June 6th, 2014

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  1. 1
    A good judge of character says:

    Man of left: Father Jack.
    2nd left: Refugee from the 1980s.
    2rd from left: someone who appears to be severely constipated.
    Man on right: heart attack in waiting.


  2. 2
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Not this faceless book shit for a friday – AGAIN!!!


    • 4
      Facebook: created by and for dweebs. says:

      Facebook is such an appropriate name. I see Mark Zuckerberg’s face and I get an overwhelming urge to slam a large hard-backed book into it.


    • 9
      A1 says:

      Facebook is used by spooks and lizards for latest updates on the lives and photos of sheeple.


    • 12
      Ellie-Mae (9) says:

      facebook is for re—–tards


    • 200
      The Growler says:

      I find it so odd every time I see people on line, they seem to be on Facebook, most seem to be female, you don’t think they are angling for a bit of of totty? The 2 on the right actually looking presentable and not in the standard beer stained tee shirt, hair actually tidy, tie straight, they must be after something on Facebook.


  3. 3
    Newark played a good game. says:

    I only use twitter to twat a twat and I can’t be arsed with facebook!


    • 6
      Twatbook says:

      Oh come on! Sign up! We want to sell your all your data to advertisers!


      • 170
        Dumbcluck says:

        That must be why the cvnts at Yahoo now insist on inserting at the top of my inbox an annoying and unwanted ‘sponsored’ ad which cannot be removed. Bastards!


    • 205
      Z# says:

      Facebook is too difficult innit.


  4. 10
    Rickytshirt says:

    Harry, with the greatest of respect, you look how I imagine John Prescott might if I had just wiped my nose on his ermine.


  5. 11
    Bare Face cheek says:

    Desperate blog news get desperate comments.

    Does Guido want a friend in Owens Balls


  6. 13
    A facebook friend in need says:

    drink pints and pints of stella and find Guido the object of your desires.


    • 201
      The Growler says:

      It’s remarkable what booze does and that snow Gideon had on that table while he was with a friend.


  7. 14
    The Growler says:

    Say Fawkesy you and H dressed up, no beer stained tee shirt, both of you going up in the world


  8. 15
    EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

    Did Gordon Brown ‘tap one in’ when he was in Lisbon? [Re:poxy golf advert on right]


    • 171
      Dumbcluck says:

      What poxy golf advert? Adblock stops all that tripe from slowing down this site.


  9. 16
    Quasi says:

    And Everyone tells ME that I’m fucking ugly!

    Do I win this week’s prize?


  10. 18
    shite on a stick says:

    No thank you..


  11. 20
    Tachybaptus says:

    You never see Guido and Kung Fu Panda in the same place.


  12. 24
    Ian Duncan Smith says:

    I have never heard of Universal Credit


    • 29
      Vince Incapable says:

      I have never heard of Nick Clegg or any attempt by an old fart to topple Nick Clegg.


      • 41
        Lord Pantsdown of Nobrain-sub-Human says:

        Liberal Democratic policies continue to gain popularity with the electorate. Particularly our policies on Europe and immigration.

        Now you must excuse me, there will be a full moon in a week’s time and I have to practice smirking at it.


    • 46
      Ian Duncan Smith says:

      I want to join UKIP.

      If they make be leader I will be their leader in Parliament.


      • 52
        Betty Duncan Smith says:

        Ian wanted to join in with the D-Day Celebration, dressed in his uniform especially tailored for him, on the German side.


  13. 25
    Norma Stitz says:

    Political blogging – showbiz for ugly people.


  14. 27
    Dating line USA says:

    Join GayLord, the new dating site for media homosexuals.
    Old or young. Fat or thin.
    Tie or no tie…


    Find yourself a fresh partner today!


  15. 28
    ʍȫʊʂʂȁ ҞϴџṦṦậ says:

    Kippers can spin Newark any way they like.
    The facts are, that they have failed to win an MP now in 18 By-Elections in a row.

    And By-Elections are traditionally good for “protest vote” parties.
    Looks like you can fool less of the people, less of the time.


    • 31
      The public says:

      “complacency” Miliband coming behind UKIP.

      Think what you wrote and what that means for tiny Ed. labour are doing worse than a party you think is just a joke.


