEGGY, DO IT !!!!


  46. 155
    Not in my name says:

    Ah yes, “Efficiency Savings”.

    There are some massive assumptions and a lot of voodoo accounting behind those.

    Varies from department to department but all you need to ask is what the CASH savings are.

    In most cases it is nil or a net increase


  47. 157
    albacore says:

    Come along now, folks – fair is fair
    Money don’t come out of thin air
    They’ve got to save a bob or two
    For foreign aid and the E U


    • 170
      Flaming Torches R Us says:

      Unfortunately mate, that is exactly where money does come from. Clearly you have never observed how banks operate and the principle of charging compound interest (ie REAL money) on the fictitious hypothetical numbers they type into their computers.


  48. 162
    parisclaims says:

    Quit the EUSSR, ditch foreign aid, no welfare or public service to immigrants that Blair imported, shut down most quangos, slash benefits to scum like Anjem Choudary & White Dee. That’s probably saved 4 or 5 times the amount and made the majority of people very happy.


    • 171
      Flaming Torches R Us says:

      Suggest you send this to thick Ed for inclusion in his as yet non-existent manifesto.


  49. 163

    Peanuts, but it is a start, innit?


  50. 172
    Steve P says:

    “Turns out when you start saving pennies from printer paper you get to £14billion…”

    No – but when you reduce staffing you use less paper.

    I find the vERY POOR quality paper at HMRC rather annoying.


  51. 183
    barrowboy says:

    Portugal in on holiday today and the President passed out giving a speech to the people. He was back again in 19 mins. to finish it.
    Tough lot the Portuguese.
    Dave etc would probably need 2 weeks in the Carribees to recover. Twats.


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