June 4th, 2014

TORY WARS: Cease-ish-fire

If the Taliban and the US army can do it, so can Michael Gove and Theresa May:

“Extremism anywhere in society is a serious problem and we are working together across government to deal with it. That was shown by the work of the Prime Minister’s Extremism Taskforce. There is no difference between the Education Secretary and the Home Secretary who are both working energetically together to tackle the challenge posed by any form of extremism.”

The Prime Minister will be enjoying knocking their heads together.


  1. 1
    David iqbal mohammed Cameroon says:

    Now behave you two or I’ll have you stoned!

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    • 5
      The Number 10 Dirty Tricks Boiler room says:

      Team Dave are engineering this to keep his two main rivals firmly in Check.


      • 122
        Jean-Claude Stuka says:


        Bomb zem! vee should start zer bomink!


        • 156
          A1 says:

          Shouldn’t have made enemies of a bunch of people by pointlessly bombing and killing them on the basis of filthy lies on behave of the ZioLoons and big OIL business, should you.


      • 166


        You think what I let those two innocent little girls be deported to last night was cruel Govey ? ….. I d cut your bollocks off so fast before you d even have a chance to unsheath your Stanley knife to threaten my labia lips !!


    • 13
      Dave your country needs you to get a grip says:


      Why isn’t Dave having the radical muslim plotters rounded up and rendered back to P Stan?

      Doesn’t he realise who the enemy is?


      • 22
        Michael Gove, the biggest tosser in the UK, says:

        As everyone knows, multiculturalism benefits us all and makes our nation better and fairer. Moving forwards we must extend the hand of friendship to these people and celebrate their diverse beliefs.

        Hopefully, one day, they will reciprocate, but we shouldn’t expect it because that would imposing our western cultural values on them, which is so un-PC that just thinking about it makes me wet my little panties in horror.


      • 41
        David Cameron says:

        The enemy is UKIP. We suspect them of plotting to sabotage the EU Gravy Train.

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      • 157
        A1 says:

        Oy Vey! How’s the veather in Tel Aviv, Shlomo?


      • 167

        Yeh …N Farage Esq.


    • 44
      Slurp Slurp says:


    • 45
      The Growler says:

      The thing Tess and Grover have in common is that they both want to become head honcho, Gover not very high on the voters like list, and Tess showing how maggie like she is, nothing really negative with Tess on like ability


      • 103
        Flaming Torches R Us says:

        Why aren’t all these interloping extremist muzzy cvnts already back in a RAF jet to where they came from. Dump them in Oman if the pilot doesn’t know the way. We HAVE to get these types of people out of this country before it is too late. There must be enough of them already identified to fill C130s (standing room only of course).


        • 135
          EU fascists says:

          We rule you now.
          All foreigners,extremists and criminals
          must stay in your country.


        • 159
          Moshe says:

          Ach Shlomo, you give me a hard on vith all this talk of attacking Muslims. Reminds me of taking potshots at Pal kids vhen I was in the IDF.


          • Heimi Litic says:

            So, Moshe, wie gehts? Long time no shoot together. It was so good, we could shoot the balls off the proverbial rioter with those Zeiss sights , and frequently did. Do you remember the one where you circumcised him, and you not a Rabbi! Oy, how we laughed.


      • 169

        Mrs Thatcher Milk Snatcher !

        Mrs May Mutilation Affray !


    • 164

      ” ……and we are working together across government to deal with it …”

      ….Each of us with increasing leveks of zeal , enthusiasm challenge and commitment …..to see who can knife the other in the back first .


  2. 2
    Ed Moribund says:

    I don’t think Dave Cameron could know a couple of cymbals together.


  3. 3
    LibLabCon = total scum says:

    .. And if LibLabCon hadn’t let these fecking idiots into the country in the first place, we wouldn’t be facing these ‘challenges’.


  4. 4
    Socialist firebrand Bragg doesn't want less money says:

    So much for up the workers, eh B*lly?

    Musicians have asked the EU to intervene in a row over the rates YouTube is offering small music labels to include them in a new service.