    • 35
      Mouseys nappy supplies, sullpiers of ready crapped nappies to Mousey. says:

      Coming second is not as bad as coming third , a recognised political party 100 years old with newspapers and bBBC tv plugging them every second, with a nutcase Conservative party who are hated by everybody due to it’s PM who u turns on the slightest thing, Liebour whitewash tactics and postal voting and they still come third, a young party which has racist taunts and every type of crap thrown at it still comes second in a Comorons Conservative town, see Liebour slither slowly down the gutter until it reaches the Libcrap levels, 2015 will be an interesting year just as 2014 has been and will be.


    • 39
      Cabbage says:

      For an irrelevant party they seem to be causing you to wet yourself.


    • 51
      Tim Yeo-Yo says:

      You really are a dozy cnut aren’t you.

      Why do you bother?


      • 172
        Dumbcluck says:

        He forgot to mention that the only party in the election to increase their support was UKIP. Mooosy must have a hole in his head where that snippet slipped out through.


  16. 30
    H@rry the coalman says:

    Why does the ever gullible British public repetitively re-elect the serially failed Conservative, Labour, and Liberal parties to power over them? None of these ego driven pretentious posturing lying seriously incompetent corruptible carpetbaggers are remotely worthy of the job. We do urgently need a completely new political mind set, and a political system permanently free of professional politicians, their corruptibility, their masters and their lackeys. We need a written constitution, one not warped together by scheming political manipulators, but with power always safely in the hands of the people, and with real checks and balances to put a rein on their ambitions.. We need sweeping political, sociological, cultural and economic changes in the way this country is run. We need the modern day equivalent of a British Jefferson and Madison to bring us into a government of the people, for the people and by the people but of course that will not happen. The apathetic dithering British just don’t have the guts for it!


    • 32
    • 38
      Here is BBC home service says:

      The gullible public believe everything they hear on tv, spoke to a guy today who said he and his mates voted UKIP but his daughter went mad and said UKIP are racist, sadly sh1t does stick and these braindead ones will believe what they are told.


  17. 40
    President Hollande at Sword Beach says:

    Nous avons cédé et mangé fromage.


    • 174
      Shoily Willyams says:

      Notre Premiere Ministre maintenant est aussi un grand fromage. Il s’appelle Camembert..

      … un fromage trop ponky!


  18. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Laurel & Hardy in the middle.


  19. 47
    Curious says:

    I watched a clip of the world leaders on the news at teatime; the camera focussed on Big Bad Vlad after the Obamessiah spoke. I swear that I could see Vlad mutter “B*****d!” through clenched teeth whilst staring at The One. Even my wife spotted it. Has anyone else?


  20. 48
    Blind_leading_the_blind says:

    “I predict all four of them will be supporting Colombia during the world cup.” Popbitch


    • 141
      Chakras says:

      O to the power of ink.

      P (peacock) has turned.

      S has turned.
      (see nike)

      P is upside down .

      ( the symbol for apple quicktime is … )

      pink ink. spaced out yet?

      tired is the time.
      ace of hearts is …

      dishoo dishoo


  21. 50
  22. 53
    Vote U-kip & Get MiliBalls & No referendum says:

    Forever a slave to Europe!


    • 64
      The witless mong in Number 10 says:


      Whatever we fail to negotiate, I will pushing you all to support it!

      And remember – there are no circumstances under which I will take Britain out of the EU.

      EU Forever!

      Tally ho!


    • 126
      Vote Tory get Turkey says:

      Vote Tory and prove you are a gullible buffoon.


  23. 54
    *coughs* , neigh *poots* says:

    Ahem. I knows who three of them retards is but who the spindly one, second left?

    You got 20 secs to respond to this.



  24. 55
    Vote U-kip & Britain will be closed for business. says:

    MiliBalls awaitaing to wreck the economy. Hoorah!


  25. 58
    Vote U-kip & have endless immigration says:

    MiliBalls puts multi culturalism before common sense policies.


    • 69
      The witless mong in Number 10 says:

      “Without unlimited immigration, Britain will collapse!” – Boris Johnson.

      I couldn’t put it better myself! Hurrah!


