June 9th, 2014

Trojan Horse Row: Where’s Warsi?

Guido is wondering where the government’s faith and communities minister Sayeeda Warsi has got to. With the Birmingham Trojan Horse row rumbling on, we are yet to hear from the usually vocal Baroness on an issue well within her purview. Are we expected to believe that nobody has called Warsi or complained to her? Is the Senior Minister of State too important for such trivial bickering, or has she been gagged?

Incidentally, Warsi has been causing trouble in Sajid Javid’s back yard. The first big intervention as Culture Secretary from Britain’s first Asian Secretary of State was to declare that all immigrants should learn English to try and integrate themselves into British society. It seems Warsi did not get the memo though…

Just a week later, she conducted a meeting in Javid’s neighbouring constituency of Stourbridge entirely in Urdu. English speaking local residents complained that they could not understand what was going on, telling Warsi “I think it should have been translated into English as well.” Is this standard practice for a Minister of the Crown? 


  1. 1
    TJ says:

    Warsi is a complete and utter waste of oxygen.

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  2. 2
  3. 3
    I See No Ships says:

    The original Trojan fat arse!


  4. 6
    Dave says:

    Shuffle off.


  5. 7
    Lady Donkey says:

    She IS the horse…


  6. 8
    Shooty* says:

    Whoa, everyone’s getting really excited about Trojan Horses today. Let’s not lose our heads!

    um… sorry… I mean… let’s not blow it up out of all proportion.

    Damn… sorry… I mean… ah, whatever.


  7. 9
    JH32984923-035 says:

    This is what happens when you assign incompetent token non-whítes to these roles. It needs to be done entirely on merit, and to his credit Javid seems to tick that box.

    The fact that he is non-whíte is an advantage in that it means the left can’t scream WACIST at him without being hoist by their own petard, ie only hideously whíte people can be racist. Aside from that, it should be immaterial.


    • 17
      'Romanian' @anti fascist' fascist says:

      Of course we can call black UKIP candidates racist – not seen the Croydon vis.


      • 58
        Aida Nuff says:

        The Unite and Hope For Hate Special Branch stooges were screaming racist chants at our UKIP friends at The Emmanuel Centre.


  8. 11
    Shooty* says:

    Just posted that video on facebook myself. Views of that clip are going to go through the roof.


  9. 12
    Piers Fletch-Dervish says:

    Very sad!


  10. 13
    Wake up & vote UKIP says:

    Oh shit, I liked his B’stard.


  11. 15
    The last Conservative says:

    I find it more than ironic that there is a Minister of Faith (in whom no one has faith) at a time when faith in Britain is disintegrating

    And a Minister of culture when multi culturalism is tearing the ciuntry apart

    I think I will get my coat now…


    • 44
      Cinna says:

      And with ref to the above meeting she held, some people thought “it should have been translated into English”. For god’s sake this IS England. Why should we need to have anything translated for us?


      • 49
        ned ludd says:

        Precisely. Should have announced “would all who dont understand the language of this country feck off back home.” Seriously.


  12. 18
    Maria Miller says:

    I’m available.
    Happy to flash m` tits if it helps!


    • 41
      Bendy Goodbottom MP says:

      The fag hag quota is amply filled already, love.


    • 51
      The conniving misogynistic treacherous tit in no. 10 says:

      How’s that threat to axe the BBC in Scotchland working out, Maria ?


  13. 19
    Dave says:

    Come on Guido

    I have gaged the whole lot of them…Spaddies included

    You see what happens when they talk

    But Moozie Woozie can talk in Urdu since no one understands her ( in fact no one understands her in English either)


  14. 21
    Craig Oliver and his List says:

    I have applied to go back to the BBC Guido
    This shower of incompetence and back biting is too much

    At least at the BBC I am paid a fortune for part time working and get all sorts of freebies, as you know


  15. 22
    A Right Fucking Bastard says:

    She’s as thick as a fucking nappy butty and only in the post by virtue of her sex and ethnicity. This also speaks volumes about the fucking spineless fucking PC cünts who appointed her.

    It’s pathetic, and another reason why the Tories will not be getting my vote whilst that fucking shiny-foreheaded PR public school conman is a the fucking wheel.