    “YouTube are shooting themselves in the foot with their attempt to strong-arm independent labels into signing up to such low rates,” said B*lly Bragg.



    • 7
      ME says:

      Fuck the EU.


      • 176

        Well ….welcome back Mrs Nulan to the world if the intercepted diplomatic telecall picked up by the Russians because someone didn t have sufficient grey cells to use an encryption line !
        Certainly if the pen is mightier than the sword and words are the building blocks of great literature yours certainly managed to fuck Ukraine up good and proper .


    • 14
      Billy Bragg the BBC's go to twat says:

      Boring twat who writes boring songs from the perspective of a boring twat.
      Be grateful you didn’t have to work for a living.


      • 84
        Sad old anarchist says:

        We like our revolutionary folk music. I like singing about Fidel and Stalin who are/were poor ordinary people like me.


    • 39
      anon says:

      Don’t worry Billy, your “music” is crap anyway.


      • 149
        How do I copy these tapes to CD? says:

        Has he released anything since the 80s ?

        The only times he’s on TV or radio is to give lectures on why his vote is worth more than ours.


        • 151
          Dangerous Brian says:

          He’s constantly “releasing” a stream of bullshit whenever the Beeb give him the opportunity, wouldn’t it be great to see him and Joey Barton on the same show?
          Two sides of an extremely discredited coin, the pair of wiffle brains.


    • 99
      Billy Bragg says:

      But I want all musicians to live in a big flashy mansion in Lily-whíte Dorset, from where they can lecture everyone else about how they should be rubbing their own noses in diversity.


    • 171

      Socialist Firebrand may I ask ;

      By writing B*lly Bragg are you perchance inferring he is a champagne
      socialist (BOLLY Bragg)?


  5. 6

    The Republic of Bongobongoland is still ready to fly in peacekeeping troops to your war-torn country. We hope for a peaceful conclusion also to the secessionist campaign being fought by the brave freedom fighters in Tower Hamlets.


    • 73
      Jock Mc Jock says:


      …the world is moving on and you are sitting there in your own dribble thinking your “views” will endear the UK to the world.

      Repeat that when there is an export mission to China, India etc. You’ll soon see they can do without the UK as can the EU.

      We’re waiting to dump you too.


      • 158
        Anonymous says:

        please leave, we’ll be glad to see you go.
        do us a favour and take mcmental’s passport off him so he can’t head south of the border again


  6. 8
    Get up and get down with the sickness says:

    There is no negotiating with dogma no compromise can be reached it is just a matter of time before the dogma prevails.
    Has Northern Ireland taught these people nothing?


    • 16
      Coercial Union says:

      You mean ‘ Order plenty of semtex BEFORE starting hostilities’ ?


      • 25
        Fortunately terrorists are very very thick says:

        Or, “measure the gap between concrete posts before trying to dríve your 4×4 into Glasgow airport”.


  7. 10
    Sharia, Coming to a Town Near You Soon says:

    What is this “extremism” they talk about it. Does it refer to extreme supporters of football teams who decorate their bedrooms in rosettes and scarves? I doubt it.

    As someone once said “Extremism in defence of liberty is no offence.” Lest we forget – some of our forefathers’ actions in WW2 were pretty extreme including flattening residential areas, using nuclear weaponry.

    We all know what extremism is being referred to here and why it is so very dangerous (as clearly the government sees – it is just an argument over how to tackle it).

    Gove is clearly correct in thinking that it has to be tackled at all levels and in all quarters. Sharia – condemned as incompatible with human rights by the European Court – must be defeated in a democratic society.

    So Gove has to be backed in this particular quarrel.


    • 12
      Coercial Union says:

      We won’t make a Crusade out of a crisis.


      • 108
        Flaming Torches R Us says:

        If that is what the ECHR thinks, WTF are they blocking us from deporting unwanted muzzy scum and others from the nether parts of the world’s shitholes?


    • 30
      David Cameron says:

      I am very proud that there are more Sharia courts in the UK today than there were when I became PM. I am also very proud that Sharia is increasingly used as an alternative to laws drawn up by Parliament. It should make us all proud that soon we’ll all be living in a 7th-Century 3rd-world shit-hole.