  26. 61
    Vote U-kip & have housing shortages says:

    MiliBalls cares more about the religion of peace being first on the housing list than you common pe@sants.


    • 67
      The witless mong in Number 10 says:

      I’ve increased immigration to record levels! Hurrah! Let’s bulldoze Britain to build homes and mosques for immigrants! Hurrah! Hurrah!

      I allowed half a million immigrants into the UK last year! Hurrah! Enjoy waiting 2 weeks to see a GP! Hurrah!


  27. 62
    Throg says:

    And the prize for the caption competition this week is the photo from the waist down to see what the chaps weren’t wearing and a bucket on mind bleach.


  28. 63
    Four Poofs and a Piano says:

    Where’s the piano?


  29. 73

    Simon is much taller than I thought.

    Clearly, H@rry was made in the days when meat was cheap.


  30. 74
    David Cameron says:

    I love high taxes for the Middle Classes ( inherited wealth and trust funds not included).


  31. 76
    Grateful Dave. says:

    Thank you to all the LibDums (6000 approx) and Liebour supporters (2000 approx) who voted for their own Parties in 2010, but kindly tactically voted for our Tory boy Jenrick yesterday.

    Without your votes our naive carpetbagger would not have won.

    LibLabConners sticking together to keep UKIP out. Well done chaps and chapesses!


  32. 83
    F##k the LibLabCon says:

    This sites demographic ain’t interested in Facefuck Guido so ffs stop flogging a dead horse.


  33. 85

    History Rhymes… Vote UKIP :-)


  34. 87

    Cameron has to stop dreaming over UKIP threat – Chris Moncrieff


    Here is the excellent old pro, bless him, writing in the Yorkshire Post. Look at the time he posted this: 06:00 am.

    Some have never known what this hour is. No names. No packdrill. ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • 91
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      £50 to a charity of your choice says that the Conservatives will win the 2015 election with an outright majority. Are you willing to take the bet?


      • 107
        Lowly teenage scribbler says:


        This may sound odd to you but I have only placed one bet in my lifetime (unlike our esteemed host.)

        I was Red Rum who came in at 9/1. I was in my first management post and, when the office learned that I had backed the horse on the nose, they all placed bets, some considerably larger than my £3. They did this because they all knew I never placed any bets.

        To be honest, if I walked into a bookies, I would not know how to place a bet, what to write on the slip or how I should go about collecting. That was all done for me by my grateful staff! I am clueless on this and, frankly, it does not even bother me.

        To your point, I believe you may be true. The position that George Osborne has taken on pensions certainly creates a much stronger chance of large numbers of people who can see ahead to their retirement date thinking: “I want the cash.”

        Given that Gordon Brown’s approach to pensions was to raid them, one can take the view that this approach is only correct in handing control back to the saver. But a more cynical interpretation is that it is intended to create a mini-boom, which will then leave people feeling more prosperous in the short term but potentially leave them poorer in the long term.

        My preference is to get my savings (and they are mine) outside the purview of the British government of any persuasion.

        I am happy to say “Vote UKIP”. I am happy to vote UKIP. I am happy to set out my reasons for doing so. How my supposed fellow citizens might end up voting in 12 months time is way beyond me.

        So thank you for your offer but I shall resist. I prefer the course of reason to macho gestures. But you ought to know that by now…


        • 110
          Blue Peter Goldfish says:

          “I was Red Rum who came in at 9/1″, can you substantiate that statement?. :-)


        • 111
          jgm2 says:

          I think the cynical mini-boom scenario is the one to back. Although since all of us cannot immediately just withdraw all our pension money and blow it on hot and cold running hookers it will probably amount to a small (upward) step change in consumer spending as retirees trickle on-line year after tear.

          At some point the ‘cost’ in terms of pensioners who blew the lot and then throw themselves on the mercy of the state will start to eat into that upward DC shift of ‘enabled’ pensioners. Overall, a couple of decades down the line I’ll suspect there’ll be no overall effect either way. But in terms of allowing people access to their own money I’m all in favour and if it gives the economy a short term leg-up then so much the better.


          • Frankly, I agree with you when push comes to shove.

            My readily admitted problem is that I am an idealist and still think that pensions should never become a political football.

