June 9th, 2014

Former Prime Mentalist Almost Keeps Anger At Bay

Gordon Brown tried his very hardest not to flip out in a room full of journalists as he gave the Press Gallery lunch earlier, but he managed just 3 minutes before having a crack at the Sun. He saved his true venom for Sam Coates of the Times though, who has had the impenitence to question Brown’s financial arrangements since he left office. Asked if he wished he had stood down at the last election, Brown replied “when I hear you, sometimes I do.” The fake smile failed to mask the snarl.

As questions mounted about standing down and how little time he had spent in Westminster, McMental quipped: “it’s lovely to see you but I have no desire to be part of frontline politics.” Clearly, given his Commons attendance. 


  1. 1
    Brown's Boggin FC says:

    He can dish it out but he can’t take it!

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  2. 2
    Tim Yeo-Yo says:

    Why is this Cnut still in the public eye?


  3. 3
    StevieBC says:

    On behalf of Scotland I do apologise that the rest of the UK has had to endure this muppet. He is still a massive embarrasssment to the majority of Scottish folks – and we wish he would just go away and live in a cave.


    • 18
      Col Ripper of Braintree says:

      Too generous it should be in a midden


    • 50
      Scottish Voter says:

      As Frankie Boyle so aptly put it “He looks like someone drew a sad face on a scotum”. The man is a Bawbag.
      I too apologise on behalf of my country. BTW He is the leader of United with Labour,the anti independence group trying to keep Scotland in the UK. Maybe that will explain to our English cousins why the YES camp are so chirpy!


    • 60
      Jacobite half-seas over the water says:

      If Scotland becomes independent, the Gorgon Brown should be exiled south of the Tweed.


  4. 4
    sense says:

    Cheers Guido. I don need to think now.


  5. 5
    NERMAL says:

    Gordon Brown would have been a great PM if there was such a thing as a Special Needs HoC.


  6. 6
    Get Rid of Scotland says:

    Let’s hope the Jocks vote for independence. I suspect they’re too addicted to subsidies but it’s high time Brown was thrown out of Westminster.


    • 19
      StevieBC says:

      With all due respect – you should know from at least this GF site that you shouldn’t believe everything in the media.

      And in the interests of pedantry, unfortunately you can’t “Get Rid of Scotland” – we’re not going anywhere, and like it or not for both sides, we are stuck as neighbours for the long term.

      …except post-independence Scotland will have a more optimistic future…


      • 33
        Surrey Shiresman says:

        I’ve donated to the SNP to help the Scots on their way. If it stops them sponging off the rest of us it’s money well spent.


        • 37
          StevieBC says:

          Thanks for the donation – I’ll put a good word in for you if you ever apply for a visa…


        • 54
          The Curse of Gordon says:

          Why donate to the SNP? They have more money per supporter than any other party in the UK thanks to the million quid from the lotto winners


    • 40
      The two muppets . says:

      I for one hope that the Scots stay with us . Fortunately Gordon Brown and
      Alec Salmon are the exception and not the rule .


    • 52
      Scottish Voter says:

      As a keen participant in this up coming referendum,I’ve heard Various ‘experts’ bombard me with figures to show how poor off I’d be with Independence,and how well off I am in the Union. I would genuinely like to know from these same experts how the remaining UK would be without Scotland.Surely the IFS can let us know.
      Here’s the deal, if England Wales and NI are better off I’ll vote YES as I don’t want to be a burden on my fellow Brits.


  7. 7
    Iain Duncan Smith says:

    Postal workers in west Lancashire have said they will walk out if they are made to deliver free promotional copies of The Sun later this week.

    The paper has agreed not to distribute the issues in Liverpool because of the continued anger at the way it reported the 1989 Hillsborough stadium tragedy.

    It is understood six members of staff in Skelmersdale were at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster.

    The Royal Mail said any concerns would be handled “with fairness and dignity”.

    The Sun is planning a nationwide giveaway of more than 20m copies of a special free mini-issue across England on Thursday, with the exception of Merseyside, to tie in with the start of the World Cup.

    One Royal Mail worker in Skekmersdale said: “If they try to make us deliver The Sun on Thursday we will refuse and will be suspended and lose a day’s pay, but we think principles are more important than money.”

    Hear ! Hear !


  8. 8
    my financial affairs are like my sexual daliances.. none of your business says:



  9. 10
    Look you fuckin' bawbag Broon, you are about as useful as a tit with no nipple. says:

    Gordon Broon, the goon that keeps giving.


  10. 11
    Gawd Help Us says:

    “it’s lovely to see you but I have no desire to be part of frontline politics.”………….But the money is good for keeping your head down.


  11. 12
    G. Brown, mentalissimo says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, my favourite game is Angry Birds.
    Thank you very much, and adieu.


  12. 13
    Somewhere In Gordons mind says:

    His witty comebacks were legendry


    • 23
      Bert says:

      Is a legendry somewhere they manufacture legends? A bit like a laundry, where they cut turf?


  13. 14
    Alan B'stard says:

    Life’s too short to complain.


  14. 16
    Ricky Gervaise says:

    I studied Gordon Brown over a long period and was able to incorporate many of his weird mannerisms into my new character ‘Derek’.


    • 56
      The Curse of Gordon says:

      But not the loving and forgiving nature. Also, Derek works for his pay.


      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        I for one welcome Gordon in the no camp. That will seal it for the yes vote and put an end to the Labour Party in England. No more labour majority in H of C and no more subsidies for Scotland. The question is will turkey’s vote for Xmas? I hope so!


        • 62
          Anonymous is a semi-literate moron says:

          Another classic blooper from Anonymous. Back of the class for you, then detention.


  15. 17
    The British media are cunts says:

    I bet the BBC gave him an easy time though.


  16. 20
    Pig No.3 says:

    The original wanker’s wanker


  17. 21
    fredy says:

    First class anchor as we say in our village


  18. 24
    Socialists are full of shit says:

    After the Gillian Duffy incident Gordon had anti working class studs fitted to his body.


  19. 26
    Peter Carter-Fuck says:

    Is he still alive?


  20. 27
    Col Ripper of Braintree says:

    I am sure that when all their banks fail and they run out of oil they will thank God that they can rely on Gurn McMental to save them with his economic genius

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  21. 32
    julia Hobsbawm says:

    Where is Thuggie Whelan and the other McMental goons?


  22. 35
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Interesting article in the Graph on Sun yesterday about the ICC and it’s trickery but that Blair signed up while Bush did not.

    Now could Broon also be equally as culpable as Blair for all that they did during the reign of terror?

    i think so.


  23. 41
    Julian The Wonderhorse says:

    Why does anyone ever listen to this awful person? And why has he suddenly muscled onto the Independence debate, and why does everyone let him push his weight about just because he thinks he might finally be onto an election winner for once?

    Let’s pray the Jocks leave so it shows his electoral abilities and talents again.


  24. 45
    Anonymous says:

    Who paid for Gordon’s lunch then? And why would anyone want to listen to anything he has to say? Turning up only encourages him.


    • 63
      Anonymous is a semi-literate moron says:

      Why would anyone want to read the drivel you write, minute by minute, day in and day out, month after bloody month? Somewhere there must be a special needs blog you could infest.


  25. 48

    The broon stuff does not like the taste of cold steel up his ass


    • 59
      BB says:

      I thought he liked things up his arse? Although it’s difficult to persuade Sarah to do it now that he’s got no ‘power’


  26. 65
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Brown should try sitting on his effing moral compass.


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