    • 160
      A1 says:

      “Extremism” is bombing the shit out of countries that are no threat on the basis of lies.
      The main danger to people is medical malpractice, being lardarses and car accidents.
      The next biggest one is ZioLoons hatemongering sheeple into wars, like you do above.


      • 178
        For the Sheeple says:

        I’m not talking about the threat to our persons I am talking about the threat to our liberties: e.g. free speech, enjoyment of art, playing and watching sport, drama, scientific discovery, freedom of religious belief, equal citizenship, mixing with the opposite s ex, sexual liberty, emancipation of women, due process, drinking alcohol, eating pork, dancing, listening to and playing music…all these things, and many more, are threatened by Sharia.

        As for war mongering, it is clear that ignoring Sharia extremism is the quickest way to war.

        Next you’ll be telling us Wall St. planned 9/11.


    • 172

      We didn t nuke anyone (except possibly Christmas Island ) — that was the Yanks .

      Though I grant you “Bomber” made a pretty good job of Dresden but so did Goering of the East End , Liverpool and Coventry …..

      (…anyway Angela s coming to visit so whatever you do DON T MENTION THE WAR !!)


  8. 11
    Michael Gove says:

    Dig these trenches deeper. And order more wire and 37mm AT guns.

    I’m not having that bitch getting her tanks on MY lawn.


  9. 15
  10. 17
    Press the Button Dave says:

    Nuke Brum

    They won’t do it again


  11. 18
    Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

    Time for another cringe-making ‘pint-in-a-pub’ photo op ?


  12. 20
    Fishy says:

    How many time did the BBC Toady programme, this morning, use the phrase ‘zombie government’?

    Clearly they’ve been asked by their colleagues in the Labour Party (the zombie opposition) to use it at every opportunity and get the phrase into the public consciousness.

    At this rate they’ll be saying ‘bedroom tax’ and ‘crisis’ next.


    • 26
      nell says:

      I suppose it would be expecting too much of militwit to ask him to use ‘zombie government, ‘bedroom tax’ and ‘cost of living crisis’ all in his next speech.

      He struggles it seems to learn one catchphrase which he and labour then have to keep repeating until everybody is thoroughly sick of their silliness.

      But what the …….I suppose it keeps them busy and excuses them from thinking about any real policies.


      • 74
        Socialism is theft says:

        Coming to a cinema near you – ‘Zombie Government’.

        Produced and directed by the EU and starring David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. With Nigel Farage as the Zombie-finder general.


    • 29
      BBC Producer says:

      Lame duck is the term often used to describe presidents of governments in their last year in office but Zombie sounds far more rotten and horrid.
      We at the BBC like it


    • 32
      undEaD Miliband says:



      • 35
        just asking says:

        Is journodummy back at BBC News?
        Will she be on duty during the Newark bye-election?


    • 174

      COST OF LIVING !! — crisis …..pleeeese!!!


  13. 21
    Let's just all asume everything said these days is phobic says:

    Surely this row is now classed as breaching Islamabamaphobia laws or some such shite.


  14. 23
    Jimmy says:


  15. 24
    Col Ripper of Braintree says:

    This May woman should be made to wear a full burkah, ot for religious reasons just to cover up how fugly she is, same with that strange looking gove cove


    • 38
      Sharia has it's positive points, I suppose. says:

      There are a number of MPs who would benefit from burqas. May and Gove, as you say, also Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper, Ed Balls, Miliband (obviously), Ken Clarke and probaby Nick Clegg (I’d make sure his one’s airtight).

      On the subject of the inevitable introduction of Sharia in the UK, I’d also lop off the hands of any MPs caught fiddling their expenses, starting with David Laws (assuming he’s not thrown off a cliff, first).


  16. 34
    Joss Taskin says:

    Vince Cable has described London as a “‘giant suction machine sucking the life blood out of the rest of the country…”

    Isn’t Vicious Vince a London MP ????


    • 42
      London: an arrival lounge for the scum of the Earth. says:

      It’s not what London sucks out of the UK that should bother us, but the scum it pumps into it.