            The Maximum Imbecile ended that within hours of arriving at Number 11. RIP.

            As the gentleman from Kerry said, “If I were going to Killarney, I would not be starting from Tralee.”


          • jgm2 says:

            In fairness to the Imbecile (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) he did, until he realised what a monumental tax-break it was to the wealthy middle classes, allow people to sock away their entire annual salary into their pension.

            I remember predicting that anybody above a certain salary and with a bit of savings already in the bank would simply bang their entire salary in their pension (SIPP) and then use it to buy stuff at effectively 40% discount. Which is exactly what happened.

            What I don’t understand is why nobody at the treasury informed the Imbecile of this obvious exponential tax-avoidance machine he had created.

            But then again he did double the tax rate on the poorest from 10% to 20% and presented it as a ‘good’ thing. Essentially, as a chancellor, mathematician and student of human behaviour he remains an utter fucking Imbecile.


        • 176
          World Traveller says:

          Scribbler, you need to get your savings outside the purview of the EU whose bankster tentacles stretch ever further. Singapore is lovely at this time of the year – and their banks do not ask awkward and nosy questions about where you ‘reside’
          .. and they pay reasonable rates of interest too.


          • Lowly teenage scribbler says:

            May 06, 2014

            Switzerland and Singapore have both agreed to share data and tax information under a groundbreaking new treaty signed by some 47 nations worldwide.

            “It’s clearly the end of bank secrecy abused for tax purposes,” OECD tax director Pascal Saint-Amans told reporters in Paris on Tuesday


            Yeah! When they sealed the deal they talk of tax evasion as if every Dollar, Pound and Euro were automatically included in evasion – it is not.

            But when they pushed for the deal’s acceptance, they talked about combating terrorism and money laundering the proceeds of crime.

            Charlatans, all of them.


        • 194
          Mr Nutall says:

          I don’t believe you vote UKIP, you are far to coherent. If do vote UKIP drop me or Nige a line. We’d like to hear from you.


    • 98
      Blue Peter Goldfish says:

      The Yorkshire Post has always been a well respected provincial newspaper, the early bird got the worm.


    • 100

      Something from deep in the memory hole for you:


      The language used is interesting: Very relevant to Ch!na today. But where Europe saw the fledgling USSR as a risk, fully realized when the curtain crashed down, what could this imply for R’ussia in it’s recent long term signings with Ch!na ? Especially with nuclear weapons added to the mix.

      Посмотрим правде в глаза музыку и танец.

      Vote UKIP :-D


      • 101
        Blue Peter Goldfish says:


      • 115

        Here we are, some eight decades later, with similar strictures being placed on the state’s worst enemies (as it sees it…), its own people!

        That applies to the EU, UK and USA equally.

        I had dinner today with an ex-member of the Hitler Youth from eastern Bavaria whom I have known for some years. (FFS, I hope Jimmy does not come here tonight or he will not be able to control himself!) He is 82. He had no choice – he was in it.

        He has limited English, I have limited German. His English wife has lived in Germany for 47 years and helps to translate. Most of the time it is not necessary as we see eye to eye. He is a libertarian.

        I do not like the political situation in Russia that much. China neither. But I would be hard pressed to argue that it was any better in the EU, UK and USA.

        If I was challenged to explain this seemingly outlandish statement, I would say that the situation owed its position much more to graft, indolence, indifference, poor reasoning, political correctness, short-sighted expediency, people’s over-inflated egos and a whole host of other similar horrors.

        But the potential effects of these could well lead to just as much evil as in both World Wars combined.

        In saying this, I would be delighted to be proved wrong…


        • 129

          Agree with your negative outlook on political situations – but would say that the comparison is very superficial. Not to denigrate your assertion, but when looked at more closely it is more complex and murky.

          The difference with R’ussia now is that most capital is not owned by the state: However, most of its hydrocarbon export industries de facto are, the problems identified by the CEUE to the League of Nations with the USSR back in the early 1930s still apply today in the energy sector: A problem obvious in Europe now via U’kraine.

          The one party state of Ch!na despite apparent liberalisation demonstrates its approach to abusing export markets as a de facto state actor daily.