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  16. 24
    First Muslim in the Cabinet says:

    Only this weekend…
    “One of the first challenges I had when I came into politics was to make sure that Islamophobia, like anti-semitism, was put on the government agenda. I believe I have done that.”



    • 53
      Sharia Pariah says:

      Islamophobia on the agenda = Sharia-friendly policies.

      And we’ve seen some with this government, not least the Islamic Free Schools where the government pays people to deliver anti-integration Sharia education!

      As someone once said – You couldn’t make it up.


  17. 25
    neitherdeadnoralive says:

    See? This is the problem; she is a black, muslim woman; all the qualifications she needs for a peerage and a seat the top table of government…. ability doesn’t come into it !!!


  18. 26

    In what way can the denouement of British multiculturalism play out? I am not talking about decent people, see Dadabhai Naoroji MP from 1892 – 1895, but of radicalised types whose only goal is to create a caliphate here?

    Not far from me now is Bosnia-Herzegovina and we all remember how that worked out. It is now split into three political entities: the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska and the Brčko District, a temporary solution which seems to have become permanent. At least it is now peaceful after all the bloodshed.

    Just imagine how Britain might look in the years to come.


  19. 28
    Another Headshrinker says:

    Dirks dirks! Mohammed jihad! Bloody goat shaggers! Just because Saeeda Warsi’s husband would rather have sex with a camel, is she is first cousin? The inbred swine!

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  20. 30
    Winston says:

    Just Google “immigrants should learn English Minister” and see just how many Govt ministers have made the same announcement over the last 20yrs. Same old government by media manipulation. say one thing, do another


  21. 32
    West Mids Thatcherite says:

    Stourbridge a key tory seat too. Tories must hold it to stay in. I can’t see the late, great Sir John Stokes (Tory MP 1974-1992) or his successor Warren Hawksley (92-97) having tolerated that PC nonsense in their local party.They’d turn in their grave at lesbian Tory MP Margot James too, although at least she is a proper Thatcherite!

    I notice local stourbridge labour have picked old labour trade union backed Pete Lowe as their offering next year. Cant see stourbridge folk going for such blatant socialism personally. They only voted labour in 1997 cos of Tony Blair and a toryesque type posh candidate called Debra Shipley who as I recall was quite right wing.


  22. 34
    A says:

    I have never been to Birmingham.


  23. 35
    Stourbridge Rambler says:

    Had it not been for Blair Stourbridge would have stayed in Warren Hawksley’s hands to this day. It was one of those seats that should never have fallen. I certainly can’t see a lefty unionised socialist being elected there. Margot James being a lesbian might have made a difference 10 years ago but not now. Even the leading boarding school in the west mids thats based in stourbridge oldswinford accepts girls these days!


    • 42
      Ex OSH boy 1981 says:

      We were all gay at OSH when we were there. You had to be if you didn’t want your arse caned by the highly gay Latin Master!


      • 45
        Surveyor of all things natural! says:

        Tory MP for Shipley Philip Davies went to Oldswinford Hospital. Just sayin….


  24. 36
    Che from the Shires says:

    What is a purview?


  25. 39
    wadical iman says:

    Warsi has been linked to radicals herself. She is a token member of the Conservative party.
    Warsi was courted by the Labour party as well as the Conservatives, she joined the party that offered the best deal i would suggest, rather than the party she felt best represented her own politics.
    Her politics are those of self interest.
    We should also remember no one has voted for her.

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  26. 52
    Somewhere Else I Hope says:

    I claim copyright on “Where’s Warsi?” from a few days ago. However, glad to be of help…


  27. 56
    that's OK mate, I've got one here says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that the culturally diverse are taking the piss ?


  28. 61
    John Tandy says:

    Typical of her……


  29. 62
    ned ludd says:

    Be fair. She’s probably back in her homeland at a family wedding. We’ll know when the expenses are claimed (and paid).


  30. 64
    Anonymous says:

    “Trojan Horse Row: Where’s Warsi?”
    Not sure. But every time the heated exercising recedes into silence, there comes the distinct distant sound of digging from somewhere.


  31. 68
    Hugh Janus says:

    “I think it should have been translated into English as well.”

    No, it should have been delivered in English and translated for all those mongs who can’t bring themselves to learn the language of the country in which they reside and (presumably) hold citizenship of.


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