    • 67
      Socialism is theft says:

      ‘Sucking off’ coming from a Lib Dem’s mouth? How appropriate.


  17. 36
    The Elephant in the Room says:

    This was concealed by Dept. of Education from Home Office going back to 2008.

    Wasn’t that a Labour government ? About the time J’acqui S’mith was expensing hubbies p’orn and targeting shadow cab, and whoever was in Education was allowing terrorist camps to be set up ?

    Surely the real question is: When did G’ove become aware of all this, and did the civil service act to suppress the information from the Ministers ?


    • 114
      Flaming Torches R Us says:

      Was that the period of the Balls and Smiffy 5 bellies combo? No wonder the systems are fucked.


    • 161
      patrickhadley says:

      The complaint in 2008 was to Birmingham City Council, which was Conservative led at that time. It was not until autumn 2010 that concerns were raised at the DfE.


  18. 40
    Shooty* says:

    They’re quite right, ALL forms of extremism should be tackled, like those damned Buddhist Extremists and Sikh Extremists and Hindu Extremists and… oh… wait…

    Oh, I get it. It’s a PC euphemism, right? Everyone knows who they really mean.


    • 47
      Waiting for the knock at the door says:

      I’m extremely pleased with my local Aldi – it’s much better than Tesco, which I’ve become extremely unhappy with.

      I suppose it’s only a matter of time before Gove or May send the boys round.


      • 55
        sweet FA says:

        my Tesco is like shopping in a warehouse or something, they seem to have stopped night time shelf stacking so now you have to negotiate all the shelf stacker cages. They do have electric toothbrushes for half price though.


        • 58
          sweet FA says:

          people are more likely to spend if they are feeling relaxed and cheerful and have time to take in the artistic communications promoting friendliness and healthy life style, rather than feeling frazzled.


          • Tesco Sucks says:

            Gave up on Tesco and their revolving prices years ago. Ever compare what they charge with other supermarkets?


        • 104
          Evil capitalist rip-off says:

          Yea, but the replacement brushes are a fiver each.


          • The view from Haifa says:

            When Moishe Cohen set the first pioneering store up all those years ago, the policy was pile it high, sell it cheap. Looks like somebody in Tel Aviv has taken eyes off the ball here.


          • sweet FA says:

            Tesco was interesting about 12 years ago or something. They seemed to have an authority and I’m guessing they had an in house team printing their own items. They had a range on black which was very good looking.
            There was a movement toward green packaging and minimal environmental impact which they reacted to fairly with the minimal saver stuff but now that looks a bit sad, I know how to solve this problem but I don’t do that stuff anymore.


  19. 43
    LOL says:

    Mr Kato may have been dead for 30 years according to Japanese authorities.

    They grew suspicious when they went to honour Mr Kato at his address in Adachi ward, but his granddaughter told them he “doesn’t want to see anybody”.


  20. 45
    what a bunch of tossers says:

    So we’re increasingly ruled by an unelected EU elite,
    Muslim fundamentalists are taking over councils,schools
    quangos and unis, civil servants have issued diktats
    about censoring Chilcot,and the US is dragging us into
    unnecessary conflicts with Russia and Syria.
    But the Queens Speech highlights the deep concerns
    our nation shares about plastic bags.
    Good to know the Government has got it’s priorities right..


    • 49
      David iqbal mohammed Cameroon says:

      Would you like a Job ?


    • 50
      David Cameron says:

      Well, it was either ‘legislate against the abuse of the elderly in care homes’ or ‘something something something green eco something something carrier bags’.


    • 52
      pookie snackumberger says:

      And the meja, don’t forget the meja. The first wave are all very inglish, speak and dress very ingleesh, not moosie at all.
      The next wave, who are just begining to appear in our meja, are slightly more moozie, scarves and little beards; only very slightly muzzzo, and their numbers are sligtly up on the first ‘tokens’.

      The next lot will be . . .


      • 125
        The view from Haifa says:

        …exported to Saudi Arabia (or these days even Qatar) courtesy of the RAF.