          Interlinking R’ussia and Ch!na through long term energy deals will create a dynamic which will affect the policies that they implement as State actors directly. As there is no real decoupling of the States from the buy and sell sides, this means that from the point the deal was signed they are in an informal confederation of sorts, the terms of exit dictated by whatever clauses exist in the contracts signed.

          A question is: Did Ch!na fully realize this when it signed the contract ? R’ussia most certainly would have done. The recent moves by R’uss!a to open dialog with DPRK reflect an immediate effect of this deal.

          The geopolitical implications may help explain the shift in mood of the US.

          The R-Fed is a model which Europe should not move towards or emulate: It is at heart repugnant. On a separate point above it does appear that the more enlightened European Union is drifting back into bad habits first promulgated in the Paneuropean Union: Even the Nazi’s had the sense to ban that back in 1933. The direct connection to the Habsburg dynasty should be noted.

          Vote UKIP :-D


        • 142

          No problems.

          I was not considering the situation in the context of the gas supply deal, even though you had mentioned it. That is because I had not followed it anything like as closely as you must have done so was not attuned to the subtleties in the same way.

          My point was more directed towards the perception of problems in the 1930s compared with the problems of today and to compare that striking similarity with the views of a friend from Bayern.

          One could argue there is a sense in which any hydrocarbon industry, export or otherwise, is owned by the state, any state, but let that ride for now.

          What I find interesting with this deal is that it has been negotiated for years and, all of a sudden, it is a done deal.

          Who has been bounced and why?

          Could it be that the change in US mood which you have correctly identified is not a consequence at all but a cause? In all I have read about this, probably a mere fraction of what you have, that is how the situation appears from my perspective to have developed. It is all Crimea/UA aspirations led IMO.


          • Green and Pleasant says:

            You can measure the difference between these powers. How many millions of people are desperately trying to get into Russia or China? Answer not even one million.

            How many people are desperately trying to get into the EU and USA – millions upon millions.

            Whose citizens desperately seek passports and residence in other countries? Answer: Russian and Chinese.

            There is still a difference worth fighting for but I would accept that the rise of political correctness and sophisticated opinion manipulation has narrowed the difference.


          • Whose citizens desperately seek passports and residence in other countries? Answer: Russian and Chinese.

            Accept that completely.

            How many EU/EU/US citizens are trying to place their life savings, legally acquired assets, pensions and so on in other regimes, beyond the prying eyes of the taxation authorities and ever-in-need-of-funding governments? Answer: Millions more.

            After Gordon Brown’s raid, one would be stupid not to come to deeply held conclusions about this. I spent half of yesterday in pursuit of this very objective when I could have been swimming in the eventually warming waters. There is nothing remotely ill-gotten about four decades of pensions savings. But as a non-resident, I no longer consider that it is the business of HMRC to have automatic access to what I am doing with it.

            I saved it when others were pissing their money up against the wall, people who are now living off state handouts. I paid my taxes for all those years. They rewarded me with robbing my pensions from the tax-relief which all types of government had previously supported. If you want proof of breach of contract, here it is in one cynical act. Rousseau’s Social Contract was terminated at this very point by the Maximum Imbecile, the Son of the Fucking Manse! I am no longer bound by it. The government can go and fuck right off as far as I’m concerned.

            Yet we find that banking privacy is being busted open now worldwide under the pretence of prevention of money laundering and terrorism. I have never been involved in either, never will be no matter what circumstances arise, yet their trawl will turn me up whilst totally missing the supposed targets.

            As citizens of our bloc, we simply suffer from different types of essentially the same level of repression as the other blocs. It is represented by this identical attitude:

            “You don’t control your own life and possessions, WE DO!”


          • And another thing!

            I am not American. But is I were, I would have to declare to the USA government my whole wordwide earnings, even if I had emigrated!

            If that is not the same Imperialism they despised in the British Empire, I don’t know what is.

            The only way I could escape this hypothesis would be by renouncing my US citizenship.

            My fucking birthright!


            Khomeini was right when he used the term: The Great Satan. Wrong on much else but right on this. I did not see it at the time (1979). I do now.


  35. 89
    Concerned of Newarc says:

    The fisting guy is of immediate concern, others need to leave their shoelaces loose for now.