  21. 51
    N V Ron Mental says:

    Stick to important things like 5p carrier bags, that is what our parish council still has powers over


  22. 56
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron`s true legacy: 5p carrier bags.


    • 72
      Socialism is theft says:

      Coming to a cinema near you – ‘Zombie Government’.

      Produced and directed by the EU and starring David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.


    • 137
      Plasticene says:

      .. to put over your head while you bum the latest conquest in some dark Soho alley.


  23. 57
    A spokesperson for the Conservtive led Zombie Government says:

    “Peers are unanimous in acknowledging that Michael Gove punches above his weight”


  24. 59
    British Parliament reduced to back of a fag packet says:

    600 MPs
    1000 lords

    To legislate on carrier bags and what is written on fag packets.

    Meanwhile in Brussels Junckers is about to legislate an EU Army.


  25. 63
    Mycroft says:

    More of this non-story!!!

    I want to know about Newark and the rumours of a new ‘poll’ showing 46% UKIP, 34% Cons… come on guys, send that biffer from the Spectator off to do something a tad more ‘exciting’.


  26. 65
    Mycroft says:

    …and mini-me going AWOL on the press because they won’t agree to not asking about his numerous homes.

    Gunpowder guys… remember the gunpowder!


  27. 66
    Bus Pass Elvis Party says:


    • 79
      Vince Cable says:

      We need to rob him of votes how about we start a bogus outfit to confuse the voters?
      Call it the Oyster card Alvin Stardust party.


      • 82
        Calamity Clegg, Chief Cockroach says:

        Vince: you’ve gone past your sell-by date.

        Time for you to take Lord Oakshit’s seat in the House of Lords.


  28. 68
    Fuck a Duck says:

    lefties hate the Conservative party but love Conservative Islam.
    Crazy old world.


    • 123
      Bert says:

      All true, but have the moozy halfwits ever considered what’ll happen to them when the Chinese get here? Say around 2030, once the USA goes down the shitter.


  29. 69
    Boy applies for Man's job says:


  30. 75
    Phwoooooooooooooooooooar! says:

    Penny Mordaunt can give me a loyal address any day.


  31. 77
    • 106
      Idon'tneednodoctor says:

      What is in the UKIP manifesto that would persuade me to vote for them?


      • 116


        Precisely what you will not find in the LIBLabCon manifesto.




  32. 78


    How Spain is leading the charge towards fascist corporatism
    Some weeks ago, the European Court made a quite extraordinary ruling that gives EU governments the ability to sanitise their online history by petitioning Google and other search engines to remove potentially damaging links to newspaper articles and other websites with embarrassing information.

    Although a working party is yet to meet and discuss ‘best practice’ (ironique ou quoi?) in enforcing the ruling, as it stands Italy would have the right to ask Google to take down all references to its blatant lies about ‘economic recovery’ in the Spring of 2013.

    It will come as no surprise to discover (as I just have) that one of the prime influencers for Article 29 (the basis for this Orwellian policy) was everyone’s favourite control freak Wolfgang Schäuble; but perhaps more interesting (in the light of information coming through from Spain over the last month) is that it was also pushed with some urgency by none other than Mario Rajoy of Spain.

    And there’s more on the story of Juan Carlos’s abrupt “abdication”. It seems his major blunder was to proclaim loudly that “a free press is vital to democracy” while giving out gongs at the recent awards ceremony for International Journalism Prizes.

    In another startling announcement from Spain, it seems now that Juan Carlos is to be succeeded by some bloke called Phil Bourbon. So with very little chance of a biscuit answering Mario Rajoy back, this should make things easier for the Prime Minister to fulfil his goal of being given a free hand to do WTF he wants as soon as possible.

    Rajoy has strong form in the area of censorship. In the Autumn of last year he described those going on protest marches as “abnormal” (he’s right, they’re abnormally poor), and then in December some 300 Spaniards were fined €500 euros each for attending a protest against the budget cuts.

    Equally, former Interior Minister (aka spook) and politician Mayor Jaime Oreja thinks it is “crazy to let people view all these problems of public order on television, because it only incites people to demonstrate all the more”. Well ping my blog Jaime, you’re right on the ball there and no mistake.