  36. 94
    Ian Duncan Arsehole says:

    Can I be Leader when we lose to UKIP?


  37. 99
    Kim Jong Osborne says:

    The one next to Guido looks like he wants to kill the next innocent passer by he sees.


    • 125
      St. Anthony Bliar says:

      50 years ago I told my parents I was going to go out and kill an innocent man. I keep trying but I still haven’t found one.


  38. 102
    Twatwatch says:

    Are the miserable faces for political effect or are they just sucking lemons? Honestly, the idea that Fatty Fawkes has the nerve to associate himself with an anti-Establishment figure and yet is becoming the antithesis of said individual is becoming a bad joke.


    • 139
      Wellington says:

      “I don’t know what they do to the enemy, but by God they frighten me.”

      Vote UKIP.


  39. 103
    The British media are cunts says:

    Seriously, do the Tories really think they are going to win next year? I want some of what they’re smoking please.


  40. 112
    • 114
      EeeYepBlowing Whistles says:

      Jimmy could you put up the clip from Broadcast news where the fired journo – is asked by the boss if he has anything else to say – to which he replies ‘I hope you die a slow and painful death’…?


    • 118
      jgm2 says:

      I knew we’d get you watching quality entertainment eventually instead of those government controlled ‘news’ outlets.


  41. 117
    Anonymous says:

    Go back to the image you used on Newsnight.


  42. 122
    jgm2 says:

    By the way – loving the soaraway success of the ‘like’ option.

    Some time tomorrow we’ll be regaled with stats of 100,000 unique visitors viewing 500,000 pages so far this week (or whatever) and I’ve yet to see any comment ‘liked’ more than twice.


    • 128

      At least Guido has not gone to the lengths of the Daily Mail where, all of a sudden, the “likes” can leap in number by 3,000 or more. That has been noticed by a number of posters there and can only be attributed to divine intervention. It must be about five years since I bothered to post there. Eight, or more, for the Times which really has died completely.


      • 137
        jgm2 says:

        Careful or before you know it there’ll be comments here getting 3,000 ‘likes’.


        • 148

          What a great idea!

          I’ll test it…. hmmmm. Ah, yes!

          I think that the Tories are absolutely marvellous and that UKIP are a load of dirty rotten swine who are pandering to the lowest common denominator and are quite disgustingly heterosexual to the point of causing gross offence.

          Only one person can wank walk through the front door of number ten and that is David Cameron, the heir to … (Oh fuck! Who was it?) Never mind. Michael Gove, Theresa May, Boris Has.

          *How am I doing so far?*

          ӿ 3000 liked this

          *Is that all?*


  43. 123
    watcher says:

    Just think of all those pies he can buy with his danegeld from murdoch


  44. 133
    Truth says:

    You look like what you are – 4 arrogant public school boys who were clearly bullied as kids. You complete and utter pricks. Just who the hell do you think you are?

    Newsflash, morons. Blogging is NOT journalism. It’s just a bunch of public school boys (like you) playing with computers while other public school boys applaud and goad you on.


    • 135
      Victor Meldrew ( Ukip ) says:

      G’night, Owen.


    • 140
      jgm2 says:

      Sorry buddy but for the past 20 years (and maybe more) ‘journalism’ isn’t journalism either. All media outlets are merely opinion outlets. All the main newspapers, the BBC, SKY. You know exactly what slant or how they’ll approach any particular story. Suppress it/promote it/it’s Fatcha’s fault/it’s the bank’s fault/how will this affect house pr*ic*es/La*d*y Di mu*rd*er*ed etc etc. There are no fucking journalists. If there ever were. Most of them are worthless pieces of shit appeasing their bosses.

      With the possible honourable exception of Private Eye.

      The rest of them aren’t fit to shovel shit.


      • 150
        The British media are cunts says:

        @140 spot on. Watch the BBC, Sky or C4 news and you basically get the same stories with the same sound bites, they even use the same interviews, all to push the same lies.

        Nothing has been mentioned about the doubts over all the alleged use of chemical weapons. The UN reports are totally inconclusive, yet the entire British media pushed the lies of the government to force us into another war.

        The print press are even bigger cuunts, just full of paid stooges to print shite, wanker like Con Coughlin, Max Hastings and Dan Hodges.