    Similar demonstrations have been banned and fines handed out in Greece of late – notably in Athens and, on one occasion when I was present, in Kalamata.

    The point here is a very simple one. Any and all examples of bent statistics, government repression and laws forbidden by the Treaty of Rome can be “forgotten” under the EU Court ruling. Working parties on “best practice” in the EU by the EC do not impress me one iota, because it has been blindingly obvious for years that Brussels am Berlin is a fascist grouping prepared to pull any stunt in order to get their Truth to prevail.

    What we’re seeing here is Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth job made flesh. We are seeing the contemporary Mr K being fined for a crime so ill-defined as to be, effectively, a Bourbon lettre de cachet. We are watching the fruition of prophecies made by visionaries from Kafka to Orwell.

    To paraphrase the late and much lamented Ed Murrow, “The lights are going out all over Europe”.

    courtesy : The Slog Blog.


    • 90
      GCHQ NSA says:

      We contribute with our non stop propaganda and online dirty tricks as well


      • 141
        Miliband and his Labour luvvie cronies says:

        We contributed by pushing through Leveson
        to censor the British press.


    • 165
      Abigail Hulton says:

      Thank you for that. I lived in Spain for a couple of years, they are nice people, but, totally screwed by the EU. I wondered about the King abdicating. I will find out more, but, I think you are correct.


  33. 83

    “Extremism anywhere in society is a serious problem and we are working together across government to deal with it.”

    By pretending to agree with them?


    • 87
      Harriet Harman says:

      Blazer and slacks wearing extremists are the biggest threat to humanity.


      • 131
        Bert says:

        They have been joined by the Cavalry Twill and Cravat Tendency … be afraid … be very afraid.


    • 89


      Even you are going to have to vote UKIP, if you ever want to see your party back again.


    • 91
      owen Jones says:

      The blazer and slack brigade will be gathering somewhere in Normandy on the 6th of June alert all UAF activists to attack.
      Fascism must be defeated.


    • 95
      Birmingham Labour says:

      We didn’t pretend, we ran the educashun department.
      Allowing an extremist take over is all part of our strategy to dominate the cities, it’s essential for votes. Also drives the Tory scum out into the countryside where we use travellers to intimidate them.


  34. 87
    Cheqemated says:

    May looks like a raddled old whore awaiting her 57th client of the day.

    Gove looks like a 14-year-old swottie awaiting his first wank.

    Both of them are as much use at stoipping the ROP takeover as a torn 5p bag from tesco


  35. 94

    Don’t get into a F.A. Rage Mr F A Rage, just smile!


  36. 97
    Wendi says:

    I love Toni’s butt

    And Dave is my arsewipe..

    Ruled Brittania..


  37. 100
    Pageboy says:

    I saw that odd Mr Gove

    And passed out


  38. 109
    Peter Tapsell says:

    Plastic bags were nationally addressed in the Queens Speech?!? Plastic effin bags!?! Priorities!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. 113
    Nigel Farage says:

    In Commons listening to Ed Miliband speech. Chancellor trying to incite Tory MPs to heckle & interrupt. Theresa”The Tart” Coffey 1st to do what told.


  40. 148
    Fight the enemy. says:

    May is tenacious & fearless but above all she is fair minded. The best H.S. the country has seen for a long time. Blunkett, Reid& Smith were awful! They were busy playing the tough guy while nothing was actually achieved. May has achieved much in such a short time.


    • 152

      Fearless my arse, she could have put Hamza on a flight to Jordan where he has an appointment with the hangman instead of letting his lawyers piss her about for years.


  41. 163
    Pub Landlord says:

    I’d give that Theresa May one! It’s been at least 10 years!!!


  42. 175

    They said Portillo in his prime had the eyes of an assassin and the sneer of a dictator .

    May appears to have the eyes of an assassin, , the eyebags of an assassin and the mouth of an assassin .

    If it walks like one ..talks like one ………….


  43. 179
    Where is Warsi? says:

    Who can explain the strange silence of Baroness Warsi? Is she circling just under the water line, about to strike…?


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