        All utter fucking liars, wankers and cuunts.


      • 164
        His Slop is as bas as their Slop says:

        His Slop is as bad as their Slop.


    • 183
      non taxable pikey says:

      My school wasn’t Public, Approved yes, Public no, not with those bloody great locks on the doors.


  45. 136



  46. 138
    The Wild Colonial Boy says:

    Light the fuse, Guido! Light the fuse!


  47. 153
    albacore says:

    Ain’t it fun knocking Fawkes and his lot
    When the BBC has, of course, got
    A better take on what’s really what?
    Swallow this now, while it’s nice and hot



    • 155
      Just asking says:

      So let me get this right, in a strong Tory seat a 20 plus percent swing to UKIP is a “anti-UKIP backlash”?


      • 178
        World Traveller says:

        According to the airhead on the sofa earlier, Ukip did not win the seat so that was a terrible setback to this racist party and its aims, (despite being the only party to show an increase in its support in Newark. WTF do they FIND these women?).


      • 196
        Mr Nutall says:

        There were suggestions that some Labour and Lib Dem Voters actually voted for the Tories to prevent UKIP winning the seat. LIBLABCON will do anything to keep us out.


  48. 157
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    Reminds me of the good old days…


  49. 160
    Steve Fry says:

    Left to right:
    Marquess of Queensbury, Bosie, Oscar, Lady Wilde


  50. 162
    Diane Not one D Day tweet abbott says:


    • 163
      A bbott on a Bike says:

      Could she ride a bike? I doubt it.


      • 168
        Tachybaptus says:

        She could use one of those Dutch tricycles with a big box at the front, into which she could be lowered, and a very strong man to pedal her.


        • 189
          SIZE 15 CARBON FOOTPRINT says:

          Just why the fuck is it necessary to hold a conference about riding bikes , if any more idiots take up the near suicidal activity of peddling around London during rush hour it will be a full time job scraping them up off the road .


    • 179
      History? What's that says:

      To her and her ilk, D-Day has only one meaning – doughnuts.


      • 193
        Abbott's longest Day says:

        Her day is W Day. The day the Windrush spilled its cargo on the shores of once Great Britain.


    • 197
      Mr Nutall says:

      Look you Moron, stop think social media is the only way to show respect for our war Heroes.

      Even though the LIBLABCON hate us, we should show them that we are not foaming at the mouth idiots.


  51. 167
    Nick Clegg says:

    I have a new announce to my few followers after Newark the Lib Dems will now be knows as The Monster Raving Loony Party.


    • 169
      Tachybaptus says:

      Looking back, what a model of sanity and statesmanship Screaming Lord Sutch was in comparison to the miserable Clegg.


  52. 184
    non taxable pikey says:

    What goes up must come down.
    Apparently Assad’s supporters don’t understand this. Firing their guns into the air to celebrate after he surprisingly won the election resulted in 12 dead and 200 injured.
    At least Newark was quieter.


    • 186
      M­a­­q­b­o­­ul says:

      They were so excited because they never imagined that he could win. Certainly not by 99.89943%.


  53. 185

    Now, let me try and get this right from reading Seen Elsewhere:

    In an effort to harness the cream of the left, a massive uncut ding-dong, swung by Chuka, will come upon Yvette who will, as a result, be in Labour. Strangely, no mention of Balls in this biological curiosity. No doubt extensive coverage from the BBC…


  54. 188
    The James Cordon says:

    That fat cùnt in the middle puts me off this blog.


  55. 195
    Mr Nutall says:

    A team of Establishment Journo’s, that all they are.


  56. 199
    Anonymous says:

    “what politicians fear the most:”
    Is it constituents who question a politician’s narrative? The dilemma being that to counter extremism, a freedom to expose dichotomies in such constructs is vital. Yet this same elementary process, also possesses the potential to highlight glaring contradictions in their own unquestioned ideological inventions. Take today’s George Galloway Sputnik programme condemnation of the West’s tardiness, in coming to the assistance of beleaguered Soviets in WW2. Now tell us all about the pact those same Soviets had made with the Nazis, previous to said attack, George.


  57. 206
    Sheeple says:

    Only complete tw@s use facebook.


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